Fall Maternity Clothes

How adorable are these fall maternity clothes?! HATCH is the NYC-based maternity brand (founded by a mom) with pieces that you can wear before, during or after pregnancy. That swing coat is just too cute!!!

See the full collection here. And congratulations to any readers who are currently expecting! :)

(HATCH is a Cup of Jo sponsor, but didn’t pay for this post. I’m just posting about them because I love them:)

  1. M says...

    I’m 35 weeks and drooling over these incredible HATCH pieces! Truth be told, though, I’m probably going to just be living in my maternity leggings and comfy sweaters for the next month ;)

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  4. Um, these are the cutest pregnancy clothes I have ever seen. I want to wear them and I’m not even showing yet. So stylish and comfortable looking!

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  6. I wish I could afford all these too. I have to content myself with buying all my maternity clothes from Mothercare, because they’re more affordable.

  7. Love the clothes! I just can’t seem to get over the prices :(

  8. Do you know where those boots are from in the last image of your post!? Adorable! LOVE YOUR BLOG.

    << ANDREA

  9. I’m due in less than two weeks and am a bit bummed I’m missing out on these fabulous fall maternity clothes!

  10. I too adore Hatch Collection and aspire to wear their gorgeous clothes (pregnant, or not!) What’s stopping me though, is the price. $400 for a t-shirt dress for an expecting mother to be?

    Maternity Clothes are always expensive, and I do love to support independent designers wherever possible but alas – I will have to sew my own Hatch-collection inspired clothes. The markup is incredible!

  11. I love the ones you’ve shown here, Joanna, but some of their pieces seem really… tenty. Have you worn any of their flowier styles? Were they cute or too much?

  12. i am going to channel these photos for my fall look in an attempt to look like a put together pregnant lady :)

  13. I love hatch! I just got 2 dresses (on sale) and they are so gorgeous!!! Can wait to wear one of the dress to a wedding I’m going to next week.

  14. these pictures just make me want to get pregnant as soon as possible!
    nice day!!!

  15. I adore Hatch and I am stalking their site – and the web – for discount codes now…

  16. I love Hatch and I am looking all over for a discount code – ANY discount code – I have 800 dollars worth of stuff in my cart (and only 5 items) so I so need a code LOL

  17. next time i get pregnant, i pray it’s in the fall!

    being pregnant in the el paso heat makes pregnancy that much more uncomfortable for sure ;) there’s not even a beach nearby where i could rock a baby bump in a swimsuit lol

  18. This makes me want to be preggers!! So adorable.

  19. I love this company! If only I had known about them 5 years ago when I had my first… and had known I would be having two more after that… I totally would have splurged on something.

    Sigh. Lovely.

  20. I would totally wear all of these outfits, minus the baby bump:) Super cute brand for sure.

  21. Haha… I won’t be buying maternity clothes. I’m due in February, but I already have a complete maternity wardrobe thanks to friends and family. But it’s still fun to window shop! ;-)

  22. I loovve love love love Hatch clothing – but it’s just too expensive for me :(

  23. Oh their stuff is just SO gorgeous! I adore that coat… I just wish it was a little more affordable…

  24. i echo previous comments. you must already be preggers!!

  25. I love HATCH! I’m due in January…if only I could afford the collection! A girl can dream : )

  26. They look pretty in the pictures, but I am somewhat skeptical that a) one might actually wear these clothes post maternity and b) that they aren’t pretty shapeless on their own without belting, etc.

  27. Wow! I don’t usually like Hatch, honestly– probably because most of their pieces are made for tall women, not shorties like me. :) But some of these are lovely! I like the coat especially. I don’t need them just yet, as I’m only ten weeks along… but if I could afford them later, I would…

  28. Super love! I’m due in 6 weeks. I actually probably need more clothes. I need an idea for my upcoming maternity / family photo shoot, so I’ll save this post!


  29. Love them all! I’m due in March and gearing up for maternity clothes shopping soon… I’m getting a belly band this week since buttoning my jeans is starting to be a struggle :)

  30. I have this weird feeling that you’re going to announce something soon….could it be?

  31. I’m not pregnant, but these outfits are super cute!

  32. Cute, just wish these clothes were affordable :-/ Expecting in January but I can’t spend this much!

  33. SO EXPENSIVE! (but cute)

  34. love the red flats.

  35. omg- I love those boots in that second to last photo!

  36. I’m madly in love with the entire hatch collection.

  37. these pieces are perfect even for all women!!!

  38. ariane is lovely. fyi, her gorgeous home is featured in the new issue of lonny that came out today!


  39. Love these pieces, chic and comfortable! I am hoping I will have a reason to wear them soon…fingers and toes crossed!


  40. I’m expecting, but they are so expensive! You should do a giveaway! I’m due end of Feb. with #2 :)


  41. Some great looks there! I am almost 7 months now so am trying to figure out my fall wardrobe. I’m doing lots of jeans and leggings with boots and long, comfy open sweaters to layer. :)

  42. Love this post! I didn’t know about Hatch and the style is so practical and cute! Just wish the prices were a little lower – I have a friend who is expecting and the coat would be such a great gift for her! Please post again if you ever have a discount code!

  43. Planning ahead, huh? Any news on the house shopping front? We almost moved to Brooklyn so I was extra interested in seeing what you found was available these days.

  44. Miss Joanna, do you have something to tell us???

  45. Wish I could afford all these pieces!

  46. *sigh* i love hatch, too.

  47. Great pictures!