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  2. i love stamps! sometimes so much so i buy them and forget i have them. they make the perfect impromptu personalized card and the imperfection of stamping makes them that much more meaningful. “just for you” would be a fun one. thanks for sharing this etsy shop joanna. i love the paper she uses for the background shots!

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  4. I’ve wanted to create stationary for so long! My grandmother’s best friend gave me a set of stamps that are old postage. I’m waiting for them to get to Toronto so I can use them

  5. thinking about getting some of these instead of business stationary- cool and cheaper

  6. It’s so great!Love the idea!The “&” one is my favorite!

  7. Anonymous says...

    Are you KIDDING me? Do you have any sense of morality, ethics, or responsibility at all? You removed the whole blog post in which you plagiarized?

  8. Anonymous says...

    I agree with Anonymous at 2:25 (and no, I am not that same Anonymous.) I think Joanna has an obligation to address this head on in a dedicated post, not buried in the comments section. It’s a serious breach of journalistic integrity on a commercial blog which supports her financially. This would have gotten her fired if she were not self-employed.

  9. Anonymous says...

    Cute… but why would the ampersand make a good wedding gift? Any of these, really, would be something which inspires a fleeting “whoa, cool!” thought and then it (especially the ampersand) would never be used again.

  10. Anonymous says...

    Joanna, are you going to make your readers aware of what’s been going on over here: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-sex-feels-like-to-guys.html? I can’t believe this still hasn’t been addressed! (instead the stolen comments on Glamour have been deleted – who is supporting this unethical way of journalism?). Wow. I’m truly disappointed.

  11. Anonymous says...

    I bought an amazing self-inking return address stamp from savethedate on Etsy. I gave it to my sister as a wedding present. Useful and personal. Would be great as a housewarming present or engagement gift, too!

  12. love this! so simple and unique, and i agree…it’s the imperfection that really makes it :)

  13. lovely and homey and original!

  14. Anonymous says...

    this is such a cute idea. I love the ampersand for weddings!

  15. Wow, this just got me thinking about making larger that usual calling cards (albeit, a few at a time!) with custom rubber stamps. Hmmm. The font for the state stamp is nice.

  16. i love stamps . . . especially with heat embossing. it makes handmade stationery look so beautiful . . . and it’s so easy. it’s so much fun to make one-of-a-kind stationery for loved ones :)

  17. I am a huge fan of homemade cards. I remember getting 5 copies of the same card for my wedding….it was humorous, but also a bit sad…..

  18. oh I love these! so cute :)

  19. Oooh, these are great! I have a whole drawer full of stamps – some shop bought letters and words/phrases and some homemade ones from uni days, carved out of big rubber erasers.. One of which I used years later for our wedding invite!

  20. i’m in love with the “&” one. you could do a more personal “save the date” by just putting the “&” on the front and writing a message to each wedding guest on the back! maybe get a return address stamp too?? the possibilities are endless!!

    cheers to the weekend :D

  21. i love that, miriam. and the fact that it’s not perfect makes it so much better.

  22. Love this! I went to a restaurant over 4th of July that used plain white paper placemats stamped with the restaurant’s name in red… Each one was a little off-kilter and totally unique! If you ever get out to Montauk, the restaurant is called La Bodega. Oh, and the food is good, too :)

  23. ps. it would be cool to put a twist on it, like “great lakes” instead of michigan…