Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from the Marigot Collection, a gorgeous line of cotton pajamas and cashmere sweaters. Today they’re giving one lucky reader a pair of block-printed long pajamas ($120). Have you ever worn mens-style pajamas? It feels so good to wear them around the house and read the newspaper on Sunday mornings. Chic and classic. And their prints are adorable!

For a chance to win, please visit Marigot Collection‘s online shop (and feel free to visit their Facebook page, if you’d like) and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Alva L. is our winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. Elegance with octopus, what is not to love?

  2. I’m getting anxious already….they even SOUND comfortable.

  3. So cute!

  4. Katrina says...

    Those are great! Look so comfy!

  5. i love men’s pajamas – i used to steal them from my brother when i was younger :)

  6. Very cute!

  7. Gorgeous, I love jammies! Fingers crossed :)

  8. These look so cozy! I would live in these.

  9. These PJ’s look so comfy! I hope I win!!

  10. Polly says...

    Gorgeous and comfy!! Yum.

  11. Love the octopus bottoms!

  12. Adorable!

  13. Wonderful! Those look nicer than wearing my husband’s old t-shirts around the house.

  14. I love me some cute pjs!

  15. oooh – these look so comfy! Yes please!! :D

  16. I hope I am not too late!

  17. I love these pajamas! So chic and sexy!

  18. I wear long pant men’s style pj’s all year round! Yup, even in summer! I LOVE them! It’s seriously my reason for turning on A/C (i live in Vancouver so no need for it often, UNLESS you want to wear your men’s pj’s all year). :)

  19. SC says...

    Love the orange stars!!! :)))

  20. Men’s pajamas are the tops. There is nothing I enjoy more than lounging about with a book and a cup of tea in long PJs on a rainy day.

  21. I like the Keylime Octopus print :)

  22. Love this store!
    Thanks so much :)

  23. These look super comfy :) Love the octopus ones!

  24. Pyjamas are my go-to sleepwear. Nothing else feels right. And I was just searching for some new ones, so perhaps the stars are aligning for me and this giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  25. Love the octopi ones :)

  26. Love the star ones!

  27. Love the star ones!

  28. cozy lounge wear beyond old yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt? yes, please!

  29. These block prints are adorable! And they look so cozy!

  30. Yummy, yummy!! looks like a recipe for a good night sleep (which I need)
    signed mom of 16 month and 3 year old!

  31. They look uber comfy!

  32. Ugh, the red coral PJ’s are SO cute!

  33. Love those Grey Octopus pj’s. I used to wear men’s style pj’s that I made, but time is short now & only my little boy gets pj’s made for him!!

  34. I love love love their grey octopus print! x

  35. The periwinkle coral are absolutely lovely! Such a classic style, too.

  36. Pjs are basically my uniform in life!

  37. The periwinkle coral print is so pretty!

  38. Anything with pineapples make me smile :)

  39. I always wear my hubs pjs, I’m sure he’d appreciate if I had my own set to wear around on weekend mornings!

  40. adorable. Me, please!

  41. These will definitely be an investment! Love the coral pattern.

  42. these are all so darling!

  43. Laura says...

    It is so hard to find a classic PJ set. Finally something for us tank top haters!

  44. Ahhh I need some cute, comfortable jammies! These look adorable.

  45. LOVE the block print, and happiness is a pair of men’s pajamas on a sunday with a steaming cup of jo (see what i did there?!)

  46. Love these! I finally threw out my hello kitty PJ set that I’ve worn for years! This would be a perfect replacement!

  47. Ohhhh I would love these! I am going to visit my boyfriends family and need some appropriate pj’s to lounge around in ;)

  48. Oh I love wearing mens pajamas when it’s cold out!

  49. kb says...

    Chic and cozy!

  50. I love the idea of chic men’s pjs on women, very 1920s. I adore the prints especially the red coral.

  51. very cozy!

  52. i’ve been wanting some new pjs… and these are them! love them.

  53. very cozy!

  54. Q. says...

    so great!

  55. I am so totally in love with the turquoise seahorse print!

  56. I love these PJs! And it would be perfect timing as mine are all but worn out.

  57. The Lavender Pinapple Lorient Long pajama set is too cute not to own. Can you also say comfortable, because it surely looks like it is!

  58. Ellemi says...

    Lovely pattern & nice material!

  59. me please! been wanting

  60. Oh I’ve been dying for a pair of these!

  61. Oh I NEEED!!! Ok, fine, I want, really hard! Please and thank you! Love those seahorses.

  62. I love!

  63. These pjs are super cute!! I love this style, but often they are too masculine, so it’s nice to see some with pretty feminine designs!! Thanks Jo x

  64. Oooo I need new pajamas – my Yo Gabba Gabba shorts and BFs T-shirt need an upgrade!

  65. love the pajamas!! cute pj’s make my day brighter

  66. Anonymous says...

    Waouh! very nice! Have a great week-end. Caroline (

  67. Jessie says...

    I love men’s-style pajamas!