The Weird Thing We Do on Vacations (I Swear by It)

When Alex and I were first dating, we went on vacation together, and something surprising happened…

We had been dating for six months, and we took a week-long vacation to Berlin. It was a big step for our relationship, and I worried we’d run out of things to talk about. (We didn’t.) Instead, we had an amazing time. We rented a studio apartment, rode bikes around town and ate German dumplings. We went swing-dancing at an old dance hall.

But toward the end of our trip, we decided to do something we had never done before on vacations: Spend a day apart. Alex wanted to visit the Topography of Terror museum (no thanks!), while I wanted to browse shops in Mitte. So we split up for the day and then reunited for dinner. And it was AWESOME.

Since then, we always spend a day apart on vacations. It’s liberating to have time alone to do exactly what you want, and then you can meet for dinner to share stories and photos. Stay at the beach for as long as you want. Eat three scoops of ice cream for lunch. Spend an hour looking at your favorite painting at a museum. Read books in the grass. Rollerblade around town. Having one day completely for yourself is such a treat, and you might even surprise yourself with what you choose to do.

What about you? Do you ever split up on vacations? I’d highly recommend it!

Because sometimes it’s nice to be alone, right?

(Top photo of Alex and me by Karen Mordechai, bottom photo by Chance)

  1. I need to remember this for the next vacation! Similarly, my boyfriend and I separated from the rest of our traveling contingent (there were nine of us) for an afternoon back in Copenhagen and it was the most refreshing day!

  2. Anonymous says...

    Actually I am taking a trip to NYC alone while my hubs stays home on account of work. I love shopping in NYC and i prefer to do it alone.

  3. Such a good idea. My boyfriend and I should definitely do this.

    I’m going to Berlin in October, where can I find this studio?

  4. it was never really a planned thing, but my boyfriend and i virtually always spend some time apart on holidays (9 years and going strong, so it obviously doesn’t harm the relationship!)… i love little more than exploring the nooks and crannies of a new destination with camera in hand… my boyfriend will almost invariably use this time to lose himself in a book… it’s a win win situation!

  5. Not sure. Sounds like a good idea, but since my husband and I are so busy normally and since the point of our holidays together is to actually get “us” time to spend together, then this would defeat the purpose (for us). But I like the independence! I know some couples that this could do a world of good for! (mostly duo-work from home couples)

  6. I went to Europe with my best friend last year. We were together most of the trip. But one afternoon in Burano we split up. She wanted to shop and I just walked around the island taking photos. It was a nice to have the alone time.

  7. that is an awesome tip! we will have to try this in the future. i really love it, though. going on an adventure, together, but also going on one, on your own.. in a new place. and than that lovely dinner, afterwards. thank you! ;)

  8. I LOVE this idea. Not sure Mr M would though. Will let you know ….

  9. What a wonderful idea. I’ve never taken a vacation with a significant other before but it’s nice to get away from friends that’s for sure.

  10. That sounds awesome! I have not done it, just because I’m in a new place and would be worried about my own safety since… I could be an easy target. I’m not even 5ft and look younger than my age. Otherwise, I would love to do the same thing.

  11. Agree! We do that too. I spent my time around London by myself to visit the V&A Museum exhibit on The Queen by Cecil Beaton, shopped around Sloane Street and took as many pictures as I want. Then we met for dinner and talk about our day. It is refreshing!

  12. This is such a good idea! My family hasn’t gotten the hang of this. My dad has always felt like we should do EVERYTHING together on vacations, sometimes we’ve convinced him to let the group split up saying we don’t always have to be together and it’s usually nice to get a break from each other. Having everyone do there own thing sounds like a great idea.

  13. I don’t normally spend time apart form my husband on trips, but recently, on a trip to Denver, I did just that! It wasn’t by choice since he had to do a work thing that day, but I got to go to the zoo! Jon would’ve never gone for that, and I had a blast! The animals were acting crazy and I got the best pictures! I’m not sure I’d do it every time, but I definitely could do it again!

  14. nah, quite the opposite: my husband and I are inseparable when we travel. And the thing is (this was our surprise), we’ve learned that when we’re on vacation, we pretty much settle into a single unified rhythm. We get hungry together, we get tired together, we wander aimlessly, look at museums together. If anything, when we’re abroad, we are a little TOO flexible and sometimes have a hard time settling on what to do because we both keep asking, “well, what do you want to do?”

    And our favorite thing really just seems to be to walk and hold each other’s hands – for 10 or 20 miles a day. =) simple, huh?

  15. This is a great idea! I have only taken smaller trips with my boyfriend, but even splitting up for a few hours would be nice. I like to shop and he likes to.. do whatever he likes to do.. we both get what we want! I just hope I don’t get lost wandering too much alone!

  16. Such a great idea. My hubby and I do separate over the break normally me sitting by the pool reading a magazine or book and he take the kids to the beach. But a whole day sounds great.

  17. Charlotte K says...

    I’m not married, but when I go on vacations with friends we always do this. Then we sit in a pub or bar at end of day and tell each other everything! It’s a high point of any trip.

  18. SW says...

    My husband and I do this. On longer trips, we’ll spend a full day apart, and on shorter trips like weekend getaways, we’ll spend a few hours apart. It’s always refreshing. And often, my husband will bring back a little gift or treat for me from his walk, very sweet!

  19. I’ve accompanied my husband to three European conferences where we have no choice but to separate. He spent the day at meetings while I’ve explored Paris, Gothenburg, and Rome. I find it exhilarating. He always skips out on a few morning or afternoon sessions so we can have some day time together but I love having the freedom to shop, and visit multiple museums and churches without feeling like I’m boring him to tears. Highly recommended.

  20. Elena says...

    What a great idea!

  21. This makes perfect sense. When I travel with friends, I carve out at least a few hours for myself. Why not with a romantic partner?

    Whether it’s to pursue an interest you don’t share or to clear your head…now this seems so obvious.

  22. We do this too. Maybe not as methodically on ever trip, but I agree. I think it’s liberating, exciting and positive.

  23. oh, this is brilliant! i will have to tuck this idea away :)

  24. I’m most definitely trying this. Such a good idea. Just takes a confident healthy relationship to enforce! !

  25. Others have asked, but what about the wee? Would I love a break from the baby? Of course! But, that doesn’t sound like a day of rest for her Papa!

  26. wow, I’ve never thought of that before. Maybe we’ll try it sometime.

  27. That sounds like a genius idea. I’m in.

  28. We’d totally do that! But what about Toby? We have a son too. Guess you have to spend 2 days apart! Everyone takes a turn ;)

  29. what an amazing idea! just shared it with my husband and he loves the idea too! :) can’t wait to make this a part of our trips… now if I can just find time TO vacation! THANKS JO

  30. That is genius!! I’m totally going to try it.

  31. Wow, you always have such great tips and tricks for making relationships better/easier/more fun! This one provides the romantic anticipation of waiting seeing your loved one until the end of the day, plus having something new to share with them. What a lovely idea.

  32. Anonymous says...

    My husband and I have been doing this for 20 years and we swear by it. It’s so important to be together but apart sometimes. We often travel for long periods (3-4 weeks) and sometimes we’ll even spend a night apart and then meet up the next day. Refreshing and fun!

  33. I love this. I’ve actually done this on both family and couples vacations. On one of our last family trips (before my brother & I got married, had kids, etc.) to NYC, all four of us (mom, dad, brother, myself) split up to do what we each wanted to do and it was fun! More recently, this past April Eric and I split up for a day while in Paris. He had a convention to go to and I roamed around the city going to the flea market and having lunch at the Eiffel Tower. We met up later for dinner and it was so much fun to share our days.

  34. I am married yet adore my own time alone too. I remember a trip we took to Taiwan (pre-kids) and within a week I was riding the underground myself, and took a (short) day to shop for myself, by myself. It was fantastic. Incidentally, the best job I ever had was being on the road, working by myself for the majority of the time. Bliss!

  35. I kind of love this in every day life, too. Ryan and I both work from home a lot and we’re just together all the time. So one or both of us will purposely go out just to be apart for a bit, and everything’s always better when we reunite — conversation, moods, and all!

  36. Andrea says...

    My husband and I are pretty comfortable spending time independently when we are at home, so I can see this working well for us on vacation, too–especially if we both wake up a little cranky!

  37. I’d never thought of this but it’s such a great idea for couples (or even friends) who vacation together.

  38. Such a great idea. My boyfriend and I travel so much together and this would seriously help with some of our long trips.

  39. Such a great idea. My boyfriend and I travel so much together and this would seriously help with some of our long trips.

  40. never tried it but it sounds kind of awesome. coming back and sharing your stories of your adventures. i like it!

  41. I love love this idea. Totally going to try it! Ice cream for lunch is totally my thing, not my man’s. ;)

  42. Interesting idea! Sounds quite lovely to me actually. I too like being alone sometimes and like you said, it would be neat to relive your day over dinner that night.

  43. My husband and I did that in New York. It was my first time in the big city, he’d been twice before, so was a bit nervous to let me go off on my own. But we parted ways at the subway…me to the MET, and him to the Bronx. Ha-ha. He came to get me at the museum afterwards. And I agree, it exciting to see each other at the end of the day after doing our own thing; especially in such a huge, fascinating city (I even managed to take a quick trip over to Bloomingdale’s while I waited for him – he was so-o impressed with me for figuring that out!).

  44. Anonymous says...

    This is great, I only did it once when we had the kids along, they went on rides and i went to the attractions, it was great! I may do this next week while on vaca alone with the hubs for the first time in years. Mary in NY

  45. I heart that idea. I’ll have to give that a try sometime. :)


  46. Chantel says...

    The only time my husband and I have been seperated on a holiday was by accident! While in Paris on the subway the metro doors closed so fast and my husband jumped out so quickly that he left me stranded on the metro as it road away, ha!

    Personally, I hate travelling alone. I’ve tried and I get so lonely. I want to share my holiday and experiences with someone so I love to share my time when I’m travelling. Whether that’s with my husband or friends :)

  47. Since becoming a mother 3 years ago (full time stay at home) I crave alone time so badly. I remember you had posted a while back a story of your friend who takes a vacation by herself every year. That sounds so good to me however I think that a day during a vacation with the hubs would be the best of both worlds. It’s so hard to get away as it is so this sounds like a great middle ground!

  48. it’s a great idea. we do that every week of our daily life, why not incorporate it into vacation time too?

  49. It’s not wierd at all! I love doing that though my husband always seems a bit bummed and confused when I request it. Poor guy.

  50. Fair enough and sometimes much needed! Especially because there are times where we just want to do different things! It’s nice to take it as something organic and even positive for the relationship! Bisous!

  51. Great idea! We kind of do that – my guy loves to sleep in, so I have the mornings all to myself to explore and I love it!

  52. Anonymous says...

    My hubby and I do this every vacation!! Prague, I wanted to do another walking tour, he wanted to sip a pint of beer and read. Then at dinner we catch up. I highly recommended!!!

  53. Wow. That is so simple and mind blowing at the same time! I love my time alone, which rarely happens in our house. Genius. Thanks for sharing!

  54. We just got married this weekend at Clärchens Ballhaus! It was amazing … Greetings from Berlin, Caro

  55. A great idea and I think one I’ll suggest to the Huzz this vacation. Everyone needs their space and a vacation would be the perfect time to really soak it up.

  56. Wow, you two had it figured out even back then. You guys are inspirational :) keep it up.

  57. Stefanie says...

    On our honeymoon, my husband and I split up for a day in Athens and we loved it! I went shopping while he went to the Natural Museum of History.

  58. I would totally love this idea of splitting and doing my own thing, but my husband would never agree. He would always wants to stick by my side.

    But I can’t imagine a better idea to spend one day of the vacation than going separate ways and having a ‘me’ time. Peaceful time.

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  59. This is a great idea! I don’t feel like Rhett would go for it, but I could always float the idea to him :) He doesn’t like alone time nearly as much as I do!

  60. I think it’s a lovely idea, being alone in a new place is so wonderful. I don’t think my partner would let me out of his sight for a sec though, he even goes shopping for shoes with me cause he’s so excited to do stuff together in a new place :)

  61. I’m going to break the trend and say that I don’t think this would be for me. I always feel that even though my boyfriend and I live together, it often feels that we do just that- ‘live’ together, cohabit, share the same space. Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely and romantic and special, but I very often feel that our actual quality time with one another is quite limited.

    I love going on holiday with him because there aren’t televisions or laptop or chores to distract us from one another, and it’s so lovely to just reconnect and feel like a young couple again who can’t stop looking in each other’s eyes.

    So in short, I think it’s a really cool idea but I don’t think it’s for me :) I love hearing about other couple’s traditions and dynamic, it’s so fascinating!

  62. Never done it, but I want to now!

  63. Cool idea! I’ll have to try that and hope that he doesn’t take it the wrong way! lol

  64. Helen says...

    Yes! We go to Ireland to my families home town every year and I always spend a day wandering around all the second hand book shops while my oh goes fishing. Not sure what happens now it’s our first trip with a little one. It would still be nice to perhaps have a morning

  65. my husband and i always do this too! it started when we were last in san francisco, after several previous trips during which carl was marooned in the obligatory husband/boyfriend seat in a boutique while i tried on a million things. instead we planned a day apart- i went shopping and he had a steam and massage at the kabuki spa. that night we were both refreshed and excited to be together again! plus, i didn’t have to endure and sighs or raised eyebrows over my purchases!
    we were just in paris last week, and i actually booked my arrival two days before carl finished up his work in the south of france. two days alone exploring paris was a fun challenge and a great experience! it was sort of sexy too when we finally met- at a dark little bistro in st.germain. like going on a special date! i strongly second your recommendation! but then, i so enjoy my alone time ;)

  66. This is a great idea!

  67. This really is a fantastic idea. I sometimes want to go to art museum after art museum and my fiance definitely does not. He would completely go for this idea. Even more fun, would be to buy each other a small, inexpensive gift to meet up with at dinner!

  68. I’m not sure if I’d do that… Nico and I have so much fun together when we’re on vacation! I think I would miss him terribly… but may be we should try it, may be we can start with an afternoon apart, right?


  69. Thank you for this. My boyfriend and I didn’t meet until I was in my mid-thirties and by that time I was pretty used to traveling alone. I love it, you meet far more people when traveling alone. I always feel like I am missing out on part of the experience when we travel together. I usually just take a vacation by myself once every year, but this might be a nice alternative.

  70. My husband and I did this in Hawaii on our honeymoon! He went golfing and I sat on the beach, shopped, read and napped. Like you said, it was nice to experience something alone and it made dinner conversation that much more exciting!

  71. Yes! We did this once years ago in Yosemite when my husband wanted to do the 18 mile hike up Half Dome–and I did NOT! :) So, I took a free art class, lazed in a meadow, and bought chocolate. We both had a great day! Thanks for reminding me of this. What a good idea!

  72. i absolutely love this idea.. sometimes i feel a bit guilty separating when our time together is so precious but i like the idea of reuniting for a date. perfect!!

    p.s. i lived in berlin for a year and this reminds me of how much i miss it!

  73. Sarah H. says...

    Love it! I don’t think we’ve ever actually tried it in 15 years of vacationing together. Weird, now that I think of it. Sometimes it happens when we go “back home” to visit family and friends that we each spend time with different people for a while on a day or two, but the time apart is not that intentional. I think it would be harder when we’re traveling with our daughter (she’s have to come with one of us, and that might not make for a very “fair” day apart, since doing exactly what we’d please would be trickier with a child in town)…but I will be giving this idea a try on our next vacation. Thanks!

  74. One of the best vacations I’ve been on is when my hubs was sent to Charleston for a week for work. He was in training all day and I was able to stroll the city and take pictures and do whatever I wanted. And we met for dinner every night. I did miss him, but the alone time was great!

  75. I love this idea, but what about when Toby is with you? We are going to Finland for 2 weeks with our one-year-old to visit my husbands family. I think a day apart is going to be necassary!

  76. Great issue to discuss!

    When on vacation with a boyfriend or husband, I’ve never gone off on my own, except (once) after a huge fight. BUT, I have wanted to separate for a day on good terms. I used to travel alone (and still do occasionally, but only for business.) I loved being able to explore exactly what I wanted to explore.

    Unfortunately my husband views the idea of taking off on our own for the day, or even a few hours, as a “bad sign.” He thinks it could only mean we’re not getting along… afterall, we should do everything together on vacation, right? (And this, from a 49-year-old!)

    On my new blog, I talk a bit about our method of trying to live somewhat like a local when we travel abroad. (Great idea to rent a studio apt. and usually quite cost-effective, but we have yet to do this, although we were able to “borrow” a friend’s flat in Switzerland once.) I hadn’t thought about it in this way, but going off on your own really IS like living like a local. Most people, anyway, in their daily lives, do not do every activity with their significant other.

    I understand why people don’t do this… in your daily life, you know where everything is, whereas on vacation, you can be a bit out of your element… unless you’re very familiar with the place, your vacation can’t be exactly like living like a local. But I agree with the importances of taking some time alone to explore a new place!

  77. I actually do this often! When we reunite for dinner we have so much to share with each other about our days!

  78. this is a fabulous idea! next vacation we go on, i definitely plan on doing this. because it’s true, those alone times are always fabulous :)
    xo TJ

  79. I always like to have a little bit of time alone in the hotel, whether it’s sending my boyfriend down for a swim on his own or to get coffee or whatever. A few years ago we split up in Chicago for a few hours and it was so exciting seeing him walking down the block to meet me, like we’d just happened upon eachother in this huge city. Can’t miss eachother until you’ve been gone!

  80. can’t believe i never thought of this before!

  81. what a brilliant idea, though I’d probably get lost knowing me x

  82. I love the idea I’ve never thought of it before. If you spend too much time with someone you might get sick of him. You need sometime alone to find balance and miss him. It keep the relationship healthy. Thanks for sharing

  83. Wow! I never thought of this but it’s brilliant. I usually want to be all up in my honey’s grill because I don’t feel like I get to see him enough in our daily lives. However, the idea of doing EXACTLY what we want all day, missing him and coming together for dinner sounds fun, romantic and exciting. Must try this!

  84. Sara says...

    That’s such a great idea!

    Come to think of It, my boyfriend and I will be doing a different version of this in August: he sets out from another country on his bike, travelling across other countries. I leave soon after and also travel on my own by train (no bike though); we meet a few days later at a ‘meeting point’ and then explore a few other places together.

    I’ll probably use this tip for when we do ‘regular’ trips :)

  85. I don’t think my Hubs would go for this!

    But, actually- we go on vacations to GET time together because of hectic work schedules. :)
    Eat Cake

  86. Every day you become my hero just a little bit more.

  87. yep, we do that too! typically on the last day when i need to go shopping :)

  88. Love that idea.

  89. We usually do this, too! It’s so nice to be able to have solo adventures, especially if you’re used to being independent (we are both fiercely independent!). Love that you posted about this!

    I love your blog!

  90. this is such a brilliant idea for our international trips! Thanks for the advice, I’m excited to try it out.

  91. Yes! Especially when travelling with kids–we each get a day (or at least the majority of a day) without kids or spouse to do as we wish. It’s SO refreshing. So glad you posted this. XO

  92. Wow. I never would have thought to do that, but why not! We all need a bit of alone time in our real lives. It makes sense to do it on vacations, too!

  93. I love to travel and this is such a great idea when touring around with the BF! It’s a great reminder that spending time alone can make your relationship even stronger.

  94. I would love this bc I am kinda a person that enjoys being alone but my husband is always really scared when were in another country that something could happen to me so he hates me to away from him.

  95. Yes, it is the best idea. Because think of it. Even when living together you usually don’t see each other 24/7 like you do on vacation so it’s so nice to take some breahing time so you appreciate each other so much more.

    We did this in Brazil. He stayed in Rio and I flew to Brasilia for the day to see the Architecture. He didn’t want to get on another plane and it helped build his confidence hanging by himself in Rio. The Mister isn’t as adventurous as I am so that alone time in a city he only just met did wonders for our traveling together.

  96. My husband and I did this once, in Nashville, and it was pretty cool. I couldn’t wait to see him again by the afternoon!

  97. This is a great tip! Usually my boyfriend and I can agree on most things to see and do when we travel, but I don’t usually do any real shopping or window shopping for the matter, because I know it’s torture for him. We’re both pretty independent though so this would be the perfect solution.

  98. Every time I travel with other people, whether it be a group or just one other person, I make it a point to have some me-time. It really gives me a chance to connect with a new city when I don’t have to worry about whether or not someone is enjoying my itinerary!

  99. That sounds absolutely perfect to me. I’d probably be overwhelmed with all the possibilities! However, my husband wouldn’t be able to understand – he doesn’t like being alone. So…we’ll see if I can convince him on the next trip :)

  100. What a fantastic idea…I wil definitely be trying this the next time the hubs and I go on vacation

  101. that is literally the best idea i’ve ever heard. oh man, the possibilities. love it!
    kw ladiesinnavy

  102. diana banana says...

    also my husband gets a kick out of playing the part of the dude being dragged along. he actually likes sitting in a girly boutique in the comfy “for the man” chairs reading a magazine. he always offers to hold my purse when i go to a public restroom too, he’ll fling it over his shoulder like a natural

  103. I love this idea! I just got back from vacation with my boyfriend, and it would have been interesting to spend a day a part doing exactly what we wanted to do individually.

  104. i think that is a great idea. also love the top photo of you both

  105. Anonymous says...

    So how does this work now that you have Toby? Do you each have a day with your son alone, so he gets one-on-one time with each parent, and then the parents get a day to him/herself?

  106. I love this idea! Being an only child I often miss the solice in being by myself and my thoughts being around my husband and toddler constantly. I love the quiet time I get when my husband goes on hunting trips and after my daughter has gone to bed.

  107. I LOVE this. Often times, we spit up for a few hours but usually just in the name of shopping. (I can’t browse the racks with my husband looking over my shoulder.) I like the idea of spending a day or half a day apart – especially when you’re on a longer vacation.

  108. i am single and therefore travel alone to visit friends or with travel companions as opposed to a spouse, but i always take alone time. i’m adventurous and while it’s fun to experience a city with your companions or have your friends show you around, it’s challenging..and exhilarating…to navigate a foreign city alone.

    so i completely support this notion joanna! go girl!

  109. That sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m not sure my guy would go for it but I might run it by him for our trip to Paris in the fall.

  110. I love this idea!

  111. I am a firm believer in the “mecation” and your idea is lovely! Whenever I travel with people I have to compromise (which I don’t mind doing) but I’d rather roam around alone and do what I want rather than spend hours in a museum that I want to see and hear my traveling companion complain about it.

  112. diana banana says...

    good idea, but my hubs and i love sharing vacation experiences together so i know we’d just wish the other one was there to look at and talk about something together. it brings us closer, we get to experience what the other person loves and that just feels so magical. it lets me take a step back from the relationship and observe him as a person, not my spouse, and reminds me of why i fell in love with him in the first place.

    that said, we also love observing our surroundings and have a great time noticing the fonts used in store signs, or people watching.

  113. Totally. I think you need some time apart so nobody feels resentful about missing something they want to do, or feeling like they’re attached at the hip or clinging to each other for dear life. That’s never relaxing! I’d even go so far as to say this is why the occasional solo trip (be it a long weekend or more like a 10-day thing) is so refreshing and beneficial to a relationship too. It’s like avoiding confluence and maintaining your own identity instead of becoming lost in the “we” as well.

  114. What a great idea! I must do this. Traveling alone is so liberating. You get to do exactly what you want to do.

    mon amy

  115. I would love to give this a try! I highly doubt my husband wl like it, but it sounds so great! An entire day with no one to worry about except myself, woo!

  116. My husband and I have also done this on vacation. And it’s great to meet back up in the evening for a lovely dinner and tell about your day.

    Now that we put 3 kids into the mix it’s makes it much more difficult though.

  117. Fantastic! Totally trying this. Especially w/ kids – one person gets day to self while other watches kids & next day switch. Or maybe do half-days in that case so you don’t end up with two full days apart. Love the idea!!

  118. I feel a wee bit like a crazy person, but the thought of intentionally making time to spend apart to check out/do what you enjoy… has never crossed my mind… and I cannot wait to build this into my next vacation.

    Usually, we diverge without planning, and it can feel a teeny bit frazzled.

    My husband thanks you in advance.

  119. Lauren says...

    This is such a great idea, alone time is so important. I usually beat my boyfriend home from work, so days that I work late and he eats alone I always ask him “Didn’t you love hanging out in the apartment alone?” He usually says that it was ok…I, on the other hand, LOVE my alone time. I try not to make it sound too great though…I also like hanging out with him, of course!

  120. I love this idea!

  121. would never ever think to do this, but may have to give it a try sometime – absence does make the heart grown fonder… :)

  122. I would absolutely do this, I love exploring new cities and sometimes it’s wonderful just to sit alone in a cafe having coffee and people watch by yourself….and I think when you’ve had children, you appreciate this time even more!!

  123. Ah this is such a great idea! One of my favorite trips was by myself to Paris, but this totally captures the best of both worlds of flying solo and group travel!

  124. This is SO smart! There have been many times when my husband wants to do something like take a tour of Wrigley Field and all I want to do is spend the day at a museum or shopping and we choose which one we do as a couple and one of us is normally grumpy that whole day. Let’s just say he hasn’t been on the tour of Wrigley Field yet. ; )

  125. Such a sweet idea! I’d totally go for three scoops of ice cream or a nap on the beach. And it really is so much fun to catch up after individual adventures.

  126. Such a cool idea! Definitely going to be trying it!

  127. That sounds like such a fun idea! xo

  128. such a great call! as an only child (an opinionated one, at that), i love wandering new cities alone :)

    thanks for sharing the tip!

  129. love this idea :) I always appreciate a little time to myself!

  130. Who gets the kids? ;)

    Love this idea!

  131. OMG I love this idea

  132. I love that idea. Now it would just be convincing my husband its a good idea. Actually, maybe he would love it too. Thanks for the tip.

  133. We HAD TO split up in NYC because we were going on week two of spending every waking hour together. It was so refreshing and much-needed and our fondue dinner together that night, with the restaurant kitty-cat, was magical.

    I, too, highly recommend this travel tip!

  134. danie, truly, it’s the best. and it makes you miss each other during the trip, so it’s romantic to come back together at night! :)

  135. We are going on vacation tomorrow! Sounds like so much fun but I just don’t know if I could do it. I hate being alone, especially somewhere new. Maybe I will be brave and try lunch alone…. maybe not.

  136. What a cool idea! I’m usually inseparable from my husband on trips, but this may be worth a try.