1. I love the picture!


  2. Love with an all-black outfit. Another not-so-shocking way to wear it is all gray like Essie Chinchilly and one accent nail in neon-like your ring finger. Very chic.

  3. I love neon polish! I currently use my pink often but after seeing the above photo I need some yellow! Thanks for another great post.

  4. Absolute DO, In fact I just wrote a blog posts about neon for the summer including neon nail polish :)

  5. So pretty! I’d totally take the plunge with bright yellow.

    – KW from ladiesinnavy

  6. bright yellow nails are one of my faves. i do it all the time. :)

  7. I totally rock the neon polish- only on my toes though. for some reason, I can’t seem to pull it off on my hands without looking, um, cheesey?
    Great tip- put a layer of matte white underneath your neon polish for extra punch of color!

  8. Yes. Yes. Yes to neon polish!

  9. Too funny – I just bought yellow polish like this the other day called ‘summer to go!’. Can’t wait to put it on for our coastal holiday this week! It’s just so bright and summery. Why not?!

  10. yellow’s not something I can see myself wearing on my nails, just because it’s something that I always associate with my sister and she does it so well.

  11. I’m all over the neon trend. I actually bought some neon nail polish from J.Crew in 2010 and it was too neon for me at the time. I don’t know when it happened, but I’m a neon whore! I have neon jeans, scarf, sweater, hair flower, necklace, belt, you name it. All from J.Crew. Time to give in and go for the nails, right?! ;)

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  13. I picked up Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos yesterday and did my nails and toenails. Love it! Very summery and pretty with bright pink lips.

  14. LC Taylor says...

    I was inspired by this post… While I am not doing neon nails, I am wearing neon sandals today. They make me smile when it’s gloomy out and kind of remind me of wearing fun-colored jelly shoes as a kid, even though these are leather. Just thought I’d share! :)

  15. I think neon is a do! Looks so cool :)

  16. I am LOVING neon colored nails – especially since I typically shy away from bold colors with my clothes, it’s a great way to add a “pop”. This yellow is next on my list to purhcase :)

  17. Katherine King says...

    I saw this girl in my chemistry class wearing neon pink nail polish and i fell in love with it, it looked so great! I usually stick to black and grey for nail polish but i think i’ll branch out for more of a pop this summer… I really think what you’re wearing (clothing) affects the look of it. Neon nail polish isn’t a nail polish, it’s an outfit :)

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    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  19. i love how it looks but I don’t quite think its for me. I’ll stick with pastels instead.

  20. Loved it then I tried it… Had neon pink nails for about 3 days before it clashed with my outfits so badly i had to take it off

  21. I’ve never wore neon polish, should give it a go! but not the yellow one, I prefer pink shades.

  22. am actually wearing it right now!!! but even brighter ;)
    if you want an ultra neon finish, paint a first hand in white an then the put neon color on top.

  23. DO! Of course ;)

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  25. I looooooove neon colours, especially during summertime!

  26. Anonymous says...

    Neon orange in summer make your feet look brown


  27. Anonymous says...

    In summer, neon nails are definitely a DO


  28. I would do any neon colour, except yellow, it´s just not my favorite colour…

  29. Ha! My girlfriend wore this color nail polish all last week. I am a fan!

  30. This reminds me of middle school when we would paint our nails with white out then color over with high lighters. I love it!


  31. Such a good way to save some bucks and look stylish. That yellow is brilliant.

  32. Yes! Totally great way to temporarily subscribe to a trend.

  33. Do! I have been wearing neon nail polish in the summer for years. I love how the colors pop on tanned skin.

  34. soon lee says...

    Totally do!!

  35. I don’t know about yellow but I love love love my neon pink-orangeish nail polish… seeing the color on my toes makes my day brighter :P

  36. I personally love the neon nails.It’s just fun! I love most nail polish colors. I don’t see how a NEON yellow or green could look like nail fungus…

  37. Bright yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the perfect shade so I’m going with neon pink for now :)

  38. i have embraced the neon trend to the fullest-and i just got neon nails done on friday— i am personally very fond of neon (and if you get a french manicure with only neon tips-that would be an even less obvious way of embracing the trend)!

  39. Sarah says...

    I really like bright colors on toes in the summer. I have a bright magenta on my toes right now. But, I’m not a fan of true neon or any sort of yellow. A nice bright pink, orange, blue, purple- I really like. But, truly day-go is a bit cheap looking, IMO. And, yellow just makes me think of dirty nails! gross!

  40. Anonymous says...

    Definitely do!!!!!

  41. Yes!! Do it.

  42. neon nails are a complete DO! obsessed!

  43. I would definitely try it. Nails are the perfect opportunity to have fun with colors you might not necessarily wear otherwise.
    Those yellow nails are fabulous on that girl!

  44. Do!!! Although I wouldn’t pair neon nails with a neon top lol. There are great neon polishes available at all price levels (like $1.99 Sinful Colors)!

  45. I find neon polish … scary. Is this a sign of old age?

  46. I have neon yellow toes as we speak! I love all the neon colors I’ve been seeing lately. Definitely a do!

    xx Olivia

  47. LC Taylor says...

    Neon yellow would be tough for me to pull off, but I’d be willing to try other neon colors. This is a fun spring-summer trend!

  48. I love bright toes nail polish but on my finger nails I need a color that isn’t too intense, a color that I don’t mind looking at daily. Neon would be too intense for me.

  49. Yes, I’m obsessed with neon right now. I only paint my toes, though, because my fingernails just chip! I currently have neon orange on my toes :)


  50. Toes always!!! Nails, I don’t paint; they just chip SO fast.

  51. I agree with Laura.. if you are young.. neon nails are “ok”.. though my stepdaughter looked like she had hooker hands when she had acrylic nails done in neon orange/pink! Maybe you could get away with it on the toes if you are older.. when you are on vacay at the Beach?

  52. I would say that neon nails are only for teenagers. A touch of neon color like an accessory could work for any age.

  53. I love neon nails! Your nail color is such a great way to experiment with different styles. Not to mention, if you don’t like it, you can take it off no problem! I love the bold look, though!

  54. I’m going with “don’t.” But then again, I’m currently wearing blue nail polish after I swore that was weird. So…probably in a few months I’ll be asking for neon?


    Xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  56. Jen says...

    Ay, ay, ay .. quite enough of nail polish!

  57. Yeah! I’m not brave enough to pull off yellow, but maybe blue or green…even coral!

  58. Definitely a DO! I think a little pop of color looks great contrasted with neutral tones. There’s a babble.com article of fun new neon nail trends to try too –

  59. Yes, yes, yes!!! I am just waiting for the perfect neon yellow and pink to use on my nails. I don’t think I’d use the neon yellow on my toes though because it just makes my feet look ugly. Hahaha.

  60. I am super fair and once painted my toenails a bright yellow. It looked so gross!!! I say go for it if you’re a tan gal!

  61. Pretty amazing! I say, yes please, with a cherry on top!

  62. I love neon nail polish right now. I have a yellow and a green; I think yellow is my favourite. That having been said, I can’t wear it all that often because of work.

  63. Mmmnnnno, I don’t think so. I love those colours in other people’s hands, but for me it’s all about red, pink or coral.

  64. Definitely!!! I love neon nail polish! I actually just bought Neon Red from American Apparel! Love it! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  65. too funny that you posted this today, I went nail polish crazy at sephora this weekend as usual, and i’m wearing Rare from Illamasqua which is a serious neon yellow.

    the burrito guy at lunch even wrote my name as “danielle yellow nails”… it’s definitely a statement, but i love it!


  66. Do! I LOVE brightly colored nail polish. It is a great way to be fun and playful as well as match outfits.

  67. First time I comment :)
    Neon yellow is kind of love hate. I love it but never find the right color (too green, too dark, to light…).
    Anyway, the right neon yellow looks niiice on the nails :)

  68. Anonymous says...

    I don’t think yellow belongs anywhere near finger or toenails. Doesn’t matter what shade of yellow. Gold too, for that matter.

  69. I bought the Chanel yellow varnish last summer thinking I would love it, but i hated it. However, my 3 year old Ruby loves it!! Definitely no to neon for me.

  70. You can never go wrong with a little pop of color! I love bright nail polish!

  71. not just a do – an absolutely!

  72. it’s a do when:

    – fingernails match the shirt or purse
    – toenails match the shoes
    – only color is the neon nails, the rest is a neutral

    it’s a don’t when:

    – you wear 5 neon colors all in the same outfit (unless, of course, it’s the day of the pride parade and the point is to look like a rainbow)

    not sure if this is a do or not right now, but i’m totally into nude nails right now… a color that’s JUST lighter than your skin. chic, and makes your nails look healthy and taken care of without going crazy!

  73. Of course it’s a do. I have a yellow nail polish similar to this one but it only looks good if I’m wearing matching colors or all black.

  74. toes yes, hands no. my office is too stuffy for neon!

  75. Anonymous says...

    I love this trend! I’ve always worn funky colored nails since HS so this is nothing new to me.

  76. File Neon Nails under “Things That Wouldn’t Fly” in a Washington, DC workplace. Maybe on my toes :)

  77. Anonymous says...

    Definite do! I love nail polish trends. It’s never permanent. You can wear for 2 days or for 2 months. And, you are also not spending a fortune on it. I am all about this neon trend right now and have been searching for some highlighter yellow polish. Such a fun, cheap way to add a pop of color to your every day life. :)

  78. I say it’s a do! I would totally sport neon polish – especially on the toes!

  79. Nail polish is my favorite way to add a contrasting color to my look and this Spring I’ve been wearing almost exclusively neon enamels. It’s definitely a DO!

  80. essie pink parka is my favorite hot pink, especially for toes…. it’s juuust distracting enough :)

  81. Anonymous says...

    My friend got her toes painted yellow last year for spring and everyone said it looked like she had nail fungus…so I don’t know…maybe neon is a bit more apparent : (

  82. There’s something about yellow nails that is just plain gross to me, but those other neon colors are pretty cute!

  83. I love the idea of neon nail polish. I am normally an earth-tones type of gal, but I think if there’s anything neon that I could pull off it would be nail polish.

  84. I don’t think I could do neon yellow – but perhaps turquoise blue or bright neon pink…fun trend!