1. Abby says...

    I am going to Florida for spring break I have a lifeproof case and if I want to take pictures underwater can it only be under in a certain depth and under for so long? I want to but I am so nervous! Is it okay in the salt water? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says...

    the Lie Proof case seems like a brilliant product – I will try to close the deal before my next scuba get-away next week!

  3. I ordered the Life Proof case right after I got my first iPhone last fall, and declined the apple care package. I love it! I drop my phone on a regular basis and love that I also don’t have to worry about sand or water getting into its fragile parts, and the built in screen protector is great too.

  4. I ordered the Life Proof case right after I got my first iPhone last fall, and declined the apple care package. I love it! I drop my phone on a regular basis and love that I also don’t have to worry about sand or water getting into its fragile parts, and the built in screen protector is great too.

  5. I know I already commented but wanted to let you know I ordered one!! Thanks so much for the tip! I found the same ones cheaper on Amazon though. :)

  6. Anonymous says...

    That girl in the picture looks just like you! Is it you?

  7. Ah, I am so happy to hear that you love these! I have been debating making the conversation from Otter Box to LifeProof, but I needed a little more confirmation. I will admit that I am slightly terrified that I will end up with a defected case and the first time I try to take underwater pictures, ka boom! Wish me luck!

  8. I love it! I literally just planned a trip to go whale watching in Canada and was feeling really bummed about not being able to take pictures during it. What incredible timing!

  9. Anonymous says...

    great idea!!!!

  10. I love this! I still get panicked looking at the pics though, but what an awesome idea!

  11. That’s such a great idea! If I had an iPhone, I’d buy that in a heartbeat!

  12. Recently found out about this:

    It’s called Liquipel and you can completely waterproof your phone for $50. NO CASE JUST WATERPROOF PHONE!!

    :) LOVE your blog btw!

  13. We have a case for one of our digital cameras, and a waterproof Kodak video camera that everyone mistakes for a phone–it’s great to be able to take underwater photos!

  14. Wow, this is so cool! I’d be terrified of dropping my phone in the ocean though…

  15. That looks like hours of FUN + awesome photos :)

  16. S says...

    My husband has one of those cases and he loves to accidentally drop his iPhone in liquids to freak people out.

  17. Love this. We are taking a trip to the Keys soon and this would be fantastic.
    Have a good night

  18. Love it!!! Just added to my never ending wishlist

  19. Brilliant! I was just thinking about how I didn’t want to take my big camera with me on a canoe trip. This works perfect. I’ll just hang on to it with dear life though.

  20. Love this! Does anyone know if they make something similar for a Samsaung Galaxy SII?? I’m going to St. Maartin and now I have to have underwater pictures :)

  21. which one do you recommend the lifeproof or the scuba suit? i would love to hear which one people are happier with… thanks!

  22. Thanks for posting this! My brand new camera I got for Christmas ended up in the water and I just found out yesterday it can’t be fixed :( This will be a great alternative until I save enough funds to get another camera!!!

  23. I wonder if Android has a similar case?

  24. Cheaper version= ziplock bags!
    Sandwich size for the iphone
    Gallon size for the ipad. I read on my ipad everymorning in the bathtub.

    You cant take pictures or read under water but it does protect when fully submerged.

  25. Glad you posted about this! My husband got an iPhone underwater case not long ago and last week, he ordered an iPad case for me and a Kindle case for my mom so that we can all float around our pool in techy bliss. They all work and we love using them in the pool. Taking pictures underwater of our dog is lots of fun.

    Keep up the good work with this blog, I’ve enjoyed following it!


  26. It’s funny how many other uses other commenters are recommending – like that it’s essential if you have kids between 1 and 4. ha! As for me, I live in a really rainy city so I think I might get one just so I wont freak out on my commute to work.

  27. Anonymous says...


  28. I read about LifeProof not too long ago and was immediately attracted to the idea, but as it turns out its getting some pretty mixed reviews regarding its actual waterproof ability…

  29. although caution should STILL be encouraged. i was floating in the dead sea with my dad, and taking photos with our waterproof camera. i threw the camera at him, thinking perhaps, if we float, the camera will float, or, it’s waterproof, or simply not thinking at all. the camera did not float, and looking underwater to find it in the dead sea is, if not incredibly painful then simply impossible. my dad was not the happiest of campers :)

  30. This is a great idea, now I only need an iphone! thanks for sharing it.

  31. I need to buy an underwater case like now. I am the person who keeps buying disposable under water cameras when I am near the water, those pennies add up.

  32. Just returned from a beach vacation where our pics were limited due to a fear of iPhone-destroying sand (though our 15mo seemed to survive okay-enough after eating it by the handful – ha). But still would get for the rest of the summer by the pool – thanks for the recommendation!

    Avy, I just deleted my work mail account on my iPhone while on vacation and it worked well to allow me to carry it with me for picture-taking but not annoying work emails. Also read this great article in the NYT about how to not ‘sabotage’ vacation: http://travel.nytimes.com/2012/07/01/travel/vacation-sabotage-dont-let-it-happen-to-you.html?smid=fb-share

  33. I NEED one of these for underwater photos. Thanks for the tip!

  34. I recently returned from Cyprus with my boyfriend and we lugged along two disposable waterproof cameras for the first time. I just put the films in to develop and can’t wait to see our snorkeling adventures at Coral Bay in the form of old-fashioned prints! It’s insane that it feels so olde worlde to use disposable cameras, but I can’t wait to post the results.

  35. gosh this scares me! my friend had a waterproof case that broke without him knowing and his phone had severe water damage! it is a good idea if you know you might be around water but completely submerging my phone would freak me out

  36. I was just about to go out and buy a waterproof shockproof camera for over $300 because I couldn’t take my iphone out adventuring! Thanks for saving me a ton of money!

  37. this is brilliant! I want this!!

  38. Bloody brilliant. I always use mine through a Ziploc bag when I am at the beach to avoid sand, but I’ve often thought the coolest Instagram opps were looking back at the beach from the ocean.

  39. As if I don’t instagram enough! I need one!

  40. I have the scuba suit cover and I ADORE it. So fun to take underwater photos!!

  41. I love this! I spend a lot of time by the water so this is the perfect solution to taking photos and keeping my phone safe. Thanks for posting!

  42. I had a friend with 4 kids under 8 (the youngest are twins 1-y-olds) recommend the life proof iphone case to me recently. She takes it swimming and has the best clearest photos and videos of her kids + its great insurance. They can suck on it, play with it, throw it in the toilet. She said the touch screen works great. Last week my 9 month old son almost put my iphone in the cat’s water bowl, so I ordered it and it should be here any day! I’m glad you endorse it!

  43. I just don’t know if I trust these cases…my luck I would put it on wrong or something!

  44. What a wonderful idea. I wonder if I would still find a way to get water in it. :)

  45. I actually recently bought the lifeproof case recently and its amazing! I use it every day while paddleboarding on Lake Austin and took the coolest shots under water during 4th of July! Highly recommend!

  46. Brilliant idea! xoxo

  47. I would be so terrified the first time putting my phone underwater.

  48. Oh, I love these! it bums me out to not be able to take water photos so I usually use disposables in water places, but those are so hard/expensive to develop now! this is a great solution :)

    ps i’m going to chicago tonight and can’t WAIT to see your pics and hear what you did! <3

  49. This is so brilliant! I was just thinking about underwater photos today and here you are posting about this genius idea.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  50. totally!! you could take the best adventure photos:)

  51. Love this idea! Especially for excursions on a kayak at my friend’s cottage.