Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from 20 Best Twenty, a wonderful website that curates twenty independent shops every month. The site brings together everything from jewelry to baby onesies to stationery. (Above are ribbon-wrapped bangles, for example, and below is a Swoop toy bag.) Today, they’re giving one lucky reader a $200 gift certificate to pick out anything on the site.

For a chance to win, please visit 20 Best Twenty and leave a comment below with your favorite items from the site. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo Update: Alicia F. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. I like the mason jars the best. So charming :)

  2. Love the swoop bags!

  3. i love the silver tome orange stone dome stretch ring!

  4. I love everything from R & R, especially the Druzy earrings! So, elegant!

  5. I love this site. It is so beautifully edited. I have to say that the SWOOP BAGS are my favorite. I also love the Big Bridge Studios pieces. Thanks.

  6. the green amethyst pendant necklace, vermeil beads gold dangle earrings, and drake necklaces are my FAVORITE!

  7. Love the Citrine Geode Gold necklace! I could wear with that with so much!

  8. I wish I had a baby to put the central park onesie in! Until then I love the simplicity of the Rosie necklace.

  9. Love the mason jars!

  10. Bethany Kwong says...

    That looks so AWESOME!

  11. Neat site! I’m in love with the Anaba Grande earrings from Rifle& Radford!

  12. JessieAnn says...

    I LOVE the stamped jewlwery and the bloom pillows! What an awesome site!

  13. The Charleston Trilogy by Sheer Addiction jewelry is amazing.

  14. My son has just entered the “lego phase” so the swoop bag is looking extra appealing even in the midst of all the other loveliness :)

  15. I’m a sucker for bracelets! I must say your picks are great..

  16. Diana K says...

    Clever site, which I have book marked. Thanks Joanna!

  17. I love the ombre chevron necklace <3

  18. Oh lovely, someone to do the hard shopping work for me. I need some jewels!

  19. What a neat site! I’m in love with the Seed to Bud Tea Towel by Dorothy Jeane, the Bill Keeper by the Paper Keeper, and Tourmaline Petal Earrings by Lori Kaplin!

  20. I’ve been wanting a swoop toy bag for months, so right now that’s my favorite!

  21. Holy cow! That Citrine Geode necklace is gorgeous.

  22. pretty sure if I won I would have to guy the city scape baby outfit for my nonexistent baby. great shop!!!

  23. Sarah Jane says...

    I love the jewelry from Sheer Addiction, especially the initial necklaces!

  24. So many nice things. I like the tili elephant shirt and the molecule necklance. I could really spend that gift certificate well if you pick me…. :)

  25. I know that it’s nerdy but I love the molecule necklace and earrings. SO.CUTE.

  26. I love the green amethyst pendant necklace. Simple, pretty jewelry always gets me!

  27. Love it all!

  28. I love their art prints and their jewelry, especially the initial pendant!

  29. In love with all of the pieces from both r+r and Pauletta Brooks! Want them so badly!

    best of luck!

  30. What a great giveaway! I love that pink bag.

  31. My favourites were the Black Spinel Bracelet, the Pet Bow Tie Collar, and the ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ card.

  32. Love the Dorothy Jeanne shop. Too bad the site is down.

  33. That amethyst garden ring is incredible!

  34. The Rifle + Radford jewelry is amazeballs. That necklace!

  35. I love the Wavy Disk Earrings from Pauletta Broosk. These gorgeous pair of earrings show that art can be ‘wearable’.

  36. Oh I do like those white amethyst earrings, plus the tandem bike lino print, and also a custom silver cuff might be nice. Thank you!

  37. I am in love with the Big Bridge Studio designs, especially the Central Park Leaf onesie! Gah, so adorable!

  38. I love that linocut shark print, super cute. Also the rifle and Redford jewelry is gorgeous!

  39. Wow! This site has so many wonderful items. Central Park Leaf Boy Girl Baby Onesie is so adorable and would be perfect for our one day baby. I also love the geometric brass and glass tube necklace. I might just have to buy this for an early birthday present to myself.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  40. Anonymous says...

    those are beautiful bangles– my favorite color too!

  41. Michelle Starbuck designs are absolutely beautiful!

  42. the ombre chevron necklace and the unisex shorts are my very favorites, and the soaps are too cute!

  43. Ooh la la, I love the Ombre Chevron necklace from Michelle Starbuck Designs. Its a statement without the bulk.

  44. EvonneS says...

    I love the Ombre Chevron Necklace by Michelle Starbuck. Gorgeous!

  45. loving those bangles, kinda need to have them on my wrist right now!

  46. Lori Kaplan’s green amethyst necklace, please!

  47. Anonymous says...

    I love the mason jars!!
    Jen H
    jenellendesign at hotmail dot com

  48. I love In Pink’s silver tone orange stone ring, Michelle Starbuck’s chevron ombré necklace, and Dorothy Jeans Don’t Worry Eat Ice Cream!

  49. My favorite item is the Mixed Metal Bangle! It’s so cool!

  50. The Rifle & Radford jewels are to die for! Love!

  51. I LOVE all the jewelry from Michelle Starbuck Designs and I would definitely hang the “CREATE” print from Retro Modern Art in my office for a little inspiration.

  52. love the beautiful ring!

  53. Lizz C. says...

    I wish I could have everything… :)

  54. I love the Sheer Addiction “Addison Bracelet!”

    Thanks for this give away!!

  55. I wish I could have everything… :)

  56. Oh my gosh – I love all the jewelry!

  57. The Elodie necklace is perfect!! I have so many things i would wear it with.

  58. Wow! I love the Grande Amethyst Geode!

  59. Love the Sterling Stacking Rings by Lori Kaplan- I like minimalist jewelry

  60. I love (and have loved for a while) Thirty-One Shekels the stamped cuff!!

  61. oooo i like the white amethyst geode earrings!

  62. Pretty much in love with those metal bangles. Would totall rock them in a crisp whit button up and some strappy sandals!

  63. I love the Champagne Jasper necklace.

  64. there’s a groupon for chicago transit right now might wanna snatch that up

  65. lovely shop! the ribbon and metal bangles are amazing

  66. I love them all!!! Especially the jewelry, coasters, and stationary!!

  67. Oh man, that swoop bag reminds me of my childhood. I think I need one for my little ones!

  68. I love the retro art–the vw linocut is my favorite! What a great site!

  69. Love the swoop bag- perfect for all the toys and mess
    My 9 month old creates!!

  70. oh my! the lavender amethyst necklace by rifle and raddford is so lovely!

  71. Simple and beautiful necklace, Geometric Brass & Glass Tube Necklace from Michelle Starbuck.

  72. Catherine P. -- says...

    I love the Michelle Starbuck Designs shop and the ombre chevron necklace. Beautiful! What a fab giveaway.

  73. I LOVE all of the Rifle + Radford Jewelry. BEAUTIFUL!!

  74. love!

  75. Love the bloom pillow cover!
    and well, almost everything!

  76. love the onsies and the white amethyst earrings.
    thank you for the giveaway, jo! :)

  77. Lulie says...

    rifle + radford earrings. so beautiful.

  78. My husband would love a bike print…my son would look great in a onesie…and I’d love the chevron necklace ;)

  79. The Swoopy toy bag is honestly my favorite, only I’d want to put my purse ingredients in it…

  80. Love Sheer Addicton’s jewelry!

  81. I love several things! The Addison Gold Bracelet from Sheer Addiction Jewelry is my favorite though.

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  82. hhicks says...

    I love all the jewelry from the Rifle & Radford shop!

  83. I like the abstract leaf earrings at In Pink and the gold tassel necklace at sheer addiction. $200 would go a long way!

  84. The drake necklace in lovely.

  85. Labrador ladder

  86. What a great resource–thanks!

    I am loving the Fern necklace (and many other things).

  87. Ashley N. says...

    I LOVE the Rifle + Radford amythest rings! Sooo pretty!!

  88. love those ribbon bangles and the initial necklaces, but the kenyan quilt is my fav!

  89. Oh my goodness, so many great things!

  90. The amethyst stalagtite necklace has my name ALL over it. So beautiful.

  91. definitely adore the lariat style peacock feather necklace!

  92. I love the idea of moss and crystals in jewelery… And hand-knit earrings!

  93. I am loving the green amethyst necklace. so lovely!

  94. I like the Rifle and Radford pieces!

  95. I love the swoop bag, it would e perfect for a quick sweep cleanup at the beach (let’s face it after spending the entire day at the beach the last thing you want to do is cleanup)

  96. I love the thinking of you cards from 22&33 and the honeycomb, goat milk, & oat soap from M Design Boutique!

  97. Lace Knit Mason Jars are my favorite!

  98. Green sea necklace…. swoon.

  99. love Dorothy Jeanne’s cute patterns! I would get her tea towels for my vintage kitchen :)

  100. Erica Y says...

    Oh wow! The Rifle and Radford Labdorite ladder necklace is amazing! I think that is my favorite, but it was really hard to choose!

  101. Alisha E says...

    What a great site; I love the swoop bag!

  102. I love the White Amethyst Geode earrings from Rifle+Radford Jewels.

  103. I love the crystal garden jewelry by Pauletta Brooks! How cool!

  104. This comment has been removed by the author.

  105. love the amethyst garden ring!

  106. yj says...

    the race bib coasters are such a great idea!
    and the r&r jewelry pieces are beautiful

  107. Love the mason jars and bangles!

    ruru126 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  108. i love the dorothy jeanne pillows!!

  109. So many to choose from!
    Definetly anything from Maddy wear, 22&33, or the swoobags, genius!
    Or jewelry!

  110. Love the metal bangle set and the LOVE coaster set!

  111. Oh, the white amethyst geode earrings from Rifle and Radford are such a nice twist on a classic pearl-like earring. Cute!

  112. I love the amethyst geode earrings!!

  113. Love the amethyst geode sparkler earrings!

  114. I love all of the stationery from 22&33. The My Little Chickadee poppy coasters are really cool too. And last but not least, the Michelle Starbuck ombre chevron necklace and the geometric brass and glass necklace.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. Definitely the swoop bag! What a great idea

  116. The ombre chevron necklace!

  117. What a cool giveaway! It’s so difficult! I love both the light green sea necklace and the ombre chevron necklace, I could really use some soaps, and Cassandra’s cards are so cute I don’t know if I could give them away!

  118. i love those mason jars. and the green onesie is sooooooo adorable.

  119. In love with the equestrian necklace by michelle starbuck…and pretty much everything else!

  120. I like the Chevron necklace from Michelle Starbucks

  121. The Union Jack coasters are the best!!

  122. Love everything Lori Kaplan. That amethyst necklace would be such a great addition to my jewelry board!

  123. I love the large chevron necklace from michele starbucks designs!

  124. The Honeycomb, Goat Milk, Oatmeal Soap from M Design Boutique sounds wonderful!

  125. I love Paula Brook Pale Green Sea Necklace. Also, love the website design!

  126. I love the sheer addiction jewelry!

  127. Two favorites are Pauletta Brooks’ Wavy Disk Earrings and Sheer Addiction Jewelry’s Addison Gold Bracelet! So pretty!

  128. I love that bangle, but my favorite item are the mason jars! How creative!

  129. EP says...

    Loving the mixed metal bangle and the erica bow headband!

  130. The Honeycomb, Goat Milk, Oatmeal soap from M Design Boutique sounds wonderful and I would wear all the jewelry from Sheer Addiction Jewelry. I’d love to win!!

  131. As an avid runner, I am always trying to figure out what to do with some of my race memorabilia. I love the Race Bib Coaster Set, what a cute way to keep those!

  132. I love the Michelle Starbuck designs. Beautiful lines.

  133. The mason jars are so cool and the amethyst necklace is just lovely!!!

  134. race bib coasters ahhh!