Monday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Walnut Animal Society, a collection of quirky Wes-Anderson-esque stuffed animals, including a deer, fox, bear, raccoon and bunny. Each animal is lovingly handcrafted in the USA with soft brushed wool and stuffed with natural kapok. The animals would make beautiful gifts and keepsakes (I can imagine the fox perched on a bookcase), but they’re also durable enough to spend years as a child’s best friend.

Today Lauren is giving one lucky reader the animal of her choice. Which would you choose? For a chance to win, please visit Walnut Animal Society and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update Rachel F. from Indiana is our winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. Love them all~!

  2. I NEED Chester for my five week old…so cute!!!

  3. I LOVE Henry the Fox! My nephew is turning 1 on October 9th and I’d love to give him one for his first birthday! : )

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  5. oh these are adorable…!

  6. My toddler son would adore Henry the Fox. Foxxxxxxxxxxx is his newest word.

  7. I was looking at these for a friend that’s expecting – I think she’d love Henry the Fox.


  9. I love the fox!

  10. Ruthie the deer is my favorite. Beautiful work.

  11. love love love love love

  12. I’m in love with Henry the Fox.

  13. We don’t have foxes in Australia so Henry will have to come keep us company!

  14. I’ve been in love this these for so long! I hope, I hope, I hope I’m not too late! :(

  15. gorgeous!! i am loving Henry the Fox

  16. KK says...

    I have a new baby who needs that bunny.

  17. I am smitten with Henry the Fox, but I’d be thrilled to have any one of them!!


  18. Henry the Fox is awesome!

  19. i love the fox :)

  20. My Luca would love this!!

  21. Oh! It’s between the fox and the raccoon. I think maybe the raccoon. These are lovely.

  22. Oh so perfect:) the fox and the bunny are amazing

  23. Oh so perfect:) the fox and the bunny are amazing

  24. chester the raccoon is absolutely PRECIOUS!! i can see my little jude nuzzling up to him! these are to die for!

  25. ohh so SO cute! I can’t decided! The bunny is pretty sweet tho :)

  26. So sweet….thanks for such a great give away!
    I’d love to choose one for my granddaughter, Kaylee, and I promise to not keep it for myself!

  27. These are too adorable!!

  28. These are amazing! Love that Fox!

  29. I love the little raccoon for my chubby little nephew! –

    Ashley C.

  30. So much fun! I love the bunny!

  31. Oh Im such a fan of wes anderson! we’ve been collecting all his movies (slowly) -im absolutely smitten with these guys! Id love one for our family!

  32. The fox is so cute! They’re are adorable !!!

  33. mk says...

    i love walnut animal society and have been keeping my eye on ruthie the deer…i am 16 weeks pregnant and just found out that we are having a girl! i think ruthie would find a great home in her nursery!

  34. r says...

    Would love to win one of these adorable animals!

  35. Oh my, so cute! Love love love.

  36. I would love to give the fox to my son! Too cute!

  37. Henry the Fox has been on my wish list for some time. I would LOVE to finally own him. :)

  38. The fox is so cute!

  39. Chester the Raccoon!

  40. Chester the Raccoon is too cute! <3

  41. My daughter loves Ruthie the Deer, but I am partial to the Fox.

  42. I’d choose the fox. sooo cute :)

  43. We need a warm cosy fox in Norway :) please send one for my daughter Molly

  44. sweetest stuffed animals in the world! would love eleanor the bear! so adorable!

  45. ET says...

    Henry the fox!

  46. Oh I love Heney the Fox! He’s a little darling. What gorgeous creatures. x

  47. These are adorable! My baby is going to be the Fantastic Mr. Fox for Halloween–I love the tweed vest and plaid bow tie combo on Lauren’s very stylish fox (inspiration for my little guy’s costume!) One of these would be so cute popping out of a Christmas stocking, too!

  48. Henry the fox! Lovely giveaway!

  49. Cute! Would be perfect for my little girl due in 8 weeks :)

  50. I’d take Henry the Fox. Adorable giveaway

  51. Oh, I have a soft spot for raccoons! My mom had one as a pet growing up and used to tell me stories about how it would wash all of her rugs in the toilet.

  52. Henry the Fox! Looks just like my puppy!

  53. Is it bad that I kinda want Eleanor the bear’s dress for myself? Nothing beats a handmade gift, love them all!

  54. OH MY!!!!! Im in love with the Magnolia bunny my two year old daughter would just be in love with her!!! Thank you p.s. its almost her birthday!!!!

  55. Each animal is so adorable. My two year old daughter would love to have one as her new friend.

  56. Fox!
    Great giveaway.

  57. I want them so bad!!!
    And I want them for myself, no, nothing ridiculous about a 24 year old wanting a plush toy..

  58. I just found out I’m going to be an aunt! This would be a perfect gift.

  59. Chester the Raccoon is my favorite! Please please please!

  60. I absolutely love that little deer! <3

  61. oh, so cute! love the fox.

  62. Thanks for introducing these to me! So sweet and inspiring.

  63. So cute! I love the fox!

  64. so cute! My little guy would love one, I’m sure.

  65. Eleanor the Bear PLEASE!! xoxo I’m smitten!

  66. Beautiful and adorable! love the accompanying clothes and accessories, too! :)

  67. Oh my gosh! I know ky toddler Peter would love one of these pals!

  68. All are adorable, but I would get Chester the raccoon for my little boy!!

  69. I have always loved those foxes…

  70. Oh I love these animals! I would love Eleanor the Bear! :)

  71. Henry the Fox… so dapper in his outfit!

  72. These are sooo sweet! Would love the fox!

    Thanks so much for a great giveaway!

  73. We are all about bunnies over here these days – so cute!

  74. Oh Please!!! Henry the Fox for me!!!

  75. I can’t handle how cute these are. And I can’t choose. Maybe the raccoon? I wish they made mini versions that a toddler could carry around more places–2 feet is huge!

  76. A raccoon with suspenders and a scarf…a must in my boys’ room!

  77. I know a little girl who would love the fox.

  78. I’d love the fox. It’d be the perfect gift for my best friend’s little girl — she’s clever like a fox!

  79. i love the little bear! so cute!

  80. Ruthie the Deer would be the perfect new friend for my baby boy!

  81. Henry the Fox! It absolutely reminds me of the Fantastic Mr. Fox


  82. EEEE! These are the cutest animals on the planet. Henry the Fox is amazing. I was sold as soon as I saw the bowtie.

  83. Me and my little boy would like a new friend. Henry the fox seems to be a nice guy so send him over any time

  84. These are lovely! I´d love one for my two month old daughter, Ella.

  85. So cute – love the fox! These look like great toys for young and old alike!

  86. I would choose Magnolia the Bunny…and make sure she gets the polka dot skirt to boot!

  87. Oh my goodness! So beautiful! I simply adore the raccoon!

  88. I love Chester the raccoon!! these are the best little guys ever!

  89. My son is currently in love with foxes – this one is really cute!

  90. Oh, my daughters would love one of these!

  91. Wow! I think my son would love the racoon!

  92. Henry the Fox is the cutest. I love that little orange guy!

  93. Oh the little fox is darling!

  94. So CUTE!!!

  95. I LOVE them! What cute presents they’d make.

  96. Magnolia the Bunny just slays me! My baby sister has an actual pet house bunny – this would be perfect for her!

  97. Love the bunny, so adorable!

  98. It would definitely be a toss up between Henry and Chester – they are all so cute! What a great friend for a child to love.

  99. This is a whole new kid of adorable. They are so sweet!

  100. So hard to choose… I am going to go with Eleanor the Bear!

  101. I love these! They are too cute :-)

  102. The fox looks beautiful.

  103. My son would love love love the fox — our dog is named Fox, and thus the obsession with anything fox-related.

  104. So adorable! How could one decide which animal!

  105. These are just….well, sigh….