Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from 20 Best Twenty, a wonderful website that curates twenty independent shops every month. The site brings together everything from jewelry to baby onesies to stationery. (Above are ribbon-wrapped bangles, for example, and below is a Swoop toy bag.) Today, they’re giving one lucky reader a $200 gift certificate to pick out anything on the site.

For a chance to win, please visit 20 Best Twenty and leave a comment below with your favorite items from the site. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! xo Update: Alicia F. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

  1. Im-Perfect Facet Necklace is adorable, and Green Tourmaline Ring by Lori Kaplan is a dream

  2. Katy Penrod says...

    I love the ombre chevron necklace! This is such a great site, thanks for posting about it :)

  3. I love Ribbon Wrapped Bangle, Mixed Metal Bangle, and Abstract Leaf Earrings

  4. Oh my god, the Champagne Jasper necklace from Rifle and Radford!

  5. Those knit-covered mason jars are incredible.

  6. I Can’t decide between the swoop bag and the bumblebee bib set. What a fantastic site!

  7. Love the cute onesie!

  8. Anonymous says...

    The jewelry from Lori Kaplan are great. So delicate!
    Thanks, Laura.

  9. What a neat site, totally bookmarking this. I’d pick out the Mixed Metal Bangles for my bridesmaids and the Green Amethyst Necklace for my mama :)

  10. Ah this is a crazy giveaway, thank you! I LOVE the Swoop toy bag– we had a bag in the exact same shape to hold our Legos!

  11. I have been wanting one of those swoop bags forever.

  12. Beautiful site!! I love the mixed metal bangles!! Crossing my fingers!!

  13. I’m a fan of the White Amethyst Geode!! Hope its not too late to enter.

  14. the jewelry on this site is beautiful!!!

  15. I love that green amethyst necklace, it’s stunning!

  16. That is so much fun! I love the hand painted cards.

  17. Thanks for introducing me to this site! What a great idea.

    It’s so hard to choose, but…
    the Modern Summer Garden Print from retro modern art would loook perfect in our kitchen; the Smokey Jasper Druzy earrings from riffle & raddford are gorgeous; I love the Karmen Bracelet from sheer addiction jewelry; and the Triple Ring Necklace from Michelle Starbuck Designs is so sweet.

    Fingers crossed!


  18. I love the toy bag, and anything else for my little girl. This would be so great!

  19. I love their jewelry picks!! Great giveaway!

  20. holy moly! hope i get this!

  21. I love all the jewelry:)

  22. I love the Dorothy Jeanne Bloom Pillow Cover as well as Ocean Blue Mason Jar Set.


  23. The white ameythist geode earrings are out of this world.

  24. those red poppy coasters are my favorite!

  25. i love the big bridge studio T’s and the Lori Kaplan Green Amethyst Necklace. Stunning!

  26. I like the swoop bag, soy candles, and wee drool.

  27. the swoop would be a perfect present for my sister! her two boys have toys scattered all over the house.

  28. I need the swoop!!!!

  29. The jewelry from R+R is beautiful! I love the Anaba Grande and White Amethyst Geode earrings.

  30. how pretty is that jewelry! would love to wear the Black Spinel Bracelet

  31. Mo says...

    I love the mixed metal bangle set. Great giveaway!

  32. C. says...

    Hi, I’m love with the Grande Amethist Geiode Ring ! A beitiful statement jewelry.
    Thanks for the giveway !

  33. I think this is one of the best giveaways!!! Love the rustic art :)

  34. Anonymous says...

    Oh I LOVE the smokey jasper, druzy, & labradorite ladder necklace!



  35. Those soaps look good enough to eat!

  36. The R+R amethyst earrings are beautiful. What a cool site.

  37. I love the triangle necklace! I believe it’s called Ombre Chevron.

  38. love the mason jars!

  39. loving the sweet onesies by big bridge studios

  40. Eep! Anything from Rifle + Radford – especially the Amethyst Stalactite necklace!

  41. Im in love with the Green Amethyst Necklace from Lori Kaplan and the Mixed Metal Bangle from In pink fashion Jewelry!

  42. I love the swoop bag! This would be a great bag to bring on vacation for a little toddler. Just think of all the things it could hold!

  43. Rifle & Radford is amazing!

  44. i love the ribbon wrapped bangle from In Pink. darling cobalt blue color.

  45. Liz says...

    I like big bridge studio t shirts for my 2 little ones!

  46. I love this website!
    My favorite items are the pale green sea necklace from Pauletta Brooks, ombre chevron necklace from Michelle Starbuck designs, the Anaba Grande earrings and Labradorite Ladder necklace from Rifle and Radford.

    I can’t stand how much I love all this jewelry! Thanks for sharing.

  47. Anonymous says...

    Swoop Bag, for sure! What a great solution for the living room Lego mess (for those of living in tiny city apartments with a kid).


  48. Great concept. Love the chevron necklace. Hopefully I’m not too late to enter

  49. very clever – and great stuff!

  50. Oooo…the Swoop bag…(bubble gum pink is my fave)…what a genius idea!

  51. Anonymous says...

    Hands down… the swoop… active 3 year olds demand creative ways to clean up.

    margaret –

  52. I love the knitted jar set and the white amethyst geode earrings! I love pretty much everything in those 2 shops!

  53. What a great idea! I love that the lists cover a wide range of products, and many of them are totally affordable!! Thank you!!!

  54. A new bib for baby and some new jewelry for mama!

  55. I love the alameda cottonwood white amethyst sparklers!

  56. Hope its not too late! I love all the Amethyst jewelry!

  57. I love all the jewelry in Michelle Starbuck designs!

  58. I love the mason jar set. It’s perfect for serving drinks at parties and DIY projects!

  59. Cute idea! I love the VW poster!

  60. Oooo, beautiful earrings!

  61. I’m really digging the white amethyst geode earrings.

  62. The Gold Amethyst Geode Sparkler Ring is gorgeous from Rifle and Radford!!! Would definitely get that and the Ribbon bangles from the original post!!

  63. “The adahy, lavender amethyst slice” is truly magical!

  64. Yep, I’m a sucker for fancy soap.

  65. i like the small initial necklace in the sheer addiction jewelry section.

  66. Love the Rifle and Radford designs!

  67. Lauren Grace says...

    Well I would start with one, or two, or three of the adorable Central Park Leaf onesies!

  68. I love that bangle!!! and the jumbo green bag sure would be handy for my three year olds growing toy collection!!

  69. I love these new types of shopping-in-one-place sites. so great for busy women!

  70. I am loving Michelle Starbuck Designs and the print art is great! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  71. I love the “Create” Print, the Michelle Starbuck brass cube necklace and the Rifle and Radford white amethyst studs, but everything is really nice!

  72. I love the Alphabet Sketch kids tee, so cute!

  73. I love the Retro Modern Art block prints and the Swoop bag in grey wolf!

  74. I love the Lori Kaplan jewelry and the Michelle Starbuck stuff is great too!

  75. I love the smokey jasper druzy earrings by Rifle and Radford and the alphabet tee by Big Bridge!

  76. Cool site, I love the jewelry!

  77. So many great items! I love the Rifle+Radford Marquise Amethyst Drops and Jasper & Flint Arrowhead. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I love the sweet art prints! How does one decide??

  79. what a great site! the swoop bags are great, and I love the chevron necklace too! thanks for the introduction.

  80. The Race Bib Coaster set by The Elegant Elephant would be SUCH a great gift for my marathon-running friend!

    – Lindsay

  81. so into the ocean blue mason jar set!! i’d order 2 sets of that. Then go with some awesome mixed metal bangles.

    Thanks for showing me this new website!

  82. I like the butterfly wing earrings!

  83. I really like the jewelry from Rifle + R A D F O R D. The White Amethyst Geode studs are so pretty

  84. I love the Ombre Chevron Necklace!

  85. Ooh, I am in love with some of the jewelry… like the chevron necklace, or butterfly earrings, or the stacked bangle bracelet! love!

  86. love the michele starbucks designs. so fresh and original!

    ingrid b

  87. Wow, lots of gorgeous items. I love the abstract leaf earrings and the ombre chevron necklace.

  88. I really like the lavender soap and the galloping horses kids’ t-shirt. Would bright pink be OK for a boy?? I think it’d be prret awesone…

  89. I need to get organized: receipt keeper and toy bag would be a start…

  90. The Brooklyn Bridge studios designs are fab, and the Swoop bags look great for just about anything!

  91. this is so awesome! i can’t wait to check this out regularly.

  92. Love the ribbon wrapped bangles!

  93. Anything from Rifle & Radford Jewels, really.

  94. I would love that mixed metal bangle!!

  95. I love the Pauletta Brooks Crystal Garden Pendant and the Rifle Radford Anaba Grande Earrings!!

  96. the mixed metal bangle is beautiful

  97. what a neat idea for a website.

    ps – the swoop bags are genius.

    thank you for the giveaway

  98. So many nice pieces to pick from, those earrings are great though.