Do or Don’t: Magazines in the Bathroom

Do or Don't: Magazines in the Bathroom

We were at our friends’ house the other day when I noticed something funny…

In their guest bathroom, they had a pretty wicker basket with books and magazines. And smack in the middle was the book 401(k)s for Dummies. It made me laugh. How long are people spending in there?!

I know it’s a random question, but I’m curious: Do you have magazines in your bathroom? I know a lot of people do. Something about bathroom reading weirds me out, but Alex says I’m crazy, and maybe he’s right! Thoughts? Do or don’t?

P.S. Caroline’s house tour with a cool bathroom.

(Top photo by Patrick Cline for Lonny)

  1. I don’t know why anyone would be in the bathroom that long, unless they’re sick.. In which case, I wouldn’t want to read.

  2. I’m not a huge fan, nor am I an avid bathroom reader…. but I’m moving in with my boyfriend in the fall and it’s a necessity for him (sidenote: boys are gross). We’re stocking out bathroom with Where’s Waldo books, Eye Spys and Magic Eye books, though!

    – Danielle

  3. Huh. I’m stumped by all the people who think it’s gross or weird to have reading material in the bathroom. i do and think it’s great. That is basically how I get any reading done. And I don’t need it to pass the time, so to speak, it just feels like multi-tasking. My legs have even gone numb occasionally from sitting there too long, engrossed in whatever it was I was reading.

    We don’t have a guest washroom though so now I’m wondering how many of my friends have been grossed out by the existence and visibility of the reading material…

  4. I love reading in the bathroom!

  5. Haha! I have always been grossed out by this – it just feels vulgar to me, but I know so many people who think it’s totally normal. One of my roommates in college even left a book of crossword puzzles in there!

  6. I’m not sure what your Doctor’s offices are like in the USA but here (England) we have magazines in our waiting rooms! Now that is horrible as everyone there is ill! I cringe at the bacteria on the old 1990’s Living Etc’s :)
    So your own bathroom seems not as bad in the scheme of things as we all wash our hands!!!

  7. Absolutely must have magazines (The New Yorker)in the bathroom! It’s my only time to have an excuse to be in there reading. With two kids I never get time to myself, except when I’m doing my business! I take full advantage!
    I do agree they should not be in the guest bathroom, only your own bathroom.

  8. Joanna, this conversation reminds me of a favorite Seinfeld episode where George brings an art book into the bookstore bathroom! ha! :)

  9. DON’T…just say no!

  10. Reading in the bathroom is a must. I have been caught, more than once, doing the potty dance in front of the bookcase because I needed new reading material. I even bought us a TP holder that has an attached magazine rack.

    That being said, this is all for our private ensuite bath. The hall bath that guests use sports no reading material. I used to have a Garrison Keillor joke book in there, but I haven’t had a book in there for a while. I figure if you’re a guest, you’re probably want to get in and out so no one knows what you’re up to…

  11. haha! I would prefer NOT having magazines in the bathroom, or even books for that matter. However, my husband thinks it’s absolutely necessary to have ’em in there. So I’ve pretty much had to compromise.

  12. The comments about germs make me laugh a little! I’m not sure if anyone ever got sick from reading something in the bathroom! Plus, don’t you just wash your hands when you leave anyways?

    My parents (actually, my dad mostly) used to have reading material in the bathroom. We don’t but I don’t think it’s tacky or anything… I’ve actually been over to friend’s houses that keep catalogs in their bathroom, and guests come out and talk about interesting things they saw! They guests seemed to really appreciate it.

  13. i’m with kristi, some of us have more complicated systems!

    also i think its so funny that everyone is freaking about the germs. we keep so many other things in the bathroom all the time! what about your toothbrush? that goes in your mouth!

  14. I think it’s gross. My sister and her family think I’m weird and she and her husband and 2 young kids all read in the bathroom. Sometimes when her daughter is engrossed in a book, she take forever to come out of the bathroom! Glad to know I’m not the only one grossed out by this! :)

  15. IR says...

    The funny part is…most people are worried about the germs that get on the reading material…but their toothbrushes, hair brushes, toileteries are all in there all the time!

  16. I would never get to a read or browse a single one of my fashion magazines if they were not in the bathroom. Not that that happens often. I have two small boys that seem to think it is their job to interrupt. However, we us one of the drawers for the books and magazines, so it is not seen or around for possibly accidents due to potty training…

  17. I think the moral of this story is that men take FOREVER to do their business. I think women are just in and out. Less time for reading.

  18. wow, i’m with the few people who don’t understand all you delicate “eww”ers — no one holds onto the reading material WHILE they wipe, or even after–after wiping you wash your hands and leave, duh. nothing unsanitary about it.

    as for the many, many people who “don’t get” why someone would be in there long enough to read: i envy your prompt pooing. some of us have more complicated systems! and, as you age i hear it is far more common to, so to speak, take your time. nothing disgusting about it, bodies are bodies, doin their thing however they do it.

  19. No way dude, there are poop particles ALL OVER THE PLACE in bathrooms, and think of all those people who poop or pee, then wipe, then close their book, then wash their hands, GROSS.

  20. We always have a bunch of magazines in our bathroom – simply because that way, we ensure that they get read!

  21. Have them but hide them! :)

  22. We have a gorgeous orange plastic basquet (with hearts) were we keep the newspapers, magazines and even some comics’ books. And it works, because that way the newspapers and magazines articles will be all read! :)

  23. I, too, am quite weirded out by reading material in the bathroom. I feel like if you have time to read on the toilet, you might need to add some fiber to your diet, if you know what I mean? My boss used to disappear for a good 30 minutes or so and emerge from the bathroom with a magazine dogeared with articles to share (shudder).

  24. magazines MUST be in the bathroom!

    we have a basket full of magazines next to the toilet: design magazines and also cooking magazines :-DDD

    a friend of mine has also Bible there…

  25. I place all critical reading material (mutual fund prospecti, self-help books) in the bathroom wine-crate “book cases.” It’s the best-lit room and has a captive audience.
    I wrote and sized my second book with bathroom readership in mind:
    (Also: Love the bathroom in the photo. I inherited one of those giant Nat’l Geo wall maps and will do same now.)

  26. Love this post. There’s this whole category of “bathroom readers”(someone mentioned the Uncle John reader) that I’ve always been fascinated by–there’s quite a few of them, so I imagine that a lot of people buy them and put them in their bathrooms.

    I think the bathroom’s too damp to keep any kind of paper in it. Plus I have a tiny NYC apartment bathroom–adds too much clutter.

  27. To add, when we were kids we had laminated maps (world, and more detailed ones of different countries) on the walls and back of the door in the toilet. Maybe those would be easier to clean for those who are fearful. Why not make the most of your time in there and learn something.

  28. I’m with you! I find it kind of gross. Growing up, my dad always kept tons of magazines in the bathroom, and he’d sometimes be in there for such a long time. I really didn’t understand it. And my cousin refers to the bathroom as “his office”. Yuck! When my husband and I were first living together, I found out that not all men do this. Thank goodness!

  29. I do not read in the bathroom but I do talk on the phone – not sure which is more weird. Though I usually do it to hide from the kids.

  30. I think its fine. Not germy/unclean either – there are so many worse germy places than that, that you happily put your hands on all the time (handrails, door handles, elevator buttons) so why stress. Making sure you wash your hands before you eat, prepare food, touch your face etc. is what matters.

    For all the comments regarding “I don’t know how people take that long…get in and get out”. Its not a matter of it taking longer, and you having more time to read, its a matter of it being a relaxing, quiet, chilled out place in the house. Maybe its just a matter of being more comfortable with your bodily functions rather than being so freaked out by it and thinking its ‘dirty’ and that its something you have to get over and done with in such a hurry to be away from. I wonder if there is a correlation between people who are worried about this, and those who have worried about being naked in front of their family members (including children) for functional purposes (showering, getting changed etc.).

    Loved this part in the linked article someone put earlier (

    “To be blunt, bugs in your poo can get on your hands, be transferred to your reading material, and on to the hands of some other unfortunate. That risk is quite slim though. As Curtis says, “we don’t need to get anal about it”.

    “The important thing is to wash your hands with soap after using the loo to get the bugs off,” Curtis says. This way, even if you flicked through a shit-smeared copy of the Metro left on the toilet floor at Reading station, washing your hands before leaving should keep you quite safe. Of course, if you ran your hands over the most soiled pages, picked your nose and rubbed your fingers in your eyes, you might well get an infection. For the determined, there is always a way.”

  31. We have a stack of Empire magazines – so great. Do the business, decide on a movie to watch in one go.

  32. don’t! i’m totally with you joanna, reading material in the bathroom weirds me out. there are entertainment magazines in the women’s bathroom at my office and i always wonder who is in there catching up on their gossip.

  33. We don’t have reading material, but we do have the hand-held Hangman game that is left in the bathroom.

  34. No! It totally grosses me out. And I feel weird when I am in a bathroom that has a stack of reading material. Ew!


  35. Apparently people who read in the bathroom are more depressed than those who don’t. Interesting, right? No reading materials for me, but my boyfriend will take in books, magazines– even his iPad!

  36. K says...

    As someone who suffers from ulcerative colitis, I spend a ton of time in the bathroom. It sucks, and I am happy to have magazines, catalogs, or a book. I draw the line at computers/phones/ipads, though.

    My dream bathroom would have a big open window facing the ocean and a large stack of magazines.

  37. When I was a little girl I read books in the bathroom. Now I take my smartphone and play solitaire. Usually I have one hand on the phone and one hand petting the cat that bothers me when I am in there!

  38. I seriously don’t know what men are doing in there. I am in and out like 3 min tops! My fiance takes about 30 min…haha maybe it’s a man’s time to get away

    I find reading material disgusting in the bathroom – just take a second to look up the spread of germs from a toilet flushing and you’ll know why

  39. it’s not for me. i can’t sit on the loo for that long, but when i lived with a boyfriend we totally had magazines and newspapers in the bathroom

  40. What a great post!…Number one, in our house, there is no point to putting reading material in the bathroom. We go in there “for a reason!” LOL And if my friends have to use our bathroom I don’t want to put reading material in there, encouraging them to ignore US!! ^_^ …As to your ‘P.S.’ question: OF COURSE we do! We’ve been married for 30 years, and together for at least 4 years before that. Whatever secrets we used to have, are long since forgotten! Besides, I don’t understand being married to someone, that you’re intimate with!, but that you have issues of dressing, or undressing, in front of! Really?!….Why?!! O_O

  41. It is fascinating for me to read about this kind of subject. I am French, and every time this type of ” intimate ” subjects comes out, I can totally see the cultural differences and how ” prudish ” American can be. It’s so interesting to see how much people are in denial of being simply human ! Guess what Ladies, we are ALL THE SAME, we all go to the bathroom, you might as well be productive or relax, there is NOTHING wrong with it !

  42. During our entire life think how much time we spend in the bathroom?

    I personally don’t want to waste any moment… so… I DO… I have a pile of magazines in the bathroom.

  43. I house my collection of home design mags in our hallway bathroom. I just don’t know where else to put them… so now the collection has grown into an obsurd number of magazines in one tiny bathroom, it’s sort of a joke.

  44. honestly, i didnt realize people didn’t read in the bathroom…hahaha. i highly recommend it if you havent, especially if you have kids, its one of the only places to escape!

  45. dying over these comments, especially marf at 12:10: “we have a stash that my husband reads while he’s hiding from the children. ” hahaha!

    my parents have a book of random facts in their bathroom, which is how i know that the glue on the back of postage stamps is the favorite food of cockroaches. and, believe it or not, that information has actually come up in conversation once or twice :)

  46. I think now that smartphones exist magazines in the bathroom are kind of unnecessary…I see why people like to have them in there, but it is a little funky to think about especially when it comes to guests.

    We have an Uncle John’s bathroom reader for my husband in our only bathroom, but I find it a little weird (and tacky) and try to keep it hidden in the cupboard beside the toilet. If we had an ensuite to put it in I wouldn’t care.

  47. Yes, magazines, books and crossword puzzles. I recently began bringing in my Kindle Fire and surf the web. It began as a child with 3 sisters and one bathroom. Privacy was rare in our small three bedroom ranch. Then as a mother…and now the habit is ingrained in my senior years. Too bad for hubby that we recently traded in our 3 bathroom tri level for a 1 bathroom bungalow in Florida.

  48. It’s kinda gross. But sometimes I end up spend more time in the bathroom than I wanted to so reading material does come in handy.
    But I also always close the lid, and not doing so is REALLY gross.

  49. @Idle Wife – Yes! Totally agree!

    @Jessica Kulick and @Dom – I totally agree with you! I would add that almost all of the un-hygienic commentors keep their toothbrushes in the bathroom, eh?

    I am loving all these responses. So funny. Seeing a stack of magazines someplace kind of weirds me out in the lets-all-acknowledge-whats-really-going-on-here kind of way, but more often than not I appreciate it.

  50. Welllll….
    It’s nice to have something in there to keep you occupied.
    Flu, much?

    My Parents have always had electronic games in their bathroom. :) I think Yahtzee is the preference :)

    Such a funny post. :)
    I’m surprised how many people are clearly one way or another!
    Eat Cake

  51. When I was a kid, my dad always kept copies of the WatchTower in the bathroom. My grandma would send them and despite his differing beliefs, he said he couldn’t throw them away.

    No reading material in my potty room. Though, my fiance has been known to bring his phone in with him when he takes care of business :)

  52. I love to have something to read in the bathroom but I don’t keep magazines or books in there, I keep magazines in a table next to the bathroom door and when I want to go I take a magazine with me.. its crazy but not a bad idea

  53. I’ve seen it alot but I wouldn’t do it personally. It depends on where the reading material is compared to the toilet but it could be unhygienic. Plus most people now and days just bring their smart phones haha.

  54. a fried of mine used to work in a nursing home. She spent a lot of time accompanying the elderly people to the bathroom and (I’m sorry but it’s true) pushing back their intestines. The anus muscles tend to wear out, especially when you waste too much time reading, sitting on the toilet. You’re pushing (subconciously) all the time you’re sitting there. Pelvic floor exercises are very helpful…

    Do I have to mention that I never read with dropped pants ever after? (((o;

  55. Huh. I didn’t realize people looked down so much on reading materials in the bathroom. We do keep magazines in our bathroom because our family has some people who simply aren’t physically able to do their business very quickly. (On the other hand, I’m built as an in-and-out girl.) I do expect common hygenic courtesy, meaning that you don’t handle the magazines *after* you’ve wiped or otherwise touched your body. With that, I really don’t see why anyone should be judged for keeping reading materials in the bathroom.

  56. I don’t understand why people obsess about germs, as if any other room in the house is germ free? Germs are everywhere on everything we touch. No getting away from it and if you think the books on your shelves are any cleaner than the books and magazines in your bathroom then you’re wrong. Assuming you wash your hands on a regular non obsessive basis you’ll be fine! Needless to say I have a stack of magazines and books in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden shed!

  57. I have to be honest, I’m surprised at how many people find it unhygienic to leave magazines or books in the bathroom. Here’s a little (admittedly gross) tidbit: when a toilet is flushed, those droplets of water can spray up to 6 feet in the air! So the fact is, unless you’re deep cleaning you’re bathroom daily (and who has time for that?!), there are going to be some icky particles flying about.

    And just think of all the studies they’ve done on the disgusting microbes that are found on dollar bills and such! I’m all for cleanliness, but at some point we just have to come to terms with the fact that everyone poops.


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  59. omg no. reading material in the bathroom weirds me out. just like seeing a cute boy in the grocery store while holding an extra large package of toilet paper rolls. no. just no.

  60. and by she i meant my mother hahaha

  61. hahahaha this is cracking me up….

    we always had magazines in the bathroom when i was growing up from highlights to jc penney. maybe there was a “fix it yourself” book or something in there from time to time, but never novels just hanging out…..if those make it into the bathroom it’s reading material while taking a bath. now that i live in my own place, i find that she brings over magazines she’s looked through and leaves them in my bathroom of all places LOL….

    I was casually sleeping with a guy who took showers only so it was a little off putting to see this STACK of novels, TIME magazine, etc. in his bathroom… but at the same time it was nice to see intellectual material and not maxim…..hahahaha I’m glad you reminded me of how baffled I was by that every time i was in his restroom…..

  62. Um, sometimes you CAN’T just “get in, get out.” Sometimes things just… take awhile.

    ::cough cough::

    That said, we don’t always have reading material in our bathroom, but I will take my iPhone in with me if I think I’ll be awhile. That’s usually how I quickly check blogs while I’m working! ;) Hey, what else am I going to do? Just sit there?

  63. Are you serious? Unless you ladies are in a constant state of diarrhea every time you’ve gotta go #2.. I don’t see how it’s a quick “in and out” process (just being honest here). The bathroom is a quiet place to get some reading done while working on some.. other things as well. ;)

  64. Good friends of mine wallpapered their guest bathroom with pages from romance novels the former owner had left in their apartment. I often wish I needed more time in the bathroom than I did (and that you could read the other side of the pages:).

  65. dc says...

    My husband complemented my dad on his toilet paper holder with a built in magazine rack so of course he was gifted one just like it.

    I don’t worry about hygiene and the people who are should be more worried about their toothbrushes! I’ve been to lots of people’s houses where the toothbrushes are on the sink right beside the toilet. I’ll have to say that grosses me out!

  66. I am also weirded out by reading material in the bathroom. Ho wlong do people sit in there?? It also gives me a terrible bathroom visual of the resident…

  67. I prefer to read in a comfortable place so the bathroom is not the place for me. I would choose my couch or my bed for my reading at home.

  68. My friend in college kept him jounalism textbook in the bathroom and would read everytime he had a….ummm….”long one”. By the end of the week he’d finish the chapter he had for homework. Haha

  69. I don’t actually have anything in the bathroom in my apartment, but there were always magazines and books in the bathrooms in my parents house. I don’t think it’s gross as long as you put the lid down before you flush so germs don’t go everywhere.

    The bathroom in this picture is so charming, is this one of yours or something you found?


    Kristina does the Internets

  70. I have no problem with reading material in the bathroom. A long book, haha, that is funny, but that kind of reading can be done in a bath tub or … when my toddler takes a bath I sit in their and read. I don’t consider bathrooms dirty or germy. I keep my tooth brush in their, are the same germs landing on books landing on my toothbrush too…????

    What is funny to me is how many people think sitting on a toilet seat in a public bathroom is OK (have read this topic on a similar kind of forum) but reading in a bathroom is “Gross”.
    Very contradicting in my opinion!

  71. My husband keeps his science magazines there. I find that hilarious. I don’t think I spend enough time there to think about going through a magazine…

  72. Unless you are ill, how long does it take to poop? I mean, REALLY? The only time I have ever taken reading material to a bathroom is when I’ve had running induced IBS, or have had a stomach bug.

    I also agree that it’s unclean. Which, I would say is fine in your own household, but I wouldn’t dare touch a magazine in someone elses…. eeewwww.

  73. Nope! Totally creeps me out. I dated someone a few years back and when we visited his parents house I noticed a whole basket of novels, crossword books and loads of magazines in the bathroom. So gross. ;-)

  74. What is up with all those commenters saying it would be “gross” and there would be “germs” on the magazines and books in the bathroom? Can we clean up with the belief that bathrooms are unclean rooms? You can have reading material in your bathroom and please, don’t make people believe that this was something forbidden and gross. You go to the bathroom with mostly clean hands (as you go everywhere with hopefully clean hands) and you read while sitting. When would this be gross? Did you ever go to a library? Do you read at the doctor’s? Do you have reading material on your work desk? Then you shouldn’t, if you tell people they are gross when they read in the bathroom. Sorry for being a bit upset, but this really is something I cannot believe – all those cleaning fanatics when it comes to toilet-things. It is just normal and you do not get sick by reading a book that someone else has touched.

  75. Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious! I definitely keep magazines in the bathroom…but AFTER I’m done reading them ;) I keep feeling like guests would get bored in there…and I don’t want them to notice my dirty mirror ;)

  76. we have a stash that my husband reads while he’s hiding from the children. our kids (ages 6 & 8) now pick up a magazine while they are using the toilette. it cracks me up every time i see one of them in there reading wine spectator, little legs dangling in the air.

  77. I don’t get why people think books in the bathroom are so gross. It’s not like theyre any closer to your business than your face is while you’re in there. You touch them BEFORE you wipe, right? Plus you keep lots of other stuff in there, like towels and your toothbrush. Why isn’t it gross for those things to be around?

  78. Jamie’s comment at 11.41 made me laugh!

    When I first started dating my boyfriend he lived with a group of 5 guys and they had books in the bathroom. It really grossed me out because I always noticed how long his housemates spent in the bathroom and the stench that followed (too much information?)

    Anyway, we don’t have any reading material in our bathroom but I do like to take one in with me when having a bath but I’m guessing that’s quite common isn’t it?

  79. I am a recent convert to magazines in the bathroom. I used to find the entire concept utterly repulsive, but gradually have come around to the idea. Am still a bit gross out at other peoples homes, but am ok to have a few copies of Elle Decor or Living Etc. in my own ‘loo’. I don’t hang around in there – no point having books!

  80. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m commenting from the can!

    I put all copies of new magazines from the mail directly on the back of the commode. That’s just where they live in this house.

  81. I keep crossword puzzles in the bathroom! (And a couple catalogs or magazines.)

  82. My American friend does so I thought it was a US thing, we dont in the Uk :P

  83. yes! with three little ones chasing after me, the bathroom is a great place to hide for a few minutes and flip through a magazine :) no shame here!

  84. My friend has a copy of “Everyone Poops” in her bathroom for humorous decor, but that’s about as far as I’ll go.

    Keep the door locked, turn on the fan, wash your hands, get in and get out. I want it to seem like you just stepped into and came back from Narnia. Less I know, the better!

    Love your blog! :D

  85. Neither me or my family has ever kept magazines in the bathroom. I just don’t see the point/functionality. It doesn’t work for me. Of course, it’s something I could live with in future…XOXO

  86. i am kind of with you–something about it weirds me out.

    i don’t know i just can’t stop thinking of all the germs on the magasines and stuff.

  87. It’s a free country so bring what you like to the john with you, but then by all means bring it on out with you too. I think leaving magazines for others in the loo is just yucky. You can guess what people have being doing while holding that magazine before! Thanks for thinking of me and my reading needs, but I’ll peruse your coffee table next time I’m curious what you’ve been reading lately ;)

  88. That’s funny! My boyfriend leaves his “German for Dummies” in the bathroom!! Also, I remember my parents would put the Readers’ Digest short stories collections in their bathrooms, which I always thought was a good idea.

  89. our bathroom isn’t big enough for a stack of magazines… however, in the age of electronic devices, i have been known to take my kindle, ipad and/or android in with me.

    when i was a kid and first discovered the reading in the bathroom thing, i used to HIDE OUT IN THERE with my book to get out of doing homework or chores.

  90. haha I never understood why people read on the toilet, I don’t sit there for long so what’s the point right? But since i moved in with my lover and he has some little funny books there, i started flicking through some and it’s pretty cool :-) i just didn’t grew up with magazine in the bathroom…. and now there a little book to learn italian that i read there.

  91. Joanna… Alex is right! You are crazy.
    I can’t believe the comments about germs.

  92. Joanna! I totally agree- bathrooms are where you should do your “business” and then get out! The idea of having reading material in the bathroom has this old bourgeois kind of feeling to me- like it might be classy or something, but yikes- I think it’s just kind of icky to spend so much time sitting on a toilet!!

  93. i so agree with lisa marie. such a gender divide here. if it werent for the bathroom, i never would have finished east of eden. on the other hand, i agree it’s not the *classiest* thing to think about. maybe keep an ipad in there with a short cartoon – and when it’s over a message pops up that says, ‘ok, finish up you weirdo!’

  94. I don’t get it. For me in and out as quickly as possible. I’d rather read in a comfortable chair or my bed.

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  96. LOL when I was growing up we always had Calvin and Hobbes books in the bathroom, and we (my brother and sister and I) would always leave one open right in front of the toilet in our bathroom. Never really discussed it, we just always did it and the next person would just pick up reading where the other one left off. My mom made a comment about how weird this was once, and we were all like “well yeah, makes it easy for the next person!” she CRACKED up laughing at our mutual and unspoken understanding over this matter LOL!! I actually don’t have reading material in house now, but I should. Thanks for reminding me! :)

  97. I have always hated it. I know many lovely people who do this but even as a young teenager I remember thinking, “It’s tacky. Yuck.”

    If I’m taking a bath, yes, I take a magazine or two in…a book. But not like what you’re describing. I loathe it. I’m so glad you brought this up!

  98. i think magazines are ok, but i seriously never spend more time in there than i have to :)

    fly far

  99. I LOVE that you asked this question! Confession: I sometimes do a little reading in the bathroom. However, I am totally opposed to having magazines or books on display in the bathroom. It’s like we all know that goes on, but we don’t need to draw attention to it or promote it. ICK! Plus, I don’t like to think about the germs on those periodicals!

  100. Why???? Why would you read in there. Get in, get out!

  101. We actually have a stack of children’s book in our bathrooms. The reason being – our toddler loves books and the only way we could get her on the toilet to potty train her was to bribe her with books! Plus, our guests get a kick out of reading some of them when they visit the bathroom.

  102. My in-laws have a huge backet of catalogues right next to the toilet in the main bathroom. It totally grosses me out. I think it’s tacky too. Glad I am not the only one who doesn’t like this.

  103. We have separate bathrooms and mine has the occasional catalogue but his is chock full of discarded newspaper sections and half read books and all kinds of esoteric reading material. My bottom falls alseep if I sit too long but he spends days in there. Must be a male thing.

  104. Does anyone really need to spend that long in there that they need something to entertain them? Surely if it’s taking that long, there’s something wrong with your diet :D

  105. Ha, I come from a big family of bathroom readers – I’m always wandering around the house with a book. Although because our bathroom is small we don’t leave anything in it, I certainly have no problem with people who do.

    I don’t really get the hygiene complaint – we clean our bathroom twice a week, and it’s not like I’m, uh, *doing* anything on my hands or the shelf…

  106. My father-in-law keeps sodoku books in his bathroom. Ha!

  107. my husband & i don’t keep any in our restrooms – we’re usually in & out! but we always laugh because when we go to my parent’s house, there’s national geographics and newspapers. we’re talkin’ stacks of these things. i mean, really?! that’s some heavy reading.

    -ale @

  108. Oh Joanna… you have got to be the most polite girl on all of blogland. I do not know of any man who doesn’t read in the bathroom. Magazines in my house have been replaced by the iPad…

  109. No way. I’m like the bookstore in the Seinfeld episode – any reading material that makes it into the bathroom is “flagged.”

  110. i read in the bath but that’s it, I’m not a huge fan of sticking around for hours in the bathroom unless I’m bathing xx

  111. Yuck. No. Never. No reading material in the bathroom ever never ever. And thank you for bringing this up! It’s always been a pet peeve of mine!

    And regarding your PS – yes I pee in front of my mate and my kids! It’s kind of hard to avoid. Seems like – whichever room I go in, they follow!

  112. This TOTALLY weirds me out. Glad to know I am not alone.

  113. Nope. Magazines in the bathroom totally gross me out. Not because of germs or anything but just because it’s like…I don’t know. It’s a fairly intimate and revealing image to give people of yourself? Magazines stored in the bathroom would be like a vibrator stored right smack on top of the dresser, or prescriptions stored on a spice rack near the fridge, or upper lip hair remover stored on the sink counter. Everybody knows that people do these things, but nobody really needs to KNOW about it.

    I don’t really ever spend much time at all in the bathroom, unless I’m, like, really sick, so maybe I just have really extreme, gross associations with bathroom reading material.

  114. I keep some reading material in the bathroom…but only for when I’m taking a bath!

  115. Oh! I have issues about reading material in the bathroom but I covered it in a cute way. I framed 2 posters from banquet that match my bathroom (it’s in shades of navy, grey and gold) that both have fun little nuggets of reading material. One is mounted so someone sitting down – with good eyesight- could read and the other is mounted where someone who might, ahem, stand to do their business could check it out!
    Here’s one of the prints I bought:
    The other seems to be sold out or discontinued, but they have lots of good choices!

  116. It kind of weirds me out too! I always thought it was a guy thing, but maybe not.

  117. My husband’s bathrooom is more like a library… I on the otherhand don’t understand the whole ‘relaxing on the toilet with a good book’ thing, and am in and out. I think this is a venus vs. mars thing…

  118. No books or magazines in mine. I don’t feel like I’m ever in there long enough to warrant having them in there. Plus it just seems kind of dirty to me.

    But, I do love that map bathroom picture! So good!

  119. It totally weirds me out too! Mac and I have the biggest debate about this so now he has gotten a midcentury box to keep all of this reading material in but out of sight as well, haha.

  120. I guess when you take a step back it seems kind of weird. However, it definitely makes the time go by quicker. The only down fall is that sometime you end up staying there longer than you need to because you’re hooked on what you’re reading, lol… And -ick.

  121. read in the bathroom – yes keep material in there – NO. tacky. ick.

  122. Of course! Where else would I get my reading done? It’s the only place in the entire house where absolutely NO ONE can bother and interrupt me!

  123. I can’t do it! It grosses me out and makes me think of people lounging on the toilet while they read. Sorry guests! Read elsewhere!

  124. We seem to have a pile of J. Crew catalogs…I have to wonder how Jenna Lyons would feel about it ;)

  125. This is funny! I’m with you – I’ve always thought it’s kind of weird/gross. ;) I’m sure if I did have reading material in the bathroom, though, my husband would enjoy it. Ha!

  126. I guess if you think about it, it is a bit weird, but I love to read in the bathroom and so does my bf. I always end up reading shampoo bottles and things like that if I don’t have something to read, so we tend to keep our magazines in there LOL.

  127. Once someone in my family is done reading something, it usually makes its way to the basket in the bathroom in case you want a little distraction. However, I’m never in the bathroom long enough to get through any articles. So it’s not so much my thing.

  128. Yes! When I was in England it seemed like most of the people whose houses we visited had not just a basket, but a SHELF dedicated to light, humurous reading. Personally I loved the idea. I think it’s funny and welcoming, haha! I know have a small book of art on the wicker table by the toilet. LOL :)

  129. My fiance and I do not agree on this one and we are moving in together in a couple months. Seeing any reading material in the bathroom makes me uncomfortable–which I know is silly since everyone knows what is going on in there. On the other hand, my fiance has TONS of magazines in his bathroom and when he stays at my place, he leaves reading material in mine. That said, we use the bathroom very differently–I’m an in and out kind of person and he is not. Am I being unsympathetic?

  130. Yep. Got magazines. Though now I’m sorta thinking I should toss them…

    When I was younger my parents friends house was the coolest place to visit, in their bathroom they had a GAMEBOY! Also crossword books & joke books, so people would often come back to the BBQ or pool party with a funny joke to share…


    Lindsay @ Darling Clementine

  131. My concern is hygiene…. I don’t have a problem with myself or others reading in the bathroom but leaving reading material in the room weirds me out. Love the bathroom with the map, though!

    • So youre saying that because its in the bano its gross, germ ridden, and unclean??? So do you always take a shower after the bano cause YOU WERE IN THERE TOO? @#@KING IDIOT.

  132. We have a little wicker basket with magazines in our bathroom but not the guest bathroom. Somehow, having magazines on display like that seems to me like we’re all admitting that we’re not just “powdering our noses” haha, which to me seems a little too open. At my parents’ house growing up, though, there was an entire bookcase in the guest bathroom, stock-piled with books like “Small Businesses for Dummies” and I would always find myself spending way more time than necessary perusing the bookcase (which was accessible without even having to get up! Eeek!

  133. Yes! Most of the time it’s for decorative purpose, but sometimes it comes in handy when we’re staying there longer than expected.. ;)

  134. if someone wants to bring reading material in the bathroom, then thats their business…but leaving them in their to collect germs is gross. Plus, why would anyone want to touch a magazine someone else was flipping through while going to the bathroom, yuck!! On a side note, LOTS of people bring their cell phones in the bathroom with them. That is really gross! you put that to your face! I try to remember that before I reach for someones phone.

  135. There is absolutely no reason for magazines to be in the bathroom. I mean, seriously… why? and gross. So unnecessary.

    If you want to read while in the bath… just bring the book in with you. No need to stack them in the bathroom.

  136. (glad i’m not the only one who wondered about this!)

  137. haha so funny, i’m loving these answers:)

  138. i have ikea (and other brands) catalogs and some brochures we get in the mail (i change them regularly). i don’t really use them (ok sometimes ikea :P) but the man in the house sometimes does. although now he’s more into his smartphone and all those games he can play ;) he spends large amounts of time in there so he must have something (else) to do :þ

  139. Yeah of course we do. I like to read in the bathtub most nights. Its a favorite way of unwinding.

  140. No! haha, I never understood this approach to the bathroom. I am IN AND OUT. no reading necessary. Although, that said, my BF disagrees strongly, so in that case we MUST HAVE AT LEAST one book availible for him, haha.

  141. There is NO reading material in our bathroom. Too dirty. If a book or magazine make it in there, they stay in the bathroom until they are thrown out.

    We were once hosting my husband’s friend for a week, and our guest took one of my husband’s graphic novels into the toilet with him one morning. My husband told him he could just take it home with him when he left if he liked. the friend thought it was the nicest gesture, little did he know…

  142. Haha, I’m all for the reading material in the bathroom.. but come to think of it, there’s nothing in my home bathroom… but there ARE fashion & retails mags in the bathroom at my shop!