Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from the Marigot Collection, a gorgeous line of cotton pajamas and cashmere sweaters. Today they’re giving one lucky reader a pair of block-printed long pajamas ($120). Have you ever worn mens-style pajamas? It feels so good to wear them around the house and read the newspaper on Sunday mornings. Chic and classic. And their prints are adorable!

For a chance to win, please visit Marigot Collection‘s online shop (and feel free to visit their Facebook page, if you’d like) and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Alva L. is our winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. Love it! Such cute prints!!

  2. Amazing, they look the so cozy and comfortable!

  3. I love the jammies, and totally need to ditch my pj tshirts!!!

  4. M says...

    Love the starfish print! Menswear PJs are so comfy and classic!

  5. These PJs are absolutely adorable!

  6. Kristin Marie says...

    looks amazing!!!

  7. Miki says...

    Love the prints on these pj’s….so cute!

  8. the block prints are lovely.

  9. i wear long shirt/pant pajamas all year long. this would be great! Thanks for all your awesome giveaways!

    SERIOUSLY THE BEST GIVEAWAYS EVER! You have great taste!

  10. Jill C says...

    The sea creatures are adorable!

  11. The Periwinkle Coral and Gray Octopus sets are so chic and too comfy looking!

  12. lindsay marie says...

    love! super adorable.

  13. The pj’s with the sand dollars are beautiful. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  14. These pajamas are fantastic! I love the periwinkle coral set!

  15. I need new pajamas after my fiance asked me if I stole the nightgown I was wearing from his Grandma Rose.

  16. I want them!! :) They are adorable.

  17. can i have them all? please?

  18. everything looks so cozy!


  19. I love these!

  20. Anonymous says...

    Grey octopi, come to me.

  21. Anu says...

    oooh, love these. Definitely makes for a change from my ratty grey tee and pj shorts. Actually these are super sexy — in the same vein as wearing men’s shirts :) Love!

  22. RR says...

    They look ultra-comfortable!

  23. Oh my – these look super comfortable!

  24. Tricia G. says...

    So great! Definitely the octopus!!

  25. Pajamas, my prefered clothing!

  26. K says...

    hope it’s not too late to enter! Fingers crossed!

  27. Love love love!

  28. Love these!

  29. oooh weee! I need a new pair of pajamas! These would be awesome.

  30. Anonymous says...


  31. jess r. says...

    these are so adorable — love the octopus print!

  32. So cute!!!

  33. Anonymous says...

    love their classic long cable sweater, looks perfect for winter!

    Ashley Owens

  34. trying to get out of my old-tshirt-as-pajama rut! i’d love to win!

  35. Katherine M. says...

    Such cute PJ’s! I love the seahorses. Thanks!

  36. The pink starfish are so cute. I’m got my fingers crossed!

  37. Pajamas are one of my favorite luxuries – I love treating myself to a nice new pair every once in a while! I especially love their classic style!

  38. I love to travel with these! What a great giveaway – thanks! Also, loved your balance series.

  39. oh man! these are awesome

  40. So cute! Would love a set.

  41. Lauren says...

    These are so adorable! Have been eyeing a classic pair of men’s PJs and these are by far the best I’ve seen! Thanks!

  42. Margaret C says...

    I would just die to own a pair of these amazing PJ’s! Too comfy!!!

  43. So cute! Pick me, please!

  44. jr says...

    so so cute! I’d love a pair of the long pj’s with the octopus on them!

  45. I’m OBSESSED With the grey octopus ones. I would never leave the couch.

  46. I LOVE mens-style pajamas! Kourtney Kardashian makes them look super cute for maternity wear as well. Would love a pair!

  47. Love these! Especially the grey octopus :)

  48. Those pajamas look a little bit like heaven

  49. love the pjs!

  50. Jenni P. says...

    I love the grey Octopus set!

  51. Crystal says...

    Lime green octopi jammies? Yes, please!!

  52. Cute! Pjs are always needed

  53. love the orange stars!

  54. So, so cute and comfy!

  55. Lauren CT says...

    These are so pretty! I love “real” pajamas, but I always just end up wearing shorts and a tanktop to bed.

  56. the green octopus ones are so cute!

  57. These are so pretty – there is nothing better than a new set of lovely pajamas – the periwinkle coral set are gorgeous!

  58. I love these! The Lorient Short Pajamas would be ideal for summer!

  59. I love these pjs!! The octopus ones are my fave!

  60. These PJ’s are adorable…and look SUPER comfy!

  61. Just ordered a nightshirt! Ohhhh I just love the look of women in mens-style jammies.

  62. Orange starfish….yes, please! Love them!

  63. Looking for a new pair of PJs and the Marigot have definitely been on my radar!

  64. I always joke that my lack of cute pajamas are ‘how relationships fall apart’. These adorable PJ’s might fix my problem :-) I would love a pair!

  65. These are so pretty!

  66. I like sleep- so these would be kind of idealistic.

  67. Aubrie Mabe says...

    I love these! I’m constantly buying pj’s lately. This line is so cute!

  68. These look super comfy!

  69. Love these PJs! I wouldn’t be wearing them for a few months, but they look perfect for fall and winter!

  70. I love the sea horse PJs–and all of them really. I’ve been looking for a pair of PJs like this for almost 5 years now.

  71. I love the orange starfish pattern– it would be fun to have comfy new pajamas for lounging around on Sunday mornings. :)

  72. So fresh and pretty! I love the melon stars and the periwinkle coral.

  73. Love pajamas, especially these!

  74. Apparently their website is “inappropriate” for my office – oops! Darn web filter. I have a menswearesque set from J. Crew, but I would love these for the spring/summer!

  75. I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever worn men’s style pyjamas… Love them!

  76. Aw wow! What great prints! The long sweaters look super comfy, too.

  77. I love e grey octopus! Adorable!

  78. Yes! Would love a pair. They are terrific!! Kelli

  79. Ooh, so cute! I’m planning to monogram men’s pjs for my bridesmaids next spring!

  80. I’ve always worn and loved menswear pjs. Pick me!

  81. I love wearing long pjs when it’s cool outside. I love the pink star print!

  82. The octopus pattern is too cute! Christmas gift for all the ladies in my life sorted!

  83. I’ve ALWAYS worn and loved menswear pjs. Pick me!

  84. oooh, those look so cozy! i’d stay in those until noon! xo

  85. I love these! I always wear chemises to sleep, but these look so perfect as fall approaches! Adore the prints and colors too!

  86. Oh my word the starfish! I am in love, these look SO comfy and perfect for snuggling & bed!!!

  87. I’d love these!

  88. Liz s. says...


  89. Those are too cute. I’ve never worn that style, but they look comfy!

  90. Holy smokes! I need these in my life!

  91. perfect cottage pjs!

  92. yes, i love menswear inspired pjs! thanks joanna! :)

  93. The melon coloured orangey ones would be so nice for late summer when the evenings get crisp!

  94. Cute and cozy! Great give-away Joanna.

  95. Al says...

    Beautiful! they look quite cozy.

  96. Love the submarine one! Perfect for my mommy leave!

  97. Cheryl says...

    Love those! And love the idea of lying around in them and making breakfast and reading the paper! sounds like heaven!

  98. K says...

    So lovely ! I am always looking for the perfect pijamas! This quest is way more complecated that it sounds

  99. Lauren Grace says...

    Beautiful! Please!

  100. I love their prints!

  101. Ah! I must have those in the Keylime Octopus. My husband is alway on me about wearing his pj pants. I should probably get a pair of my own. These are so cute!


  102. Adorable! Love the octopi!

  103. Katie H. says...

    Love the octopi!

  104. I love a good set of men’s style pajamas! They’re so sweet and sexy at the same time ;-)And these look simply scrumptious!

  105. Well hello, gorgeous! Those starfish pjs are greater than the ocean.

  106. LOVE them, especially the gray octopus ones.

    For my wedding shower, one “joke” gift was a pair of men’s pjs – with my initials embroidered on the tops and my husband’s on the bottom. PJs we could share!

  107. Love them! I may have to buy a pair or two!

  108. so comfy!

  109. Gweneth H. says...

    Love these pajamas! Gray octopus is my favorite

  110. Anonymous says...

    Love these — what a great giveaway!

    Carol S

  111. love these soo cute and classic.

  112. Alyssa says...

    They are all so cute- I can’t decide which I like the most!

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  115. Loving those designs x

  116. Therese says...

    Cute PJs! Would love to win one.. !

  117. This looks incredible! I want real PJs so badly.

  118. Ohhhh those looks so comfy! They make me want to go home and crawl into bed and watch a movie!

  119. I love matching pajama sets and these are so chic, I’d want a different pair for every night of the week!

  120. I’ve wanted a pair for so long! Sweet prints.

  121. these are so cute…i love menswear pj’s, but these are so much cuter than my Brooks Brothers!

  122. Anonymous says...

    These look so cozy and cute. Time for the yearly jammies purchase :)


  123. I love the long pajama set with the octopus print! So cute and comfy!

  124. I’ve worn classic pajamas for years. These are lovely!

  125. Kathleen in Syr says...

    The octopus are very cute.

  126. My friend and I just came up with a great name for these–they’re “marriage pajamas”! I love the periwinkle coral :) and will definitely get a pair when I’m married.

  127. So fun and men-inspired. Would love a pair!

  128. I love the pink star ones!

  129. So cute!!

  130. So cute!!! Love the patterns:)

  131. Love the PJ’s!!!!

  132. LOVE those sea horses… and the starfish!!