Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from 20 Best Twenty, a wonderful website that curates twenty independent shops every month. The site brings together everything from jewelry to baby onesies to stationery. (Above are ribbon-wrapped bangles, for example, and below is a Swoop toy bag.) Today, they’re giving one lucky reader a $200 gift certificate to pick out anything on the site.

For a chance to win, please visit 20 Best Twenty and leave a comment below with your favorite items from the site. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo Update: Alicia F. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. I love the amethyst necklace! Really nice site.

  2. I adore the MARQUISE AMETHYST DROPS from Rifle + Radford!

  3. Those swoop bags are pretty cool. And I love all the natural products from M Design Boutique.

  4. Love the Honeycomb, Goat Milk, Oatmeal soap, the cotton hairbow clips, ribbon wrapped bangles and sow pillow covers by Dorothy. What a lovely website!!

  5. The In Pink blue thread wrapped bracelets are gorgeous. I also like everything in the store 22&33, really cute cards

  6. I like the Tourmaline Petal Earrings

  7. I love the mixed metal bangle! So cute for summer.

  8. I love the shark print and the bangles! So pretty and fun!

  9. holy smokes!

    so much great stuff…

    i’d have to go for the Big Bridge Central Park Onesie… for my little lady. :)

    thanks so much!


  10. This is so lovely. So many beautiful pieces to choose from! I’m really loving the Anaba Grande earrings by Ricle + Radford, the Smokey Quartz Druzy Ring by Pauletta Brooks and the Abstract Leaf Earrings by In Pink. Thank you!

  11. What a cool site! Love the bracelet!

  12. Love Rifle and Radford! What awesome designs! The Amethyst Geoge drops and silver arrowhead and garnet necklace are both awesome! I love how raw but stunning they are!
    You always have the coolest giveaways! Thanks!

  13. What a lovely site! I would get the bloom pillows, bill keeper, mason jar set and many more!;)

  14. I love the mixed metal bangle and the chevron necklace!

  15. the blue mason jars would look so lovely in front of a sunny window!

  16. Katheryn says...

    The Lori Kaplan sterling silver stack rings are simple and beautiful and my favorite! Thanks for the introduction to 20BestTwenty, looks like a great place to find unique gifts.

  17. Love the swoop toy bag, the mason jars, the alphabet sketch T and those bangles

  18. those mason jars!

  19. I really love the THE ALAWA SILVER ROUND AMETHYST DRUZY earrings!! :)

  20. The mason jars!

  21. I would buy something for the kids and a few things for myself: The swoop toy bag is awesome, brooklyn alley t-shirt! And the michelle starbuck metal lace earrings are gorgeous! Citrine geode necklace is so unique.

  22. I love the Tetris necklace from Michelle Starbuck!

  23. I really love the Sheer Addiction jewelry. Thanks!

  24. What a great site! I love the items from PaperKeeper, the Swoop bags, and the mason jars from Megan E Sass.

  25. Hi Jo,

    I love your blog- I found it last month and have been hooked ever since :D

    Awesome giveaway- It’s hard to choose just one thing but…. I think I’m smitten with the “wavy disk earrings” by Pauletta Brooks. They’re so cute for summer.


  26. This site is very cool! :) I would love the Coffee Owl Linocut Print and I love the Recycled Love Block Print under retro modern art.

  27. wow – we need the swoop toy bag!

  28. I love the >> THE ALAMEDA << Cottonwood White Amethyst Sparklers, Green Amethyst Pendant Necklace, Hand-stamped Initial Necklace in Sterling Silver.

  29. The ombre chevron necklace? yes. Also, the grande amethyst geode. yum.

  30. My favorite is the Honeycomb Soap Marbled with Goat Milk & Oatmeal Soap! Sounds amazing.

  31. Those mason jars are beautiful!

  32. Good gravy I need a swoop bag for my daughter’s toys like nobody’s business!

  33. I love most everything they have!! But my fave is the swoop toy bag!

  34. I absolutely LOVE the butterfly wing earrings by Michelle Starbuck Designs. So unique and beautiful!!

  35. Love those bracelets!

  36. Rita says...

    What a great site! I love Michelle Starbuck Ombre Chevron Necklace and also InPink Mixed Metal Bangle.

  37. i love the Ombre Chevron Necklace by michelle starbuck. so pretty!


  38. Those bangles look very nice and are such a great color! Thanks for this giveaway. :)

  39. The Floating Brass Cube Necklace from Michelle Starbuck is beautiful!

  40. I love the green amethyst necklace, the toy bag, the shorts…ooh just about everything! Great giveaway.

  41. I love the ombré chevron necklace!

  42. I love the ombré chevron necklace!

  43. Any of the jewelry by Rifle + Radford please :)

  44. The equestrian necklace is to die for!

  45. Sooo many beautiful things to chose from! I especially love the toy bag and the printed tees. My favorite is the hot pink one with the horses running across, I only wish it came adult sizes too!! I LOOOVEE it!

  46. I love Pale Green Sea Necklace. It’s amazing!

  47. Kelsy H. says...

    Love the Paris block print by Retro Modern Art and the chevron necklace by Michelle Starbuck – so beautiful!

  48. Anonymous says...

    Great site! I like the mixed metal bangles, must have :)

  49. I love the >> THE ABETZI << Amber Citrine Geode from Rifle & Radford jewelry!

  50. love the Sheer Addiction initial necklaces and the beyond lovely Sea pendant by Pauletta Brooks

  51. I absolutely love the ribbon-wrapped bangles! aaaahhh..

  52. Bek W says...

    Cool! I love the Hayden necklace :)

  53. I would love to get this gift card to spend on all the upcoming weddings my friends are having! I would definitely gift those lavender honey and beeswax soaps to all my girl friends so they can relax before the big day!

  54. I love the pale green sea necklace-so unusual!

  55. I love the pale green sea necklace-so unusual!

  56. i love Ribbon Wrapped Bangle

  57. I’m super in love with the simple Peacock Feather Earrings by Michelle Starbuck Designs. Easily my favorite.

  58. Retro modern art’s ‘bike’ and ‘create’ posters…clean simple inspiring design (a bit like the 20 best website too) x

  59. The Tili Bwino products!

  60. Well, the pale green sea necklace is to die for, but I also like the knitted jar set, the handmade soaps, the bike print and the really cool Kenya patchwork throw! I would buy it all..

  61. Loving the swoop bags and the R+R amethyst necklace!

  62. I love the fringe and peacock necklaces! Sidenote: there are a bunch of peacocks living in my neighborhood and they are the worst.

  63. Love the fern necklace by sheer addiction, the lavender honey with beeswawx soap,and elegant elliphant’s ohio stuff– love!

  64. Love the sheer addiction jewelry. Woooow! And I want a swoop bag!

  65. Love the Sofia earrings and the Molecule necklace!

  66. So many good things. My favorite would be the Pale Green Sea Necklace :)

  67. Wow! great giveaway..
    Lovely site.

  68. crystal garden pendant. good god it’s fantastic!

  69. That paper keeper is so cute, and so is that Brooklyn Alley tshirt!

  70. I love the amethyst geode earrings!

  71. I love the Kenya Patchwork Throw!

  72. JJ says...

    the Chevron necklace from Starbuck is dazzling! And the itty bitty paper keeper would help me keep track of all the random little notes I jot down, being an android-and-iphone-less gal!

  73. New to your blog, but I love reading it! I’ve recently got my ears pierced, so those white amethyst geodes look perfect to me! :D

  74. yes please! I would love the Anaba Grande earrings!

  75. Love the Molecule Necklace from Michelle Starbuck designs!

  76. I’m loving bangles these days!

  77. LOVE the ombre chevron necklace by Michelle Starbuck Designs!!!

  78. The mason jar covers, ombre chevron necklace, and Union Jack coasters would all make my list :)

  79. The amethyst studs are so gorgeous!

  80. I love the Ribbon Wrapped Bangle and Silver Tone Orange Stone from In Pink!

  81. Cathg1g2 says...

    oh the heart stamped jewellery is beautiful.
    thank you

  82. Oh my goodness, the Rifle + Radford pieces are incredible!

  83. The swoop bags are genius, and big bridge studios has great tee designs! Thanks for the chance to play!

  84. I love Sheer Addiction’s bracelets and Megan E Sass’ pet collars. I also like Retro Modern Art’s Owl Print. So much to see!

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  86. i love all of the lori kaplan jewelry, especially the green amethyst necklace! love!

  87. I love those bangles so much!

  88. Pauletta Brooks is AMAZING!! Love the jewelry…and Big Bridge Studios is adorable! Love to see my baby boy in those duds :)

  89. I really love Lori Kaplan’s stuff although the big bridge studio onesie would look awfully cute onbaby #2 who is on the way :)


  90. I’m a big fan of the crystal jewelry in Pauletta Brooks’ line. Love love love the crystal garden ring especially.

  91. So much beauty in the Pauletta Brooks sea necklace and garden pendant. Love them!

  92. Love the swoop bags, perfect for my twins =]


  93. love the rifle and radford rings!

  94. I love the swoop bag and the green amethyst necklace!

  95. You bag! Amazing. I would stuff it full of Duplo blocks!

  96. Love the Green Amethyst Necklace :)

  97. I would love to add the pale green sea necklace and abstract leaf earrings to my teeny jewelry collection!

  98. I love the mason jar set!

  99. I’ve just purchased my first home and am completely obsessed with the Elegant Elliephant and Paper Keeper. What adorable, personalized touches to make a house feel like home!

  100. Holy moly how cool!! So much to pick from.

  101. I love the look for the good print!

  102. Anonymous says...

    Love the Swoop toy bag!


  103. I love love love the Gold Amethyst Geode Sparkler Ring by Rifle and Radford, along with the gorgeous Layered Chain Necklace with Square Clasp by Michelle Starbuck! YAY pick me pick me!
    caraalynn@gmail. com

  104. janie says...

    I am weirdly in love with the Tangerine Champagne Druzy Silver Necklace. I’m a person who has always thought those sorts of “overly earthy” necklace felt like I was a geology groupie but this necklace made me WANT to follow a geologist all over the sweaty desert just to see what he digs up. I am in love. janie (at)

  105. I love ALL of the Rifle and Radford jewels! Awesome-sauce!

  106. Love the Black and White Burp Set by Maddy

  107. This is so exciting! I love the different things to pick from. I’m looking for a piece a jewelry for my mom, so that would definitely be on the list!

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Love the Swoop for toys, Dorothy jeans vintage, And bangles. Oh La la!

  110. Love the Black and White Burp Set by Maddy!

  111. I LOVE the white amethyst geodes! They are soo prety. Also, the race bibs coaster set, the bill keeper and the chevron necklace!! Ahh, wish I could have all of them!

  112. I love those race bib coasters (cool idea!), the Central Park onesie, and the bloom pillows!

  113. So much pretty jewelry on there!

  114. Those Rifle and Radford jewels are gorg!!

  115. The letter holder! So many rings! Bangles! Overwhelmed, could explore for a long time :)

  116. Geode earrings from R&R, definitely. Beautiful!

  117. the swoop bag looks cool!

  118. Anaba Grande earrings by R&R, please!

  119. ♥ Tourmaline Petal Earrings are so feminine and pretty ♥

  120. Aibrean says...

    Oh, wow, I love those bangles!


  121. Teri L. says...

    I love the green amethyst necklace. What a beautiful new way to wear my birthstone!

  122. Love the fern necklace, think I might buy! And the NYC baby clothes, too cute!!

  123. Jewelry!

  124. Oh my goodness, the Ladder necklace from Rifle + Radford is so beautiful. Love the Floating Brass Cube necklace from Michelle Starbuck as well.

  125. Caitlin H. says...

    The Rifle and Radford jewelry is gorgeous! I especially adore the Amethyst Stalactite Necklace. I also like the website design in general. Thanks!

  126. I love the 31 shekels stamped necklaces!

  127. I love the green amethyst necklace and the red poppy coasters! So many beautiful treasures!

  128. all the lori kaplan pieces are beautiful

  129. I love that Kenya Patchwork Throw!

  130. I love the jewelry they’ve chosen!

  131. The smoky quartz druzy ring!

  132. Laura M says...

    absolutely love the michelle starbuck designs pieces–especially the ombre chevron necklace! also the in pink ribbon wrapped bangles featured in this post are adorable!

  133. I love the Anaba Grande earrings. So pretty!

  134. Those earrings are absolutely beautiful! Although I would be happy with any of these items!

  135. I love the bike poster. It reminds me of my blue cruiser.

  136. Mason jars, please.

  137. Wow, Jo! You always host the most amazing giveaways. I know the way will come when I win one of these amazing things.
    My favorites from 20 Best 20 are the White Amethyst Geode by Rifle + Radford, and the adorable Love Coaster Set by My Little Chickadee Creations.

    Thank you.