Summer Essential #5: A One-Piece Swimsuit

A swimsuit can say a lot about a woman, don’t you think? Maybe it says she’s laid back, or silly, or feminine, or in love with a past era. Whatever her personality, there always seems to be a swimsuit to match. Here are seven pretty one-pieces for the summer… –Rachel from Elephantine

1. Patchwork Maillot, $218.
2. Natalie One-Piece, $148.
3. Purple Bandeau Tank, $82.
4. Red Polka-Dot, $86.
5. Red Striped Halter, $208.
6. Blue Bandeau Swimsuit, $30.
7. Bustier One-Piece, $253. (So cute on the model.)

Which would you choose? (I also love this striped one and this seersucker one in yellow.)

P.S. More round-ups

(Layout by Rachel from Elephantine, a new Cup of Jo contributor)

  1. I want number 2 so badly. I feel like I need somewhere to wear it though before I spend $148… hmmm, time to plan a vacation.

  2. I love these! I’ve been casually looking at one piece suits for those days where you just don’t want to expose everything :)

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  4. I love all of these retro looks!!! I’m so glad we are covering up more…its much sexier!!!

  5. So excited you and Rachel are teaming up! Her style + yours will be extra special.

  6. I take pride in my tummy, but this post just made me realize how young and flattering one-pieces can be! I especially like no.7 by Madewell. If it’s flattering enough, I’ll definitely splurge on a one-piece this summer. ;P

  7. Ur, excepting the fact that the model looks anorexic, I guess.

  8. I love the first one but wish it was more affordable! Swimsuits always seem to stretch and fade and get trashed so I wouldn’t want to spend more than $80 for one!

  9. I love the Natalie one-piece, mainly because the color is divine and it would hide all the areas that I am insecure about! :)

  10. these are all such lovely pictures. i have a special love for vintage forms, they make you look so lovely and feminine (and very “mad men” :))

  11. I love one pieces, but often struggle to find one that is long enough in the torso. I used to have one like the black natalie one piece, and wore it until the fabric got too thin.

  12. I’m so glad you are giving attention to one pieces! i just got a purple one from Target and i love it. somehow i feel more feminine in that one piece than i do in a bikini.

  13. Hello Old navy one for $30 buckeroonies! Your mine. I’m not kidding I ordered this last week online.

    I was totally game for experiment with this one to see how hideous my elephant legs look popping out the bottom. Some people like elephant legs though so I’m going to move to that country – when I find it.

  14. I love the natalie one-piece! (the black ruched number from Seafolly up there) I’ve never really been comfortable in a bikini; I just don’t like showing a lot of skin (I’m tall, so I’m always showing a lot of skin, you know? I don’t feel like I need to *push it*). It’s so nice ot have a one-piece that is CUTE; I’m comfortable *and* I look like a million bucks (even the hubs, who bought the suit as a gift for me, agrees – “that’s a great suit!”)

  15. I’m dying to try a one-piece swimsuit this summer, but I am 6 feet tall. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can find a cute one piece that comes in a long torso size? I wish designers would keep in mind that tall women love beautiful things too!

  16. Number 3 is my favorite…

  17. One of my best friends is about to buy a house with a pool in the back yard, and now I’ve been debating investing in a new swimsuit since I’ll actually be spending some time swimming this summer! I think the red ones with polka dots would be perfect. :-)

  18. I think the model in #7 and the seersucker are one and the same, no?

  19. Wallace says...

    I love one piece bathing suits. I’ve been wearing one for years. They’ve finally started making cute ones again and I have a fabulous one from JCrew (these in the post are SO cute too!). I don’t wear a one piece to hide my body – I wear it because they are comfortable, practical, and adorable (and hide more of my skin from the sun’s rays). I always get compliments when wearing mine among a sea of tiny bikini clad friends. Even guys will mention liking it – one even told me he liked that it looked like I wasn’t trying so hard to be sexy and that it was actually oddly sexy because of it, lol! So yay for the one piece – so classy and cute!

  20. I have the Jantzen version of #2 and LOVE it. Very glam yet comfortable and nicely covers up my belly scars too… :O

  21. they’re lovely, i’m really liking #7
    i can’t remember the last time i wore a one-piece, maybe i should change that ;)

  22. Anonymous says...

    Love the designs but haaaate swimsuit shopping because unless you have some magic figure you can’t buy swimsuits in regular clothing sizes–you need them to be in BRA sizes too!

  23. I’m so happy you’re featuring one pieces! I only wear swimsuits so I’m in love with this post. Sometimes I feel like there’s a stigma against one pieces, that you’re not fashionable or sexy when you wear one. But this shows that you can be both!

  24. this is my second summer wearing #2!!! and the second blog i have seen it on…so i am feeling pretty cool right about now!!!

  25. So pretty! I only wear one-pieces, but because I do a lot of lap and ocean swimming, I tend to go for really sturdy, workhorse suits. They don’t look as good, but they stay in place no matter how active I am!

  26. I love #1 and #4. It’d be great to find matching ones for me and my baby girl!

  27. I love the second one, the shorts part at the bottom flatters the behind lol, but would be better in red <3

  28. Sarah says...

    I fit better in a tankini. One pieces never quite work on me. But, #7 is gorgeous. Ridiculously expensive, but so beautiful!

  29. Number one from Anthro has to be my favorite! I’m in love with dots and stripes. Just picked up a great two piece with both!

  30. 2 and 5… Especially 5!

  31. Anonymous says...

    I own suit #2 in dark blue. It’s very flattering and hides my mummy tummy pretty well.


  32. I have worn one-piece suits forever. I went through a short phase of tankinis, but I hate showing my white, pasty belly!

    I bought the J. Crew seersucker she mentioned at the end last summer and it is so comfortable. I always feel chic wearing it, and I love that it’s got a visible underwire line; it makes the one-piece a little more sexy. :)

  33. These are all incredibly cute, I specially love #1 and #4. I adore one piece swimsuits, even though people look at me weird since girls my age usually just wear bikinis. But oh well, my style is my own :)

  34. I own bathing suit #2 and I have to say, it was worth every penny. I always get compliments, my husband adores it, and I don’t have to worry about bits popping out while chasing my toddler daughter around the pool or beach!


  35. I love the anthro suit too! Gorgeous

    I picked up the J.Crew polka dot one in navy for the Summer and wore it yesterday, now I want it in red too!


  36. I love my one piece swimsuit, and often choose it over my bikinis. It’s so comfortable and unbelievably flattering, MUCH more so than a bikini does.

    (Unless you have that perfect bikini body, which I don’t. Even then, I’m sure the perfect bikini body would still look better in a one piece.)

  37. Anonymous says...

    Your “You Might Also Like”s were a duck waddling, pregnancy pics and pot(belly) holes …. am I late to the party or are you trying to tell us something? ;)

  38. The striped halter is so great! And one pieces are so up my alley right now.

  39. I love the retro one piece! swoon!

  40. I own the Natalie one-piece, but mine is blue with polka dots. I feel like a pin-up in it, and it’s great for a post-baby tummy.

  41. I was in target the other day and swung by the bathing suit section and found the most adorable tomato red one piece- similar in style to the blue one you posted.

    The cut is very vintage inspired, strapless (with an optional strap you can add on or remove). It has this layered wrapped fabric on the stomach, that is subtle and mostly adds a visual interest. I wasn’t sure how supportive it would be since the boobs have changed after having a baby- but it was great and I scooped up the last one in my size and for only $34!!!

    I was over the moon!


    aka @GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot

  42. we are headed to the lake at the end of june and a one piece is definitely a must…especially since I still have my c-section bulge :(

  43. i actually bought #2… my very first one-piece since being an adult… because i had a baby and my body… well it just isn’t the same… :(

  44. I wish my long torso fit cutely into a one-piece because I am in LOVE with that patchwork suit!

  45. I had a ton of J. Crew underwire one and two-pieces in high school. That yellow seersucker number brings back so many memories. This season, I picked up two in their amazing prints. First season in a while I went with J. Crew swimwear.

    Don’t call it comeback ;)

  46. jay, i agree!!! love the one-pieces these days. so chic and elegant.

  47. I’m a one piece and tankini ONLY kind of gal these days. These are gorgeous, but I don’t dare buy a swimsuit online…tried and failed. I do like the patchwork and the solid black suits above.

  48. I’ve been lusting over number 2 for ages, but I get the feeling it would make my bum look a bit weird x

  49. Thaks for this post! I was looking for a one-piece!
    Thsi year a bikini it’s a huge no for me!

  50. The floral one is to die for! I’m off on holiday to Crete in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to invest in some lovely new swimwear. Funnily enough I wrote a similar post a week or so ago on my blog! :)

    Rosie x

  51. The black ruched one from Anthro is my favorite. So classic and elegant! One-pieces are way sexier than bikinis in my opinion.

  52. Anonymous says...

    The yellow seersucker you like from J.Crew is adorable BUT! I bought it a few weeks ago and wore it at the pool… it was totally SEE THRU!! :( J.Crew kindly took it back.

  53. I was surfing recently and saw a fellow surfer girl sporting a very retro one piece suit. She wore it beautifully and I even eavesdropped on some guys who were talking about how good she looked in that one piece. I was pleasantly shocked!

  54. Love that Red and White piece… would look so sweet with a extra large sun hat and sunnies… xo.

  55. seriously-why do i always like the things i can’t afford (patchwork one, sooooo pretty!)

  56. I haven’t worn a one piece in decades but loving the ones that are coming out now! I’d totally sport the blue or purple ones above!

  57. That colorful one from anthro is my favorite!