First Date Story

“So I sent an email to seven of my friends, including Sarah, and I said, ‘Does anyone want to go see Lost in Translation tonight?’ and then I sent an email immediately afterwards to the six of my friends who weren’t Sarah and I said, ‘NOT YOU.’ —John Green, on how he asked out his wife for the first time

(Photo by Nina Leen, 1944. Via Capucha)

  1. Men are so cute when trying to win over a woman. Love young love.

  2. Men are so cute when trying to win over a woman. Love young love.

  3. Oh this is so great, I love the way it’s told. I don’t know John Green – must look him up!

  4. John Green is wonderful.

  5. I love both John and Sarah -and this story!- so much. What talented people they are.

  6. This gave me my first big smile today. :)

  7. Oh man, I remember watching the video this is from! I love John Green, he’s just awesome all-around.

  8. oh i love this! thank you for sharing…can’t wait to read some of his books :D

  9. So cute! And the picture matches wonderfully.

  10. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I was so excited and had to do a double take when I read this post. I love that you posted this story from John Green. He’s my absolute favorite author/vlogger (I’m kind of a nerdfighter). And he has a really cute relationship with his wife.

  11. well, this just about rockets my crush on john green into the stars. i don’t think it’s trick-sy of him, as another commenter suggested (if you follow his vlog with his brother, or have read any of his books, you’d agree). it just…suits his personality.

    i met my beau at my birthday party. i barely knew him, and he was dj’ing with my good friend. i offered him a ride home (even though someone else was driving), then made him come upstairs to watch mr. bean (not a play, for real. i’m a giant nerd). it had been raining- not misting, torrential down pour-ing – and i threw a giant tshirt and oversized dude pants at him and told him to change (i’m a bossy nerd) so he wasn’t soaking wet. we then proceeded to make out during the scene when mr. bean recreates the nativity at harrod’s.

    we’ve been together for nearly 9 years. tee hee!


  12. A similar thing happened to me but it wasn’t on purpose, or rather my doing. It was in college, a bunch of us agreed we’d all go see the evening showing of The Addams Family. But one by one folks starting backing out “I have too much homework.” “I need to take a make-up test.” etc. Next thing I know, it’s just the two of us. I didn’t plan it, he didn’t plan that, the people we were supposed to go out with just knew, I guess, that we sort of liked each other. Lol

    We got married 5 years later.

  13. Darling..some times things just seem to come together, and that makes me so hopeful.

  14. John Green is AMAZING. I heart him so much! Thanks for sharing the John Green love!

  15. This is a great story! I wonder who my future husband will be, and how he’ll ask me out for the first time (or me ask him out).

  16. bahaha. i love that story so much, i just shared it with my coworkers. hey, whatever gets the job done…

  17. Haha, so suave! Definitely a keeper :)

  18. Haha, that’s cute. On my first official date with my husband I broke out with the most horrendous cold sore you can imagine. Somehow he still kept staring at me throughout the date and telling me how beautiful i was. What they say is true – love is blind.

  19. Ah! That is darling! LOVE!

  20. Haha I laughed so much the first time I heard this story. Hearing him talk about the earlier years of his relationship with his wife is hilarious.

  21. That just made me smile…how cute!

  22. I love John Green! So glad you posted something about him. He’s an amazing writer and is so funny.

  23. Oh how funny! I did NOT know that about John Green! Thanks :)

  24. Oh my gosh that is awesome and so endearing!

  25. This is great, I love John! DFTBA friends!

  26. John Green is also the man who said to a teenage girl asking for advice: “The venn diagram of boys who don’t like smart girls and boys you shouldn’t date is a circle.”

    He really needs to write a dating advice book.


  27. Haha that’s so good! Clever guy

  28. That is such a charming story!


  29. My husband did this exact same thing for our first “date.” A group of us were hanging out, and we decided to go see Stranger Than Fiction the next day. I was the first one to go home for the night and as soon as I did he asked everyone if they wouldn’t mind bowing out so he could get me on my own. They agreed, so he emailed me with showtimes the next day and casually mentioned that no one else happened to be able to go, and did I still want to go if it was just him and me? The rest is history.

  30. hahaha, love it classic!

  31. well, this is just so sweet!

  32. not to be a buzzkill, but i don’t think that’s cute…if a guy likes you, he shouldn’t try to trick to going out on a date with him! how annoyed would you be if you showed up to go to the movies with a group of friends, and it was just your one friend trying to make a move on you? i think its much more romantic to be up front and ask someone out on a proper date!

  33. Genius!

  34. Oh I adore this! It reminds me of how I met my fiance. We worked together, but had never met (I just walked past his office every day and stared at the floor ;) So one day he cooked up a scheme to meet me– he emailed a bunch of co-workers saying his friend “desperately” needed volunteers to pose for a newspaper photo. As they say, the rest is history! (and yes, I still have the newspaper clipping :)

  35. John Green is my hero! He really is one of a kind.

  36. Ha, very cute! Except, guys should proceed with caution if they try this…if a guy I didn’t want to go out on a date with tricked me like this, I’d be none too happy…

  37. KJ says...

    Cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

  38. OH MAN. that is adorbs.

  39. I heart John Green. His proposal story is good, too. :)

  40. How adorably romantic!

  41. do you still get weak in the knees or nervous around alex?

  42. This is so funny! My husband likewise tricked me into our first date. We had been hanging out with a group of friends. He kindly offered to be my ride, since my car broke down. When we got to the pool hall, I asked, “Where’s everybody else?” He shrugged, “I don’t know.” I proceeded to nervously and horribly play pool the rest of the evening. But he also honestly convinced me to marry him and here we are together 10 years later!

  43. Very similar to how my husband asked me out for the first time. We were working together and he sent and email to a few people in the office saying “Would anyone like to go grab one or seven beers after work today?” Somehow, I am the only one who went. ;) We drank a bucket of beers at the local ice house and then went for shrimp tacos. We were engaged 6 months later. Right before we got married we celebrated the one year anniversary of our first date and he recreated the whole thing – the beers and the ice house, the shrimp tacos at the taco stand and he even wore the same Gilley’s t-shirt that he wore that night. You know – the same Gilley’s from Urban Cowboy? :)

  44. Ha! What a great first date story.

  45. Adorable.
    My husband and i belonged to the same message board years and years ago. One day hey put up a post that said he was bored and wanted to know if anyone wanted to hang out.So, I sent him the follow message, “Next time your bored and want to hang out call 999-858-6322. It’s not my number, it’s my grandma’s but i think she gets pretty lonely too and would LOVE to spend time with you.”
    He thought i was pretty funny and we went on our first date the following Friday.

  46. Haha, thanks for the giggle :)

    I’ve been on a self-imposed hiatus from dating since spring, but I’d love to have a butterflies-in-the-tummy first date about now :)

  47. ha, that is awesome!

  48. I am a huge John Green fan! I adore his books and even have a few signed first editions. Anyways, I love his story about how he met his wife! On his youtube channel he tells life stories like this one all the time. Maybe someday I’ll have a “cute meet” story too. :)

    • Believe…and you will….do a lot of smiling….not sure about John Green..but your description of his meeting his wife shines out to you….sad that we have to meet many frogs b4 we meet the person who shines for us… not settle….or give up

  49. Would you please consider writing a “romantic fall weekend in New York City” guide? I love your guides and I’m using them to plan our trip (in early Nov), but I would appreciate any other ideas you can offer! (I already have tickets to see the “discovering Christopher Columbus” installation, but other than that, nothing is set.)

  50. Ahhh I’m gushing. So sweet.

  51. sweet :)

  52. Clever guy.x

  53. Love this!

  54. Hahaha that’s pretty slick. Adorable too.

  55. Oh I love that! My now husband flew back in town from a trip, picked me up half an hour later with a bag of french fries, and took me up to this tall bridge to watch a storm roll in.
    I was a goner.
    Hooray for guys with initiative!

  56. Hahaha – that’s too cute.

  57. Hahaha – that’s too cute.

  58. This made me laugh.
    Very cute.
    Very sneaky.
    Very funny!

  59. That is ADORABLE.

  60. I LOVE smart-lovely moves to get the love. This one is perfect!

  61. John Green is the absolute best. I recommend everyone everyone go read his latest book “The Fault in Our Stars”. It’ll be in the Young Adult section, but you will absolutely love it. Also, buy a box of kleenex. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… DFTBA!

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  63. love it. On our first date: my husband forgot his wallet and had to leave me hostage at the restaurant (because of course I only had a teeny tiny clutch with no $) while he went to get his $… 10 years later and we’re having dates!

  64. How clever, love it!

  65. LOL…Adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!!!! XOXO

  66. That’s hysterical! Thanks for making me smile this morning!!!

  67. Cutest thing ever!

  68. Love it!

  69. hahaha!! that’s awesome. good move :)

  70. Smooth!

  71. I really like this picture!