Dry Shampoo Trick

Dry shampoo has been part of my morning—and travel—routine for ages. You don’t have to wash your hair every day, and dry shampoo will keep it looking pretty and not greasy, and your hair actually gets easier to style. (In fact, in the photo above, Caroline hadn’t washed her hair in three days!)

But here’s a great tip: Rebecca recommends applying dry shampoo before bedtime to wake up with voluminous bedhead. “My theory is that either tossing and turning in the night rubs in the powder, or a full night’s sleep allows the powder to completely soak in,” she says. “Either way, it works.” Genius! I tried it last night. You wake up feeling like Anna Karina.

(Photo by Maya)

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  3. Thanks for sharing the info on dry shampoo. I am surprised at the unfamiliarity with dry shampoo and the new products mentioned and would prefer natural over the chemical.
    Dry shampoo is something we used on camping or overseas trips as far back as when I was a kid! As far as cleanliness goes, a simple lookup using the phrase ‘history of hair care’ shows that relatively recently most women would go 2 weeks or more between dry or wet shampooing (our grandmothers and great grandmothers for example would only have their hair shampooed a few times per month at time of professional hair styling and would use a shower cap to preserve their hair style and sleep at night with curlers and a hair cap or toilet paper wrapped around their styled hair with a hair net over it and yes, the smell of unwashed scalp was present along with the heavier perfumes of the day)
    As for chemicals and other harmful ingredients mentioned in some of the posts here, things like talc have a connection with cancer and a Pharnacist would know the link is one related to reproductive and lung cancers because talc is very fine and since it is easy to inhale can get into the body over a 5 to 25 year timeline it can silently cause trouble (I hate to think of all the talc baby powder my mother used on us long before cornstarch baby powder came on the scene following the ‘talc scares’ from research in the later 1960’s and 1970’s!)

    For all who want to know more, here’s a link to a great site for the history of shampoo and hair care:

  4. For those of you with bad dry-shampoo experiences- I was you! My hair is blonde, wavy-ish, and GREASY on the second day, and nothing ever worked. Some didn’t last, others were sticky with build-up, but nothing could ever convert me from washing every day.
    Until I tried corn starch! It’s crazy cheap, and a little bit goes a long way! I take a little, rub it into my fingertips, and massage my scalp gently, adding *very little amounts* if needed to greasy areas. Then I brush it out with a bristle brush, and voila! I will definitely try sleeping in it- it will save time, prevent me from sprinkling cornstarch all over my clothes for the day!

    For curly hair bed-head, try a good leave-in conditioner. My friend swears by glop & glam’s creamsickle version. It’s organic and doesn’t have any build up.

  5. I recommend using Faciano dry shampoo. It’s very good to clean away the oil on hair and I like the smell.Also you won’t feel greasy powder still on head. I bought from here–

  6. Such a great tip! I always use dry shampoo! it’s great for those in between days isn’t it? I find it helps when putting my hair up too, gives it a bit more texture. I usually get Fudge or Tigi from Hairtrade as that is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment x

  7. The cornstarch is a great idea. I just mixed some with a little rosewater in a Tupperware container. And my hair looks like I just had it blown out.

    Does anyone else find that some of the dry shampoo powders on the market clog the pores along your hairline?

  8. Klorane is seriously toxic – the first two ingredients are lighter fluid and propane! Just wash your hair w/ soap and skip the chemical bath… yuck!

    List of ingredients for their Extra Gentle w/ Oat Milk: Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch (Oryza Sativa), SD Alcohol 39C (Alcohol Denat), Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil, Cyclodextrin, Cyclomethicone, Fragrance (Parfum), Isopropyl Myristate, Silica

  9. Jo — what is your favorite brand of dry shampoo?

  10. The night before is a great idea! My hair feels lovely :) I actually use cornstarch (it’s so much cheaper!) to get the same result as dry shampoo – it’s amazing!

  11. Eek, Joanna, I’m confused! A few days ago you were promoting the products of a company that produces natural cleaning products, etc., for the home, and now you’re writing about dry shampoo. I’m no expert, but putting a product with tons of chemicals in it including solvents, preservatives in it, etc., and then sleeping in it doesn’t sound like a great idea. You don’t mention a particular dry shampoo. Someone in the comments said something about using talcum powder, which seems even scarier! My boyfriend, who is a pharmacist, won’t even let me use talcum regularly in my shoes, I think because of the silica. Eek!

    • I was curious, so I did a search in the skin deep database – seems as though the Klorane dry shampoos mentioned in your previous post seem to generally have a high moderate hazard rating (based on “fair” amounts of data):

  12. I routinely go 4 days without washing… dry shampoo is the greatest. As a stylist, i’m insanely picky about product. My fave is bumble’s dry hair powder spray. gives the perfect texture and tint on those roots. you won’t be sorry.

  13. Great post. Just saw the Tomboy Style piece on your friend (and sometime cup of jo hair model) Caroline. Adoring her style….and great hair of course!

  14. I like this idea! I will definitely give it a try.

  15. I have such trouble with dry shampoo.. one b/c I haven’t found one I like and two b/c I work out in the mornings so my hair is always gross from working out so I feel like I have to wash it. Anyone else run into this problem?

  16. Great idea! I usually plop it on and give it a rest while I do my makeup, ending with odd baby powder streaks in my dark hair. I’ve been lusting over the dry shampoo you posted in your travel necessities entry lately….

    Huge props on the Anna Karina .gif, by the way! Love her.


  17. I use baby powder and it works like a charm! Someone gave me Oscar Blandi dry shampoo as a gift once. I got hooked, but didn’t want the expense.

    This may be a blondes-only trick though– my brunettes friends have tried it, but with pretty limited success. You really need to get into the roots to rub it in. Most of the dry shampoos on the market are dyed to match hair color so that they blend in.

  18. I use Oscar Blandi dry shampoo all the time . It makes the biggest difference. I only have to wash my hair 2x a week and the dry shampoo really extends the life of a blow out. I haven’t tried using it the night before but now I will. Thanks!

  19. I tried it last night as well. My hair feels great this morning! Thanks to you and your friend for the tip!

  20. I tried it last night and it works – wooo hooo!

  21. wow this is too good to be true.. i feel like trying it but i have no idea where to get dry shampoo!

  22. what a great idea! can you recommend your favorite brand (that is a bit cheaper than klorane)? thank you!

  23. I second Hannah, above! I would love to know how Caroline does her makeup, or any tips she has for such a clear, beautiful complexion!

  24. Dry shampoo is one of my favourite things to make for new mommas. It’s a gift, (handmade with their favourite fragrances), that they never knew they needed.

    • What a thoughtful and wonderful gift.

    • :) Thank you.

  25. Yeah, this is totally the best way to use dry shampoo. I also don’t have particularly thick hair so I use it for extra volume when my hair is clean. Anyway, I find the using a small amount of dry shampoo in my clean, just washed, dried and styled hair and then a little more before bed makes my hair last three sometimes four days between washes. I hate to say it, but the Oribe one, which is so annoyingly expensive is really awesome.

  26. What brand do you like Joanna?

  27. that sounds like a fantastic idea! i just started using dry shampoo. my scalp are always so dry, and living in southern california, i have to go a few days between washings, else my head hurts! but then my hair feels dirty. i like the idea of using some before bed. i don’t like going to bed with dirty feeling hair, so i think this will work greatly for me! thanks for sharing!

    kelly xo

  28. I don’t know about using dry shampoo (I feel like I have WAY TOO MUCH hair for it) but this portrait is stunning. The light…so muted and moody and lovely. And she is of course so stunning. I’ve never seen a photo of her where she doesn’t look gorgeous. x

  29. ps. loooove the new look joanna! xo

  30. omg, brilliant. i am trying this tonight. i use dry shampoo even on clean hair so i can already tell this will be great. thanks!

  31. I think the re-do is great. It’s very clean just like the one you had before, but easier navigation. My only critique would be to remove the header ad (it flashes and seems off putting if you are new to reading) and has a bit of spamy-feel to it. THe rest of your paid ad’s are tasteful-this not so much (quaker oats). Can and maybe move it somewhere else? Or remove? It takes away a lot from the simplicity that your blog embodies. I also LOVE the most popular posts on the right side. It is done so nicely! As a artist/photographer I tend to notice ever tiny detail, so grain of salt. I so know what you mean about looking in the mirror and not recognizing yourself. I felt that way when I re-did my blog & site. Nice job !

  32. I love it when Caroline shows up here, she is so lovely. It’s her fresh face. Would Caroline ever do a tutorial of her makeup routine? I would LOVE to see it.

  33. I second the recommendation for talcum powder instead of dry shampoo. When I bought Klorane dry shampoo it ran out so quickly while I’ve been using the same talc for years. (Plus it’s the Burt’s Bees baby talc and it smells amazing). I always brush it into my hair at night as I find it makes my hair dull looking when I do it in the morning.

  34. Love the new look, Jo!

  35. Thanks for this awesome tricks..I think am gonna try it next day

  36. AH! i will try it tonight, if it works you will have my gratitude for as long as you live! seriously.

  37. Dry Shampoo just doesn’t work for me. :( I’ve tried multiple brands, high end to drugstore brands. My hair always ends up looking even greasier than if I just did nothing. But I DESPERATELY want it to work!! I’m going to try this. Any other ideas on products for those of us who are dry shampoo challenged?

  38. I’ve been meaning to try dry shampo, though for the moment I’m satisfied with my pro naturals moroccan argan oil shampoo, it’s more nourishing for my curly hair.

  39. I wish dry shampoo worked for my hair. Alas it is so oily that dry shampoo does little to tame it.

  40. Can you do some tutorials for curly/wavy hair?

  41. I will have to see what I can find more along the natural products line. I have been switching my body products out as well.

  42. I really need to try a dry shampoo!!!

  43. Gosh this is a great idea I can’t wait to try it!! Don’t worry I’m on day 4 of not washing my hair!

  44. I use dry shampoo in a pinch, but with fine blonde hair, I prefer to wash.

    Joanna, I am put off by the new design. Well, I take that back. I am extremely put off by the the overwhelming presence of flickering ads. It takes away from the intimate relaxing vibe I am looking for when I read blogs. Suddenly I feel like a consumer. No likey. I doubt you care too much, but I really wanted to add my $.02.

  45. I understand going a day without shampooing but days ?
    My hair is so dry, it looks good the second day .. sometimes I let it go and just wear it in a ponytail. But after that, I want clean hair.

  46. I’ve always wanted to try it. BTW…Love the new blog look. It’s still very you!

  47. Do you not shower at all when using this? If so, three days seems like kind of a lot! If not, then why use dry shampoo?

  48. I can’t stand the thought of not washing my hair everyday. I shower every morning, so it’s little trouble to wash my hair too. But….all the ads make me curious to try it. Maybe on a weekend. Does your scalp feel clean too and what if you (or someone else) runs their fingers through – does it feel clean? Weird questions, I know….

  49. I love the Rene Furterer dry shampoo! Bedhead with curls is a whole other story… so if someone has mastered that, let me know! xx

  50. So smart! I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this! I hate waking up early in the morning to take a shower but I hate taking a bath at night because my hair becomes weird and flat in the morning. Definitely trying this! :)

  51. The ad on the top is bothering me.

  52. I’ll try this. It may be the solution to the Amadeus-powdered-wig effect I sometimes get. I’d be curious to hear how others–and you–apply dry shampoo. Maybe a tutorial on your blog?

  53. That sounds interesting. I should really give it a try :D

  54. CC says...

    I go wayyyyyy longer without washing my hair-on the regular! don’t get me wrong I shower but I skip my hair bc I don’t feel like drying long hair, styling, etc.. I think I’ve been doing pretty well and I always get compliments on my hair.. can’t imagine I’d need to pay almost t-w-e-n-t-y d-o-l-l-a-r-s for this tip.. I’d rather invest in stellar tinted moisturizer and mascara if anything (and I do!)
    here’s a tip my friend who’s a fab hairstylist still uses talc-I won’t for the same reasons most people stopped using it-but I hear you can use cornstarch, eh?

  55. I have super dry, unruly hair and have been thinking about skipping days between shampooing. Maybe this is the way to go, thanks for the tip. Anna Karina, yes!

  56. I’ve been wanting to try dry shampoo for a while, but I have really curly hair so I’ve held off. My hair is very fragile/fine, so it does better when it’s not washed every day. Any suggestions for us curly-haired gals? Natural is a plus!

  57. I gotta try this instead of drying my hair out by washing it every day. Also, your friend looks like Winona Ryder (circa Mermaids) up there.

  58. that’s my trick too!
    i put in a TON right before bed.
    sometimes i have to add an extra spritz (depending on what day it is. day 4 needs extra love!)
    i normally just wash my hair every 4 days now. i’m pushing for 5.

  59. Love this idea – it’s officially on my to do post-it.
    You have the most gorgeous brunette friends! Are you guys in a gang or something? :)

  60. As a mother of a 2 month old, the idea of dry shampoo is amazing, since daily showers are a distant memory… (never thought I would say that! ha!). Also, your friend Caroline always looks SO gorgeous, I love the features you do with her hair. Lovely. Also, LOVE the blog makeover! Looks amazeballs.

  61. dry shampoo sounds awesome, my sister swears by it, but I have yet to try it. My husband is a huge germaphobe and the thought of me not washing my hair just does not sit well with him, I’d have to sleep in the guest room, haha. Although before we lived together I would go a day between washing my hair but I would usually wear it up that day. However, I have curly hair, so sleeping on it just makes my hair a tangled wavy mess. Also working at a school and going to the gym everyday now makes me want to be fresh and clean all over, hair included by the time I get home at night.

  62. I grew up washing my hair daily but for the past four months or so, I’ve been trying to go 2-3 days without washing, and it’s been AWESOME! The first few days, I felt really gross, but now that my hair has acclimated, it looks way better than before. I love dry shampoo; I usually use it on my 3rd day. The only problem is that sometimes with the spray kind, I find the bottles go flat before I get to use it all…
    P.S I love the new look!


  64. You may find it gross but here in France, we don’t wash hair every day. When I had long hair I only washed it twice a week and it didn’t look bad at all. It’s a common idea here to say that the more you wash your hair, the more you will need to wash it.

    I like your new blog / I like the new professional feel of it.

    • I’m french too and I agry with you, Véronique ! I use dry shampoo only in case of emergency….or laziness :)
      Have a good day !

  65. I wish this were the case-I am afraid this ONLY works if you already haves straight hair. You should see a curly girls morning hair after that tossing and turning.

  66. I’m not really a fan of the new blog. I get that blogging is your career, but the ads and sponsored posts are getting to be way over the top. (I’m not trying to be mean, just constructive!)

  67. I love big messy hair so I can’t wait to give this a try tonight!

  68. As a brunette, I use plain old pure cocoa powder! It works like a charm, doesn’t have weird residue, and makes me smell like brownies. WIN.

  69. Sounds like a great trick! I really need to try dry shampoo so I can stop washing it every day or feeling nasty when I don’t! Haha


  70. I like the look of messy hair, but the smell of unwashed hair (scalp, mostly) is a weird pet peeve of mine. Also it takes about 5 minutes for me to wash my shoulder-length hair, so I was never tempted to use dry shampoo as a time-saver.

  71. Nice new layout! I hardly ever wash my hair. Once or twice a week depending. I LOVE dry shampoo. Best invention ever. I will have to try this night application thing. P.S. My favorite brand is Batiste. It’s cheap and comes in loads of flavors – my faves are Brit and Tropical.

  72. I use baby powder (talc) instead of shampoo – one bottle lasts about 1000000 time longer and works much better than spray shampoo, and it doesn’t coat everything in your bathroom with that gross white dust.

  73. I really like the idea of using dry shampoo, since I really dislike washing my hair, but what is its chemical makeup as compared to normal shampoos? I’ve been trying to slowly move towards more “natural” products (whatever that means), so I wonder if dry shampoo would be any better?

  74. What a great idea! I started using dry shampoo because I have to wear a hat to work, so I can get away with not washing my hair so much and my hair is healthier now. I’m going to try this tonight, thank you! :)

  75. I’ve never tried dry shampoo before. My hair is, well, let’s just say somewhere between pretty beach wave and a lions mane and I feel like I need to wet it down every morning to tame it. (Not because of grease!) I wonder if dry shampoo could help such a problem…

    I will say my friends who do use it swear by it and I will be sure to share this tip.

  76. ohhh that sounds like a good idea! I actually have NOT tried dry shampoo yet! But i really want to. it would be such a time saver for me on some days. I’m stuck between two brands, Klorane or Lulu Organics.

  77. oh my god this sounds genius. I’m going to try it tonight.

  78. I seriously want to like dry shampoo, but I can’t STAND the chalky, stiff feeling. It’s nothing like having light and airy clean hair… am I doing something wrong?

    • I’d say, put it on before going to bed, it really does work! But also, it all depends on which one you use. Personally, I’ve found that either Klorane (but a bit expensive for the use you get out of that bottle) or the quality powder ones (I use Oscar Blandi, the bigger bottles last me more than a year) work well. The stiff feeling is often caused by the residue left by the dry shampoo, so if you can either sleep on it or comb it off (fine combs work better than brushes), and then mess up you hair again, things should be better. Hope this helps!

  79. I’m all about dry shampoo – I only wash my hair twice a week. I’ve never tried it at night but I am intrigued. Perhaps I’ll give it a shot tonight!

  80. I agree! I have dark hair and I find sleeping on it works the dry shampoo into my hair better (than my fingers or a brush) and it looks more natural in the morning, less “dusty” than it sometimes does with dry shampoo.

    And to the first commenter worried about getting it all over the place, if you just rub it in a bit before you go to bed, it doesn’t end up on your pillow or face :)

  81. I definitely did this last night after reading Rebecca’s post–so far, so good!

  82. Yup, I do that exact thing all the time and I’m brunette so it helps it settle in better. I use Sauve dry or Tigi-both smell great and no white flaking. I’m, no lie, on day 5 and it’s great.
    ps I DO shower my body daily, lol

  83. I use straight up organic corn starch for dry shampoo and go for days without washing. It’s free of any chemicals that could be bad for you! I love it. you just have to rub it in really well so that you don’t have white residue.

  84. Dry shampoo is something I definitely need to try, sooner or later!

  85. I definitely need to try it.
    I’ve been meaning to.
    Am going to check what different people recommend.