The Best Scrambled Eggs You’ll Ever Have

This week is all about travel, so let’s talk about scrambled eggs. When you’re staying with friends or family, it’s such a nice gesture to get up early and whip up a delicious breakfast for everyone, and scrambled eggs are always a crowd-pleaser. Happily, the lovely Helene from Tartelette has agreed to share her favorite recipe…

The Best Scrambled Eggs You’ll Ever Have
By Helene from Tartelette

I used to be a more diligent breakfast eater growing up. Now, it’s a cup of a coffee, the newspaper and catching up with emails before heading to the studio. I just don’t eat breakfast.

Except on Saturdays.

Saturdays are special to my husband and me. We could stay in bed and take it easy but we prefer to head out to the farmer’s market to be there right at the opening and gone before the crowds roll in. We are on a mission. We must get eggs, fresh milk and bacon before they disappear fast. And believe me. They do. Celeste’s eggs are sought after by gourmands and chefs alike, and her cow’s milk brings you this much closer to nature with every sip. Jason’s bacon is lean and flavorful; you can feel the care in every bite.

Saturday mornings are definitely meant for breakfast.

Last Saturday, Jason handed me a little extra package with the bacon I was purchasing. Loosely wrapped in butcher paper was a pound of fresh mushrooms. A mix of chanterelles, shitake, oyster mushrooms. All from his “secret mushroom guy.” I don’t ask. I never do. I usually take my package and buy something extra the next time I see him.

The mushrooms ended up being the secret ingredient, taking scrambled eggs from delicious to “Wow! Are you going to finish yours?!”

I sauteed the mix with lots of parsley and garlic (my favorite way to eat mushrooms), scrambled the eggs with a touch of crème fraiche and impatiently waited for the toaster to release a couple pieces of bread from its metal embrace.

Recipe: Saturday Scrambled Eggs With Parsley & Garlic Mushrooms
Serves 2

You’ll need:
For the mushrooms:
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 cup mushrooms of your choice (we like shitake or chanterelles, but any earthy mushroom will do), chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

For the eggs:
4 large eggs
2 tablespoons crème fraiche or sour cream
1 teaspoon olive oil or butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Remaining ingredient:
Fresh or toasted bread

In a large sauté pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat and cook the mushrooms, with the garlic, until the mushrooms are just beginning to soften. Remove from heat, add the parsley and toss with a wooden spoon. Make sure not to burn the garlic or it will become really bitter.

Crack the eggs over a medium bowl and scramble them a few times with a fork. Mix in the crème fraiche (or sour cream). Season with salt and pepper. In a smaller sauté pan, heat the olive oil (or butter) over medium heat, add the scrambled eggs and gently stir them with a wooden spoon as they cook. You can decide to cook them until dry but we like them a bit soft and runny.

Serve the scrambled eggs over fresh or toasted bread and spoon a generous amount of sautéed mushrooms over each toast. Enjoy!

Delicious! Thanks, Helene!

How do you like your scrambled eggs? I add spinach and goat cheese, Alex likes adding smoked salmon, and Toby prefers his plain. :)

P.S. More best recipes, including chocolate-bourbon banana bread and buttermilk pancakes.

(Thanks to Shoko for her help with this series.)

  1. All I need is the mushrooms. Guess I’m going to the store. :)

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  3. Anonymous says...

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I just love when my favorite bloggers collaborate with their time and talents! Great post from great people :)
    Thank you!

  5. holy moly. I’m at work, hungrier than a hippo, and this made my stomach growl out loud. YUM!

  6. My mouth is watering!

  7. Delicious! I use 1/2 and 1/2 for my eggs and a touch of butter.

  8. Scrambled eggs are my fave but never thought about creme fresh and the mushrooms sound to die for! Trying this on the weekend!


  9. So totally hungry for scrambled eggs for dinner tonight, instead of hamburgers. Sigh…there’s always tomorrow morning!

  10. Yumm this post makes my mouth water! And Helene’s writing is so descriptive! I’m a big fan of this series..keep it up!


  11. I would’ve never thought to add mushrooms. Sounds so good!

  12. The best indeed. Looks delish. Can’t wait to try it.

  13. How delicious! I love the idea of making it on a crostini :)

    I like my scrambled eggs slightly runny.

    mon amy

  14. I love adding parmasan cheese into mine. So good!

    Funny thing – my dad used to think that putting your scrambled eggs on top of your toast was bad form. He actually forbid it in our house! I always tried to do it and my mom would back me up, because seriously? Why was he so strange about that? Whatever. I do it all I want now. :)

  15. Yum! My favorite since I was little. I like my scrambled eggs with ham, apples and caramelized onions. xo!

  16. It is so true! We just had friends over from the States and cooked the a traditional English Breakfast (more involved but worth it!) and they love it! Home cooked breakfast when traveling is the best. -JB.

  17. K says...

    Scrambled eggs are my dad’s specialty, and he always taught me to cook them as low and slow as possible, and definitely serve them a little runny! The creme fraiche sounds like a great addition.

  18. All this talk about how people like their eggs differently makes me think of Runaway Bride – that flick with Julia Roberts – and how she didn’t really know how she liked her eggs, but all of her boyfriends did. Totally tangential – I know! But, I wonder if our egg preferences say something about our personality? I like mine fried sometimes – but then again I like them runny and soft boiled. Hmmm – wonder what that says about me?? I’m not indecisive – I promise!

  19. This sounds really good. I usually sauté some onions and sprinkle oregano on my scrambled eggs. And I love goat cheese or feta on the side, to have a little with each bite!

  20. These sound soo delicious!
    But honestly? Best scrambled eggs you’ll ever have? It’s just eggs with cheese and salt and pepper. You don’t need more. Just that. :)

  21. well wow, i am totally craving this and i’ve never even had it before. lovely recipe, can’t wait to try it! we have amazing mushrooms at our farmers market so i know just where i’ll start. :) xo!

  22. Yum! I love scrambled eggs – they’re a really great comfort food. I like to eat them ON my toast, it adds a really great crunch!

  23. C. says...

    oh my god I love eggs so much, words can’t even describe. I could eat eggs for every meal! :)

    This recipe sounds great…


  24. I ate eggs sunnyside up this morning and I would have much prefered scrambled eggs. I thought I would switch it up but never again – haha. These sound superb. Have a great day and happy blogging.

    XX Hilary

  25. This looks so good. We mostly eat it with sliced ham, bit of onion and green pepper. Oh boy, I am craving it now:) xo

  26. Jo says...

    Microwaves are actually really good scrambled eggs, I normally don’t approve of the things but they make dream scramble.

  27. I don’t even like eggs, nor do I really eat meat…but I can wait to try this!

  28. That looks great! I like mine with some butter and salt, straight up ;o)

  29. What you should really try for some fluffy eggs is to seperate the white and the youks. Beat the egg white till they have some volume and then fold them into the beaten yolks. Yum!

  30. I found myself bored with eggs a few weeks ago…this may be just the recipe I need to reignite my love affair!

  31. I’m usually not very adventurous when it comes to eggs but I do like variety! I like them scrambled, sunny side up, sometimes with tomatoes and onions. Yum!

  32. I never thought of adding mushrooms to scrambled eggs, but I will for sure try this out! Sounds delicious!

    ‘They’ always say breakfast is the most important part of the day. IF that’s the case, I think employers should let us start later in the day so we can all get our fix! haha :)

  33. I love scrambled eggs. I make a sofrito, and then add the beaten eggs, season it with a lil bit of salt and pepper and sprinkle sliced shallots. :)

  34. We’re in a constant discussion about the perfect scrambled eggs. Just watched Gordon Ramsay’s take a few days ago –

    It’s easy to go wrong, but seems to me there are plenty of ways to make them perfect. :)

  35. yummers!! maybe use a bit of truffle oil too? Mmmm…

    my weekday breakfast is never something hot (usually granola and yogurt or a smoothie), but saturdays are THE DAY for good, hearty breakfasts in our house. scrambled eggs and mushrooms are now on the menu for this saturday!!

    (that’s unless we decide to much on food at Smorgasburg instead :P)


  36. My boyfriend loves scrambled eggs – I shall be trying out this recipe on Sunday

  37. I love my scrambled eggs with chives! Yum!

  38. Ida says...

    There’s a video on YouTube where Gordon Ramsey shows how to make scrambled eggs. It changed my view on eggs for ever.

  39. sounds lovely! I make mine with bacon, onion and red and green peppers x