Girls Paper Dolls

Girls seems to be one of the most controversial shows in recent years, but I have to say, I really like it. The frank dialogue is totally hilarious, and it really captures a certain group of early twenty-somethings. (I also have a girl crush on Marnie.) What do you think? Love? Hate? Either way, you have to admit, these paper dolls are pretty rad.

P.S. Downton Abbey paper dolls.

(By Kyle Hilton for Vulture)

  1. i hope the dvd of this series comes out soon! i’ve been hearing so much about this show lately and watched a few clips online. seems smart and witty but no hbo for us this year. boo.

  2. I LOVE this show! I always get sad this time of year because most shows are on hiatus but this has become the show i look forward to. The dolls are hilarious, especially Shoshanna’s with the tights!

  3. LOVE girls! It’s funny you mention Marnie…I couldn’t stand her, until I realized that it’s probably because she’s SO MUCH LIKE ME. :-/
    I think Shoshanna is HILAIR and i guess my crush would be Jessa.

  4. I’ve been unable to find anyone else who watches Girls, so it made my day to see this post (love the paper dolls!!) and read everyone’s comments. I love the show – Lena Dunham is amazing! I love her sense of humor and love that all the girls on the show are real – smart, beautiful, funny, and relatable. Looking forward to seeing where the show takes the girls.

  5. I’m obsessed with it. I frequently have to go back to rewatch entire episodes and scenes. My favorite so far was when Hana and Marni were dancing in their apartment. It reminded me of my best friend and I in college and it was such a real moment, omg. So good.

  6. I love it! Girls is the only series that I am watching each week in years, as opposed to waiting for the dvd. Although they are all in their early twenties, most of my friends in their early thirties are in very similar situations.

  7. the paper doll designer, Kyle, is one of my husbands close friends. my husband is a guitarist and Kyle built/designed him a guitar player “paper doll” like 7 years ago. i realize now I need to get that out and frame it. great to see him having all this success now & can’t wait to start watching the show – I havent seen it yet but know I will probably be addicted after one episode.

  8. Stella says...

    best show EVER!

  9. I absolutely adore the show [and can identify as a singe 25 year old], and love these hilarious dolls!

  10. I had a few close friends recommend the show to me; they fully expected that it would be one I would enjoy, and be right up my alley. I was pretty skeptical (I generally am when there is SO MUCH hype surrounding anything). While I wanted to enjoy it, I completely hated it.

    I completely commend the writing, and how brave it is to tackle that subject matter the way Lena Dunham has, although it just has not been something I enjoy.

    Its just like Moulin Rouge (a movie I SHOULD like considering all the things I already love), but I hate it. I guess Girls now fits in that Moulin Rouge category. C’est la vie, oui?

  11. I think the episodes are hit or miss. I really loved the episode where they went to the party in Brooklyn but most of them are just…meh. They mostly remind me of Whit Stillman films.

  12. Anonymous says...

    Okay I love this show!! I always talk about it with my friends. And I do really enjoy how there are issues being addressed that are usually too “taboo” for tv, like the thigh rubbing.

    And for everyone who doesn’t have HBO like me, I got this link for ya!!/series/4532/girls

  13. I’ve never even heard of this show (maybe from being in Australia?!?!?!) but now I want to watch it!! Those dolls are amazing!

  14. absolutely loving girls! definitely my new favorite summer show. these dolls are perfection!

  15. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’ve come to love it. The Crackcident episode had me laughing out loud (love the reference in the paper dolls)! It’s a nice change from the whole NYC, Sex in the City-type show where everyone is thin and perfect and has lots of money. I appreciate the realness of it, for sure.

  16. its real, to me..because i can see myself in some of the gals of the show. maybe, its the openness of it? i dunno, but i do love it. its hilarious, and my fiance watches it with me :)

  17. I hadn’t heard of this show (in UK & don’t have cable) until I watched a clip via here. Downloaded all current episodes & didn’t sleep well last night, been awake since 2.30am however I have now watched all episodes shown so far back to back & find the show hilarious & quite brutally honest. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  18. i really wanted to like the show but find it really repetitive and predictable.. a lot of hilarious and witty writing for such a young girl but also a certain quality that reflects her age and lack of experience and interaction with different layers of life.

  19. Delilah says...

    I didn’t like it when I first saw it. But now love it after watching a marathon last friday (kids were away!). Some of it makes me cringe but so does thinking about my early 20’s. Some of it I can’t relate too and chalk it up to them being from a younger generation. It’s a relief to see the different body types for sure. Yep, like it very much!

  20. Hófí says...

    Love, love, love the show!!

  21. I love this show. I am biased though as I am a 20-something from a liberal, small school much like these characters who is now living in a city. Le sigh, I laugh so hard everytime I watch it!

  22. those are so funny! I just started watching Girls and I love it.

  23. i LOVE girls. it’s so real. and i’m secretly glad adam is really into hannah.

  24. I’m a big fan of the show. It’s brutally honest and I like that. There are things I love and hate about each character, but that’s what keeps it interesting for me.
    These paper dolls are so funny!

  25. I love the show! And I might be the only person who watches it in Spain, because nobody know about it here… But anyway, I also was the first of my friends who started whatching HIMYM ;)
    And I also have a girl crush on Marnie, she’s lovely!

  26. Ok people, Shoshanna’s not wearing pantyhose, she’s NAKED from the waist down. She stripped off her skirt running around on the streets freaking out after accidentally smoking crack at a party. But there does seem to be a shadow there that looks like control top pantyhose… weird. That was probably the funniest scene of the season! I like this show but agree that it’s not 100% relatable. And it actually bothers me that Hannah is so “normal” looking – she doesn’t look normal, she looks terrible! It’s like she PURPOSEFULLY tries to look like a breast-less lump in every episode. My girl crush is definitely Jessa.

  27. I have you to thank for introducing me to this show! I have loved every single episode! It’s so great!

  28. LOVE this show – even my husband is addicted.

  29. I would really like to see the show, especially after hearing all the claims that it speaks strongly to 20-somethings…but as a recent graduate trying to make her way, I don’t have a lot of friends that can afford cable much less HBO! Guess I’ll have to wait for Redbox…

  30. Ok my name is jessa and its SUPER weird to hear it thrown around all over here. I’ve never heard of anyone else with that name. (Its actually jessamine but I’ve been called jessa since kindergarten. ) never seen the show, now I must. Haha

  31. Watched this show from the start based in your recommendation. We were in shock after the first episode but have kept watching it. It has definitely grown on us!!

  32. I think it’s absolutely hilarious. I don’t know if I would go straight to “brilliant,” which is where most reviews end up. It’s essentially an exact transcription of most conversations I have with my girlfriends, and we certainly aren’t brilliant. That having been said, it makes me “ugly laugh” and reminds me that there are a zillion other people in the world in their awkward 20’s.

  33. I adore this show. Lena is brilliant. Yay, Oberlin ;)

  34. Clara says...

    I love this show! Lena Dunham is genious! The dialogues are so honest and open – I really can relate myself to the situations. And these paper dolls are great as well!

  35. Anonymous says...

    But Marnie is so self-centered!!… she was so mean and ungrateful to her boyfriend and too immature to break up with him, and then when he finallyyy dumped her she couldnt handle not being the one to make the choice! and so she tricked him. i LOVE the show but while Marnie pretends to be the one to have it all together, I think she’s the least good-hearted.

  36. Love GIRLS! Hilarious show.

  37. I recently just got caught up! I love the frank dialogue as well. Shoshanna’s “crack fueled fighting stance” accessory makes me laugh out loud.

  38. S says...

    I have very mixed feelings about this show. I am the same age as the characters, and I find myself simultaneously relating and not relating to them! It’s very odd – I say that it’s “not that great,” yet every week I find myself looking for links to watch it!

  39. I absolutely LOVE this show and these paper dolls are hilarious. They capture each of the characters best moments!

  40. Anonymous says...

    I think Girls only makes sense if you are both white and boring as fuck.

  41. I love these! Especially that Hannah head with the really bad drawn on eyebrows! Hahaha. I love that show

  42. NO.WAY. those are so freaking cool! as if someone thought to make something that awesome! love it.

  43. Was just fighting with a friend about it this morning! I love it. I said any show that captures that tug of war between knowing the right thing and still not doing it gets my vote. Also, when was the last time someone talked about wacky period timing and what happens when thighs rub together on television?

  44. I hate the show and I really hope it gets cancelled. I agree with that it only captures a very specific group of people because that is certainly not me. I prefer to see women on Television especially the young people doing something useful with their lives rather than drinking recklessly and having sex with douchebags. If it’s the life that most young girls are nodding their heads to and saying it’s relevant to their lives, I just pray for humanity. I have to say I’ve never hated any show as much as Girls to be honest.

  45. haha, love it!

  46. haha, love it!

  47. seriously love this show!!!

  48. Amy says...

    I like the show, but dislike some of the characters. Marnie is pretty but so boring! And Jessa could not be more full of herself. Hannah and Shoshanna are weird enough to be likeable, I think. :)

  49. Love GIRLS! Cannot get enough of it. As a 27 year old city girl I can say it completely captures young to mid 20’s perfectly (at least for my group of friends). It’s crazy how realistic it is (in a good way)!

  50. Hahahahahaha, these paper dolls are HILARIOUS! I was skeptical at first, but after 2-3 episodes I began to like it…which is still slowly turning into loving it.

    I love Jessa and Shoshanna the most though…they make me crack up!

  51. After the first episode I hated it. I thought if it wanted to be the voice of our generation (as so many call it) it needed to represent us better and show more then just white wealthy girls. But then I started watching it again on an evening with nothing better to do, and I have to admit that I like it a lot. I like that it shows the less glamorous aspects of your 20s (being broke, facebook stalking your ex, drinking too much, etc) but I gotta say, I still think the characters are all spoiled and the show needs some color!

  52. Rebeka says...

    sum up this show in two words: WASP and JAP

  53. Anonymous says...

    dislike this show

  54. Anonymous says...

    Love that these paper dolls show women with realistic bodies. We need more of that kind of thing. Have to check out the show.

  55. The show has slowly grown on me. I’m not a big fan of Hannah, but I love the other characters and have a girl crush on Marnie. I’m still waiting to meet my crack spirit guide.

  56. CANNOT get enough of the show. I don’t always think it’s funny, but I do think it’s so real. Shoshanna’s crack outfit is definitely the funniest element here…. those control top stockings are hilarious!!!

  57. Love. One of the most original shows in ages with smart dialogue and such a contrast to my twenty something experience, it feels really authentic and I find it totally interesting to watch.

  58. is there a way to see the show for free online? I can’t find any ways!

  59. Couldnt be more obsessed. That show is our lives.

  60. Beth F. says...

    crazy timing…I just watched the first episode this morning because I have been put on partial bed rest at 29 weeks pregnant, and I need something to pass the time. I THINK I like it, though not sure. Definitely interested enough to watch more. As I always do, I enjoyed the interview with Lena the creator more than the actual episode (you can see that if you watch it on demand)

  61. I haven’t watched the show yet cuz I don’t have cable, but I do know I LOVE PAPER DOLLS! I have an entire Tupperware container full of them, all saved up from my childhood.

  62. I absolutely love GIRLS. I think I may even try to get my husband to watch with me thus Sunday night. I saw in the previews that Michael Imperioli is going to guest star. He was so great in The Sopranos.

  63. UGH i miss HBO. anybody want to give me their HBO go password? anybody? hah!

  64. Christine – I was looking for the pantyhose for a long time and couldn’t find them. Do you mean the bottom character? That’s actually a scene where she’s naked on the bottom half (after doing crack…)


  65. Oh, how I loved playing with these when I was little! And these are so funny!

  66. I love that show! I think its really funny and real (for some girls at their twentys). I also have a girl crush on Marnie, could she be more perfect? But my favorite character is Jessa.

  67. ha ha these are fantastic! I love the show and it was because of your post just before the first episode I am watching it. I think Lena Durham is brilliant. So funny!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

  68. I am loving this show… I wasn’t prepared to though, because it just seemed like a rip-off of Sex and the City, which I never really got into. I don’t watch a ton of tv, but I find myself waiting all week for this one. But…. I can’t stand Marnie – she is the character I currently love to hate. I adore Jessa, really like Adam, and love this show.

  69. OMG these are hilarious! I love the show so much too!

  70. absolutely LOVE

  71. Love Girls! So refreshing to watch from all those über perfect superwomen on other shows.

  72. i love the show, and totally identify with it (sadly?)! i printed those out immediately wednesday afternoon!

  73. I haven’t seen the show, but the paper dolls are pretty awesome.

  74. completey in love with this show. i laugh out loud everytime, it’s real and down-to-earth yet absurd at the same time. as a 20-something, i appreciate this show – it truly is refreshing. and those paper dolls – awesome.

    p.s. my girl crush is Jessa all the way…

  75. I really like it a lot. I think that there was maybe one episode early on that was a bit of a flop, but overall I really like the authentic look at urban 20something life. I love that the main character is so realistic looking. I’m so tired of actresses that are just cookie cutter versions of each other. I find this show really refreshing. And I have a girl crush on Marnie too. I don’t know anyone else who is watching it, though. I’m hoping it isn’t one of those great shows that ends up getting cancelled bc of lack of an audience.

  76. HY says...

    Such a timely post! I was prepared to hate this show based on the first episode but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept watching. I just got all caught up last night and I love the show now. Cannot wait to see what happens next! These paper dolls are hilarious.

  77. Paper dolls were my favourite childhood toy! I like the 2nd girls extra outfit! So gauche. I don’t know the show, but my curiosity is piqued

  78. Love this show! I never noticed how all their first and last names start with the same letter: HH, MM, SS, JJ :]

  79. I thought the one episode I saw was terrible.

  80. I still haven’t gotten into this show — can you watch the episodes online?

  81. Anonymous says...

    Funniest. Show. Ever.

  82. i have not seen the show, but those paper dolls are hilarious. those control top pantyhose–who wouldn’t want to play with that?? :)