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  2. That is awesome! When I get a house – I don’t care what type of driveway it has at the time, I will be getting driveway replacement and having it glow! sweet!

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  4. This is spectacular! We just got new driveway pavers, so it looks like we can’t use the stones in our driveway, but I’d love to put some in my flower beds!

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  7. Really neat driveway. Bet it must be easy to find your house at night. Your house is the one with the glowing driveway! LOL

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  8. Okay, I really REALLY love this. I have never seen anything like this before. Funny coincidence, we are getting a new driveway right now. I think we will tell out driveway sealer in Minneapolis MN that this is what we want instead! Thanks for the fun post!

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  12. i love these! would be so lovely for a little path through the woods :)

  13. This is so cool! I can’t wait to do this to my driveway…someday

  14. I would totally do this if I had a house, and I am totally doing this when I have a house!

  15. This made my heart go pitter-patter. I’m SO glad you posted this. It’s on my wishlist immediately.

  16. That’s insane! A night sky underfoot. Seriously awesome.


  17. OH. MY. GOSH. I would do anything to have a driveway like this. Or really, just a driveway of any sorts. Darn SoCal condo living.

  18. Wow, I would love something like this if I had a gravel driveway.

  19. The Company also does Glow Sand! Crazy but fun at the same time.

  20. Anonymous says...


  21. WOW! If I ever get a driveway I want it to glow in the dark! Looks so magical!

  22. Oh wow! Absolutely magical! I think you must have a carriage for the right to drive down that!

  23. Would be so great for a party as well. Imagine your guests arriving and seeing that.

  24. Oh. My. Goodness. I totally want to mix these in with the stones around my pond!!!

  25. If I am reading correctly, from what I understand there is asbestos in ambient which is in this product.

  26. Oh my! This is gorgeous! It almost makes me sad that I live in an apartment.

  27. Anonymous says...

    Hey joanna! I’ve been looking for a beach blanket for sooo long! But when i click on the link (and the link on the comments) it says page not found :(
    Can u re-post the link? Or maybe give another tip on beach towels?
    And wow! One recommendation from u and they are sold out! You are a powerfull woman hahaha!

  28. That screams summer to me!


  29. Anonymous says...

    Very pretty :) I’m not sure i would do this for a driveway, but it would be fun to add this to walkways for a summer party in the evening.

  30. Anonymous says...

    I think the novelty would wear off fairly quickly,and imagine having a light you could never turn off… would make it extremely unfriendly to any wild animal in the vicinity too!

  31. I need this driveway for my future home! xx

  32. that’s so beautiful! I would love to drive home to this welcoming :)


  33. Sarah says...

    very cool. Did you see the stepping stones on the company’s site? I think I like those even better. A bit more subtle (probably much less expensive), but still really cool.
    Or, putting some under glass in a bathroom counter… No more nightlight!

  34. love this! definitely newest thing on the must do list for our little bungalow (; thanks for sharing! xo, t.

  35. ohhhh I had to add this to the list of things I want in my future house :D thanks for posting this picture!

  36. i love this so much it makes me wish i had a gravel driveway.

  37. I love it as well. I’m going to have to agree with some of the others and say it reminds me of outerspace. So awesome.

    Isn’t it funny how to something so simple we hadn’t thought of before?
    Eat Cake

  38. We will ( eventually) be moving back to the US .. New York State to be exact. I might have to have a glow in the dark driveway :)
    besitos. C

  39. you just find the neatest things, jo.

  40. Amazing!

  41. If you were giving directions, all you’d have to say is “Yeah, just turn into the glowing driveway”. Can’t miss that one :)

  42. That is incredible, how great and magical would that be, except you would want to drive without your lights on!

  43. pretty! It would be fun to mix them into a countertop or under glass for a bedside table in a kid’s room!

  44. LC Taylor says...

    I love that! So magical!

  45. Wow that would be magical…

  46. Whoa. Mind blown! I wonder if I could cover my tiny balcony in those awesome glowstones…? :)

  47. I misread the title and thought it said GIVEAWAY. How sad! I would have loved a glowing driveway of my own. Never mind that I live in an apartment! ;)

  48. That would be stunning to drive home to every night! I wonder how long it lasts?

  49. Gorgeous!! What a great idea!!

  50. Like having the Milky Way under your feet. Lovely, indeed.

  51. It’s too pretty to drive on it. Guess I’d just have to stay home and never go anywhere. :-))

  52. Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! It would be so magical driving up to this every night!

  53. Anonymous says...

    Cool, but upon a check of the price of “glowstones,” I see that this would turn a simple gravel driveway (usually one of the cheapest types of driveway) into one of the more expensive driveways. In many areas, it’s also very impractical, and that impracticality sends the price skyrocketing so that it’s not just “one of the more expensive” driveways, but possibly THE most expensive driveway. If you live in a snowy area and have your driveway plowed, your gravel and the glowstones mixed in is going to work its way off the driveways and into your grass, other landscaping, etc.. Gravel driveways in such areas have to be replenished frequently.

    • Another option is to have the stones seeded (embedded) into a concrete driveway. That way, it’s longer lasting, making it more affordable. Or, you can just do an edging of your driveway with the stones, either as gravel or as a permanent installation. :)


  54. Chantel says...

    Beautiful!…Although, after checking out the website it might hurt the pocketbook more than a little bit!

  55. WOW. This is amAzing.

  56. This is crazy/ amazing! I would love driving home tothat :-)

  57. Anonymous says...

    Love this! On another note, i have a topic of conversation that might be interesting for your motherhood mondays. discipline and grandparents….how do you draw boundaries when your parents see your child often and are very indulgent with him/her?

  58. I’d never have to replace my headlight bulbs (they’re both burned out right now)!

  59. It would be fun to have this for a wedding. Impractical but fun.

  60. It’s like magic!! I love it!

  61. How cool would it be to be the kid with the glow in the dark driveway!?

  62. Gorgeous! I feel like this would be so magical for kids :) I wish my parents had done this!

  63. Anonymous says...

    Magical, indeed! Love it.

  64. Gorgeous! I have never seen anything like this!

  65. That is beautiful! It’d be so peaceful!