Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Moop, the Pittsburgh studio that makes beautiful handmade bags for men, women and kids. Their bags are soft and roomy and perfect for adventures around town. (For the past two years, I’ve used their blue market bag as Toby’s trusty diaper bag.) They also have a new waxed yellow backpack, a messenger bag for computers, and beautiful letter bags.

Today Moop is letting TWO lucky readers each choose their favorite bag. Which would you pick? (I’m partial to their entire waxed collection, especially this red carrier.)

For a chance to win, please visit Moop’s online shop, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite bag. Two winners will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Heather M. and Annie W. are our lucky winners. Thanks for playing.

  1. Oooohhhhhh!!!!! Love tote #1 in orange. So lovely.

  2. Love all the backpacks.

  3. I’m dying for The Backpack in gray waxed canvas!!! Too great!!!

  4. I’m new to your blog. This is gorgeous!

  5. Tamara says...

    Oo definitely the grey waxed canvas backpack – so pretty!

  6. El says...

    Yes, my favorite is also the Carrier in Red. Thank you!

  7. I’m with you – the red carrier.

  8. Gunmetal Gray Porter!

  9. The Carrier in gray-yes please!

  10. Either the Carrier in Red, or any of the Market bags!

  11. Barb says...

    These bags are yummy!!! They remind me of the northwoods… them!

  12. absolutely LOVE the red carrier!

  13. Anonymous says...

    I’m with you – The carrier in red waxed canvas is gorgeous!

  14. I absolutely love The Backpack in the brown waxed canvas! it’s perfect for carrying my computer as well as a normal purse :)

  15. Bex says...

    The market bag in navy. My all time favourite bag just broke. I’ve been lugging it around for 6 years. I do miss it but i think the market bag would more than make up for it! xxxx

  16. Melissa Sauls says...

    It would be either the market bag in brown or the waxed brown backpack!

  17. i love the messenger no. 2!!! pick me jo!!!

  18. The blue market is gorge! Xo

  19. Messenger no.2 in waxed canvas. Beautiful.

  20. I love the yellow back pack… this color brightens my winter commute and makes (would make) the dark months brighter!

  21. The red waxed canvas carrier is by far my favorite! LOVE it!

  22. I am seriously in love with all of these bags, but if forced to choose….the Red Waxed Canvas Carrier wins!!

  23. Definitely the Paper Back in Grey waxed canvas – gorgeous!

  24. Jade says...

    Love Love Moop Bags! My favorite is their new backpack!

  25. the very useful tote in sage, the porter in navy, the backpack in yellow. i love them all…

  26. These bags are great! It’s so hard to choose. I love both the yellow waxed canvas backpack and the market back in rosewood. Win one and buy the other?

  27. The The Backpack in gray waxed canvas is awesome and I like the other two colors it comes in too.

  28. The carrier or the letter bag in red. love them!

  29. I LOVE the letter and messenger bags (esp messenger no. 4 in red waxed canvas!!)

  30. Loving the red waxed canvas carrier!

  31. Wow, what a great giveaway…. I love the messenger number 2 in brown waxed canvas….. i’ve got my fingers double crossed that I’ll win!

  32. Fantastic giveaway! I really like the Messenger No. 1 in brown waxed canvas, but they are all incredible!

  33. Messenger no. 2 in grey waxed canvas–love Moop bags!

  34. I love the porter and the carrier. They’d both be great as camera bags (with my camera insert of course ;) )

  35. i love the bright yellow waxed canvas backpack! i really enjoy the bright colors that are popular this year.

  36. PIck me!! I would go for the Letter Bag and give it to my hubby, whose been asking for a “man satchel” for the longest. :)

  37. So hard to choose! Love them all!

  38. I love love the waxed canvas backpack in yellow! I would love the pop of colour it would add.

  39. Joanna W. says...

    Fantastic bags and construction! I’d love the messenger #2 in waxed gray!

  40. Ari D. says...

    The paperback in gray waxed canvas. Need something waterproof for all the wet Portland days.

  41. Beautiful bags! I would love Messenger #1 in the Waxed Grey.

  42. Jamie B. says...

    I would love the blue market bag as my new diaper bag!

  43. I would love the special edition messenger bag.

  44. Oooh. I love the paperback in gray.

  45. The backpack in yellow! Or grey! I can’t decide! :)

  46. Mags says...

    I love all the letter bags! They’re beautiful. But I adore the Rosewood color <3
    (shout out to PLL fans!)

  47. oohh so hard to choose. love the messenger 4 in gunmetal, carrier in red, the paperback…

    thank you for the awesome giveaway : )

  48. leathergal says...

    love the blue Market bag and all of the Messenger bags!

  49. Oh Moop has been on my wish list for a while now. I love their Market bags…

  50. Ahh loving the yellow color on The Backpack – Special Edition!

  51. I absolutely love the Very Useful Tote (in any color!) for all my grocery shopping.

  52. In love! <3 <3 I need one for architecture school!

  53. Oh how to choose from all the loveliness? The Messenger No. 2, Letter & Carrier are all perfection! I guess I’d go w/ the Carrier in Brown Waxed Canvas.

  54. These bags are gorgeous! My fave is the paperback. That yellow backpack is so cute too!

  55. I love all of their bags but am dying over the yellow backpack!

  56. Loving both the backpack and the paperback… so hard to choose!

  57. I love the Letter Bag in black waxed canvas!

  58. Anonymous says...

    I don’t know how I could pick one so easily…I love them ALL!

  59. Letter bag in rosewood!!! Am I too late? I love all of these bags, and hadn’t seen them before, so thank you! If I don’t win, I’ll have to start saving up :)

  60. I love the letter bag!
    I’d have a hard time choosing the color. They are both adorable.

  61. I like the special edition bag for my new airbook! The brown color is such a classic look.

  62. It’s a toss up between the Porter And the Carrier- awesome bags!!! I’m from Pittsburgh so it’s meant to be ;)

  63. so hard to decide, in love with both the yellow back pack AND the red carrier!!

  64. I like the carrier in red.

  65. my boyfriend has been looking for a waxed canvas backpack… could the timing be any better? I really like the one in grey.

  66. I really like the one in the top photo here on your site (Moop’s shop is blocked for me here @ work)

  67. Oh the grey one for sure!!! I need a new travel bag. Perfect timing!

  68. i love the paperback! theres multiple ways of wearing it!

  69. A says...

    I love the backpack in yellow. Just what I’ve been looking for.

  70. Messenger #3! I love MOOP. Don’t actually own a bag yet, but if I could I would have them all!
    Thanks MOOP for the chance :) And thanks for knowing them, Joanna :P

  71. H says...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  72. love moop! my favorite bag is their classic market bag :)

  73. The red carrier or the letterbag in rosewood. The colors are awesome.

  74. I have wanted a letter bag for sooooo long and the waxed canvas is just delicious!

  75. EEE! I love the backpack in yellow waxed canvas. So bright and happy!

  76. the market bag in rosewood! so beautiful!

  77. Diggin the market bag in rosewood! Love.

  78. messenger no. 2 in brown waxed canvas is my fave

  79. The carrier bag is beautiful!

  80. LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow backpack

  81. I love the yellow backpack! What a delightful thing….

  82. I absolutely LOVE the Messenger no. 2 in brown waxed canvas!!

  83. Anonymous says...

    that yellow backpack looks perfect for traveling!

  84. Love the backpack in gray waxed canvas!

    Moop bags are awesome!

  85. Oh goodness, The Porter in Gunmetal Gray is definitely my favorite! So pretty!

  86. Melanie says...

    Love the Carrier in red waxed canvas!

  87. how have i never seen these before? love! i just found out yesterday that i’m expecting twins (eek) and a moop backpack will come in very handy, i expect!

  88. I love the messenger no. 2 in brushed brown!

  89. I have to agree with you – the waxed carrier in red is fabulous!

  90. Emilie H says...

    Can I have all of them? The messengers are exceptionally nice though.

  91. the letter bag is my favorite in navy! so cute!

  92. I like the Messenger no.2 – in rosewood :)

  93. Love the Messenger No. 3 in Brown Waxed Canvas.

  94. Love the Carrier in black!!

  95. Porter in Provincial Blue OR Backpack in Yellow OR The Red Carrier .
    Love the look and versatility. Seeing products like this inspire me !

  96. The red waxed messenger #4 for iPad. Love it.

  97. The backpack! That sunshiney happy yellow is to die for.

    Also, Moop? I can’t help but smile and think of Seinfeld. Moops! The Moops!

  98. The backpack! That sunshiney happy yellow is to die for.

    Also, Moop? I can’t help but smile and think of Seinfeld. Moops! The Moops!

  99. I love the red bag!

  100. I also love the red waxed carrier. And I love PITTSBURGH even more!

  101. Nice bags! I like the Messenger no.1 – in slate

  102. I love the messenger 1!

  103. Loving the Very Useful Tote!

  104. I love the Porter in Provincial Blue! What a great looking weekend bag!!

  105. I love! LOVE LOVE! The grey waxed backpack, so cute! and perfect for those long days in grad school

  106. I love everything!! I’m especially drawn to the red bags!

  107. The Backpack in gray waxed Canvas! My dream baaagg :)

  108. First off, whoever created their logo: love that font! But I’d have to say favorite bag is “the very useful tote”. Straightforward, very useful. Really like the blue or brown and sage coloring.

  109. Oh my word, these are gorgeous!! So hard to pick, but I gotta go with my heart and say the yellow backpack :) So lovely!! Thanks for the chance!!! xoxo

  110. I love the carrier in red! It would make a perfect purse/diaper bag.