Cup of Jo Gets a Makeover!

As you may have noticed, A Cup of Jo stayed up last night and got a makeover! Two months ago, I asked you which of four redesigns you preferred and loved hearing your feedback. We’ve been working hard all summer, and you’re looking at the final result!

You know when you get a haircut and look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself at first? That’s sort of how I feel today, ha. But I am thrilled with how much cleaner the blog looks, and the header tabs are my favorite part. (Take a look above!)

On that note, HUGE thanks to the design firm Apartment One and the programmer Jay Johnson, with collaboration from Elihu Bogan. They were incredible to work with, and I’d highly recommend them all.

Anyway, I love you guys and really hope you like it. Please let us know if you spot any glitches; we’re still doing final tweaks. Eeks! Thank you so much!!! xoxo

  1. Love the new look, it looks fabulous!

  2. It looks fantastic – a big congratulations! I hope you did something fun to celebrate the occasion over the weekend!

  3. T says...

    Hi Joanna,

    Redesign looks great! I’ve been curious for a while now why you haven’t dropped the .blogspot from your URL.


  4. P.S. The mini “About me – Contact – Fax” also has a little alignment issue. “Me” should be centered under “About”. Otherwise, it looks like the whole line of text overran the spacing, looking like it should have been “Fax Me”.

  5. Congratulations on the re-design, Joanna! I consider having a cup of joe with A Cup of Jo part of my morning ritual!

    Overall, the re-design looks great: very clean and a easier on the eyes. As others have pointed out, the navigation alignment is a bit off on the spacing in the Chrome browser. Motherhood is squashed into a corner along the bottom line, somewhat overlapping Weddings & Relationships. Should be a simple spacing issue in CSS…spoken like a former web goddess!

  6. Love the new look but wanted to point out that the ‘motherhood’ tab is off. It looks like it’s on a lower line than the rest of the tabs and it starts towards the end of the ‘relationships’ tab. I’m on Firefox by the way. Didn’t go thru the comments to see if anyone else pointed this out.

  7. neat! i love it. mostly i just love that photograph.

  8. Yay, you kept the same picture: holding hands!
    Everything else we’ll get used to. It’s about your words and ideas anyway. :)

  9. the site looks great, although the photos within the posts are so huge that my whole screen is taken up by them. i have to scroll just to get to the words!

  10. Um…I don’t want to be negative, but this site feels so much more corporate now. I’m getting ads for all sorts of things I don’t like (Grey Poupon? Glaceau water?) that completely distract me from the content (and from the smaller companies who actually need business). This makes me sad, especially since I really like (and have bought items from) these smaller companies.

  11. Oops, there it is! It was in front of my nose!=)

  12. Hi Joanna! Super nice blog remodel – congrats! One thing… where do you sign-up for a daily dose of A Cup of Jo via email? I’m sure it is in front of my nose, but I don’t see it.
    Have an great weekend and thank you for your many lovely posts!

  13. Excellent design is when you click on the website and feel it’s been that way always. Bravo!

  14. Excellent design is when you click on the website and feel it’s been that way always. Bravo!

  15. The new look is very pretty and well organized, which is great! Buuuuuuutt…..I do feel like a major element of your blog is the whole “New York” aspect, and I feel like the urban, magazine feel that the old layout had has been prettified and washed away. Also, the photos don’t seem to be ‘popping’ like they used to, not sure why…But I do love the organization of it all!

  16. Just a thought, but is there any way to put the “posts you may have missed” again at the bottom of new posts? I miss them!

  17. Joanna! I love it!! It looks so clean and professional! Great fonts and colors. Tre chic. (BTW, I read you’re looking to move to Brooklyn. Did you know in Paris they have a new saying for when things are very hip, “tre Brooklyn.” How cute is that?) Great job, Jo. Tre Brooklyn.

    (PS- Will you still be doing your Friday links? Those were my favorites!)

  18. Joanna I love it! I love seeing photos of you and your family too.

  19. Perhaps I am just resistant to change, but I really did love your old layout, sniff sniff. Your new layout isn’t so wildly different from your old so I will definitely get used to it, but the ad at the top is jarring. Either way, you blog is amazing, your posts are inspiring and I am a devoted reader~

  20. Lovely new design. Definitely needed it too:) I think it’s beautiful, clean and classic. Easier to read your awesome posts too.

  21. love the redo! and this photo of your family is precious!

  22. hmm, i think i like the makeover! maybe i don’t like change though and it will grow on me. your site before was so approachable, like a magazine – I could see your sponsors up front, the little blurb about you, etc…this takes a little bit more work and seems to look like most other blogs :( the two huge ads before your sponsors or social media buttons are also not that pretty. also, similar to other commenters, the top ad is jarring. I’m surprised at the kinks with how much you must have worked on and paid for this site!
    but honestly, i hope you take this feedback with a grain of salt realizing maybe i just don’t like change! :)

  23. Hi Jo,
    I really love the redesign, specially because it looks really clean and “uncluttered”. I also love the famous posts option. However, the “motherhood” header appears under the wedding&relationships for me. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with me using safari & mac; but all the team that worked on it deserves congratulations :)

    Nicely done.

  24. I love your blog no matter what! Nevertheless it looks great..

  25. Looks great, love new colours but the motherhood tab seems to be sat on navigation bottom holding line & slightly below weddings & relationships. The balloon also looks like it is floating away from the ‘f’ a bit too much. I’m viewing it on my iPhone.

    Lovely and fresh.

  26. Congratulations! I ♥ the new design! It looks soooo lovely!

  27. Your new design looks stunning.

  28. Hi Jo,

    Love the new colour palette and design! :)

    My comments are same as others have said…

    1) The “MOTHERHOOD” tab is broken, hangs below and to the right of the Weddings/Relationships tab and is not a clickable link…therefore I cannot access the Motherhood tab at all :(

    2) The ABOUT ME, CONTACT & FAQ tabs are not evenly spaced and I find the ABOUT ME tab confusing/distracting as the words are split onto separate lines

    FYI both of these issues happen on both my work computer (Mac desktop running Safari) and home computer (13 in Macbook laptop running Safari).


  29. I think it looks great, very stylish! I have one thing to say though, your photos are beautiful but I have to scroll down to see the whole picture, I’d love to see the picture as a whole.

  30. S says...

    i love the new look. Well done to the team. I love the tabs up the top section the best as well. So much cleaner.

  31. ad overload! but looks good otherwise. glad you chose the pic where you and hubby are still holding hands.

  32. It looks great!!! Congratulations! I love how clean it looks!

  33. love it! definitely a lovely fresh appeal. just one thing i’d change if i were you – under your little bio where it says About Me, I’d probably remove the ‘me’ part because it’s not letting the tabs flow very well. i am such a freak about everything lining up perfectly haha

  34. Simple, clean, beautiful — well done, everybody! :)

  35. i LOVE it!!! i think it looks beautiful, and suits your blog much more elegantly.

  36. The new design looks fantastic!!

  37. The new design looks fantastic!!

  38. Change is hard, even when we choose it, but I say bring it on!!!

    It looks great and I know am going to love it more and more with each passing day!

    Good for you Joanna! xoxo

  39. looks awesome and congrats!

    btw, i’m using google chrome 18.0, and the Motherhood menu tab, is not align.

    other than that, love your blog! :)

  40. it looks really great. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what’s to come on Cup of Jo. x

  41. it’s lovely! love the layout, font, everything.

  42. It looks really pretty, but I have to say the flashing ads detract…

  43. It looks lovely! For some reason, the new blog seems to be running a bit slower on my computer than the old, but that’s most likely just me. Congratulations on a gorgeous redesign!

  44. its really cool
    your picture is adorable!! i hope you frame it and have it somewhere in your house, love black and white picture and this picture is just awesome

  45. I adore the header, great redesign!

  46. i think i also noticed that you got rid of the top ad banner? thank you! we know this blog is your job but it made me feel different reading it. it made me feel like i was buying a corporate magazine rather than reading my “blogger friend’s” (yes, that’s what i call you to my husband) blog. didn’t feel as nice.

  47. on my browser (chrome) the MOTHERHOOD tab is not evenly spaced out. it’s sort of squeezed in underneath relationships and weddings. otherwise– I LOVE IT!!!!!

  48. Ooooh a new blog layout!
    Seeing this is just like getting a new haircut. It’s lovely but at the same time, a little disorienting!
    The new layout is quite darling but it’ll definitely take me a little while to get used to it.
    I’m really liking the soft peachy background color as well as the use of circles throughout. So cute!

    One thing I would like to point out that has already been raised in the comments is the ad banner at the top of your blog. That was the first thing I saw and it diverted my attention from your new blog look!
    This is your blog tough Jo so whatever you want to do is what you should do!

    Have a wonderful week <3 I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend :)


  49. I especially like the tabs by subject and the “most popular” posts featured under each. Nice to see the photos in the individual posts get bigger too. Is there any way for the months in blog archive to come under a “year” subhead?

  50. the makeover is refreshing and looks great. I love your blog. it’s really charming and a lot of fun.

  51. Hi Jo,
    I love your blog and am a long time reader. Well done on your makeover – it was the one I had picked! I would just like to reiterate on what many other comments have mentioned. Design is my background and I feel strongly that your blog header is your brand – and with any sort of banner ad there competing with it – I believe it is weakening or compromising your brand. It kind of projects a message that you have sold out. I too understand that at this point your blog is in a position to generate good revenue – however the way it is now it seems a bit at odds with who you are and what you’re about. I am looking at your lovely colour scheme and image – but I am totally distracted by a bright blue trashy looking ebay ad. I hope this doesnt sound too harsh and I’m sure everyone thinks they’re an expert – but I think in the long run this could be a bit detrimental.

  52. i agree with the others – the motherhood tab is a bit wonky. i’ve looked at in on a mac and a pc, same problem.

  53. the new design is fantastic! i love it. congrats! xo

  54. IT looks fantastic! I would just adjust the links under the header… the ‘Motherhood’ tab is sort of underneath the weddings one. I use Safari on a MacBook Pro if that helps.

  55. The first thing I noticed is the banner ad at the top, which may or not be a bad thing (especially if you’re the company advertised ;)). It’s just what grabbed my attention first before I noticed anything else.

    But I seriously love your blog and I love the color in this makeover!

  56. Looks good! How fun for you. I actually like the ad banner above the header. but that’s just me. the only thing that strikes me as off is the space between the date header and the post header. seems like a little too much space but I’m really picky about those things! The ads don’t bother me… I understand that’s what a huge blog like this has to do!

  57. Love the new design!! My only comment would be that the ad banner looked better below your Cup of Jo header. It doesn’t stand out as much when the background is white. Seems to stand out sooo much more now that you’ve moved it up…I looked at your blog earlier today too.

  58. It look great joanna! Congratulations!! It feels softer somehow! :)