Pinterest Love

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve gotten totally into Pinterest (or, as my mom calls it, “Pin-interest”:), so I thought I’d share a few favorite pins from this week. Above: Ombre serving spoons from etsy

Leather pockets.

Cat nail polish.

Anchor tattoos.

Nautical bathroom.

Find me here on Pinterest, if you’d like.

(Striped dress photo by Stockholm Street Style; bathroom photo by Seth)

  1. So cute, you should check out loveit, it is like pinterest but the tool is much more powerful.

    I never know how to pronounce the name.

  2. oooh love that dress with the leather pockets!

  3. What a wonderful blog you have here. So happy to discover it. Those spoons have caught my eye so off to peruse more of your boards ;)

  4. The cat nail is cute!
    I really like your blog!

  5. Ahahah. I totally used to (still) call it Pin-interest. Thankfully no one around here knows what it is so I never had to say it out loud and be corrected. :p

    The anchor tattoos are perfect and that bathroom is a must have!

  6. I must admit, I originally called it “pin-interest” and it took me quite a while of my husband cracking up every time I said it before I broke the habit. :)

  7. that dress and tub are way too perfect for words!!
    xo TJ

  8. YES!!! The best thing to happen to the Web in awhile…i remember finding the site last year before it became really big and was sucked in right away!

  9. My mom calls it Pin-interest too! She’ll be glad she’s not the only one.

  10. I called it pin-interest for months! haha. It took me a while to finally figure out how to pronounce it. I really love those ombre utensils! They would be cute for my outdoor wedding reception…hmmmmm

  11. My mom calls it “Pin-interest” too. Cracks me up each time she says it, but I don’t have the heart to correct her. Love the pins!

  12. about a year ago when pinterest was just getting started i somehow stumbled across the site and fell in love. everyone told me, now that just sounds like the dumbest thing in the world. They ALL have a pinterest account now! The anchor tattoos, are pretty swank! Happy Friday!!!!

  13. rad press. wish i had pockets like that on all my dresses.

  14. So R., apparently some workplaces are blocking pinterest — i can see why, it sucks you in so quickly:)

  15. Anonymous says...

    Pinterest is the best! love your blog, too.

  16. Yeah…I’m a fan. I love following you! I loved that photo of Prince William you posted this week. It’s definitely going to be in one of my blog posts next week. :)

  17. pinterest is a big part of my thinking life now. i feel so much more organized knowing that i can go through my “kitchen” board and rediscover an amazing dinner idea that i had squirreled away! and joanna, following you really brightens my pinterest experience. don’t let the haters get you down, your presence on the internet is so positive!

  18. i’m not usually into tattoos but those anchor ones are very delicate. so lovely.

  19. I call it Pin-Interest too!! :)

  20. Those serving spoons! What fun extra color!


  21. isn’t it addictive?! it’s been such a great help for inspiration while planning my wedding…

    a peek of chic

  22. Eleri says...

    I’ve always called it “Pin-interest” and never realised it was wrong. Until now…!

  23. So pretty! :)

  24. Jaime says...

    Love that striped dress as well but also in love with her jacket! Need to find something like that soon!

  25. Nicola says...

    Haha, my mom also calls it pin-interest, what’s with that?? Love the spoons :)

  26. Love the spoons- they would sure jazz up my counter top!

  27. gosh is pinterest addicting! i even got my coworker into it and now we both spend a lot of time on it when we really should be working! :(

  28. those kitty nails and anchor tattoos have got my heart all a flutter!
    kw, ladiesinnavy

  29. Love those wooden spoons.

  30. I love pinterest. Those ombre serving spoons are beautiful! Etsy is just the best, eh?

  31. that’s funny you say that your mom calls it “pin-interest”… reminds me of my mom saying “Cran-aisins” for the dried cranberries called “Craisins” (no matter how many times i tell her that’s not how you say it!!)

    cheers to the weekend!

  32. That cat nail polish is so awesome! I am totally going to sport that this weekend :-)

  33. ombre spoons = AMAZING

  34. ha, my mom calls it pin-interest, too! I’ve given up correcting her….

  35. OMG…:S …I am SO embarrased…Sure, as in SHOES…LOL

  36. beautiful finds! you can also make a treasury list of your favorite items on etsy and share them with the etsy community, which can also be quite addicting. (like this:

  37. Fab finds!

    Love the stripey dress with leather pockets x

  38. Pinterest has revolutionized everything, except they should be more mindful of linking to the right source, they still have a long way to go.

    I hear the siren calling…Those anchor tattos are calling me!

  39. My mom totally does the same thing! Too funny :)

  40. Love these picks – and I totally agree with the addictive thing. I don’t know what I did with my spare time before pinterest. How did people plan parties, decorate their homes, or find new recipes in the pre-pinterest dark ages? xo!

  41. When I first saw Pinterest, I didn’t get it… “You just pin stuff you like, and then look at stuff other people liked? Why is that fun?” haha But I must admit, after getting quite a few ideas for home decor, or for things I’d like to make someday when I have money and can buy a sewing machine, or for yummy things to cook/bake… I get it now!

  42. Love those tattoos also! So cute.

  43. Dude…it’s SO addictive! :) I even search for specific items like ‘white shirts’ or ‘nude ballerinas’ to see all the results and get ideas…Your picks are great! xoxo

  44. oh wow it’s from zara!! it looks so expensive. i also saw a DIY for making your own leather pockets, but i’m so un-crafty:)

  45. It’s funny. I use Pinterest for half a year now and can hardly imagine how time was before Pinterest. The outfit with the striped dress is rad! Best, Cat

  46. i really love those wooden spoons and the anchor tattoos!

  47. Becca says...

    I tried on that striped dress in COS (a new European Zara or H&M) – it looks much better on her than it did on me!