Hovey Wallpaper

Our friends Porter and Hollister Hovey share a Brooklyn apartment that’s chock full of antique-y pieces, like gin bottles, fencing masks and taxidermy swans. And they’ve just designed Anthropologie wallpaper featuring actual photos of quirky objects found in their home. (See more photos here.) Bravo, Hovey sisters!

P.S. Remember their old Halloween costume? :)

(Photo by Michael Weschler/New York Times)

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  3. Whenever folks say this type of stuff is hipster, I want to say, “but the best kind of hipster!” I bet kids would love looking at this and it would be so fun in the bathroom of an old house.

  4. I keep seeing this and reading “Harvey wallpaper” and thinking “WOAH! Invisible bunny wallpaper? Awesome!” but this is pretty neat, too :)

  5. Awesome written all over it.

  6. Wow! What fantastic wallpaper. I wish our landlady would let us decorate! x

  7. It’s nice, not my style but it’s very hipster like. I don’t know how else to describe it. Good for them.

  8. have to agree, this is very wes anderson. (combination of both moonrise kingdom and royal tenenbaums!)

    and as a fan of anderson’s aesthetic myself, i LOVE this wallpaper! it would be neat in library… or a bathroom!

  9. Hahaha that’s awesome and VERY anthropologie!

  10. @erin, yes! porter is a realtor too!! if we find a place, we’d looooove to put some wallpaper up, maybe by a bookcase. :)

  11. I am putting this up on the walls of my writing room.

  12. There’s a definite Wes Anderson feel to their apt and little to their wall paper too.

  13. Wasn’t one of them showing you potential apartments as well? Maybe as a move-in present they could “gift” you some of that fab wallpaper!

  14. How unique! Love it!

  15. How brilliant! The one above would look so cool in home-office-space:) xoxo

  16. Ha, so cool!
    Now to find a place for it…
    Eat Cake