Toby the Boy

At two years old, Toby is becoming such a BOY. The other day, I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, and he said, “Butt.” So I laughed and asked him what he really wanted, and he said, “Penis.” Ha, noted.

Thankfully, this recent photo of Alex and Toby watching a video in the morning still captures that baby look. If only for a fleeting moment. Oh, how I love my little man.

  1. This is hilarious. My son is about Toby’s age and says similar things all the time. :)

  2. OMG! I just laughed out loud!! I have a little boy (1 year) and was wondering when they started saying all those fun things..haha! So cute :)

  3. This is so gorgeous. I have the same photo of my husband and son. Aren’t they precious moments?! I love the moments we are all snuggled in bed together chilling out watching something on the iPad. Perfect for the cold winter mornings we have here at the moment in Sydney, Australia.

  4. Haha this post made me laugh! I have always dreamed of having a boy but, with just a sister, I’m also scared at what boys are like to raise! I get plenty of glimpses from my husband. ;) Can’t wait to hear more about your perspective of raising a boy! xo

  5. haha! that’s hilarious!

  6. so cute and so funny too :)

  7. I have the same feelings and experiences with our little boy, Quil, who is almost 2 and a half. He likes to whisper in my ear “I eat poop” just to gross me out. Such a boy!!! haha

  8. Wilkie says...

    Oops, that was supposed to go in apartment-hunt thread — sorry!

  9. Wilkie says...

    Nth-ing downtown Jersey City! I live down by the Hudson waterfront, a few blocks from the Grove Street and Exchange Place PATH stations, and can easily get to say Union Square Greenmarket in about 20-25 minutes from my front door. Not that I usually need to, since there are five different farmers markets a week within a couple blocks of my house. Lots of gorgeous (and roomy, for farrrrr less $ than BK) brownstones with yards, a huge arts community, young progressive families, parks & activities for kids (we just took our six-year-old to a fantastic local children’s theater that also runs a summer writing & acting camp) … etc! etc! anyway! So yeah, I get excited, and really love the neighborhood. Best of luck with the search!

  10. Oh the joys of having a boy! My son, who is 18 months, has recently started to giggle when he passes gas. It seems to come naturally. I kinda love it. :)

  11. I think i understand what you mean…it’s the same with my 2 lovely little men.

  12. That is HILARIOUS! My little boy is kicking up a storm in the womb right now while I’m trying to listen to a conference for my work…now I will just imagine him going, “Butt!”

  13. This made me laugh out loud! I have a 15 mo old boy- they are HILARIOUS. Ha!

  14. I use the word ‘penis’ with my 20 month old. Whilst changing his diaper he points to it and I say, ‘That’s your penis’ and he cracks up laughing, he thinks it’s hilarious. It really is, I hate using the word, but I hate ‘wiener’, etc. :)

  15. That’s hilarious!
    Side note: I don’t know why people think it so strange that Toby knows the proper name for his “penis”. He should (good job you and!)! I hate it when people make up childish names for body parts–just call them what they are.

  16. such a funny post :)

  17. Not just boy behavior- my daughter grabs herself down there! lol

  18. I had not read that article. Thanks for sharing! Too true. I had been using “va-jay-jay” (along with every other variation I can think of) for years, not really knowing where it came from : )

  19. I love the difference between boys and girls. I have to say the things that all my friend’s boys say are hilarious. My daugther does thing that farts are quite hilarious so maybe there is a little bit of boy in her!

  20. MG Brackett says...

    HaHa – Joanna, I totally know the feeling. My son Chet, who is just a few months younger then Toby, has told me a few times that he wanted Poop for lunch. It caught me so off guard that I laughed a wee bit too much. Oh, the joy of boys! :)

  21. i am looking forward to reading that “what did you call it” link! i still haven’t decided what words i will use with my chilluns when i have me some little ones. i think i’m partial to just being straightforward with the real words, ya know? my friend and his brothers all called it their “peeper” when they were little. i can’t even think about that without laughing a whole bunch.

  22. HA! I love it. What a boy!

  23. My sweet little grandson will be 2 in November, I already see the little boy coming out. Which is cool I guess but…


  24. My son will be three in November and he is just WAY too smart for his own good. My husband thinks we should just be completely honest with him when he asks questions (I don’t particularly see the need for the terminology at this point!!) and so now he walks around pointing out male and female strangers by saying “Penis!” or “Buh-gina.” (obviously doesn’t quit have a handle on the “v” sound yet…) Oy. My husband finds this hilarious…I find it highly embarrassing! Kids! I tell ya :)

  25. Anonymous says...

    Hahahaha brilliant. If I have daughters, I will encourage them to be equally foul-mouthed as boys. My mother made sure my sister and I knew our good share of swear words, and it’s gotten us far! Equality above everything.

  26. Did he get a hold of some old Beavis and Butthead DVDs recently? :)

  27. The little boy I nanny for is also two & after changing a poopy diaper he asked to see it. And I said, “Ew! Why would you want to see it?” And he replied, “Because I’m a boy.”

    OH. Of course! :)

    Eat Cake

  28. Awe, funny. Im sure my little guy wil be saying those things sooner than i hoped. They grow so fast and mine already looks so much older than his age!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  29. It’s that age, not just because he’s a boy. My little girl is obsessed with Poo and Pee. ‘what should we make for dinner?’ ‘pee pee and poo poos’. sigh.

  30. I know you are supposed to you the correct terminology for body parts- and I am absolutely fine with “penis” ( have to be- my nephew, who is 2, likes to ask me “Did you know I have a penis?” EVERY single time I see him ), but I still have a hard time using “vagina” with my girls. You would think I would be comfortable with the word by now, but I absolutely hate the word. We still use “bottom” for the entire general area. I figure I have a little time before I HAVE to distinguish between the two : )

  31. hahah that is too funny. yep, little boys sure funny. our little guy is starting to think toots are funny. i love having a little boy.

  32. Hilarious! By the way, I just read the post you linked to (about feeling nostalgic things even as they’re happening) and I felt that way too with my baby! I said that to someone once and thought later I must sound like a freak. Glad someone else felt the same way.

  33. That is too cute!! My mom always said they grow up too fast — and even though I’m 30, she still says it! :)

  34. monica, i totally hear you! toby used to say a sing-songy “yeah” to everything, and now he says a more proper “yes.” kind of broke my heart! anything that shows that they’re growing up:)

  35. Oh my son is the SAME WAY! He’ll be 2 in a couple days and his new favorite things to do are playing in the toilet and with his “bits and pieces”. SUCH a boy!

  36. cathryn, haha, my friend uses “weiner” with her little boys:) too funny. i think they’ll repeat whatever the word is, ha!

  37. “penis pink” – that is hilarious!! :)

  38. Funny, that’s what I had for breakfast today. KIDDING!

  39. Bahahaha, be sure and remind him when he’s older with a girlfriend how he wanted to eat butt and penis for breakfast one time. :P

  40. Haha at least it’s only mild words… wait till he hits five! :/ !!

  41. Yes, my two-year old declared he wanted to eat “poopy” for dinner. Also, he just started calling me “mom” instead of “mommy”…am I silly to feel SO sad about this?

  42. That’s hilarious, I love that stage when kids find their sense of humour.

  43. Aww!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! (Don’t mean to be stalker…but are u going to post anything about the weekend fab getaway?) XOXO

  44. diana banana says...

    Ha ha ha! I read that you should give your child choices, present them with options, because open ended questions can leave them overwhelmed. In this case, the open ended question seems to have given Toby opportunity to be a smart ass!

  45. I’ve read some really interesting literature on gender awareness in children (Freud anyone?) Toby’s latest is one part cute and one part a cool new development.

  46. My toddler son is obsessed with poo and pee. It must be a boy thing. I like it lots, I think it’s funny. ‘Penis’ is a very grown up word for a little man…we use ‘giblets’.

    Lovely photo of your boys though.

  47. Anonymous says...

    I think that is the cutest thing! When I asked my friends son what his favourite colour was, he said “penis pink” — I DIED of laughter!

    I love these posts Joanna. I think you are fantastic and so beautiful!

  48. Haha I love that the girl who calls herself a ‘prude’ also has her URL as mymotherfuckedmickjagger !
    Toby is such a cutie, little boys are the sweetest :)

  49. Mo says...

    Hahaha, that’s hilarious. Where did he pick that stuff up? Have fun with your growing boy Joanna.

  50. Hahahaa! He really has a sense of humor! :)
    The only time I see a bit of baby back in my boys is when I check on them when they are a sleep…

  51. i know, where did he learn these things? he also pointed out an old lady’s “boobies” at a cafe the other day. EEPS!

  52. Oh this is so nice to hear – my son thinks any sort of “potty talk” is hilarious. And I don’t understand where they pick this stuff up?! But you’re right – boys will be boys : )

  53. Ooh my gosh! He MUST be learning those words from Daddy. :) You know, boys aren’t all that bad, especially from your perspective.