1. Love all customised bags Green one is one of the best for summer and will look pretty with my outfit:)

  2. Cute bags! I love that they scrunch up into a tinier bag for easy storage. Great for traveling!

  3. I love baggu bags! They are so versatile and pretty!

  4. Perfect colors for summer :) I’m working on my new collection, and pretty much these are the same colors, bright, bold and happy :)It’s difficult not to smile looking at them. Fantastic cheer-up accessory.

  5. The bags are so great! I’m in in LOVE with the canvas backpacks. Just bought the red one for summer bike rides! :) Can’t wait!

  6. I love baggu bags. I carry one in my purse at all times.

  7. I was given a Baggu in fluorescent yellow a few years ago and only in the last started using it–I am so sorry I waited because I love it. I keep it in my purse that way I am never without a bag, and where I live we are charged 10 cents every time you ask for a bag while shopping. I just bought Baggus for my mom and mother in law as part of their mother’s day gift.

  8. My gosh, there are so many fun colours and patterns! I love how bright they all are! And such an easy site to navigate. Can’t wait for summer!

    Love Kate’s idea to use it as a gift!

  9. So cute! I have the hot pink one with white polka dots, I love it!

  10. The only wonderful problem with Baggu bags is they last forever and I can never convince myself to replace them!

    One thing I’ve been doing with them the last few years is using them as gift bags for weddings and birthdays – I stick the gift in a pretty Baggu, tie up the top with ribbon, and put the little bag in the envelope with the card. Double gift!

  11. these are so bright and fun! i love straw bags on the beach, except that all of the sand gets in the bag, so this probably would make a lot more sense!
    in dramatic fashion

  12. LOVE Baggu. They are so durable and useful. I’m thinking of picking up one of their daypacks – perfect for hands – free storage while lugging around baby. Also, their mini bags are an affordable and cute way to dress up party favors and gift bags!


  13. The hat is very romantic ans my musthave for this summer)

  14. i really need a collapsible bag like this! in DC, they charge you at the grocery store for bags and i am always swinging by on my way back from work or the library to pick up a thing or two. i keep meaning to buy a little collapsible bag to stuff in my bookbag every day.
    (not quite as glamorous as taking it to the beach, haha!)

  15. I love Baggu! I have three (in three different sizes) and all are great! The really big ones are great for schlepping laundry to the Laundromat.

  16. Those are really cute, especially the striped one!

    I am looking for kind of an cooler-bag which you can bring for a bike ride and enjoy a nice break with actually cool snacks.

    Any ideas, ladies?!

  17. I love the first photo!
    bags – my type – strips :)

  18. I just bought a red Baggu bag – great design and so sturdy too. I’d love a leather one – the one I have is canvas. Perhaps leather will be calling me in the fall…

  19. The 3rd one is so adorable…Have a great morning. Muah

  20. Lemanie, how fun!! and shannon, what a great idea to use as a makeshift diaper bag:)

  21. greta, they totally are durable–i’ve had my striped one for like five years!

  22. Sarah says...

    cute! I love all the colors. And, you can’t beat the price. Another fabulous place to pick up a summer/beach bag is Target. They always have a variety of totes in fun colors and patterns.

  23. Love these! Perfect for packing in a suitcase if you have kids and are already schlepping a ton of stuff on a trip! : )

  24. Cute! I also love the stripped one! xoxo

  25. gretal says...

    Love the striped ones, especially the blue + white! I’ve never used these but they seem durable, and now, really cute. I think you’ve inspired me…

  26. Love these, they’re so great for chucking everything in and being on the go! So versatile..