Do or Don’t: Eyelash Curler

Last night, I hung out with my gorgeous friend Susan from Glamour, and as we chatted, I couldn’t stop staring at her eyelashes. They were so thick and swoopy and gorgeous. Her eyes looked beautiful and wide awake. Her big secret? An eyelash curler. I’ve never had one, since I figured it wouldn’t do much. But after last night, I’m sold. (Bonus: Susan said the cheap ones are just as good). Thoughts? Do you use an eyelash curler? Am I the last one to the party?

(Top photo of Audrey Hepburn, although I wish I could have taken a photo of Susan’s perfect lashes!)

  1. Oh my eyelash curling… I lovelovelove it – even without adding mascara afterwards.
    BUT I had a bad accident with my cheap one a few months ago: some of my lashes got stuck in it and I had to cut them off! Directly next to my eye!! Horror! I cried in pain (because the curler pulled on my stucked lashes until I finaly cut it off). So: watch which one you are buying. Invest some money in one that has enough space between the movable parts and hinges to NEVER get your lashes stuck in there! (my new one was ~20€)

    But I’m curling my lashes like mad again – thanks to my new curler…

  2. When I wear no makeup I still use an eyelash curler. My lashes are long and thick, but stick straight. Can’t do without it. Maybe it’s because of the shape of my eyes, but I went through quite a few drugstore cheapies that always missed the very outside lashes or pinched my lids. Then I invested in a Shiseido (I wanted cult-favorite Shu Uemura) for $16 and it was a whole new world. And it’s still going strong, 9 years later.

    • I do want to add that if you are/become a lash curler devotee like myself, you do have to devote some time to pamper your lashes. I use oils to moisturize my face and make sure to smooth a little extra on the lashes as the last step. I also rarely use mascara (feels very heavy on my eyes, like I’ve been crying all day…), which probably helps to keep my lashes healthy.

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  4. mandi says...

    Costal Scents makes a small plastic one for only about $5. My lashes won’t stay curled with a metal curler unless I warm it with my hair dryer. The CS curler is fantastic. No heat. Lashes stay curled all day…even after a hot, sweaty run. Don’t expect it to last forever because it’s a bit cheaply made, but well worth the few dollars!

  5. That looks like a terrific tool to use for my GF’s short lashes. I have been looking for the best eyelash curler online that could work on her. She has actually tried a lot but just would not get satisfied.

  6. Anonymous says...

    No, the cheap ones take out your eyelashes!!! I don’t know about the ones that coast more, though.

  7. try with a…spoon, it also works! :)check out some videos on youtube :)

  8. This is the one grooming item I definitely do each day! My lashes are long but they grow straight out & so need some coaxing to curl up & be pretty! I buy mine at the drugstore, though one day I’ll splurge for the Shu Uemura cult classic:)

  9. Anonymous says...

    Hi Jo,

    You have to try an eyelash perm…

    you will have gorgeous eyelash..

    Curly for at least 3/4 weeks …

    Sophie from Belgium

  10. Oh my gosh!!! I haven’t seen one of these since I lived with my parents – my mom always uses one. So vintage! I might just have to keep one on hand for special occasions. Thanks for the reminder, Joanna!

  11. Oh my gosh!!! I haven’t seen one of these since I lived with my parents – my mom always uses one. So vintage! I might just have to keep one on hand for special occasions. Thanks for the reminder, Joanna!

  12. oh yea gotta have it! i have a very minimal makeup routine that includes the eyelash curler every. single. day. and you can get them at sephora for like less than $10!

  13. I swear by my curler. My secret is to heat it up with a blast from the hair dryer. It gives it a little extra power, kind of like a curling iron. Just don’t get it too hot!

  14. nicole says...

    I couldn’t live without it! I think I’ve had the same Maybelline one for easily 15 years? Maybe longer? The shape of it fits my eyelid perfectly, whereas others are too flat. I would cry without it. Seriously.

  15. Like other readers, an eyelash curler was one of my first makeup tool purchase..I have long and STRAIGHT lashes, so I’ve known that i needed it ever since I’ve found out what it was for, because before that i’ve always tried to curl my lashes by pushing it up with my fingers all the time.without it i look like DUMBO. LOL

  16. hehe glad to know I’m not alone in not using one yet! It really does look a bit like a torture device which is what always put me off, though I am curious to experiment…

  17. I have the Shiseido one and it’s just perfect. i love it

  18. Yes I’ve got one and the cost per use on the Shiseido is brilliant- but I’ve also got a good body shop one that I have to say is as good as the more spendy one

    Audrey is so pretty!

  19. I stare at beautiful lashes too! I’m a believer of the curler, even if by the end of the morning, they’re flat ;)

  20. WOW! I guess I need to go buy one. I was always afraid they would accidently cut off my lashes since they have such a guillotine look to them.

  21. Francesca says...

    I have read so many articles about how bad the curler is for lashes! I am a bit confused….

  22. I join your company of the last ones to the party, I have never used one, because I didn’t believe in the result. But after all these numerous comments I feel like i misse somthing very important and should definetely give it a go.

  23. I only use an eyelash curler and mascara. If I am really dressing up I`ll put some red lipstick on too. I cannot imagine not using a curler. I normally don`t wear anything but curling is a must. I also have eyelashes that just go straight out so I feel more awake when they are curled.

  24. I am addicted to my eyelash curler and have been for years. If I leave the house without my eyelashes curled, even if I have mascara on, I feel completely naked!

  25. I’m addicted to my eyelash curler. If I leave the house without my eyelashes curled, even if I have mascara on, I feel completely naked! I love it so so much.

  26. Carol says...

    I’ve tried them before but don’t understand what everyone raves about – didn’t seem to make much difference for me. I have long lashes that have a pretty good natural curl to them, so I’m happy with how my lashes look with just a lick of mascara anyways :)

  27. I use it everyday for almost 6 years now, can’t live without!

  28. I wish I could. For some reason eyelash curlers don’t work on my eyes. They literally cannot fit to the contour of my eyelashes for some reason. It drives my friends and I insane, we’ve been looking for one that’ll work on me for years. The conclusion is that since I’m of a mixed background [half-japanese, half-english] my bone structure just doesn’t match up to standard curlers.

    That being said, all my friends use curlers and they are the best things ever.

  29. without mine my lashes disappear!. Your friend Susan is gorgeous in deed. You do live an extraordinary life sweet bloggy friend. Hugs!

  30. I use mine everyday, even if I’m putting little or no makeup on after. My husband doesn’t like to watch me do curl my eyelashes because he thinks the curler looks scary. I honestly don’t have a problem with poking myself in the eye or pinching my eyelid because practice makes perfect, and after 10 or so years of using the curler it is pretty easy (and painless). I do tease my husband that I’m going to curl his eyelashes while he’s sleeping (why is it that boys always have such long beautiful lashes???)

  31. It is very easy and the effect is incredible!
    Also there is the eyelash permanent which is great!



  32. i SWEAR by my eyelash curler! i’ve been using it since fifth grade! it makes such a difference.

  33. If I don’t have time for any other makeup-ing in the morning, I just do the eyelash curler and some mascara – the curler alone makes a BIG difference, in my opinion!

    Another tip – run the eyelash curler-end under hot water or a brief moment in a hairdryer to heat it up… It becomes like a curling “iron” for your eyelashes. (Just be careful about how close you get it to your skin!) It makes the lashes REALLY big then! :)

  34. I’ve gone on and off for years with an eyelash curler because while I could tell a difference in the morning, I never felt like it lasted all day. Then I found this heated eyelash curler that is not as scary as a regular one and keeps my eyelashes curled all day. I’m in love!

  35. Eyelash curlers are fab but I’m currently addicted to false eyelashes! They’re great and it may be something to try if you’re new to having curled eyelashes =)

  36. DO!!! I am Asian and my lashes are flat rather than round, so I use my curler every day. I don’t even add mascara afterwards since if weighs down my lashes and looses the curl faster, I just curl for 20 seconds on each eye and do a final curl on the outer end. Can’t live without my curler!

  37. It really does make a difference. In fact on lazy days when I don’t feel like putting on war paint, Its just mascara for me but I make sure my lashes are curled.

  38. hmm I’ve never not learned to use a curler since using mascara. I think it’s weird that I don’t remember when I first used make up lol doesn’t everyone usually remember that?

  39. Eyelash curlers are a MUST for me, especially because my lashes are short. It makes all the difference! I barely wear eyeliner anymore after I started using a good eyelash curler. The drugstore ones don’t work at all,

    I found through trial and error asian eyelash curlers work best like shu umera, shishedo, or any brand they sell at asian markets! They really give you the curl and staying power you want.

  40. I’ve always used an eyelash curler, ever since I started wearing makeup when I was fourteen. I can’t imagine doing my makeup without it! It definitely brightens up my eyes.

  41. Laura says...

    I have been obsessed with my eyelash curler since high school. I use just the tiniest bit of light mascara and curl the hell outta my eyelashes… It works better than any mascara I’ve ever tried alone! I actually left my eyelash curler at work a few weekends ago, and went in on Saturday morning because I couldn’t go to dinner that night without it! Diehard eyelash curler.

  42. I know, beat beauty tool ever, right?!? I use mine daily, even if I am not wearing any other makeup… it makes your eyes looks THAT good!

  43. i never leave home without mine! trick is to use it BEFORE you put on your mascara, never after cause your eyelashes can get stuck to it…painful and not pretty.

    good luck! =)


  44. Eyelash curlers are a MUST. My mom gave me one for my 15th birthday (I didn’t even start wearing makeup until I was 17) and I’ve never looked back.

  45. Anonymous says...

    I use one everyday! even if i don’t put on any makeup i curl my eyelashes. it makes them look so much nicer!

  46. I have used an eyelash curler since high school. My lashes are pin straight and without one, I appear to have NO lashes.

    I find the trick to a long lasting curl is to heat the curler with a blow dryer. Be sure to check the temperature on the palm of your hand before going anywhere near your eyelids!

  47. I use a plastic eyelash curler, with a brow brush. Keeping it clean is as important as not moving your hand when you are curling.

  48. I have heard they work great but I have never used one bc I just thought it would be bad to use all the time. I am okay with what I was born with though :) I like a good thick mascara..


  49. I’m one of the few girls who got her dads naturally curled eyelashes so I don’t need one! I love using great lash mascara to make them thick and look longer!

  50. Anonymous says...

    I used an eyelash curler from junior high until my late 20’s. I would heat it up with a hair dryer and clamp it down on my eyelids. Then my eyelashes started falling out. It came to the point where I lost half of the lashes on one lid, and at least as much on the other. That was six years ago, and only half of the lashes have grown back. I was completely addicted to the curler, but please be careful – you can permanently damage the hair follicles to the point of permanent lash loss.

  51. Oh man oh man… I can’t put on mascara WITHOUT it! Seriously it just seals the deal and makes all the difference in the world!

    xoxo, V

  52. too funny! i ALWAYS use it. it makes a world of difference. if i only have a minute to get ready in the morning, the two things i would not be able to leave the house without doing are: curling my eyelashes and putting on chapstick! my simple beauty essentials :)

  53. I seldom use it… I have asian eyes – monolid with the “eyelid fat” and because my lashes are soo short when they are curled it actually looks really bad and unflattering. They look much fuller for me when they’re uncurled.

  54. I have an eyelash curler but never use it. I suppose I never really understand ‘how’ to use even if it seems straightforward.

  55. I sometimes do when I’m feeling “fancy”. Makes the lashes really do their thing. But I’m curious…you said you “ordered one”. Did Duane Reade run out? Or is there a special fancy one we should know about?

  56. Anonymous says...

    every. single. day. it’s up there with the brushing of the teeth.

  57. Carolyn says...

    YES use one! However, the trick to make them look perfect every time:


    It dries super quick so the curl holds (I have Asian lashes – stick straight).

    And a good makeup remover for waterproof makeup is the kind you get from Victoria’s Secret. It’s expensive but it’s literally the only thing that works on waterproof mascara.

  58. I’ve never used an eyelash curler for the same reason, I don’t think it’ll do anything. Reading all these comments though, it seems I’m obviously wrong. Maybe I should give it a try!

  59. Eleanor S says...

    If there’s only ONE thing I do to my face, I curl my eyelashes! Above all else, It’s my #1 beauty product, a must-have for me.

  60. It’s a must have for me! It makes a huge difference


  61. I’m very fair, so have always had bad luck with mascara. I use a curler every day and I love it — no need for mascara (for me, anyway)!

  62. Never owned one? Wow! I have naturally long lashes, so I consider curling them to be mandatory! It really does make a big difference and makes using mascara more worthwhile!

  63. It’s pretty much the only thing I use on my face on a day to day basis besides my tinted moisturizer… I also have short straight eye lashes so it makes a world of a difference. Definitely do not feel like myself when I don’t curl my eyelashes :P

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  65. I curl my eyelashes every day – they’re long but stick straight, so without some curl my eyes look small and sleepy. My favorite curler (and i have tried a LOT of them) is the japonesque Go Curl pocket curler. The small, flat design means i can take it with me when traveling (and it doesn’t look like some terrifying torture device), the light pink color means i can see my eyelashes while i’m curling them to make sure i get them all, and it comes with an extra pad right in the handle + free pad replacements for life through the company. AND it gives me curl in my lashes that stays all day. the best!!

  66. Love my eyelash curler! I never used one before either, but it’s such a little thing that make such a big difference in making you look more awake and bright. I just feel sexier when I use it!

  67. oh mylanta girl! I don’t wear make up (just blush) and I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO CURL MY EYELASHES. I feel like I look tired if I don’t. I actually point my hairdryer at my eyelash curler for maybe 10 seconds…feel it to make sure it’s only warm to the touch…..and then curl my lashes. It keeps them curled for the whole day. I even take one with me for after I swim…I’m addicted but I suppose it’s better to be addicted to that than actual make up. :)

  68. i can’t even imagine applying mascara without curling my lashes first! trust me, you won’t be able to go back to straight lashes after you start curling them! :)

  69. I have used one since I started wearing makeup. I used to keep one in my purse and I would curl my eyelashes during the day. I love it.

  70. Truthfully, I’ve been too scared to use one. HA! At almost 27 years old I can still hear my mother saying, “those things will take your eyelashes out.” Perhaps I will grow up a little & buy one over the weekend. I always kinda wanted to try one.

  71. At 37 I was a latecomer to this as well! Now it’s part of the routine. Thanks for the tip on the Shu Eumura one! I had no idea that all curlers are not created equal.

  72. ah… you lucky non-asians. I have straight eyelashes, so I absolutely need one, as well as the heated (battery-operated) eyelash curler for post-mascara. And must use really good waterproof mascara, if I don’t want to look like a raccoon by 8 pm.

  73. .. absolutely yes on my tiny little lashes … shu emuraha (bad spelling) is rated the best.

  74. I do and I love it. I discovered it in high school and never went back. My favourite is by Revlon. I always get asked how my lashes curl so well. TIP: Do it before you apply your mascara!

  75. Like Katie said, I thought EVERYONE used one. For me it goes hand in hand with mascara.

  76. every time i use one, i accidentally pluck at least two eyelashes, so now i’m traumatized. what am i doing wrong?

  77. I cannot go a day without using mine. even if im not putting on makeup, i curl my lashes and tame my brows with clear gel. its the minimum! they are AMAZING! you will love them <3

  78. I use an eyelash curler daily…even on my minimal makeup days which consist of a chapstick, eyelash curler, and a swipe of mascara.

  79. yeees! and not any eyelash curler but exactly that one you ordered, the one by shu uemura. and, speaking of makeup basics – benetint!

  80. I feel I’m pretty minimal when it comes to make up, but my musts are curling eyelashes, mascara, blush, lip balm.

  81. Nicole M Hunt says...

    LOVE my eyelash curler! But for the longest time it wouldn’t curl my lashes! Until my friend gave me this tip and now every time it works!
    1)Heat the curler with your blow-dryer for a few seconds. Not too hot, don’t burn your eyelid!
    2)Then use it before you put mascara on.
    1)And use water-proof mascara! This is the most important part. It holds the curl longer! I’ve tried regular mascara and it doesn’t hold as long as water-proof!

  82. Anonymous says...

    Just like all the ladies to know that when we men see these contraptions, we think its something out of Marathon Man or a Clockwork Orange.