Mother’s Day Brunch (With Recipes)

This past weekend, my friends at Pinhole Press asked me to help throw a brunch to celebrate our friends who are mothers and daughters. My answer (obviously!) was yes!!! It was an early Mother’s Day brunch to see the new Pinhole Press collection and just hang out with likeminded women. The food was so delicious, and the company so lovely, I’m excited to share recipes–and photos–in case you might like to throw a similar party or make brunch for your mom on Mother’s Day.
The event was held at the new Sunday Suppers studio in Brooklyn. How beautiful are those flowers?!
We started off with a “welcome bite,” of homemade Nutella with French bread and sea salt.
Mimosas were made with orange juice and Prosecco (the poor man’s Champagne, which is just as delicious:)
The first course was mixed greens with mangos and Panko-fried goat cheese!!!
The main course was Croque Monsieur French Toast!!!! What the what?! Everything was mouthwatering, which wasn’t surprising because the meal was hosted by Sunday Suppers with guest chefs Jewels of New York. They’re all culinary geniuses.
But the dessert secretly may have stolen the show. Everyone was swooning over these berries with citrus and vanilla mascarpone.
How pretty is this yellow dress with butterfly hair clips?
We had such an amazing time and felt so lucky to be there. My friend Leigh brought her new baby, Hazel, who immediately gave everyone baby fever.
Finally, a HUGE thanks to Pinhole Press for letting us enjoy such a beautiful morning! I made wine labels with our personal baby photos, and we set up a table to show off Mother’s Day gifts and their brand new wedding collection.

Thank you to all involved! What a magical morning! Find all the recipes here. xoxoxo

(Photos by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers. Event production by Sunday Suppers with Sunday Suppers guest chefs, the Jewels of New York. Flowers by Saipua. Pinhole Press is a long-time Cup of Jo sponsor.)

  1. Mk says...

    What kind of tree are those freshly trimmed branches from? What are some tips for trimming and putting them in vases? I’ve been looking for ideas for my wedding centerpiece and I have no idea where florists are getting them. I am trying to go the DIY rought. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Mother’s Day Brunch (with recipes) is the title but I don’t see any recipes. Did you eat them?

  3. Anonymous says...

    Looks amazing! Such beautiful flowers.

    Anyone know where that white top/dress is from that the brunette is wearing? So pretty!

  4. Love, love, love the custom labels. So many uses. Every holiday, every family get together should now have a photo label. So great.

  5. This brunch looks amazing! I love love love that yellow dress and thick grey knit tights. And I’m so thrilled that you’ve shared all the recipes…. panko fried goat cheese & mango salad sounds out of this world!

  6. jo you have an amzaing dress! i found something similar in shop today,and who is that beutifu;ll apartment? its seems very simple and cool,like old fabrique:) cool! like it

  7. I love the flower arrangement. Could you tell me what the peach flowers are? I am looking for peach flowers for my wedding in July. Thanks!

  8. Anonymous says...

    Those labels are ridiculously cute. Looks like a great day.

  9. Anonymous says...

    Thank-you for explaining the sponsorship thing. I loved the brunch post. The pictures were beautiful and I am going to try a couple of the recipes. I just want to let you know that I love you blog and read it every day.

  10. Joanna, I think you should feel free to do your sponsored posts as long as it works with the blog’s tone – if you suddenly started promoting, say, flavored vodkas I might be surprised, but you’re using the Windows phone in a way that works with your life AND helps you pay the bills – don’t let a few naysayers keep you from doing things you enjoy while also making money doing it! You’re lucky to have a job that allows you to do both – enjoy it!

  11. The event was fantastic! And the pictures turned out beautifully. I loved being a part of it. Thanks so much for including me.


  12. I just found the mustard dress by accident at Anthropology on the clearance rack for $20!!! My size! I grabbed it up and can’t wait to wear it at my own Mother’s Day brunch! Hotdamn!!!

  13. rose, thank you so much for your note!!

    to answer your questions, i’d love to clarify…

    a sponsored post is a post that a sponsor has paid for. the windows nokia phone posts are sponsored, for example. i do those very rarely, just a few times a year.

    but sometimes i want to write about my sponsors organically, and i would have wanted to write about them anyway, even if they weren’t sponsors. (after all, i only take on sponsors that i love, so i already am huge fans of what they do.) so, if i write about emerson fry’s new summer collection, for example, i’m just writing about them because i love their work and know my readers do too, and it’s totally separate from their sponsorship.

    in this brunch case, here’s how i thought of it: if i do an event for a sponsor, and then want to write about the event because i think my readers would like it (with the recipes, etc.), but the sponsor isn’t paying me to write about it, then that isn’t a sponsored post. it’s just me writing about another part of my job — like how photographers write about shoots they do, or how stylists write about weddings they style. it’s not a sponsored post, since i’m not getting paid to write it, i’m just sharing another part of my work. pinhole didn’t pay me to do the brunch–they asked me to invite magazine editors and bloggers that i knew so they could show their new collections. but i wasn’t paid to do the brunch or to do the post about it. i just wanted to share with readers other things i do, and the lovely food & recipes from sunday suppers.

    i hope that makes sense!!!

    fyi, i’m also have decided that i’m not going to be doing any sponsored posts in the future–once the windows campaign is done. i hear your feedback on sponsored posts and definitely want to listen to my readers. it’s hard to figure out the balance between writing editorial content and making sure that i can fund my work and help support my family (there’s SO much back-end to blogging that readers don’t see, of course–writing the posts is actually only about 25% of my time, if that–even though it’s by far my favorite part.) i definitely hope you’ll still continue reading — so many posts coming up about motherhood, relationships, food, travel, etc. that aren’t to do with any sponsors in any way!! :)

    thank you again for your feedback, i really appreciate it. and i want you to know that i definitely take it to heart. xoxo


  14. kendall, that would be so sweet! thanks for all these lovely comments:) karen is such a genius with sunday suppers!!

  15. Anonymous says...

    Oh goodness gracious, where are those clogs from?! I’ve been searching for a suitable Swedish Hasbeen lookalike forever!

  16. THis looks gorgeous, yummy and fun. I love it when women celebrate women, especially mothers!!

  17. This was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning — with such inspiring company. And the food was wonderful. Thank you!

  18. Love your dress Jo. It looks like you all had such a great time. Speaking of older names, I met a little girl today called Mabel. So cute!

  19. Just looks beautiful and all the ladies look so interesting and beautifully stylish. Talk about baby fever. The look on your face Joanna in the photo with you and Hazel. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were thinking about your next baby! xx

  20. What a gorgeous idea! I would love to throw a brunch for my mom and mother-in-law. And those wine labels are lovely!

  21. Oh how divine! I love it all – I want to go and host a brunch like that right now!! Thank you for sharing, just stunning : )

  22. Hazel is blushing from all the compliments ;)

    I just wanted to chime in again since a couple of people asked about my baby sling. It’s a Sakura Bloom, and you can find it online, here:

    Makes a great gift for expecting mamas! I don’t know what I would do without a sling.

  23. Joanna, is your dress from Emerson Fry? It looks as good as in the catalog!

  24. Anonymous says...

    How was the Amsterdam airport? I am changing planes there on May 11th…

  25. What a charming party. I loved the custom bottles, and the nutella jar might inspire a new project for me… Thanks for sharing!

  26. I love Pinhole Press – I just wish they would ship to Australia. Both of my brothers just had babies this year (how lucky am I, two babies in one year!) and I desperately want to get them each the Pinhole Press ‘names and faces’ photo books!
    Also, home-made Nutella?! I need to get me some of that.
    Great post :)

  27. Oh my goodness, that bottle label is so sweet. I think I will make one similar with our baby for my husband for Father’s Day and put it on a nice big bottle of Chimay. He would love that!

  28. Their stuff is so pretty!

  29. This looks amazing! And I see Jamie is there too! :) This looks like so much fun–makes me want to hold a brunch as well!

  30. Oh wow, this looks like such an amazing morning! It’s made me miss my girlfriends back home!

  31. Wow. I’m jealous and speechless. You are so lucky!

  32. so many of my favorite women bloggers! what a fabulous and genuine cohort of women :)

  33. i so wish i could jet back to seattle to spend mother’s day with my momma. but i’d love to see recipes anyway! i’m sure they’re scrumdidlyumptious.

  34. Ack! I love everything, but especially enamelware bake sets and the Weck jars. I just got into making jams and the jars are adorable!

  35. Oh, this looks like so much fun. Beautiful photos.

  36. Sarah says...

    Every detail is just lovely. (Particularly the flowers and adorable little Hazel :) What a beautiful way to celebrate motherhood, friendship, and food, of course. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  37. Anonymous says...

    oops i found the link :)

  38. Anonymous says...

    sounds yummy! are the recipes somewhere?

  39. mimosas, nutella, and fried goat cheese, geez, how much yummier can you get?? these pictures are amazing in every way, looks like a super cute event! Pinhole Press should be thankful to have you!

  40. Rose says...

    I love reading A Cup of Jo, and therefore it saddens me to agree with people who have expressed disappointment (though some have been unnecessarily aggressive.)

    It’s not clear how a sponsored post and a non-sponsored post (which is essentially “sponsored” by one of your sponsors) differ from one another. A non-sponsored post about an event arranged by (even in part) and/or paid for by a sponsor, featuring an array of their products, is difficult for a reader to get their head around.

    A sponsored post now and again can be a nice way to discover a really great product or service (as I’m sure you know), and as readers I’m sure everybody understands that this is how you make a living – if we wholly disagreed with this, we wouldn’t read your blog at all. But we enjoy doing so! And most will continue to do so. But perhaps a clarification of what exactly a sponsored post is, and how a non-sponsored post heavily featuring a sponsor can not be regarded as sponsored, would help.

    Many thanks, and please don’t be downhearted about what seems to be outright criticism, because I do really, really enjoy reading your blog (and I hated writing this rather negative comment.)

  41. What a beautiful event! it looks like a very special morning – thanks for sharing the recipes.

  42. Sad story? Happy story? I was having such a great time talking away that I totally missed the nutella and sea salt! Aaaah! Thank you so much for a beautiful morning. xo

  43. I couldn’t get my eyes off the “handmade nutella” jar and the toasted bread slices. Not just because it’s super yummy, but what a cute jar that was and I just love how toasted bread looks!

  44. What a beautiful day! I love the flowers and homemade nutella! Pinhole Press is amazing, they did the most beautiful album for my husbands 40th.

    Happy early mothers day! xox

  45. So gorgeous and simple, wish this could be my mother’s day brunch!

  46. In that picture of you holding Hazel you are so stunning!

  47. Aw! What a gorgeous brunch!!! Happy early mothers day!!


  48. The flowers! The homemade Nutella! The table! The baby! The Croque Monsieur! I want it all!!

  49. oh goodness, this looks like such a perfect little Sunday morning brunch. beautiful :)

  50. I ordered that yellow dress from Anthropologie, but it was awful on me. I still love the color. Sigh.

    Also, Hazel is my top pick baby girl name. I like that classic names are back, but I don’t want Hazel to become as popular as Ava and Grace, or I will cry. :(

  51. What a lovely day! I wish I had reasons to throw little parties!

  52. Hi Joanna! We’re so glad you enjoyed the brunch! I’m the one in the yellow dress with the butterflies :) I wear those butterflies almost every day (lovingly stolen from my roommate), and the dress is from Anthropologie. xx

  53. Your photos made me smile big. What a sweet event in honor of mothers!

    I’m was also excited to see that all of the food was vegetarian. It looked sooo delicious.

    Happy Mother’s day to you, Jo.

  54. I love all the white/blue- is that white tile with navy grout? I like the colors/composition of that picture a lot- with the white bowls and yellow dress. Beautiful post.

  55. You had me at homemade nutella! What a lovely spread and lovely ladies! Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

  56. Zoey M. says...

    The orange/white dress is so beautiful! Do you know where it’s from?

    And I love your Emerson Fry shift dress also! So much good fashion/style in one room!

  57. Joanna, as you’re friends with the people from Pinhole Press, do you think you could maybe persuade them to start shipping to Europe (I know they ship to the UK, but I’m hoping they’ll ship to France or the Netherlands soon!)? Pretty please? :)

  58. Do you know where that beautiful baby wrap/sling is from??

  59. You’re wearing that breezy Emerson Fry shift! I love it.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. @angry asian: yes, anthropologie. But it was from this winter so it’s no longer available. :(

  62. C. says...

    What a gorgeous brunch! And you got to cuddle beautiful Hazel! :D

    Love the wine labels, that pic of Toby sitting up all nudie is just adorable. :)

  63. How fun! It looks like a tea party. This is too cute.

    mon amy

  64. This looks like the most lovely brunch!

  65. All these photos are putting me in the mood to do something really sweet and homemade for my mom. Now I just need to put my thinking cap on for what homemade gifts can make it in the mail from California to Massachusetts in lieu of brunch…Thanks for sharing such happy, earthy photos and recipes, Jo! The look and feel of this event has put me in a good mood for the whole day. :)

  66. I really love the idea of this Mother’s Day brunch…how lovely! I’m not a mom yet but as my friends and I all get to that age, I would love to do something like this in the future. So sweet! Gorgeous photos of what looks like a beautiful day!

  67. Oh, what a blast we had! The most elegant blast ever.

  68. This looks perfect! I so want to throw one of these for all of my friends when we’re all “grown up” and have kiddies. Until then, do you think I could get away with ‘daughters day’ as an excuse?!

    C x

  69. Joanna –

    I was happy to be a part of it, and EVERYTHING was lovely. The food … OMG.

    Thanks to you and Pinhole Press for the invite!

    – Nichole

  70. I want to eat all of that, right now. I will definitely be trying these recipes. This event just looks so lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  71. Oh boy, homemade Nutella with French bread and croque monsieur French toast? Joanna, that sounds SO delicious! Btw: That photo of Toby (bottle label) melts my heart..awww! Happy Wednesday!

  72. Thanks for having us all, Joanna! It was a lovely morning. :)

  73. Wow! I’m planning a brunch for my mother-in-law and family and now I feel so inspired. Thanks for posting the great recipes too.

  74. what an incredible SPACE! and the food looks amazing – so ASPIRATIONAL; i’m always so interested in the logistics of large-group entertaining! thanks for the peek inside!

  75. robyn, i hope so!!!! fingers crossed:):):) thanks for all these lovely comments.

  76. sarah, alex was just saying the other day that older names seem to be making a huge comeback. we’re always meeting kids at the playground who are named “oscar,” “edie,” “hazel,” “grace,” etc….such pretty names:)

  77. wow-looks very special. baby fever eh-so maybe toby will be getting a little bro or sis one day…

  78. Oh my gosh – I LOVE that mustard knit dress!!!

  79. My grandmother’s name was Hazel and I always loved how unique and beautiful it was (although my love of the name is probably tinged with my love for her). Do you think Hazel is making a comeback as a baby name?

  80. Beautiful photos of a beautiful day! So lovely.

  81. I think I mentioned in another comment the other day that I had ordered some of their photo magnets as a bday gift for my dad. Well, he got them and called me to tell me how much he loved them! Definitely going to use Pinhole Press for future gift ideas and photo needs.

  82. I LOVE the wine labels you made! My Mom’s not much of a wine-o, so affixing them to those (what look like) flavored waters is a great idea too! Am definitely storing all of these ideas for future use w/Pinhole.

  83. This is GORGEOUS! Each photo. And whoa hello homemade nutella. Love the jar for it too!

    I adore how this looks like a chic grown up event though there are sweet reminders of the children in your lives. And that baby, now I have baby fever too!

    Lindsay @ Darling Clementine

  84. Oh that mustard dress and shoes are beautiful. As is that pretty baby.

  85. such a glorious-looking brunch, joanna. and such terrific company. now, off to recreate those berries!

  86. Such a beautiful party! I love prosecco by the way, I think it’s better then champagne!! Through some mashed up mango in the bottom of the glass and fill it up….so delicious on a hot summer night!!!

  87. i wish i knew where her dress was from!! maybe anthropologie? xo

  88. So beautiful, the food, the table, the flowers, so beautiful. And that little baby Hazel, what a cutie. Pinhole press is awesome I really need to order something from them.

  89. yes, that yellow dress is loverly. where is it from, do you know?