Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Lo & Sons, a brand of fabulous travel bags made by a mother and her sons. They also double as great camera and weekend bags, and the bright colors would be pretty to take on a honeymoon. They also fit right onto rolling luggage, so they’re easy to travel with. One lucky winner gets to choose her favorite. Which would you choose? (I’d go for the overnight bag in red.)

For a chance to win, please visit Lo & Sons and leave a comment below telling us your favorite bag. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Mel L. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing. xo

Bonus for all readers: Get 25% off your order by entering the code ACUPOFJO. Good until June 1st.

  1. The overnight OMG in Army Green. It looks so cool & has space for all that is needed.

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  3. I used the discount code to nab myself my very own brookline in the classic black. It’s perfectly suited for work, while also having some personality to it (why hello, gorgeous purple lining!).

    Thank you thank you!

  4. O.M.G on so many levels! I worked with Derek Lo when we first both started at Ogilvy. It is so exciting to see his company’s growth and recognition…it’s not wonder we won the big competition we did against the other Ogilvy Newbies :) My favorite bag is the O.M.G in royal blue because it matches my eyes!

  5. The O.M.G tote in Blue!!!
    Amazing :D

  6. The OG bag would be perfect, for sure. Pick me!

  7. Love the OMG in Red (: perfect to use for weekend getaways/visiting the boyfriend! thanks Jo!

  8. Oooh, I’d go for the O.M.G. in electric blue. So cute!

  9. ashley wilbanks says...

    The OMG in red, beautiful bag.

  10. Carly says...

    OMG in pink!

  11. Yes! Awesome overnight bags!

  12. I love the TT!! Would be so perfect for travel, much better than my huge bag that has no organization!

  13. O.M.G in blue!

  14. love the overnight bag!

  15. Wow! So perfect…believe it or not, but I really digging the Cambridge, Men’s Overnight bag!

  16. The OG in black! What a perfect mother’s day treat!

  17. vroth at live dot ca says...

    Nice! I’d go for the OG in Crimson.

    Happy Friday all!

  18. Mo says...

    I love the OG in expresso. Great giveaway as always Jo!

  19. OMG bag, in pink. Pretty pretty please!

  20. I want the O.M.G bag!!

  21. I adore that O.G. hot pink over night bag. I can just imagine the fun I have traveling with that bag.

  22. I adore that O.G. hot pink over night bag. I can just imagine the fun I have traveling with that bag.

  23. The O.G. and the O.M.G. are the perfect shape! Loving the raspberry versions.

  24. MM says...

    Hi – pink omg… What an awesome giveaway

  25. The Overnight/Gym Bag in black is perfect! It’s exactly the sort of bag I’ve been searching for. It’s stylish and functional, perfect for holding yoga clothes, a water bottle, phone and keys, a change of shoes and my laptop!

  26. The O.G in royal blue is my top choice! so beautiful!

  27. Oh. my. goodness. Ever since your last Lo & Sons giveaway I have been freaking out over the OG overnight and gym bag. Oh please be me this time! Black with lavender interior…obviously : )

  28. The OG in black!

  29. The OG in black!

  30. overnight bag in army green! Ashley O.

  31. the o.g. in raspberry…absolutely love!!!

  32. So tough to choose! I think I would go for the OG in black (I just love the lavender interior!) or espresso. I also love the travel tote!

  33. hope i’m not too late! i love love love the OG!

  34. ohhh what great bags! and in such pretty colors! Love them :)

  35. The Travel Tote!!! The dark color hides wear and tear, the inside is a cute surprise, like a sassy pair of knickers.

  36. red or blue, or any of these would be amaze!!!

  37. I’ve been looking for something like the OG bag, and I’m loving the royal blue color!

  38. I would get so much use out of the OG in black- such a classic!

  39. dc says...

    The OG bag in crimson is my fav.

  40. Kate P, CA says...

    Yep, the overnight bag in red is the one!

  41. What’s not to love about the blue O.M.G. bag? Thanks!

  42. I love the O.M.G Bag !! in pink :)

  43. I love the hot pink!

  44. Awesome giveaway! I really like the one in raspberry red.

  45. The army green overnight bag would be my choice!

  46. Meredith D. says...

    The TT– my lovely professional laptop bag just broke. It’s fabulous!

  47. beautiful! i would love the royal blue overnight medium gym bag. i would use it daily as a tote for boot camp work outs, a diaper bag, and a weekender! most of my bags are black or grey, so i would love this pop of fun color!

  48. OooOOoOO I want a Brookline in Navy!

  49. I love the O.M.G. in raspberry or royal blue. They are both really fun colors.

  50. the O.G. in black!

  51. I have been lusting over The Brookline in black for a while now… I would LOVE to win one!!! :)

  52. Big fan of the OG in red– perfect for the gym

  53. oooo the overnight gym bag in blue! SO gorg! and sensible! :)

  54. Love these bags. The O.G. is my absolute favorite!

  55. I love the O.M.G! Gotta get me one of those!!!

  56. I like the tote bag – maybe in a daring color. It would be perfect to carry to work.

  57. i love the large red overnight bag!

  58. KATYLEVIN says...


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  60. Can’t decide between the OG and the TT! Both amazing

  61. I’m with you, Jo. I like the O.G. in red as well, although the army green version is cute and classic too!

  62. I love the fuchsia one in your picture!!

  63. Love the T.T. tote! So classy.

  64. Love the O.G. in Raspberry! So bright and fun!

  65. Oh my goodness these are amazing!!!! I would go for the pink one :) I am going on a trip with Europe with my mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, and little cousin this summer and one of these would be PERFECT for the long flight and traveling we are doing!!! Please Please Please Please pick me :)

    xo, Erin

  66. My favourite hands down is the O.G in black!

  67. Oh wow, all these bags are fabulous! I’m in love with the Travel Tote in particular – it always so hard to keep things organized when you’re on the go, and I think this would do a really great job of it! :)

  68. O.M.G. bag in royal blue please : )

  69. Chelsea says...

    My favorite is the OG in red or espresso!

  70. i love the o.g. bag in army green!

  71. Ahh favourite bag would be the Travel Tote :DD

  72. an espresso OG would rock my world

  73. Ari says...

    Raspberry OG :)

  74. Id pick the brookline in army green. love it!

  75. I MUST have the O.G. bag in army green! Its a perfect hospital bag for the arrival of my little one in mid-June!

  76. Love!!!! I’m travelling across the country next week and that would be so perfect. :)

  77. Love the O.M.G. bag in army green!

  78. Tough call – but I think the OG bag in red…or maybe raspberry.

  79. K. says...

    Ooh! I’m a grad student and this the overnight bag im black would be perfect as I travel from work to class.

  80. Love! How do pick just one? I guess if I had to, I would pick the OG bag. Espresso is great, but the bold colors are so fun! Thanks for introducing me to these bags. My poor husband…the last thing he needs is for me to find more bags I love:-)

  81. I love the OG in raspberry! A perfect carry-on bag for travel or to pack for REALLY long days when I need to bring everything but the kitchen sink!