Which of These Romantic Trips Would You Take?

Just for fun, let’s talk about fantasy vacations! Which of these four romantic getaways would you choose, if you could hop on a plane tonight? Above is San Francisco, where you could take a sail underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, hike along the coast and wear lace briefs to bed.

Or you could whisk away to Paris and spend the day strolling down the cobblestone streets and the evening drinking rosé wine along the Seine. At night, you could head to one of these beautiful apartments and slip into a sexy black chemise.

You could fly to the gorgeous seaside village of Positano (we actually went here on our honeymoon!), and swim in the Mediterranean, eat fresh fish with lemon and wear a white robe by the pool.

Or you could venture to Kenya’s Giraffe Manor, with 1930’s decor and friendly giraffes who will peek into your bedroom window! You could wear a boyfriend sleepshirt to stay cozy in the cool evenings.

Which suits your personality best? Happy update: Eberjey is offering 20% off with the code CUPOFJO through this Sunday.

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(Post by Joanna; graphic design by Rachel from Elephantine. Lingerie photos courtesy of Eberjey; they’re a Cup of Jo sponsor but did not pay an extra fee for this post. I’m a longtime fan of the brand and wore their chemises on my own honeymoon! Giraffe Manor photo courtesy of the awesome hotel; Paris photo by Aya Brackett; Italy photo by Simply Bloom)

  1. I believe i am just a typical girl who has always been a fan of the romantic scene in Paris, therefore Paris has my vote for which romantic trip i would take

  2. Venice, Italy is one of my favorite cities in the world. I just went this past weekend and I would drop everything to go to any city in Italy any time! Paris is also lovely and I go once a year.

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  4. E. says...

    I just got back from Paris, so I might not be ready to go again quite yet. We’ll certainly return though, bc we got engaged while we were there!

    see pics:

  5. Definitely Paris! I would love to go to Italy too but I have always wanted to go to Paris!

  6. i tried to use the code and it didn’t work! are you sure it’s right?

  7. Hands down Positano, Italy. Paris is wonderful, but I’ve never been to Italy and my husband and I are dying to go. Does it still count as romantic to bring our 10 month old?

  8. Hands down Positano, Italy. Paris is wonderful, but I’ve never been to Italy and my husband and I are dying to go. Does it still count as romantic to bring our 10 month old?

  9. can I not take them all? If I had to choose one it’d always be Italy for me… or London but I already live here!

  10. If we’re talking fantasy vacations it’s DEFINITELY Kenya! It would be filled with all KINDS of new experiences, and I love that.

  11. Those all sound amazing!

    I just returned from a super romantic yet adventurous trip to the southern coast of Turkey along the Aegean Sea. I highly recommend it – most Americans don’t go so all of the European tourists get to enjoy the beautiful blues of the Aegean Sea and the freshest seafood.

  12. ITALY!! Loved my trip to Positano in college (while studying for a semester in Rome), and I cannot wait to visit that romantic city with my hubby.

    Paris would be the second choice.

  13. ITALY! I’ve always wanted to go. I was headed there on a backpacking trip so many years ago, but on the way there, I tore a ligament in my ankle, and I never made it. :( The silver lining is that I will (hopefully) someday get to got there with my husband, which will be so much more romantic!

  14. Anonymous says...

    WOW, i’d consider myself lucky with anyone of these trips. But for me it’d be between paris and italy. Paris has forever been a dream… but italy in the summer – dreamy

  15. All the trips are wonderful. And I love how they are paired with the perfect lingerie. Right now I am very much missing my friends in SF so I think I’d choose a trip back that way if I could pack up and go this very second.

  16. Kris says...

    Positano definitely. I have pinned quite a few pictures with that travel goal in mid. I would love the entire coast I am sure. The robe is lovely. Thanks for the fun post!

  17. katrina says...

    I was looking at these and thinking how wonderful they’d all be, when I realized I’ve actually been to them all! Just not in sexy lingerie! haha ( except France, and Italy where we honeymooned) Kenya is amazing in a totally different way, as is San Fran.
    I’d love to go back to Italy and see more of it – only got to spend a weekend there.

    Thank you for reminding me of some of the amazing places I’ve been!



  18. Italy for sure! I’ve been dying to go back ever since we visited Rome several years ago!

  19. i really, really wanna go to san fran! might still book it for memorial day. it just seems so relaxed and full of good food, great art and awesome scenery. could discover i’ve always been a west coast girl and never come back!

  20. oh Kenya hands down, so i can pet a giraffe while having my coffee!
    I have a new dream destination now!

  21. Paris! San Francisco is a close second since I don’t have to fly there and I can wear the lace briefs :).

  22. I want to go to Paris, but Italy is 2nd!

  23. Anonymous says...

    Italy. For sure.

  24. Since I already live in the SF Bay Area, I would choose Italy or Paris. Ok, Paris! I went there for a week when I was 15 with my high school art club and looking back, I know I didn’t appreciate the city at all. I would love to go back with just my husband. The kids can stay home with grandma!

  25. Giraffe Manor!? Where do you find such interesting things??

    PS Do you subscribe to Gilt’s Jetsetter? I love to look at all the exotic/off-beat vacation packages and daydream. Plus, my boyfriend and I actually got a great deal on a beautiful bed & breakfast in Maine once :)

  26. oh they all sound wonderful….as soon as i saw italy on the list i thought that would be my choice. ive always wanted to go there and swim in the m. sea, but having giraffe’s peek in your window sounds so neat!!!

  27. Been to San Fran and Paris – but would go back in a heart beat.

    Italy is on my bucket list, and hoping to get there sooner than later!!


  28. You’ve listed the four places I long to travel to most in the world (add Athens and I’m done for). I went back and forth over these as if you actually offered them to me, haha!!!

    Maybe I’ll show my husband for help with the final (not real) decision and then go buy some lingerie!

  29. . says...

    OOhhh Positano! Lovely blue seas, lots of sun and swimming, fresh white robe and sheets. Perfect!

  30. I’m lucky to have been to San Francisco and Paris, but never to Italy, so definitely there. My husband is going to a wedding in Sorrento this September, but it’s the same weekend I start a new job and I’ll miss out. Completely gutted!

  31. italy and paris! but i’m going over to NY in August and I’m glad I started reading your blog a while back!

    love your recommended places to shop and am going to check out 3 of those in brooklyn!

  32. San Francisco. Or Kenya. Tough call, believe it or not. LOVE their lingerie; have yet to convince myself to spend the money, though!