1. Parachute parties are definitely different.
    We recently went to a snake party in Melbourne where the kids were holding reptiles and the like and the birthday boy was his very-own crocodile hunter.
    The party was great as the children were so much into the animals that they didn’t bother eating much of the food on offer, saving us a bit of money there and also keeping the kids from the usual party overdose of sugar.

  2. I totally remember this from kindergarten. Cheap and fun, love this.

  3. oh, thank you, anonymous:) and yes, they’re between $16 and $25, depending on how big you want them. so a great deal for a little one’s birthday party.

  4. Anonymous says...

    Very cool idea (and inexpensive I’m sure)! btw, I can’t help it- it’s kindergarten not kindergarden.

  5. I love parachutes, but there is a point/ age when they stop being a laid back option and start being a crazy, heart-leaping, unsafe thing that turns you into a guard/ police person. Still, with the right boundaries and attitude, you can make it safe and fun for even 8 year olds who are rolling each other up in it and leaping on top of one another or sliding with socks on it to make themselves fall down!

    – theatre teaching artist

  6. I absolutely loved these as a kid!

  7. The kids library near me has parachute games- my daughter loves it!

  8. Love this! What a fab idea!

  9. Anonymous says...

    I remember these!!!!!!

  10. SEC says...

    I’m clearly in the minority…I always HATED parachute days in elementary school. The whole rushing from one side to the other before the parachute came down again was way too manic for me. :)

  11. How fun — I remember how everyone got so excited when our teacher would bring out the parachute in elementary school!

  12. Oh!! I remember this too from elementary school gym class (of all places!)… I remember throwing it up in the air and the teacher would call out a name and that person would run and stand under the hole in the middle. Silly but so fun. Thanks for this, Joanna!

    waiting for kittenheart

  13. cute idea!! i am also dying to see pics of your mom’s 60th party–it sounded like yall had some great ideas. any chance we will be able to sneak a peek at them soon? xoxo

  14. When I was a little kid in Germany my cousins and brothers and i were all in a weekly gym class taught by a sassy older lady. By far the BEST thing ever was when she’d bust out the parachute!

  15. i just saw one of these parties in central park and thought it was such a cute idea! like you, it’s one of my earliest, sweetest memories :)

  16. Love the parachute and I don’t know of a kid who doesn’t love it! I have great memories of playing with it in gym class in elementary school, the gym teacher played a record that sang and gave instructions of how to work the parachute my favorite was running under the chute and when the teacher threw like 20 wiffle balls on top and we rippled the chute and the balls bounced around like popcorn! Thanks for bringing up some happy memories!!

  17. Thi is the coolest thing ever! My friend has one and her kids can’t stop playing with it. The best part: it’s fantastic for all ages from little babies to school age kids. Seems that they all love it and use in different ways. Kisses

  18. I LOVED doing the parachute in elementary school PE. How disappointing to evetually discover that it wasn’t an actual sport in real life!

  19. Great! I love making this by myself, so you can add prints to it for example. Good memories!

  20. Hands down LOVED parachute the most in PE. Scooter-town was a close second.

    And let’s be honest, I still love ’em both.

  21. Nesa says...

    Parachute days were the best days ever in elementary school!!! My favorite part was always lifting it up, getting under it quickly, and letting it fall around us. It was like a colorful giant tent! :)

  22. ohman, i LOVED playing with the parachutes when i was a kid! thanks for the memories! :)

  23. This brings back so many memories. We had one of these in school. We would throw a big light weight ball and bounce it around. I can’t say for sure if there was an actual game in mind, but I just remember having so much fun with these.

  24. Oh, I used to LOVE those days in elementary school “gym” class when we would play with the parachute! What an awesome idea (birthday or any day)!

  25. KJ says...

    I agree – these were the best gym class days ever. I had forgotten about those days!

  26. Those were the best gym classes EVER. I still remember the excitement when the teacher got the parachute out because it hardly ever happened! Forget kid birthdays, I want to do this for my next one. 27 isn’t too old, right?