1. Oh, I love those rings! They look really nice! :)

  2. Anonymous says...

    No way, your Alex wrote that article. My friend from Mexico posted it on his facebook and I passed it on to my 35 year old bf… he never stopped skating.
    Check out his super chill movie (your man might like it more though lol).
    ~Sarah from mtl

  3. How sweet! Amazing rings :)

  4. Really very nice post and amazing that all jewelry such a beautiful and strange jewelry, thanks for share with all of us.

  5. They look edible. I would love to wear these rings if I don’t have a kid. Kids and fancy rings don’t mix. I always get anxious that I might scratch my little girl’s face or something.

  6. Interesting…I’m just worried about breaking them off while taking care of my chipmunks. How sturdy are they?

  7. Really cool rings, loving pastels a lot :)

  8. I just want to load up my hands with these rings. They’re so pretty and perfect. :)

  9. Those are so cute, I love them layered up like that too x

  10. I am SO, SO happy to see AMM here because it is one of my very favorite etsy shops! I own several pieces and wear them all the time and have given quite a few things as gifts. Her blog is equally amazing! Here is a link in case anyone is interested: http://www.amerrymishapblog.com/

  11. WOOOOOW I love, and want these rings. They are sooo cute, and so trendy for this summer.

  12. WOOOOOW I love, and want these rings. They are sooo cute, and so trendy for this summer.

  13. Woah. These are great. I kind of want to eat them (and I’m guessing so would the bambino – hence not for me this year;)

  14. Jennifer is the greatest! :)

  15. Yummy! They look like candy. So pretty and on trend. xo

  16. they look like candy! i’d probably be afraid that i’d forget and try to bite into one.

  17. beatiful pastel colours))

  18. Love them. They’re so cute; I definitely want to buy one now.

  19. i have the lavender one + the earrings! love em.

  20. OMG in red!

  21. they remind me of the mints they had at the senior centre where my grandmother used to live.

  22. Anonymous says...

    Um… I kind of hate them. I guess I am going against the tide! Maybe I just hate them because I hate a whole HAND of them.

  23. Looks gorgeous. I would like to have one!

  24. So pretty~ I love the neon yellow/green with the pastel pink and purple. So gorgeous for summery days!

  25. she’s awesome, been following her blog! She’s so chic and creative. <3

  26. Allison says...

    ha! flintstones chic ;) very cute!

  27. they’re a fun piece :) i love her neon beaded necklaces too- just the right smidgen of neon in them.

  28. I have a couple of things from her store and I just LOVE them. I highly recommend her!

  29. I love a merry mishap , I follow Jennifer on Instagram and love the pics of pieces she’s working on, her cute kid and her place!

  30. Sarah says...

    So fun! I love the minty green best!

  31. These remind me of candy. Yum. So pretty & fun thought! :)

  32. love love love those colors!! I bought some of their earrings for my sister and she loved them.

  33. They look like dinner mints!

  34. Cute! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  35. I want one!!!!

  36. so pretty!
    waiting for the giveaway winner!i would really love to win that gorgeous bag!

  37. These are gorgeous!

  38. These are so fun! It never occured to me to try pastels. :)

    Eat Cake