Motherhood Mondays: Native Shoes

We were hanging out with friends this weekend, and every single child we saw was wearing Native shoes. Apparently they’re the new “it” shoe for kids. It makes sense: They’re waterproof, comfy and way cooler than Crocs. Until now, Toby has worn only sneakers, but we’re going to order him a pair of these right now for summer vacations.

P.S. They also have them in grown-up sizes!

(Photos by Vincent Kwok and House of Hype)

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  4. Anonymous says...

    I’m in NYC, I see these everywhere, but don’t like them. As some have said, another version of Crocs. Definitely something for the five and under crowd.

  5. Anonymous says...

    I happen to agree with Mo. None of the content here is original anymore. It just links and reposts and ads and jumping on every bandwagon available. I’m unfollowing.

  6. Anonymous says...

    Ok Lol at mo, i went down a few entries to check that out. Yes toby seems to have crocs on in that photo dump. Nothing wrong with crocs, Joanna. my kid had some last summer and loved the jibbitz(?) and now he has natives in orange which he also loves and is big enough to put them on himself, now. Comfy and easy for summer. Mine were 12 on super sale. No affiliate links for me. Not a mean anon.just a real comment from someone who does not blog.

  7. mo says...

    “until now, Toby has worn only sneakers”. But in your photo dump from just the other day, he was wearing black Crocs. So I’m guessing this might be another one of those paid ads disguised as a genuine post?

  8. They sell these at Nordstrom and Fab. I have to say, I just love Keens on little boys. Plus, they have a great big cushy sole, so they are sort of like sandal sneakers. But the Natives are cute, too!

  9. I’m a teacher and one of my students was wearing orange Natives today. Beyond adorable! I might just have to order them in my size :)

  10. Tricia says...

    Thanks for posting about adult sizes. I would like to get a pair for my 10 year old boy to wear to the pool. His feet are bigger that the size 3 youth they sell at zappos. I do have a pair for my 8 year old boy. That being said, I agree with the comment that these are just crocs 2.0. When crocs first were introduced my oldest was your son’s age. We all thought they were the bomb in kid footwear. Now we think they are lame (via my 10 year old) I am sure in a few years we will think these are lame too. I really think the best summer kid shoes for my boys are Keens. Waterproof, washable, easy to get on, durable, closed toe for climbing and hiking. They win hands down so we get a new pair every year. Plus Keens can be worn to my kids’ school. Crocs, Natives, flip-flops can not.

  11. i love Native (a Vancouver based company) originally i thought they were pretty ugly – a designer croc I called them but now i love them – with rolled up jeans worn casually or with leggings on the way to yoga. I love them on kids to as they provide way better support than crocs. while they do rub at first, i find our feet harden up over the summer and they are eventually more comfy. here’s a outfit post from my blog of me wearing them: and a review post:

    Have you ever seen their promo videos – they’re so fun and quirky and i love how they always cast ‘real’ people rather than perfect models!!

  12. Lucia is obsessed with her crocs. They’re hot pink and while I swore I’d never put them on my child they are quite adorable when they’re so small and they’re perfect for the playground and the water in the park. These are cute but the crocs are so easy for her to put on herself bc of the slingback. I’m curious what other moms have to say about that.

  13. SO funny that your post today is about these shoes! This morning at the park one of the kids had these on, and I thought they were crocs. I commented to my friend, “look they made cute crocs!” and the mother of the native shoes quickly made sure I knew they weren’t crocs! haha I thought it was so funny that she wanted make sure I knew that they were cool!

    Anyways, they are super cute and her kid was totally pulling them off (even with socks!).

  14. omg so these shoes are getting hype!! i absolutely fell in love with them (i closet-loved crocs but everyone thought i was crazy for wanting to buy a pair of croc flats) and ordered native howards in confetti purple. i’m so excited to splash around in the summer rain :)


  15. be careful! 1/ i ordered according to some reviews, ordered a size bigger for my son – and they were huge (saving for next summer, no prob)
    2/ got new pair, true size. EVERY TIME he wears them, he falls flat on his face. he is 3, and doesn’t fall in sneakers. I’ve tried with socks, still falls, just happened yesterday. just a warning! but they are super cute! yes!

  16. ooh i like the jack purcell looking ones. i agree that these are not much different than crocs. definitely as nerdy, and hopefully as comfortable. i had a pair of croc flats that i got made fun of for wearing, but they were so comfy! i’m not ashamed!

  17. The adult ones really don’t float my boat because they look like TOMS but aren’t TOMS. It really angers me when I see things like knock-off TOMS.
    The kids ones look pretty cool though. Seems like a good idea.

  18. Anonymous says...

    My boys wear crocs. They are a perfect alternative to a flip flop. Keens are amazing too but pricier and a bit harder to get on and off. Honestly the notion of having to worry about what’s cool in kids shoes is a bit ridiculous. Who really cares as long as they can run and play and have fun!

  19. They totally look cooler than crocs. Are they also more affordable? They seem like it!

  20. Kristina (Debbie Downer) says...

    I prefer the name “Debbie Downer” to “Negative Nancy” so I’ll go with that when I say that this trend of adults wearing kids’ shoes seriously bums me out. Tiny feet in cute shoes are . . . cute! Big feet in cute shoes are . . . not so cute. I guess I’m boring. I like my little one to be in shoes that are supportive of her growing feet and not necessarily trendy looking.

  21. they are so unattractive and look desperately uncomfortable.. i have saltwaters and love them.. plus they are waterproof.

  22. JaneMG says...

    I saw many kids wearing these on a trip to Sydney earlier this year and thought they were a good alternative to crocs and I loved all the bright colour choices. Crocs always looked a bit bulky i thought.

    My 4 1/2 year old has had a pair for about 6 weeks now, he and I both love them, I just wash them out when they are dirty, they haven’t been smelly. He picked out the Hulla Blue colour himself.

    He slips in and out of them in no time. I would recommend the Jefferson as it has more holes and is probably a bit cooler for summer. Love them!

  23. Anonymous says...

    Also, Mario Batali wears orange crocs. (Probably great for cleaning up spills from the kitchen. )

  24. dc says...

    Sorry Joanna but I have to agree with lilacs in may, in my opinion those are some ugly adult shoes! The only plastic shoes I can stand is flip-flops– my feet need to breath!!

  25. Anonymous says...

    Something I learned recently: Crocs – in orange – are the shoes worn by inmates in jails and prisons. I volunteered at one last month – and knew why I never liked the shoes.

    The natives look great for kids and activities involving water.


  26. These are super garden shoes for adults! And they aren’t embarrassing if a neighbor drops by while you’re I them.

    I am a teacher, and I will say that all croc-esque and flip-floppy shoes are the worst, worst, worst for kids on playgrounds and playground equipment (very slippy), and they let rocks in when the kids race around, but for playing in the water, they’re spot-on!

    Plus, who can argue with the cheerful colors!

  27. Crocs are worn in hospitals because they’re easy to clean, are comfy when you’re on your feet all day long and they don’t trap your sweaty feet in all day long like some ‘supportive’ shoes. I would know, I worked in a hospital, wearing crocs, for about a year. Anonymous, your arguments make no sense. And these are WAY cuter than the normal crocs. I’m wearing a dressy pair of Crocs that I LOVE!,default,pd.html?cid=43P&cgid=women-best-sellers

  28. We have a pair for my 2 1/2 year old daughter in green. They’re terrific. They are perfect for our hot weather, the pool, any water play, the garden. And I just spray them off with the hose :) I love not having to worry about her getting her shoes all muddy.

  29. I’m so glad to know there is an alternative to the dreaded Croc! ;)

  30. Sarah H. says...

    I agree with the commenters who’ve mentioned Keens as a great summer shoe for kiddos! I love them too. Pretty cute, waterproof, and very tough (our seven-year-old has yet to wear out a pair—they just get passed down to younger cousins when she outgrows then, still in great shape!) And I feel like they offer some support/protection to feet. I’m not lovin’ the native shoes, but to each his own! Toby will look adorable no matter what kicks he’s rocking this summer. :)

  31. oh fun!i love the HULLA blue.

  32. we love them very much! they are the perfect shoe! it’s our second summer in them (in a bigger size of course ;). they clean up easily, are water proof, and do not hold odor! I will say that I wish that the paint didn’t wear, but pick your battles, right? I think you and Toby will be happy you bought them!

  33. As we say here in the UK (not sure if it translates to the US) these belong in Room 101.

  34. Anonymous says...

    I appreciate the nix on the plastic, but these are practical. I really need something for a child to wear at the water playgrounds that protect the feet and can get wet. These seem like a good option to me.

  35. Sorry, not digging it! For me, the venn diagram of footwear has “rubber” and “any footwear ever designed for mankind” in two entirely separate circles.

  36. These look like an awesome replacement to those ugly crocs I always feel self-conscious wearing but still love!

  37. These seem terribly convenient for summer, but man, I think they’re ugly.

    I also don’t understand the fuss over Saltwaters (on adults, at any rate). I’m beginning to wonder if I’m ‘too old’ to get on board with the trends before I’ve even reached 30! Oh, dear.

  38. Wow so many negative nancies today! Thanks so much for posting about these Joanna!

    My partner and I are off to Mexico in three weeks, and I have been desperately trying to find a stylish pair of shoes that I can wear in the water, as I am a little funny about strange things touching my feet! So I’m about to buy a pair (the $21 kind that one of your readers commented about), and I’m sure they will look and feel great, and I will be wearing them probably every day on my trip!

    So thanks, and poopoo those rude so and so’s!

  39. Sonia says...

    My little one has been wearing these fot a while now. I grabbed a pair in an absolute ruh on a trip to th US and have ordered two more since (they are not available in little old New Zealand). They are so easy to put on, never fall off and can be washed after paint fests at preschool. Best of all Milla insists on wearing them over all other shoes so they must be comfy. So there:)

  40. I find them horrible! The ugliest trendy thing i’ve seen in a long time ! They could be the love child of the plastic sandals of the eighties and the rubber covers my grand pa wore on his shoes in winter…

    My opinion : they look tacky and cheap for adults and children alike.

    Joanna, please stick to the classic salt water sandals for Toby and Bensimons for you… Please please please…

  41. Sarah says...

    I remember these were everywhere in Montreal last summer and personally I prefer crocs, they have a cuter shape…

  42. Beautiful pics and beautiful blog!!!
    I Like!! ;)


  43. Sorry, but I can’t stand these. They look horrible. Only thing is, they are so so easy to clean – especially considering little ones will find the mud and run in it.
    If only there were some that are better looking!
    As for the support issue – I don’t think anyone would dare live their life in these shoes. Haha.

  44. I blogged about these last summer before they were popular and got stopped everywhere I went! My kid loves them:)

  45. Thanks for visiting my blog, how wonderful you have been to South Africa before, we are freezing here at the moment, 2C this morning.

    Have a great day

  46. Wendy says...

    I am an orthopaedic nurse and that is rubbish about children needing supportive shoes! A childs feet don’t need supporting. They need shoes for protection from the elements and sharp objects and that is all. As long as their shoes are not too small they will not hurt their feet.
    By the way – Native shoes are from Vancouver.

  47. native shoes are really in for adults in the philippines. i thought they were a local brand because “native” means “non-import” here. these shoes seem to be perfect for vacations because you can wear them in the water and be protected but not look like a loony in your water shoes at the cafe later! and remember that baby feet grow so fast that they’ll only be wearing this pair for a little while, so what’s the harm?

  48. If Crocs and Toms had a baby…

  49. Tracy says...

    I have the yellow it for 1 buck last year…it’s the only one left too..LOL

  50. Oo i love the orange ones in ur photo but it looks like there isnt anorange anymore on zappos link on ur post… So cute! Want them for my toddler too!

  51. Wow, I don’t read others’ comment much.. but somehow ended up reading some in this post.

    I think it’s hilarious how critical people will become of someone who is successful.

    Keep up the fun posts! :)

  52. You read my mind! I’m a city-girl living in the country and my toddler son will be spending most afternoons in the garden with my mom. Yesterday, his new saltwater sandals were covered in mud. Anxiety!! (I’m obviously still getting use to having a little boy)

    I’m buying a pair of these right now! And maybe an adult pair for venturing to the garden to collect my muddy Ryan.

  53. Laura says...

    I love how all the nasty comments are anonymous. People are d bags. Everyone parents differently and everyone’s kids are going to grow up just fine. Calm down, people.

  54. I feel like I’ve seen a version of these by iplay or am I remembering wrong?

    My 16 month old wears Crocs. I got them because they are cool and waterproof for when we play in the water (which is every day). They are super-easy to get on and off… he can actually do it himself!

    I don’t let him wear them for long-distance walking (these might not be too comfortable either) but they are perfect for quick trips.


  55. These look super cute! I am tempted to get myself some for rainy Boston summer days when I don’t want my feet to sweat in awful rainboots!

  56. thank you, mama smith! haha, meg, maybe you’re right…but a bit cooler than crocs:) and hope, that’s crazy. i guess we’re on the same wavelength.

  57. The little one’s look pretty cute- I’m on the fence with the adult one’s :) My 18 month old lives in Keene’s. I got some Tom’s because they look adorable but they slid off his heel all the time and got trashed in the sandbox- Keene’s are waterproof, closed toe so almost like sneakers, and very durable. More expensive than these and maybe not as tendy but I think they’re a tad cuter (just my bias!).

    I’m a recent follower and loving your blog.

  58. Super cute!! Nice find!

  59. hmmm… i wouldn’t say way cooler than crocs…

  60. OK, that is crazy…I was literally saw a kid wearing these at the beach today and thought, “hey, those are cool, I wonder what kind of shoes they are!”

  61. those little yellow ones on those tiny feet! they seem like the best shoes for little kids – just slip them on and go!

  62. My son wore these all last summer and I loved them EXCEPT that they were so hard to get on! Plus one for crocs in that respect…

  63. FAB has these on sale right now for $21!!!

  64. Ugh! So sorry, Joanna. I think these may be Crocs 2.0.

  65. awesome! I’m totally ordering these for my friend’s baby shower (ok… and maybe for myself as well…)!

  66. I have a pair in hot pink I ordered through Open Sky!