Airplane Survival

Have a Fun Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? We’re going swimming this evening in a public pool in our neighborhood; hoping it’s refreshing without too many floating Band-Aids:) Also, I’m psyched to share our bathroom makeover next week. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song for your weekend.

An adventure print that would make a sweet wedding gift.

Murray’s Cheese just opened a restaurant!!! Or, as they call it, a cheese bar.

A toddler speaks up about dinner.

Cheeky doormat.

Jemima, the mom.

Mason jar salads.

Who’s up for cloud gazing?

Cool travel photos.

Michigan tees. (Thanks, Jennifer)

Instagram cookies.

Holy smokes, this is a subway station!

Finally, Lookmatic is giving Cup of Jo readers a great deal on glasses and sunglasses. Enjoy! xoxo
(Illustration by Gemma Correll)

  1. Just ordered the tortoise/light blue Tippi! Thanks :D

  2. Really thankful to you for posting this blog because this blog include so many intresting information related to latest fashion. So thankful to you. Funny T-shirts

  3. love those instagram cookies. Seem to be very popular lately.
    Always love the weekend posts so many new things to discover. Keep it up.

  4. Anonymous says...

    Hope you had a great swim. I look forward to the unveiling of the new bathroom decor next week.

  5. Stacy P. says...

    Hi there! I’ve recently fallen in love with your blog – it’s my new fave! :) I love reading about your fashion finds and family. I look forward to every Friday for the weekend links!


  6. Anonymous says...

    That subway station looks amazing. I love Grand Central!

  7. Beautiful travel photos!

    Lots of kisses, Elena

  8. Nice links. I loved the travel photos. Have a great weekend!

  9. Great links, as always! x

  10. Haha, gotta love those support bras. Have a great weekend!

  11. i look forward to this fun list of links every Friday! Thanks!! I would love for you to check out my new blog….

    X, Allison

  12. I love the idea of mason jar salads! This weekend I’m in Thailand, trekking with my husband. We don’t have any set plans, we’re just traveling and going with the flow. Having nowhere to be at no specific time has been absolutely exhilarating. Enjoy your weekend!


  13. ah, the toddler food advice is making me laugh so hard: “Step 8: Give to toddler to eat around the house and in front of shows.” Yes. HA!

  14. That Honest Toddler website is hilarious! I had to quit reading so I wouldn’t get in trouble for laughing out loud at work. This is my kid to a T! (on the recipe post). Thanks for posting the link!

  15. Elizabeth – you’re welcome! Now just fingers crossed the nice weather holds

  16. Elizabeth says...

    Unfounddoor – I’m in South London and not been to the lavender harvest. Thanks for the tip! X

  17. I love your blog- it always manages to put me in a good mood! Would you happen to know of any tee shirt stores similiar to the Michigan shirts for Ohio? Us Buckeye fans wouldn’t be caught dead in a Michigan shirt, but they’re just so cute!

  18. LONDON YEAH! Like Elizabeth above I am getting very excited for the Olympics!!!
    Unlike Elizabeth though we weren’t lucky enough to get tickets to an event, so we will be enjoying with friends from home,
    Plus taking part in the annual Carshalton pick-your-own lavender harvest at south London lavender fields. Can’t wait.

  19. Anonymous says...

    That toddler blog is HILARIOUS! I have to follow him on Twitter :)

  20. Elizabeth says...

    In London and getting into the Olympic spirit. The buzz is amazing. I am off to weightlifting (?!) on Sunday which should be fun. Give it up for London 2012.

  21. I want to find some cute state pride shirts for California(or maybe my home state Iowa)! Seems easy? My quick google search failed. Anyone have any leads?

  22. I love that Jemima interview! I only know her from Tiny Furniture and Girls and based off those characters it’s SO HARD to imagine her with a child. But, seeing those photos, she looks like a beautiful mum!

  23. chantel, i KNOW! how hilarious is the honest toddler? i follow “him” on twitter and am always dying laughing. the funniest one was: “that awkward moment when your mom hugs you a little too long and whispers something creepy like, ‘don’t grow.’ “


  24. kate, that’s awesome! can’t wait to check it out, even though i have a subway phobia:)

  25. megan, it’s SO good. alex and i went on wednesday — they have a burger with cheese POURED over it. really, the menu is so rich and awesome.

  26. great illustration!

  27. Ha ha. Yeah, I need me one of those bras.

  28. Great heads up on the hidden subway station. Just moved to NY so will be exploring!
    Thanks, C xx

  29. Great heads up on the hidden subway station. Just moved to NY so will be exploring!
    Thanks, C xx

  30. Chantel B. says...

    Thanks so much for the Honest Toddler link Joanna! I have been laughing myself silly for the last half hour. A perfect start to my afternoon :)

  31. I’ve read that Jemima interview so many times. When I was planning my daughter’s first birthday, I thought of her quote about Six Flags and would relax. And when she says she loves to feed her water from a glass—she’s right, that is truly wonderful. I just saw a photo of her pregnant again on Lena’s instagram, and I was so immediately happy!

    (I would also like to use this opportunity to vote for #3 Sky!)

  32. Loved the song, ill have to check out more by them… love the blog.

  33. so excited you posted the link to the MI tees- I have the LOVE tshirt :)

  34. I went through the secret station last time I was in New York. It was SOO cool and kind of freaky at the same time because I wasn’t 100% sure the subway was actually going to turn around. I wish I had gone through a few times, because there is so much to see.

  35. That subway stop is stunning! I had heard about it when I lived in NYC but never saw it….wow it’s beautiful.


  36. Love the bras too!!

    I’m running the San Francisco Half marathon. VERY excited!!!! Happy weekend, everyone.

  37. Murray’s Cheese Bar… You just made my Friday!

  38. We are picking up our son in Orlando, he’s jumping off Warped Tour for the weekend and his new wife is flying we have a wonderful weekend planned!

  39. Loooved the mason jar salad idea. Cloud gazing sounds like fun too!

    Thank you for sharing! Have an amazing weekend!



  40. WOW…those travel photos are amazing! Have a great time this weekend Joanna. Kisses