Motherhood Mondays: Doo-Wop Group

Toby and I were on our way to the playground on Saturday, when we passed this AMAZING doo-wop group. Toby was transfixed! It was one of those awesome New York experiences. They play every Saturday (except when it rains) on Bleecker Street right outside Murray’s Cheese. Man, those voices.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  1. Cake, fresh bread and a Doo-wop band–how fun! This would make my day! Happy Nesting.

  2. Ahhh this brings back memories of my summer in New York… :)

  3. I sat and listened to them on the steps of the Met on Sunday, and they were awesome! Took a video when they dedicated a song to all the Mom’s and texted it to my Mama for Mother’s Day. :)

  4. i love these guys! they pass by on the subway too

  5. melissab says...

    awesome! thanks!
    toby’s face and the guys.

  6. AWESOME! And Toby’s smile is soooo cute!

  7. Man, this makes me miss NYC!!!!!

    I have to ask…what did you use to record this?? It is such awesome clarity! My iPhone is horrible at videos!

  8. Anonymous says...

    Awesome! I love that you captured your son watching it. What a great memory to have. :) Love modern technology.

  9. Oh New York, when will I ever see you? Jo, you’re just making me soooo jealous right now.

  10. These guys are amazing! I like listening to such street concerts, it creates a special atmoshpere.
    Toby seems to be very interested1

  11. Anna says...

    Ah I love those guys – one of the things I miss most about New York!

  12. Toby is the coolest toddler. He doesn’t even know it.

  13. Anonymous says...


  14. They are great! Thanks for sharing, and what a fun thing for you to see! (and boy, how sweet is little Toby!)

  15. Alina says...

    Thanks for sharing! This was great.

  16. I love them! I’ve seen them a couple of times and stopped for minutes at a time to watch! They’re so talented :)

    Also, I saw you biking this Saturday through a street fair on 2nd ave- you were wearing a blue jacket and sunglasses with your hair up, and I was like, ‘It’s Joanna!’ (but in my head). xoxo

  17. Joanna, this is so cool, Toby’s little smile is great!

  18. that video made our breakfast time today :)

  19. That’s our favorite song! Marc just said, “We should go there.” Soon!

  20. thank you for making me smile on this monday. that was awesome!

  21. Anonymous says...

    lovely video! thanks for sharing and making me smile

  22. Marla Stills says...

    I live in Colorado and had the pleasure of catching these fellas in front of the Met. I was waiting for my mom and sat on the steps marveling at their talent and my luck.

    It was the start to a wonderful day. A few minutes later when we entered the museum to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, we saw Anna Wintour in the lobby. Gotta love NYC!

  23. I LOVE these guys! I stood outside for what seemed like ages listening to them a couple of weekends ago with my mom and a Phileo Frozen Yogurt in hand. They are spectacular!

  24. They’re called Spank! I was traveling through Greenwich Village on my own one trip to New York and I met a lone Australian who was enamoured by the group as well… We both bought their album(s) and agreed to mail each other the one that we were missing.

    We shared a lovely dinner at ‘ino (as recommended by Joanna)!

    Found terrific company because of this group!

  25. fantastic! and what a cute little guy.

  26. Oh they are amazing! Thanks for sharing that video!

  27. leathergal says...

    Awesome! thanks for starting my Monday off with a smile:)

  28. Anonymous says...

    I saw these guys when I was eating lunch on the steps of the MET one afternoon. They were great!

  29. We had them sing at our wedding- they were AMAZING. I initially saw them performing on a subway platform at 42nd St!

  30. Amanda says...

    These guys also play in front of the Met. I know I’ve seen them on Thursday afternoons there.

  31. Wow! Love the quality of video as well – did you take this with your phone??

  32. This is awesome. Toby is adorable. Kids experiencing music is the best!

  33. They are fantastic. Obv they are hawking a CD but I’d buy it. Going to NYC in June and will be looking for these guys fer sure!

  34. FABULOUS!!! ^_^ I’m transfixed just like Toby was. I have fond memories of this kinda scene in our neighborhood when I was a young girl. This brought back lovely memories. Thanks!

  35. Anita says...

    Gorgeous melodic sounds!! :)

    Oooh and would you do a Motherhood Monday on taking your young children/babies to church and tips and advice for keeping them quiet? :) It would be much obliged!! ;D

  36. Their music is absolutely wonderful! What a fun experience for Toby!


  37. Thanks for sharing! I loved your adorable son and his happy face. As the mom of teens I can tell you that these rich diverse experiences create kids who are open to the new and exciting throughout their lives.

  38. Ohhh, this is awesome…would love to see them live!! It’s great to see such creativity! :)

  39. I love this group! Sometimes I see them in soho, too. I bought one of their CDs for my mom last year. They can brighten even the crabbiest day. :)

  40. Just wonderful! We must be living on different planets :)
    Kind regards,
    Lilli (in rural Norway)

  41. awesome! lovely way to brighten my Monday :)

  42. AmazingI I sometimes miss that in a smaller town, but when I travel, that rush of being surprised by something so cool is fantastic! Makes me want to travel to NYC.

  43. JQ says...

    the great sharing~ : )

  44. My son was right next to me watching the video and he was also transfixed. Thanks for sharing a little slice of the city. We don’t get sidewalk doo-wop groups much out in the ‘burbs!

  45. yes guy! love it and toby’s smile too!

  46. I love that! Just a little spot of happiness on your way through the day!

  47. So lovely! Thank you for sharing this :) Toby has the very bestest smile!

    Here in Oslo there is a couple of guys who play the accordion right outside my university. It makes me feel like Amelie whenever I’m walking there!

  48. Kylie M. says...

    I love this group!! I catch them in the Union Square subway station sometimes and I can’t help but stop and listen. :D

  49. Aw, incredible! This puts a smile on my face too, Toby. :)

    Thanks for sharing Joanna

  50. toby’s face is to die for. such a cute little man!

    ps; loved the video, they are so talented.

  51. i’d love to see the guys playing old buckets–how awesome:)

  52. Oh my goodness. These guys are amazing. Toby’s face is the cutest.

    We have some guys who play old buckets and sing by London Bridge at the weekend and they are incredible. I’ll have to dig out the video and post it some time.

    C x

  53. I’ve seen them singing on Prince Street as well — they’re so great!

  54. I love the look on his face, he is having a ball!

  55. Jamie J. says...

    Amazing! May I ask what you used to take this video? :)

  56. I watched that twice through. I miss NYC – you are really lucky to live there!

  57. lovely :)

  58. Toby’s grin is the best! Thanks for making me smile on Monday morning :)

  59. Only in New York :)