1. These bags are indeed so cute. Loved them.
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    Have a nice day!

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  3. Can’t wait to be there in Chicago :D I wanna have that black bag.

  4. Love the travel bags:) I remember when your bedroom was redesigned and that pillow caught my eye…and your headboard and oversize print…!

  5. This artist kind of reminds me of one of famous Aussie artists Ken Done. Have you heard of him?


  6. obsessed!

  7. these are so cute! i read your blog daily and love it! ill be in New York in a few weeks for only a couple of days (these bags would be prefect for my trip btw)….what is the 1 thing i should see/do/eat? i want to make the most of my short time there!

  8. Anonymous says...


  9. Handbag Brazil and Manhattan are so bright and cheery! And since I’m travelling this fall, I would love to add this to my bag list.

  10. These would definitely be a step up from my boring old suitcase!

  11. Oh my…they are absolutely adorable!! I think the black is my favorite!!! Thanks for sharing :)



  12. Agreed! I love both of these prints, but especially the Manhattan one which you didn’t picture…It is so funny you just posted on them, I found them through Pinterest last week and have been lusting:)

  13. I love the bottom one! It’s like the crazy designs Longchamp had, but way nicer.

    There’s an article in this month’s Vanity Fair about the “Scandinavian moment” happening. I’m totally down.

  14. LOVE the bright prints! <3

  15. Lovely! :) Can’t wait for the Chicago pics! xoxo

  16. Beautiful prints! I love having pretty travel accessories – they definitely help jazz up a layover.