The Best Party Cocktail You’ll Ever Have

My mom turned sixty last February (!), and we’re throwing her a long-awaited family party this coming weekend. My brother, sister and I have been brainstorming surprises for her party, which I’ll keep secret until next week–and I’m also in charge of drinks. Happily, my friend Anna suggested this incredible cocktail, which we’re definitely whipping up this weekend…

The Best Party Cocktail You’ll Ever Have: A Rosemary Gin Fizz

1 cup rosemary simple syrup (Boil one cup of sugar in one cup of water with a couple rosemary sprigs thrown in. Boil until the sugar is dissolved. Let cool.)
1 cup gin
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1 bottle of Prosecco (or 2, if you want the cocktail to be lighter)

Stir ingredients together in a punch bowl or carafe, and garnish with sprigs of rosemary.

Delicious! Anna made some last week, and they were light and refreshing, yet still packed a punch. Would be perfect for a garden party or to kick off a dinner party, don’t you agree?

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(Photos by Laura Ratliff for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Laura!)

  1. Virginia Blackman says...

    This is also great with basil syrup and lime juice/lime wedges (I had basil but not rosemary one day) and is dangerously moreish!

  2. Wow, looks great and tasty!

  3. I’ve served a pitcher of these for pre-Thanksgiving apps and once last year post Christmas unwrapping. Wonderfully seasonal and festive!

  4. And I suppose that substituting Champagne for Prosecco wouldn’t hurt the taste either, right Chelsea?

  5. Makes me want summer breezes off the lake. Saved for the perfect day.

  6. Jo, thank you, this was a fantastic party cocktail, which everyone loved! I was so happy that it could be mixed in advance.

  7. This is a delicious cocktail that was a real hit. I went with a very middle of the road gin as there is no sense wasting the good stuff when this has so many other ingredients in it that you don’t really taste the gin.

  8. add a shot of blueberry vodka instead of the gin and you’ve got a roseberry. delish!

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  10. Made this over the holiday weekend, it certainly way refreshing and yummy!

  11. I totally believe that this will be the best cocktail that I will ever have. I am a rosemary girl (seriously, I’ll add rosemary to most recipes) and gin is my go-to liquor. Can’t wait to make this!

  12. Summer says...

    Dear Jo, Hello from London! My wonderful friend Virginia also made these for our Eurovision party on Saturday night – but with a twist! She substituted the rosemary for basil and it was totally delicious!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Summer & Virginia

    ps. we are also going to a trapeze class in June!!

  13. Thank you!! I made these today for our Eurovision Song Contest party and they were amazing. Better, alas than the songs. These are becoming staples at our house.

    Yawn….off for a snooze now. They’re quite strong.

  14. Joana says...

    Just made this for friends as a pre-lunch cocktail- it was a huge success! Excelent recipe!

  15. This looks like the perfect beverage for this evening’s bbq party! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  16. Fabulous. I just bought a Rosemary plant and was wondering if I was ever going to cook with it. Turns out gin was all that was missing!

  17. I made this for New Years! It’s amazing! Happy celebrating :)

  18. This party drink will definitely go down a treat in our home. And I love the Hellenic flag style napkins, I’ve not seen anything like those in the UK. Xρόνια πολλά!

  19. I’ve been smashing mint & blackberries in the bottom of a cup, then adding gin and tonic.. it’s perfect for summer!

  20. Aside from an as-boring-as-it-gets gin & tonic, I never give gin a chance. But this cocktail might be making an appearance at a summertime fete or two this year.

  21. Amie says...

    This sounds like the perfect thing to kick back with after a long day at work.

  22. I would live in one of these beauties all summer! Pick me random selector thing!

  23. I’ve actually been really into rosemary drinks lately. It started earlier this spring when I had a rosemary grapefruit drop as an appéro at my bf and I’s 5 year anniversary dinner. Then I discovered a great bar with a Rosemary Collins. Delish!

  24. Is this recipe from the gramercy tavern? It sounds like something they have in their recipe book of cocktails (which I highlight recommend) :)

  25. Yum! Gin is one of my favorites and I like the twist on this cocktail. I should give it a shot this summer!

  26. Last week I made a simpler version of this cocktail with limoncello, prosecco, and a sprig of rosemary. It was super easy and so refreshing! My friend and I called it “the fence post” (which we thought sounded very farm-to-table-ish:)). I have a feeling I’ll be drinking these all summer…

  27. Hoho I wonder if I am not going to bring this cocktail instead of the habitual Rose at our weekly picnic along the Hudson River…
    Looks very fresh indeed!

  28. This is going to be my new summer drink! Sounds so tasty.

  29. very tasteful is aswell a “thyme fizz” had one of these some weeks ago in a great bar in copenhagen!

  30. Michelle says...

    PERFECT! Im having a cocktail party this weekend and wanted something summery and fresh… this will do JUST FINE!

    (another good one is pomegranate bellinis with a lime twist during the holidays ) anything with prosecco is wonderful

  31. I made rosemary syrup last year and used it to baste a duck we were BBQing. It was very yummy but this drink looks like an even better use of the syrup! Thanks for the great idea.

  32. now I desperately need old school champagne coupes!

  33. sounds delish!!!

  34. Anonymous says...

    I love prosecco, so mixing this cocktail with it sounds so refreshing, elegant, but also “buzzy”! The rosemary spring on the glass adds such a sophisticated touch.

  35. Kimberly O'Shea says...

    I am dying to hear what you do! My mom is also turning 60 this year and we are trying to figure out what to do…much to her chagrin!

  36. What time are you serving?

  37. Anonymous says...

    This looks totally amazing! So refreshing. Can’t wait to try it!

  38. Anonymous says...

    I hate gin – does anyone think this would work with vodka? Pine needles, man.

  39. Something else thats a little different and adventerous but refreshing is what I call the Spicy Grapefruit .. Stoli “Hot” and Grapefruit Soda (Like Izzy). Garnish with grapefruit peel. Amazing!

  40. CC says...

    looks yummy! :D

  41. Looks delicious, and probably has less calories than a pisco sour :)

  42. Thanks Jacqueline! And my pots thank you for saving them from overcooking sugar :)


  43. Alex says...

    I love to see gin cocktails getting some love. There’s too much vodka in the world.

  44. I did my own twist on the rosemary gin fizz with using white wine and tonic. Turned out pretty good if I say so myself. :)

  45. @Becca Sugar dissolves pretty quickly once you heat the water up. You don’t boil it until it becomes a reduction. Just keep stirring until the sugar crystals dissolve and then take it off the heat.

  46. What kind of gin did she use? A dry gin like Bombay Saphire or something more unique like Hendricks?

  47. oh, this looks so FRESH. thanks for sharing! xo.

  48. OK, if there’s one thing I love just as much as my wine, it’s my good ole gin cocktail. Silly question about making simple syrup as I’ve never made it before – does the sugar just dissolve all the way just when mixed with the water? Am I looking to create a reduction from it? Or, does it dissolve pretty clearly when brought to a boil (and then I should aim for 3 minutes boiling like that?)?


  49. there’s a huge revival of old-school drinks here in baltimore and at one place, they had a similar drink but for garnish, they lit the rosemary sprig which created a lovely woodsy scent that went very well with the cocktail.

  50. Oh yes! A Hendrick’s gin & tonic with rosemary and cucumber is my cocktail of choice – this is right up my alley! (Though I’ll have to tuck this recipe away for another few months til our little nugget is born). Have one for me! :) Cheers!

  51. such pretty and delicate drinks!