State Sandwiches

Design student Kelly Pratt decided to eat her way through the classic sandwiches of all fifty states. Her project is called Stately Sandwiches. So far, she has done the California Powerhouse, as well as…

The Massachusetts Fluffernutter…

The Louisiana Muffuletta…

Minnesota Fried Walleye…

Connecticut Chicken Parm…

And the Virginia Ham Biscuit.

What’s your favorite sandwich? And your state’s sandwich? Growing up in Michigan, we had turkey and cheese sandwiches with potato chips! See more here.

(Via Wit & Delight)

  1. Anonymous says...

    North Carolina has to be a pork BBQ sandwich with coleslaw and hot sauce.

  2. Anonymous says...

    North Carolina has to be a pork BBQ sandwich with coleslaw and hot sauce.

  3. @Jess NJ has to be taylor ham & cheese on a round roll of COURSE!

  4. Cool idea! Originally from the Philly area so a Philly cheesteak. But I feel like New York would be some sort of pastrami sandwich from Katz’s deli, though they aren’t my fave.


  5. Louisiana has to be the poboy! I have a fried oyster poboy every time I go home! (Not exactly healthy but it’s delicious.)


    I love new sandwich ideas.

    I currently love a basic ham and mustard sandwich on seeded breaded simple but yummy :)

  7. That is just so cool! As a Virginia girl, I give that ham biscuit a big thumbs up : )

  8. Sadie is so right… In Indiana it would have to be a gigantic breaded tenderloin… With sugar cream pie for dessert! (That’s why we are fat and have lots of heart disease!)

  9. hmmm, oklahoma? i’d say…biscuits and gravy. which…is not a sandwich.

  10. I’ve been craving some new sandwich recipes lately. This is so inspiring! (especially because my boyfriend hates sandwiches, and I’m hoping to change his mind!)

  11. Yummy! And it also looks lovely! That’s a great idea!

  12. makes me hungry!

  13. The Connecticut Chicken Parm… I guess that’s not too bad of a way to go. The Philadelphia Cheesesteak. As for favorite sandwich, anything involving Nutella :)

  14. Anonymous says...

    The all English sandwich – marmite on toast!

  15. Lately I’ve been all about turkey and swiss cheese :D I love sandwitches!

  16. I’ll be curious to see what she digs up for NJ. An Italian hoagie from White House, perhaps?

  17. I never realized that a fluffernutter was a Mass. thing! They are oh so delicious. We obviously had fluff in our house on the reg, and occasionally the raspberry fluff! Yum!

  18. ohh, the minnesota sandwich looks delicious!!!
    xo TJ

  19. Hi Joanna and fellow sandwich lovers! Thanks for all of the wonderful comments and sandwich suggestions.
    If any of your are interested, I will be selling the 12 sandwich prints I have made so far on this Friday! Set your alarms and check out The Foodie Shop!

    And keep eating sandwiches!

  20. Whoa, I just had that exact same California sandwich! :o

  21. I have no idea what an Oregon sandwich would be, but I bet it’s something vegan and gluten free :)

  22. Florida better be a Cuban, properly pressed!

  23. Fluff is made in my hometown and I definitely agree with her choice! My friends that have moved away always ask me to send them cases, so they can make Fluffanutters!

    I went to the factory as a child and all I remember is this huge waterfall of Fluff! Heaven!

  24. Ummm Hawaii….I don’t really think we have a sandwich.

  25. interestingly, i’m from CA and have had the CA powerhouse countless times (but with cream cheese sometimes, not mayo). i had no idea it had a name or was so ubiquitous. i’ve also never actually had any of the other sandwiches! i swear i’m more adventurous than that makes me sound!

  26. Crab cake sandwich with Old Bay should be the one for Maryland! There is nothing better :)

  27. Anonymous says...

    Ooh, I wonder what Michigan’s sandwich will be!

  28. LK says...

    Sandwiches are my favorite food on the whole world. Nothing is better than a really good sandwich. There is a place in Philly called Sptaros and they have a killer turkey hoagie. Best sandwich ever. I grew up in California and my mom always put sprouts on my sandwiches so the CA sandwich makes sense. Just needs some turkey. I live in arizona now. I don’t know what the state sandwich is here but I have to try it.

  29. I’ve never thought about each state having their own sandwhich, but the Powerhouse is definitely representative for California

  30. Oh wow. These look delicious. What a great idea x

  31. Woohoo CT! As a child I loved ham and cheese melts.

  32. what great ideas to dress up boring sandwiches! the CA powerhouse sandwich looks amazing!

  33. Minnesota Walleye! Whoo hoo!

  34. The ham of a ham biscuit is country ham, not sliced!

  35. YUM!

    I just turned veggie and this post is making me want to eat an amazing ham sandwich! :/


  36. I think the oregon sandwich should be smoked salmon with a side of beer :)

  37. I’m tried to name what the sandwiches would be from the states I’ve lived in- from MN and I correctly guessed that it would be walleye, can’t wait to see what she picks as the state sandwiches for the other states I live/lived in- how interesting!

  38. aaaah how fun!! although as a born and bred virginia girl, i’m disappointed that she didn’t use country ham for her biscuit. but i guess if she used smithfield, it’s not the end of the world :) what a neat idea!

  39. Such a fun idea – California Power House all the way!

  40. What a cool idea!

  41. Nothing like a classic North Carolina ‘mater sandwich: White bread, juicy tomatoes still warm from the garden, Miracle Whip, salt and pepper.

  42. This is the coolest thing since sliced bread…My husband and I are going to make our way through all these recipes. Thanks for sharing this!

  43. That is a really cool idea! Thanks for sharing, Joanna. I’d try this if I liked so many sandwiches…I pretty much only like grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetable-only sandwiches, and PB sandwiches.

  44. love this! and love a good California Powerhouse every now and again as well! :)

  45. This is such a good idea – I could quite easily eat my way around America!

  46. Oh, wow. I bet my home state (Missouri) is going to get stuck with the St. Paul sandwich. It’s like an egg foo young sandwich with hamburger fixings (pickles, onions, tomato lettuce). It’s kind of a weird thing. I don’t think it exists outside of St. Louis. Or worse, the fried-brain sandwich! If those were my options I think I’d have to fall back on the St. Paul!

    Now I live in Indiana, which is proud of its for pork tenderloin sandwiches! They’re enormous but they are sooo good.

  47. Yep, I grew up eating turkey and cheese sammies in MI too (with mustard, something my French honey can’t even BEGIN to work his head around) and now? The last time I was in Ann Arbor it was a Porchetta sanwich: slow-roasted garlic and herb-infused pork shoulder with salsa verde aioli as well as fennel sauerkraut –it was as insane as it sounds. We’ve come a long way baby!

  48. I have to say, as a Pittsburgh girl, I’m pretty disappointed she did the cheesesteak for PA and not a primanti’s cold cuts, coleslaw, and french fry sandwich!

  49. oh man, these are making me hungry!! I wonder what Illinois is…. :)

  50. Mmmm. I’m a Californian, and the California sandwich looks right up my alley. My favorite sandwich is turkey, bacon, cheddar and avocado. It’s heavenly!

  51. I love a BLT with thick bacon! YUM YUM! Or a grilled cheese! The state I reside in (NC)’s sandwich would have to be a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Not confirmed, just assumed. xoxo A-

  52. Love this idea but I cannot believe the choice for Massachusetts! A Fluffernutter, really?! I do not think that wonderbread, peanuts or chemicals/sugar relate at all to MA. My suggestion, as a tried and true Masshole, is the Thanksgiving sandwich. A much more accurate culinary depiction of MA!

  53. A classic sandwich of the South (AL/GA) is the Tomato Sandwich. Sliced bread, mayo and about 2 slices of tomato. Super simple, really quick and VERY good! I’ve eaten a million of these and it always takes me back to vacations with my grandparents. It’s still one of my favorite sandwiches!

  54. Good God I love a Walleye Sandwich. I’ll forever be a Minnesota girl. What a creative idea!

  55. I’m kind of bummed she used the Reuben for New York. The reuben originated at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha, a block from my house!

  56. This is such a cool (and delicious) project! Can’t wait to see the Delaware sandy.

  57. I have no idea what Kansas’ would be…probably something BBQ related…burnt ends?

    I’m going to be pondering this all day now! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  58. Yum, this is making me hungry.

    I have European parents so I grew up eating a lot of open sandwiches.

    My mom used to make us tomato and garlic sandwiches – all you do is spread a little bit of lard or butter on a slice of rye bread, then mash some fresh garlic up (so it’s a paste – I just use a flat tipped knife and salt and mash it up), spread it on the bread, and then top with fresh sliced tomato. Yum.

  59. Now I’m dying for a turkey and cheese sandwich. And of course I’m can’t eat the cold cuts unless I heat it. But who wants that?!

  60. Becca says...

    I love that! I’m a Massachusetts native, and we take our fluff VERY seriously – I even worked a “fluff” festival on year (so many sticky hands :) ).


  61. HAHA! Wow this is such a neat idea! I’m from Texas but now I live in Georgia, so I suppose I’ll have to find a way to mix the two!


  62. I live in Philly and over the past three years have become OBSESSED with cheesesteaks!! I seriously cannot get enough of them. Gross, I know. But sooooooo good. :)

  63. Only if it’s A&W Coney Dog, Sarah!!!! My parents owned one of those in MI, so I must agree. But I also second Joanna’s tato chips on sandwich!

  64. I’m thinking Michigan’s should be a coney…does that count as a sandwich?

  65. The California Powerhouse has given me yet another reason to travel to the west coast. Thanks for sharing this project!

  66. mm so yummy looking! My favorite is the California one. But, I’m biased because it’s my home state and I love avocados!

  67. Yumm yumm yumm, this look DELICIOUS :)


  68. What a great idea! I love a good hummus sandwhich with avocado, sprouts, and other veggies. Yum