Slate Cheese Boards

We’re big cheese eaters around here (obviously), and one of the best purchases we’ve made was a Brooklyn Slate cheese board. The dark color makes cheeses look bright and beautiful, and you can label them with a soapstone pencil. And the company sells not only cheese boards, but also packages of a campfire kit or a ploughman’s satchel. Would make a great gift for a hostess (or just a hungry friend).

  1. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Ubislate 7

  2. Is the cheese on the middle picture supposed to be spelling out LOVE or is that just me? I love cheese too!

  3. Actually, Joanna, it looks like Brooklyn Slate set aside some of its boards for the food52 offer. If people go to the food52shop and click on the link to buy them there at a discount, then they should be able to purchase a 10×14 or 5×18 board.

  4. This is the sort of thing that makes me want the the type of person who arranges cheeses and saucissons on a slate board. Unfortunately we’re still at that cutting-on-the-counter-and-eating-over-the-sink point.

  5. LK says...

    @beccainbostin- bring on your classy friends! I can always use more people :-)

  6. Well, this looks nice AND delicious!! :)

  7. it’s interesting a stone cheese plate. in france where i live, i’ve seen cheese served only on wood.

  8. Any of you guys ever tried Humboldt Fog by Cypress Grove? It’s one of my all time faves!

  9. This is fab! I want to buy them for my dad and my mom! We’ll see if that actually ever happens : )


  10. I love the look of slate as a cheese board, but I’m a girl on a budget, so I went to Lowe’s and bought inexpensive slate tiles — like a dollar each, and then i line them up – a different cheese on each slate with its name in chalk written on the tile. Cheap, yet chic!

  11. Is there a reason not to just go to a tile store and buy a slate tile? Nonstick feet are cheap, as is sidewalk chalk for labeling your cheeses. I love the idea of the smores kit and all, but the fact that they are mostly unavailable makes me think this wouldn’t be an unreasonable DIY.

  12. Great idea for a hostess gift! I’m keeping this in mind for me too!

  13. Love LOVE cheese. I think I could live on it. Thanks for the great suggestion :)

  14. I love everything granite! This is such a great idea for an old material!

    Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  15. @LK – I think that we should be friends! I no longer live in AZ but I know some classy people there :)

  16. I would love to buy any of their products for a friend, housewarming party, wedding gift…a great gift all around! I like the the slate comes from right here in New York :) And my English husband would definitely appreciate the Ploughman’s satchel!

  17. Ah man, Joanna, I love your cheese posts so much. My local cheese monger must appreciate them too as they always get me into his shop. From one cheese lover to another.

  18. love love love these!! we got a few for wedding presents (we are obsessed with cheese!) but we feel like we cant cut on them… do you cut on yours??

  19. Love these! I have promised myself that I am going to get going early on Christmas shopping this year, so I might have to pick this up as a gift for a couple of people.

  20. I have one and love it! It does make cheese feel fancier and it’s fun to write on. :)

  21. i heart my slate cheese board! i just brought it out for an office party today!

    i am not in new york, so i got mine at world market.

  22. Aaaaand I’m starving. Bring on the cheese.

  23. My husband is from France, so growing up with a family who didn’t really eat anything other than Cheddar, it’s been hard to appreciate cheese like my husband does. He says, “The smellier, the better!”

  24. Cheese is pretty much the BEST THING EVER!

  25. Y says...

    love the cheese board!!!! and I totally love cheese as well! I’m going to indulge in Murray’s cheese bar this weekend and I cant wait!!!


  26. I got my mom a Brooklyn Slate cheeseboard for Christmas last year! Along with those adorable cheese knives I think you posted about some time ago – stinky, creamy and sharp! It’s the best. Gosh I love cheese.

  27. these are gorgeous! Perfect for bridesmaids gifts, too. GAhhhhh….LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH.

  28. LK says...

    To say I’m obsessed with cheese is an understatement. As soon as I buy my own home (hopefully at the end of the year) I am throwing a classy party with cheese. I have to get this and everything else they sell. Now I just need to find some classy friends. Joanna, you find the raddest products.

  29. The campfire platter looks the best to me! yummmmmmyyy!

  30. I have a cheese slate board and I love it! It’s fun to use different colors to write on. Sometimes we use ours as a tray for a signature cocktail when gets come over and we write the steps of what to make on the board!

  31. It is a very good thing when I read this I was eating my own delicious turkey meatballs and salad.

  32. Loved the ‘(ob-vi-ous-ly)’ I could live on cheese and bread (and some red wine!), so this is just for me. XOXO

  33. Joanna – you have teased me with a post regarding a four day trip to Italy… please please post that soon. I am dying to go to Italy. But I think its too expensive and I just don’t know how to organize that trip? Just go for four days to one city, or go for 15 days and see multiple cities? Or should I just make it easy on myself and travel down the eastern seaboard… also high on my to-do list. Anyhow.. please… tell me about the 4 day trip to italy.

  34. Great timing on this post! I was trying to come up a hostess gift this week and this is perfect. Thank you! I will order today. xo

  35. i saw these a few weeks ago at murray’s cheese and thought they were super cute :)

  36. Hi Joanna! I was wondering whether it’s possible to cut food on a slate board with a normal (not cheese) knife? They are quite brittle, aren’t they? I’ve been considering using them at our wedding, but not knowing has made me unsure of buying them :)