Rosemary in Jam Jars

We don’t have a backyard, but I love the idea of a home that smells like greenery. How cool would it be to place jars around the house filled with rosemary? The lovely strong scent would make you feel like you were walking through a garden. (Afterward you could put the rosemary in roast chicken or potatoes.)

P.S. How to buy houseplants, and four amazing backyards.

(Photo by Apples & Onions)

  1. I love herbs especially rosemary. I have lost weight by adding herbs to my dishes instead of butter. It is healthier too. This is a great idea. There are other cool tools that you can use to help you use herbs in the kitchen more often.

  2. A student from the class next door gave his teacher a jar with cut rosemary for Christmas, and it was forgotten at school over the holiday break. When we returned to school in January the stems had roots. Naturally, the class planted it in the garden outside the room, and it has grown into a large unruly bush (I should indicate that this gift was given a couple years ago… not a bush from a stem in 4 months)! Pretty sweet! We do live in Texas, too… so winter is more like “mild summer” down here.

  3. nice! you grew these in your garden….do you have a picture of your entire garden? we’re interested to see!

  4. Ugh, I LOVE rosemary. I think it would be good with a few sprigs of lemongrass, too. Good idea!

  5. Sarah says...

    We put sprigs of rosemary from my mom’s garden into the sweet pea flower centerpieces at our wedding. Also used rosemary sprigs for the table assignments (slipped each sprig through a piece of watercolor paper). Made the whole place smell great and it was beautiful!

  6. Ooh what a lovely idea! I live in an apartment, but I love walking by my neighbors’ yards, because most of them have rosemary bushes.

  7. Have you tried making an infusion tea with rosemary? We spend our summer vacation in Brittany. The water is beautiful but freezing. At the end of the day before bath, we all have rosemary tea with a little honey. It warms us up and the tea is supposed to be good for you to boot. We also make loads of fruit jam while we’re there. Your photo has me ready for summer.

  8. A lovely idea–my childhood home had big rosemary bushes all around it, so it’s the perfect homely smell to me! x

  9. I have a rampant rosemary bush in my backyard space, during the winter months I cut branches & put them in old jars & line my windowsills with them. It smells fabulous!

  10. love this idea! I currently have some succulents on my windowsill in cute mugs, thinking of changing to plain glasses though for a fresher look! I’m a bit stifled living in university dorms, but a plant with a gorgeous smell would be an awesome addition!

  11. We put rosemary and olive branches in glasses on the tables at our wedding in Italy and the place smelled beautiful, it gives off much more aroma in water than it does when planted in soil.

  12. Did you know that rosemary will sprout roots if you change the water regularly and keep it fresh? TRUE! Basil will do it, too. Once the little white roots begin to mass, plant your new cutting in soil, and ta-da! You have your own wee plant.

  13. Have you seen the cookbook “The Family Dinner”? She has an idea in it to have a bouquet of herbs on the dinner table instead of flowers and people can just pick right from the bouquet. Plus herbs last longer when they are kept in water, so it’s a win-win! Love that cookbook, it’s full of good ideas like that.

  14. Anonymous says...

    I love the look of this! Also, one of my favorite things is to just touch the leaves and squeeze them a little and then smell the fragrance on my hands.

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  16. Anonymous says...

    Really pretty, and I love bringing greenery into the house and have houseplants/herbs galore. But, as someone who has rosemary growing in terra cotta pots indoors (including one just 2 feet from my nose when I stand at my kitchen sink) I have to say that despite the strong scent of the herb when smelled up close, the plant does not perfume the air. Nevertheless, it creates a nice calming feel.

  17. I love rosemary and it grows really well where I live (Costa Mesa, CA). Thanks for posting tips on buying houseplants, I’ve just added loads of them to my home decor (I call it my Wall Garden).

    Primpin’ Ain’t Easy

  18. Add some orange slices in the water and you’ve got the perfect aroma concoction.


  19. I like to cut my mint into a large bouquet. It is so abundant, I could never use it all. It smells so fresh.

  20. I need to do this!

  21. This is such a good idea and it looks so pretty!

  22. I have a little herb gutter garden in front of our window, but we never got aroudn to planting rosemary because our neighbor has a HUGE plant. We (shhhhh) usually just borrow from her. I LOVE this idea! It would make my house smell yummy and keep me from feeling like the herb thief neighbor! hahaha..


  23. I’d love a garden but in London as I guess it does in NY it costs a fortune to have one. I plant basil, parsley and chives in jam jars and tins but haven’t tried rosemary. I’ll have to give this a go as it’s sooo delicious on roast potatoes.

    C x

  24. They are lovely in glass like that. Also, they will root if you trim the stem and keep them in water. It takes a bit of time, but once they’ve rooted you can put them in a small container of dirt and they’ll grow!

  25. it’s like a plant that i CAN’T KILL, and the jam jars are great. love it.

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  28. I foresee doing something like this with our home in the near future. Thanks for the great idea!

  29. Sanne says...

    Hey, good idea for a big-city-backyard-feeling!
    but it can`t erase the longing for a real one…;-(

    Do you ever think about moving because of backyard-craving?

  30. What a great idea. My husband and I live in an apartment as well, and I really miss the luxury of having a yard and being able to bring a bit a nature inside. I’ll have to try this!

  31. What a great idea – I love the smell of Rosemary…and it’s nice that it’s just in water and you don’t have to maintain it. Thanks

  32. OOoh! I’ll do this with the BUNCHES we grow in our yard. Yay!

  33. Keeping cut herbs in water like that is surprisingly all they need for several weeks. I have parsley that’s been going for over a month; it’s ‘gone to seed’ so it has flowered and it’s quite pretty that way:)

  34. I have rosemary! It´s a really tough plant, you don´t have to take much care of it (and I am very bad with plants) and I love the scent!

  35. This is a great idea. We live in an apartment in downtown Toronto, so we have a similar lack of outdoor space. Love it! Thank you Jo!

    waiting for kittenheart

  36. love using rosemary in chicken and potato dishes… they do smell great too… great idea!

  37. We have a balcony where we seat to eat/have drinks at night, and we have basil and mint plants all around it.
    The smell is amazing when it’s breezy!

  38. I love putting herbs in little glasses – they’re cheaper than flowers, they have a great aroma and you can just grab a handful at dinner time! I also read that the best way to prolong the lives of bunches of cut herbs like parsley and coriander that aren’t as hardy as rosemary is to put them in a glass in your fridge. I put them in the side compartment with the milk and everytime you open the fridge it’s like there’s a little garden in there!

  39. This is a FAB idea! I love love love ROSEMARY… so fresh and clean! I live in an urban loft thats sometimes can smell musty but I think this would do WONDERS! Thanks for the idea!

    I really love your blog Joanna. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long…. Glad I found you though!


  40. what a great idea! i’m going to cut some from my rosemary plant now!

  41. Rosemary has got to be one of my favorite scents. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Charlotte says...

    Great idea be nice to do with basil

  43. That’s a nice idea! My wife always says that we should have a little vegetable garden in our balcony but with this german weather, that’s a no – no! This could be a good way to fake it ;)

  44. Great idea, especially for us NYC people who are just dreaming of a backyard :). xo

  45. I have rosemary, parsley, thyme in jam jars…all the time. Sometimes chives & other herbs as well. From the farmers market. As the trees have grown over the last 20 (!) years, my kitchen window is too shady most of the year for the little herb plantings I had. I make up for it in this way. It is pretty, it does smell lovely, yes. It might not be a substitute for some, but I’ve learned to make do.