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Have a Great Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re going mini-golfing with Toby and getting San-Francisco-style burritos the size of our heads. Hope you have a good one, and stay cool! Meanwhile, here are a few fun links from around the web…

A (parody) song to kick off your weekend.

Sky monsters.

What a brilliant idea for exploring your neighborhood.

Living in You’ve Got Mail.

Eeps, would you dare?

Always take a red dress on vacation.

An NPR reporter interviews his two little girls about the”worst haircut ever.”

Photoshopping is fun until someone loses a leg.

It’s officially the future.

Easy summer meal.

A new reality show about extended breastfeeding?

Cheeky London cab drivers.

Colors of humans.

This funny blogger tries out Pinterest projects…and fails:)

Emily’s new book!

Nice ride, kid.

Find more on Pinterest, if you’d like. Have a good one!

  1. Pretty sure I tell you every week that I love your link list, but I really do. It always included a plethora of things I find interesting and intriguing. Thank you!

  2. I just heard about the Wi Fi phone booths on NPR. I love the idea that they’ve decided to keep the booths up, if only to show the younger generations that there was life before cell phones. The NPR reporter tried to use the pay phone and it kept eating her quarters. Classic NYC story!

  3. Anonymous says...

    I love your blog, Joanna, but the round-up is always my favorite Hope you enjoy the weekend.

  4. that’s a great idea, melissa, thank you!!

  5. Anonymous says...

    Another great round-up!

  6. Anonymous says...

    A great blog about parenting a child with disabilities/differences can be found here:
    Meg discusses growing up with a severe form of ectrodactyly, how her parents raised her, and how she’s raising two sons with the same condition.

  7. Hello
    Good piece of data that you’ve received on this web site article. Appreciate it!

  8. Hi, I have enjoyed reading your blog but it’s my first time to post a comment. :-)

    You’ve Got Mail is my all time favorite! Thanks for the link. I also love the site “Design Sponge”.

    I got a bouquet of beautiful chrysanthemums this Saturday and it just made my day. :-)

  9. Nicole M says...

    I like Melissa Blake’s idea. I grew up with a sister with disability. It was hard for me -though it really isn’t, it ultimately becomes your responsibility as well-, I can’t imagine how it felt to my mom. It would be nice to hear other mothers’ experiences too.

    PS. That water slide scared me just by looking at it. Definitely not included in my bucket list :)

  10. That red dress is KILLER! ASOS only has size 4-Boo!

  11. SH says...

    You have a lovely Blog. Please visit also mine and tell me what you think <3

  12. Emily’s new book looks like fab coffee table reading. Mini golfing is so fun with kids- my adore this pastime!

  13. Ahh, that Pinterest is awesome!!

    Also, I never commented on your work/balance post, but have you ever thought about featuring a mother of a child with a disability? From personal experience, I know my mom faced unique — but rewarding — challenges when I was growing up, and it would be great to read others’ stories. :)

  14. I just love that picture! I am a Swedish interior design blogger and I just find your blog, consider yourself bookmarked. (My blog is in Swedish but my iPad-magazine is in English.)
    Have a nice day // Frida

  15. Anonymous says...

    I just read your blog posts and ‘friends of a certain age’, by Alex.
    Thanks both for making my Saturday afternoon enjoyable! You guys are awesome.

    -from Singapore.

  16. Laine says...

    Sounds like a perfect weekend. Where is that waterslide? Intense!!

  17. Anonymous says...

    “Color of humans”, proof that white people don’t really have to think about race unless someone else brings it up.
    No diversity.

  18. Sarah says...

    oh lordy. Now extended breastfeeding and cosleeping are “extreme parenting”? Please! Its the standard in parenting in most of the world, for most of human history! uuuuuggghhhh. TLC has gone so far downhill in the last few years, they really ought to change their name! Puke!

  19. Love the Kennedy’s picture! We have no subways in my little town of wineries and high fashion boutiques! We dont even have buses haha cant do that link on discovering your city:(

  20. Just this year, my daughter decided to cut her own hair with a pair of Crayola “kid-safe” scissors. I never thought I would react the way that I did- I mean it’s just hair…right? Needless to say I cried…not just a little. I was heaving with sobs. Ridiculous now, but fully justified then : ) I don’t know if her haircut was as bad as his little girl’s, but I think it would definitely run a close second.

    Hope you have a great, relaxing weekend with your adorable family,


  21. Anonymous says...

    That book still got awful reviews!

  22. I thought your future link was going to include an article about how we just officially passed the date they go to in back to the future. Oh Michael J Fox. Love the links, though!

  23. Those little girls are killing me!! Hahahaha. LOVE that haircut interview.

    How many of us have cut our siblings hair!! I know I did. As well as my little sister’s shirt (I was trying to do a straight line).

    Have fun doin your thing this weekend, Joanna!

    XO, L

  24. GREAT favorite Friday!! I have today off work so this morning was just me, some coffee, and perusing these links. Have a great weekend, Joanna!

  25. that video of the two little girls is the cutest! so funny, thanks for posting:)

  26. I usually save your list for the weekend. Coincidentally, my lack of delaying gratification was worth it- this was a really great list of links. I did however switch one out, instead of watching the parody (song) i clicked on a nearby video: Jimmy Fallon – Born to Run – Emmys Opening Sketch – 2010 – Glee – Emmy Awards. That was a fun ride.

  27. em, thank you for your note! i commented on the post, but will make another comment there now, thank you!!

  28. Very random but that water slide is in Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil. It’s called “Insano” (Insane) and it really is scary. I’ve been to that park at least 10 times in my life and have only gone down on that thing once. And I screamed the whole way down. :)

  29. Anonymous says...

    The color of “humans” apparently is white. There were shockingly few people of color in that project.

  30. I got a lump in my throat looking at that water slide!!

    Have lovely weekend:)

  31. ah! if you’re in SF on saturday–look out for The Color Run aka The Happiest 5K, runners :) it’s happening out at candlestick park and post run they hand out bags of colored corn meal for everyone to join in!! thecolorrun/sanfrancisco

    have a great trip!!

  32. Em says...

    So do you have any comments on the whole plagiarizing yourself debacle from yesterday? Id love to hear a real explanation since you are so honest with your readers…keep it real Joanna.

  33. mini golf such a great ide I’ve never thought about.

  34. Anonymous says...

    I am glad you are teaching the little guy to swing a golf club at a ball. I plan to teach him to play with me in another 5 years! love, your mom ps My computer won’t let me sign in on google today for some reason.

  35. Only about four people of color in the colors of humans. WTF?

  36. This might be my favorite Friday links EVER. Pintester has me in hysterics — its so so so true — and I love Sharon’s subway game.

  37. Alisha e says...

    Those girls are so awesome!

  38. The Extreme Parenting show sounds ridiculous in my opinion! I won’t be watching.

  39. Red dresses are essential for every vacation!
    Rocking one in Brussels right now :-)

  40. Anonymous says...

    Those burritos will be Huge!!!!!!

  41. I think I might try the shrimp rolls this weekend.

  42. Burritos the size of your head? My goodness, I need to scout this place out! Even if I can’t find it, I may have to settle for the taco truck. Which isn’t as thrilling as a beastly burrito, but still delectable, nonetheless.

    Take care,

  43. Sarah says...

    O.M.G. that “interview” with the sisters was too cute for words.