1. sold out already! Does anyone know how the leggings fit/last?

  2. oh, I want everything. wish they would have a shop in Europe….

  3. oh, I want everything. wish they would have a shop in Europe….

  4. Love Emerson Fry since her big flower Emerson Made days

  5. I miss seeing her as the model!

  6. I have loved “Emerson Fry” style from the days she was “Emerson Made”. That said, there is no way on earth that I can afford any of the stuff. Mom to a 3 year old growing at warp speed + work in non-profit…. yeah, not happening. Any recommendations for that champagne style at a pinot grigio budget?

  7. I want the whole collection! Seriously though.

  8. The heels are totally great. I’m so pleased that oxblood is finally back in style again! It’s the sexiest color out there, in my opinion.

    The Stylist Quo

  9. KC says...

    Love love love all of Emerson’s stuff, but no way can I afford any of it. Any clothing lines that have the grace of Emerson Fry without the crazy price tag?

  10. i just got the shiny leggings – they are totally rad! and if you have ever ordered from them it’s cool to know that they have updated there packaging and it’s stunning.

  11. I can hardly look at the pictures because your site redesign looks so amazing! Congrats on the overhaul Jo!

  12. Look at your gorgeous new blog design!! I love the updates, but it still feels like home. Bravo, Jo! Xo, Katie

  13. Love the new design! And I covet those leggings. Too bad they only have XS and L left! Can’t a girl get a size small? :)

  14. Beautiful site redesign! It’s really pretty!

  15. Congrats on the new look joanna! Realy sofisticated!

  16. Great new look for the site….

  17. Those jackets and that pair of jeans are stunning!

  18. That green coat and the black shiny leggins are so adorable :D



  19. Ughh I love their coats! Too bad it’s only an online shop because the clothes are already so expensive, imagine shipping them to France for me.

  20. Emerson’s clothes are just beautiful, but I don’t think they’d work so well on curvy women.

    The oxblood heels look perfect for an evening… of flossing my teeth! Honestly, I cringe when I see heels like that. They look terribly painful to me.

  21. Love the new layout! Very elegant, and still full of “Cup of Jo”.

  22. Really good! ;)

  23. Hey congrats Joanna and blog looks amazing!

  24. love love love Emerson Fry!!! and they ship internationally

  25. The new layout looks GREAT! Love it!

  26. Love the jacket and heels :)

  27. Man, she nails it.

  28. this makes me want to get an office job so I can wear trendy office chic and strut about in designer sneakers. one day.

  29. Omg, love love love the shiny pants and need those shoes in my life!!


  30. Well beyond when I am comfortable spending, but I REALLY love the Mineral Blue Wingtip Jacket!

  31. Stunning, classic and INCREDIBLY out of my price range. Sigh. Coat dreams deferred.

  32. I’m obsessing over everything Emerson Fry lately too. Their jackets are beautiful!

    The Glossy Life

  33. Emerson Fry always gets it right. So classic, yet forward. Perfection!

  34. Dying over these articles of clothing. Why must I be so tempted to splurge! Ogling as always.



  35. did you see the gold ochre pants/leggings? would be super cute with a sweater! (and living in MN I will be in a sweater for months..)

  36. These clothes are beautiful. They make me want to be rich, live in NYC, and a size 2. Unfortunately, none of these are true.

  37. You know, I just read on Facebook about their $2500 giveaway and I thought ‘I wonder if Jo is blogging about this right now’, so I popped on to your blog to find a post about Emerson Fry!

    Love all of their stuff.

  38. The heels- swoon!!!

  39. LOVE the collection… maybe you could host another Emerson Fry giveaway? ;)

  40. I love everything about it! Beautiful, classic, timeless. Thank you for introducing this company to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  41. Love, love, love the green coat. Classic! Although in Texas is hardly gets cold enough for a coat like that! Oh, the sacrifices for fashion :)

    -Sarah {tuckerup.blogspot.com}

  42. I love it. She is too good!

    I actually have the heels in black (super comfy & great quality)!

    I actually ordered the military coat and thinking about ordering the black booties. Obsessed!


  43. Those heels! I’m absolutely in love with them. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful items!

  44. I am obsessed with this collection. A couple years ago she started off with the most adorable clip on flowers. I ordered a pair for my wedding shoes and still wear the flowers on blazers and tshirts.

  45. The bag! The shoes! The skinny legs :)

  46. oh thanks for introducing us to such a fine brand!


  47. It’s all so gorgeous! They just launched a giveaway too, on their facebook page. Fingers crossed!

  48. I caved and bought the spotted silk blouse today. Bday treat.

  49. Love, love, love her stuff and wish I could wear it but it’s just not meant for the petite :( It definitely is cut best for women at least 5’6 and over. Of course there are always her shoes and bags :)

  50. Those heels are amazing!

  51. Love all of the collection.

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  53. I love the styles you choose to highlight, but I so often feel like the brands you post about are so expensive! Beyond ASOS, can you please shine the spotlight on some beautiful fall lines that aren’t so out-of-this-world expensive? Makes us little guys with normal salaries feel pretty bummed.

  54. Love the jacket!

  55. I’m in love with the heels AND the green jacket.

  56. (the red ones) :)

  57. *gasp* Those shoes! Gorgeous!

  58. loooove the cropped skinny jeans with the heels.

  59. Love the shoes. And love that you have revived “rad”!