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Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? This morning, I asked Toby what he wanted to do this weekend, and his answer was, “Amaaaazin’,” so I guess I’ll have to come up with some cool plans! Also, on Sunday, we’re going apartment-hunting in Brooklyn. Fingers crossed. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Sick of baby photos on Facebook? UnBabyMe comes to the rescue.

Princess Diana as a teenager.

Avocado egg salad.

Jon Stewart gives Robert Pattinson a relationship pep talk.

Paragliding in Switzerland? Yikes!!!

What a cute fall coat.

BRILLIANT article.

Rad magnet wall.

Biking photos…without the bike.

How to style wet hair.

Now those are some sexy shoes.

34 people you probably didn’t know were on Seinfeld.

Also, Cup of Jo has a new Facebook page. Want to be friends? :)

(Photo of Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn)

  1. I am also currently house hunting. I think I am a little to picky thought. It is taking longer than I hoped to find exactly what I want. I am looking for a house in San Francisco. Solar power panels and 4 bedrooms are a must. Hopefully we both find what we want soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I knew 31 of the 34 people that were on Seinfeld. We are Seinfeld addicts over here. I could tell you the plot line of most of those episodes.

  3. * I meant “difficult” to interpret all the rules. looking into it now…thanks again!

  4. Hello to the other anonymous! Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you. It has been a hectic few days! Many of the photos I use are original photographs that I take myself or that I arrange to have taken specifically for my posts (hair tutorials, food pictures, family photographs, etc.). Some are illustrations that I commission and pay for (for example, for a few posts i’ve done with gemma correll), and sometimes I ask permission from photographers, and sometimes I use pictures and give credit. I am looking into the protocols to make sure my understanding is correct. It is a new medium and sometimes different to interpret all the rules. E-mail me directly if you like and we can learn from each other. thank you again!!

  5. thanks, anonymous; the “so safe” sentence actually was a joke linking to an article that said people in brooklyn were thinking it was so safe that they werent’ locking their doors at night — it was just a nod to that. i totally understand that brooklyn is a big place (as is manhattan, etc.) and that there are many different areas with different pros/cons/problems/etc. i’ve lived in NYC for 11 years and i completely get that, don’t worry :)

  6. Anonymous says...

    you should be careful to say brooklyn is ‘so safe.’ that sounds very naive. i lived there and loved it for years, but brooklyn is a big place, and just like any urban location of it’s size there are complexities and struggles that go beyond just ‘safe,’ cute apartments. i doubt you are looking to live in some of the areas of brooklyn which desperately need social services and other luxuries enjoyed in better neighborhoods…of brooklyn. it’s a big place.

  7. i love sean pean

  8. I love that photo of Jack and Sean. Many, many years ago I was in a bar in Minneapolis where I live and I looked over to see the two of them together in a booth! I was star struck!

  9. thanks for these comments and questions!! anonymous, i’ll get back to you shortly about the photo rights; just want to write a thought-out answer and toby just woke up from his nap:) and thanks for comments about the blog and this post overall! xoxo joanna

  10. Hey, Thanks for posting that Jezebel article! I would have missed it otherwise and it was awesome. :)

  11. Appreciate the great roundup of links, as always. I’m certainly going to try that avocado egg salad, since I’ve been looking for more creative ways to eat the lovely avo than just cheese and hummus sandwiches and with my eggs in the morning :)

  12. House hunting can be super fun! P.S. Love the link for the avocado egg salad. That’s two of my hubby’s fav foods so I’ll have to make this!

  13. tunie says...

    Ooo, thank you for the link to the ‘brilliant article’. A really good read.

  14. I went paragliding in Austria. Amazing experience. also the cycling/floating pictures are lovely. Have a great weekend

  15. Anonymous says...

    always love your round-ups. thank-you.

  16. Aditi says...

    I love that photograph of Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn…two of my favorite men…what a great way to start the weekend…thank you, Jo!

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  18. Anonymous says...

    Ditto Anne and Kelsi. Great blog and it is a real achievement to work so hard to produce such inspiring and interesting content.

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  20. Anonymous says...

    The question about use of images on a commercial blog does warrant a response.

    I think it’s great that Joanna has been able to make blogging a full-time job. More power to her. But the fact that she CAN support herself this way only highlights that it is a commercial blog, so I am wondering about the use of the photos. (There are plenty of legit ways to get images, so I’m not saying I’m sure she doesn’t have rights to the photos. I’m just wondering.) What’s weird, though, is that a lot of people on here seem to take valid questions as “rude.” This isn’t some housewife’s hobby blog meant for consumption by family members… it’s a serious publication!

    For what it’s worth, I do agree that there was a recent period in which the posts were noticeably skimpier, but things do seem to have picked up again.

    Also – while I disagree with some of the negative comments, the claim that since we get this blog for free, we have no right to complain, really doesn’t have merit. Most for-profit websites make money through advertising (as this one does) and not through charging readers. But when it’s a larger company running a website (let’s say, a magazine website, or the website of a newspaper) most readers would agree that they can rightfully complain if journalistic ethics or content suffers or if the company is potentially violating copyright laws. This blog isn’t really any different. As inspiring as it is (and it is!) that Joanna can make a living at this, with the success does come all the same responsibilities other publishers have.

  21. Kelsi says...

    The nastiness of some of the anonymous commentors really breaks my heart – it’s so petty, and it’s pretty clear that some people are just jealous – the “getcher self a house in Brooklyn” comment. Wow.

    Smart women being able to support their family through honest means is something to be celebrated, not criticized. This is a battle we’ve been waging since women began working outside the home, and it’s not over yet. We’re going to have to constantly get creative and stay ahead of the curve if we want to try to both work and have a rich home life. Blogging, for some, is the way to do that. So, go Joanna – and let’s all hope the haters will start taking yoga classes and chill the eff out.

  22. I really have to comment on the negative reactions I’ve been reading. I’ve been reading your blog for years, and personally I think your blog has evolved from a personal blog into something much more: a sort of mini magazine, with posts on all kinds of subjects, while you still blog about your own life. It’s obvious you put a lot of time, thought, and love into it and I think it’s only fair that you earn a living by doing so. Come on people, we get to enjoy this blog for free! Also Joanna, I admire your honesty and the fact that you take your readers’ opinion at heart. Well here’s my opinion (and honestly, I think many more people share this opinion): you do a great job, I love reading your blog, and I think it’s great that you are able to earn money with it. Don’t change things just because of what people say (skimpy posts, really?!), but only if it feels right to change it.

  23. Thx for all the weekend online tips! And the facebook page, reminds me I need to do that myself for my blog, but being a Internet nerd in every other way than Facebook keeps me from that…so thx for inspiring me. Any tips from anyone how to create a facebook page for a blog?
    xo Caroline

  24. Anonymous says...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Anonymous says...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Just stopped by for the first time (where have I been?!) and am really enjoying cruising the blog. this post is very clever. Nice Saturday morning read over coffee!

  27. Hey Joanna. I love your site. You post such a variety of topics–it’s always fun to see what’s next.

    I wonder if you can tell me where you came across the black and white image of Sean Penn and Jack Nicholson? All of these celebrity pictures are great, and I’d love to have some framed. Thanks!

  28. Anonymous says...

    The veiled sponsored posts and snooze worthy guest posts are probably what people mean when they say ‘skimpy’.

    This blog’s evolution completely mirrors that of Facebook. It used to be intimate, interesting, and exciting. Now it’s just corporate and boring. But hey, if it gets you a house in Bklyn, go girl!

  29. I hope you will also create your page on g+. Not everyone uses facebook ;)

  30. The Jez article is proper funny. And right on. It’s so important to be aware of the epic, ingrained sexism that still surrounds us. I think a lot about how to raise my son well within this patriarchy.

    Unbabyme is funny too — and I can’t believe NYT’s f***ing odd position re wuoting but refusing to link to STFUParents! The eff word?! Won’t someone think of all those children reading the New York Times! Oh wait. ;)

    Buon weekend

  31. Amaazin! Hey, maybe he meant “Museum”? My husband I are always trying to guess what our daughter is talking about. For months we were trying to translatet what “Ho pez” was. Turns out it was “school bus!”

    But you know, maybe he just meant Amaaazin.

  32. @Jo: The posts are not skimpy.

    @Trina: I thought the same thing about Bryan Cranston I laughed so hard.

    @Jennifer: What a great story you found on the Titanic orphans.

  33. i’ve been paragliding in interlaken! the view is completely breathtaking.

  34. Anonymous says...

    Hi Joanna,

    I’ve long wondered about the photos you use on your blog. This is not an attempt to criticize you – I genuinely want to know – where do you get them? I’ve asked before but not gotten a response. Do you pay to have rights to a group of stock photos? A commercial blog certainly doesn’t fall within the fair use doctrine. Merely giving attribution (and in a lot of cases, no attribution, just a description) doesn’t usually give one the right to use copyrighted photos although it’s okay for certain (non-commercial) purposes. Do you pay someone like Getty Images, or something?

  35. house hunting sounds like fun! best of luck!!

    and those princess Diana photos were so cool. she probably would’ve never guessed then the life she would lead.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Planning to go to a calm place to spend my weekend and take some rest after 5 hectic working days.

  37. Love the unbaby me, especially the part that says it ” replaces the baby pictures on Facebook feeds with things that people prefer to see, like photos of cats, sunsets and bacon.” hmmm i get that some people post too many baby pictures. But cats and bacon? Seems so pathetic!

  38. Woo hoo for house hunting! Hope it goes well :)

  39. I have to try out that egg salad sandwich recipe this weekend! Looks delish! Cool link about all the different surprising people on Seinfeld.
    Have a great weekend!

  40. katie, thanks for your note!

    i try to post very different things on my blog and pinterest, so hopefully you’ll find lots of new things in both places! i’ll keep doing so.

    perhaps my posts look shorter because i’ve been doing a bunch “after the jump” because they are actually much longer than usual (and i don’t want to weight down the homepage). i’ve been writing much longer original posts, like the schedule sex post, the hair tutorial, the bathroom makeover, etc. but i’ll post two posts on fridays now, since it seems like people prefer that.

    and my personal facebook page was great for the last few years, except i had long since reached the “maximum” of friends, so i couldn’t take on any new readers. people kept sending friend requests, and i couldn’t accept them. so hopefully this will solve that problem! it will still function as a personal page with lots of personal content.

    thank you again!! joanna

  41. Oh, paragliding! I went with my girlfriends in Interlaken, Switzerland about 5 years ago. We were travelling during our semester-long study abroad in Florence.

    There were tons of crazy thrill seeking activities to choose from in Switzerland (think river rafting, canyoning, ice climbing…). We opted for paragliding and it was the coolest thing! The view was unbelievable, of course, but I also had this funny guide named Meko. He liked to do “tricks” like spinning quickly in a circle or swinging side to side as a pendulum so you felt as though there was no gravity. Amazing experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

  42. Happy house hunting – Brooklyn is awesome!

    Also, I always knew I was a huge fan of Seinfeld. Affirmed when I knew all those actors and their character :)

  43. Katie says...

    The posts have been pretty skimpy lately. Why even follow your blog/pinterest when you basically post the exact same thing?! Then you deactivate your facebook page for a generic page people can “Like”? I liked how personable you were before, now not so much….

  44. Oh, I’ve been looking for a red suede pump! :-)

  45. aww, that interview is the cutest ever. Robert was obviously SO uncomfortable and Jon tried so hard to cheer him up…adorable.

  46. sweet pumps!

  47. Ohmigosh, I didn’t realize Bryan Cranston was Tim Whatley!! Hahaha.

  48. Anonymous says...

    Love your round-up , as usual. Have fun house hunting! We are making old fashioned beef wellington this weekend for friends.

  49. Thanks for the great links! That article was brilliant for sure!! Good luck (and have fun-sometimes it’s not fun)with the househunting! XO

  50. B says...

    Also happy house hunting, my family moved probably 5 times when I was younger (to different cities!) and I always loved looking at new houses and imagining the new life I would lead as an occupant of each one. Best of luck!! :)

  51. Oh Joanna, Paragliding here in Switzerland (or for that matter, anywhere) is absolutely amaaaaaaaaaazin’! If you do it in a tandem-jump you don’t have to know anything about gliding – just let go and enjoy the fact that you are flying and it’s not a dream *yay*…


  52. B says...

    I love the wet hair link! I never have time to dry my hair in the mornings. Have a great weekend!!

  53. House hunting sounds like fun. Do you watch House Hunters on HGTV? My mom got me hooked on it! I love trying to guess what house they’ll pick and find myself yelling at the TV like I’m watching football hahahaha

  54. Anonymous says...

    I think you should be clear about your links to shopbop. They feel pretty forced since they are one of your sponsors. Every week it’s a new link to the same site.

  55. Jaimie says...

    i had the opposite thought of anonymous – i thought there seemed to be more posts than ever lately, and i love it! :)

  56. I just relived my own paragliding experience (in Haute Savoie in France)! So scary and yet so amazing! Fun, those (no) bike photos! And I’m definitely trying the avacado egg salad! Thanks for another fun week of posts. Have fun house hunting!

  57. D2 says...

    Good luck house hunting. Totally exciting. I’m sure you want more space now that Toby is a mover and shaker. And btw, my husband Peter laughs at me when I reference “Joanna” posted this or mentioned this – he says (oh your girl crush from NYC). Cute!
    PS – Loved your post yesterday!

  58. My boyfriend, who’s from Bonn, Germany is looking for apartments for us to move in next year. He found a great option on this area called Rheinaustraße which is located at the other side of the Rheine, across the bridge. I say that we’ll be moving to “Brooklyn-Bonn” and the funniest thing is that he already call that area “Brooklyn” (and he is German!) HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND!

  59. Oh boy, house-hunting sounds super exciting! Have the best time! I love checking out flats:) Also, those photographs of Princess Di are stunning and heart-warming (especially the top one). Kisses

  60. “Women, it seems, are being hella mean to the poor delicate man-flowers, who are just trying to enjoy their penises and corner offices in peace without the the distraction of incessant estrogen-soaked side-eye. ” Pure poetry. Thanks.

  61. Love avocado in egg salad and that coat is adorable! House hunting is fun! Good luck.

  62. hmm, i’ve been doing the same number as always (2-3 per day), except sometimes just one on fridays. and the posts themselves are longer than ever:)

  63. Anonymous says...

    why so skimpy on the posts recently? it’s becoming a bummer.