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  2. Anonymous says...

    Love these, we have 3 but we got them in Mexico for $7 a piece at a cute jewelry shop. However our travel costs I suppose make it even out at the end there.

  3. Rachel B. says...

    Any chance you can post the link again? The page isn’t working and I really want to buy one of these blankets!!

    Thank you!

  4. Love those!! But when I click on the link it says the page can’t be found :( Could they be sold out and have taken the page down already??

  5. Erica says...

    Hi Joanna! Love these, could you please add the link again. it doesn’t seem to work when i click.

    Many thanks!

  6. ERm the page isnt showing nor is there anything like this showing on the Steven Alan website?

  7. I’ve got the same question as a few others on the hand washing: can this go in the wash? Thanks!

  8. These look so pretty – LOVE the stripes and the fact that they’re lightweight! I will definitely putting these on my wish list for this summer! P.S. Happy belated birthday, Toby! I loved seeing the pictures!

  9. Alix says...

    I have very similar ones from Etsy. These thinner towels originate from Turkey and are called “peshtemals”. Try Googling or searching on Etsy and you can find tons of colors and options.

  10. Jane says...

    clicked on the link to purchase…but the website says they are out of stock! :(

  11. It looks great! But I’m wondering the same as a previous poster…. have you machine washed it? I’m not sure how you would hand wash something so big.

  12. Thank you! Those beach blankets are really cheery.

    I like the close weave blankets because towels and fuzzy ones catch too much sand. Browsing eBay for a vintage bedspread can turn up some nifty ones as well.

  13. Love love love this blanket! It’s so beautiful! I’ve been meaning to find myself a good beach/picnic blanket.. I love eating lunch outside in the summer, but the picnic tables are always full, and the grass is just so prickly!

    This would be perfect. Now to find a cheaper alternative..

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  15. It says hand wash. Have you machine washed yours?

  16. I think it’s about time the hubs and I invest in some legitimate beach blankets, instead of the old, mismatched, mostly ugly things we currently keep in the trunk of my car. One of ours has cow spots. These are definitely much prettier.

  17. I need one of these! can you repost the link?


  18. My husband and I were recently in Mexico and found these EXACT same towels for $8, I bough a ton to give as gifts and am glad after seeing the $48 price tag on Steven Alan’s site!

  19. I swear by thin beach blankets! Light to carry plus they get dry easier than the thick ones! Also sometimes I use my sarong instead of blanket and actually works just fine!

  20. I really like the beach blanket, practical and cute! Where could I purchase one or something like it?

  21. We have one of those super thin and breezy beach blankets as well. It is brilliant, indeed. It makes every outting (picnic or just simple afternoon in the park) so much easier. Kisses