Made Me Laugh.

Oh my goodness, this video is so hilarious. We’ve all been there.

(P.S. And, don’t worry, the guys who did the video said, “This makes us look like bullies. We did catch up with everyone and explained what we were doing. Most people were good sports!”)

(Thanks, SW)

  1. This is my school! Watched them make this, too funny!

  2. MJ says...

    Okay, I thought that was sooooooo funny! I liked it so much I checked out the other videos by this guy. Did you see the starring at people one?! I think I woke my roommate up because I was laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing!! LOL(for reals)

  3. Anonymous says...

    I really don’t think it’s that funny. Was it part of a class project? I wonder if the people in the video were all okay with it being posted on YouTube?? Just not newsworthy at all.

  4. Anonymous says...

    haha, that made me laugh! I would have said, no you’re giving me a high five. and walked back to get double high fives from both of them :)

  5. Jessie B says...

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face! How funny (and cruel) is this!!!

  6. Was this really filed under ‘genius’?!?! That’s a stretch.

  7. Anonymous says...

    @ lynn: what about this makes you think the readers are mormon? uvu is in utah. there are many denominations utah.

  8. Lynn says...

    These best part of this post is that I always suspected based on your posts’ comments that you had a lot of Mormon readers, and now I know for sure.

  9. Marita says...

    Does this really qualify as “funny”? Two idiots embarrassing strangers and having a laugh at their expense, AND putting it online? It makes me sick.

  10. Flor says...

    omg!! i totally go to this school. Utah Valley University- yeah.

    Love your blog by the way!!

  11. Anonymous says...

    Shoot, that made me cringe. Haha, good idea in theory but kind of mean-ish in actuality.

  12. Anonymous says...

    found it completely unfunny, aside from the mean spiritedness

  13. haha! I go to UVU! so glad I wasn’t a part of that… hahaha

  14. AWESOME. I’ve been there sooo many times. I like the guy in the beginning who took the earbud out.

  15. Made me laugh too, its just harmless fun. I love the reaction from the girl in the light blue pants. She is totally cringing. I come from a long-line of practical jokers, my dad would love this !

  16. Mo says...

    LOL. Love it! I’m pretty awkward so I would have been one of those w/ the hand half-raised, contemplating high fiving the complete stranger.

    And I don’t think it’s mean at all, esp when they explained it to the people afterward. They’re just making light of a simple thing that happens to so many people.

  17. That was hysterical and a perfect start to the Friday workday :)

  18. Ha ha That is totally my college that I attend and I hadn’t even seen this! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Anonymous says...

    Ouch! I did laugh but I feel bad for those people. If that was me I would be embarassed by that especially when I knew it was fake.

  20. hahaha awww something we can all understand! It’s funny but I’m glad they made the people feel better afterwards :) x

  21. thanks for the good laugh :)

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  23. Too funny!!

  24. Awe, so mean. I know it was a joke but still. My heart goes out to those who stuck their hand up.

  25. hahahahah totally made me laugh out loud… gotta share with the hubby!

  26. Oh man I’m so awkward. I feel like this happens all the time. lol

  27. Elodie from Lyon says...

    This video didn’t make me laugh at all.
    It’s a joke? Then, I think it’s a really bad one.

  28. eeeeek!

  29. Liz s. says...

    Ugghhh so uncomfortable, had to turn it off after about 10 seconds…so akward!

  30. Haha that’s the worst!

  31. Is it just me, or does the host look a little like Young Justin Timberlake at the end? Middle School Me just swooooooned

  32. Anonymous says...

    At the end of the vid all I was thinking was I’d do whatever that guy asked me to because he’s so hot.

  33. Daaah, I always feel like a moron when things like this happen to me! One time I waved back and smiled ecstatically at a crush when I thought he was waving at me…turns out it was meant for someone two bleachers above me!

  34. Oh man. What are the chances. This happened to me with a coworker today that I saw walking down the street… Thank goodness it’s Friday!

  35. That’s pretty funny! Being on a big campus, this happens all the time! Even just hearing my name and finding out they’re talking to someone else!

  36. Ha, guilty! I’m still getting second-hand embarrassment for the people doing the awkward slink-away though.

  37. Caroline says...

    Ok I did laugh at this, but I mostly because it was done all in fun. But in general, I’m not a fan of purposely singling out people to generate a reaction. There was a [very large] group in my city last year that would create a situation and basically scare the bejeezus out a particular person while at least 50 people laughed. I think that’s just mean-spirited (and certainly qualifies as bullying).