Cocktail Style

A few years ago, for a dear friend’s bachelorette party, I set up a “make your own mojito” table. Maybe the cocktails weren’t so perfect, but playing bartender was half the fun. Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with all the different tools and accessories out there for mixing drinks at home. These are on the top of my wishlist. — By Rachel from Elephantine

1. Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, $13.
2. Dizzy Cocktail Glass, $2.50.
3. Bar Whisk, $5.
4. Wood Lemon Reamer, $9.
5. 101 Mojitos and Other Muddled Drinks, $11.38.
6. Formosa Tray Table, $49.95.
7. Elderflower Presse, $8.
8. Shake Rattle & Roll Cocktail Shaker, $38.
9. Canine Coasters Set, $18.

What’s your “drink”? Do you make cocktails at home? Plus, more round-ups

(Post by Rachel from Elephantine, a new Cup of Jo contributor, who will be posting every couple weeks. Thank you, Rachel!)

  1. Anonymous says...

    thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you – bought a couple of those glasses and they’re great!

  3. Another vote for the font!! Love to know what it is ;)

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  5. I too would love to know what font was used to cocktail. So pretty!

  6. When I move, rather than throwing the typical housewarming party, I like to throw a BMOB party: Bring My Own Bar.

    The concept is simple: everyone brings something for the bar, be it a reamer, a mickey (or larger) of one alcohol or another, wine charms, etc. and then we all have a few drinks.

    It’s a great way to celebrate a new home and (re)stock your bar. Plus you get to learn about new cocktail and get more variety than your basic gin and vodka.

  7. Anonymous says...

    Ok should You require something sweet: a rusty nail is the thing to sip on. A tot of drambuie, a tot of scotch and two maraschino cherries. Leave the cherries to soak. Pop some ice in there and you are good to go.

  8. so good! especially shake rattle and roll and the elderflower presse- I have the Belvoir elderflower cordial every day!

  9. If the cocktail font is ever revealed I’d love to know as well!
    emilykframe at gmail

  10. My friends and i have also taken an interest in starting our own mini-bar. It’s not a business just something we all bond over over the weekend and i’m looking for a nice shaker. That one looks great.

  11. Ashley Simpson says...

    As a bartender, I love me a good cocktail. Favorite cocktail I’ve been making lately has to be a Ramos Gin Fizz, citrus juices, gin, heavy cream, egg white…weird, yet delicious. Plus my arms are getting jacked from shaking it for 3 minutes. My go-to at home though is an Old Fashioned, super easy to make and feels so yummy in my tummy.

  12. PIMM’S!!!!!!!!!!!

    You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this most summery of cocktails. Recipes are easy to find online, go see!

  13. my day was MADE when i saw the belvoir farms bottle. i literally gasped. their stuff is so GOOD, and i had no idea they were online!

  14. I love me a cherry whiskey paralyzer, though I’ll also take a caesar. For the most part though, I’m a red wine or cider kind of girl. Kind of simple that way. :)

  15. I definitely do! I’m a bit spoilt though as my boyfriend makes the best daiquiris, and invents his own cocktails too. I love a pimms in the summer though. Those coasters are great- will have to see if I can get them in the Uk.

  16. mmm, love drinks with elderflower…they’re sold out…think you started something good;)

  17. My hubby is a mixologist in NYC so I shamelessly benefit from home-crafted cocktails – we mostly drink Palomas or Gold Rushes. Yummm!

  18. I am all about the cocktail. What a happy little invention.

    Have you found St Germain yet – a French elderflower liquor? It’s like elderflower presse, but with a kick. I use it with gin, tonic and lime juice for a French G&T.


  19. Lately I’ve been in a love affair with a moscow mule… I think I recently met my summer drink though- Blood Orange Cahprina! Is that how you spell it? IDK I think it’s Brazilian

  20. Anonymous says...

    Great post! And we have those glasses from Crate and Barrel.

    We received a belated wedding present which consisted of six Tiffany martini glasses, and a set of four Tiffany silver cocktail picks. These picks work out to about $50 EACH (for a little 3-inch pick!), so that’s not something we would have spent money on. We love martinis and we’re happy that we can drink in style in crystal glasses with silver picks. It’s all very Mad Men. :-)

  21. In the summer I love sangria and mojitos! Especially fresh pineapple mojitos.

    And of course a spicy bloody mary is a perfect start to any weekend. Practically a salad in a cup…with a kick!


  22. Negroni all the way! Yeah, my partner Seth and I make cocktails ALL the time at home…he won best drink in GQ Magazine for his “Long Live the Queen” cocktail he used to make at Eco in Atlanta…

  23. I usually drink cosmo’s or pomegranite martini’s. I always end my evening’s out with a baileys on the rocks or baileys & coffee.

  24. Michelle says...

    McClures!!!!!!! The absolute BEST bloody mix… their pickles are also some of the best I’ve had. But my newest obsession are the horseradish pickles by Divine Brine ( OMG! incredible flavor…I found them at the farmers market on Sunday on the UWS. Anyway they would go great in a bloody instead of a celery stick. YUM!

  25. Make your own mojito is such a cute idea! I’m totally going to use that soon!

    I love to make a bairn. Its easy and classy!

  26. I’m obsessed with the pinterest of Rachel Robbins (“pinterest…/rayrobbins”) — under her “home sweet home” category she recently posted some beautiful photos of little cocktail tables that remind me of this post! Also check out her category of book covers! They’re lovely. Hope you enjoy this summery Tuesday, Joanna!

  27. McClure’s is at Shmorgasburg & the BK Flea every weekend! I almost bought that bloody mary mix on Sunday!!!

    I’m a champagne cocktail, bloody mary, hard cider or whisky cocktail drinker. I also adore Lindeman’s Framboise lambic beer. Perfect summer drink!!!

  28. Anonymous says...

    Totally random…but… What is the font you used in this post for the word “cocktail”? I love it! It’s such a dressed-up pretty handwriting font!

  29. Yay McClures!

  30. i drink a corpse reviver # 2 or gin with bitter lemon. my husband makes one or the other for me when i’m nursing the baby down for the night … when i’m done i always say, “ok, mama needs her medication now.”

  31. Yum yum yum, I can’t resist a good Bloody Mary! Also THANK YOU for featuring that tray table – I’ve been looking for one as my bedside “table,” and you wouldn’t believe how much some places try to charge for them!

  32. love it!!

  33. More importantly, what font is that? (re: Cocktails)

  34. Ohhhh… I love Elderflower anything! Specifically, St. Germain liqueur. I think I just might buy a bottle, or two or six, of the Elderflower Presse. Looks so good!

  35. Mojitos, Mosco mules and shandies.
    And I’ll never say no to a shot of good tequila.

  36. Oh wow! My family and I are having a cocktail party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee (we are English!) and all these utensils look so great. My drink is a definitely a mojito, you just can’t beat them!

  37. Our favorites at home include: the manhattan, a gin fizz, the french 75, and a star cocktail and the kingston cocktail.

    Cocktail mix? That’s a no-go! Fresh cocktails are much easier and taste better. For the bar novice, I also recommend using jigger for measuring out your booze.

  38. Anonymous says...

    Those dog coasters are a winner! I love mojitos and margaritas.

  39. I’ll never say no to a gimlet or a gin fizz! We’re bringing back “cocktail hour” at our apartment, and we love it!

  40. I cannot lie, I’ve had my fair share of bloodies in my time, but McClure’s is hands-down, far-and-away the best, most perfect mixer I’ve ever tasted. You don’t – shouldn’t! – even doctor it. HIGHLY recommend.

  41. I do make a very famous Blue Hawaiian… ;D

  42. My favorites are a toos between a spicy bloody mary and a dirty martini. Different days, different modes, different favorites! (If I am in an airport, I always go for the bloody. Its my one tru traveling love. haha.) Love all the tools you shared!


  43. Since I’m pregnant now and not enjoying cocktails my new favorite thing is soda water, with a lot of lime and some sliced strawberries or raspberries floating in it. Kind of weird but I’m loving it.

  44. Depends on the time of year! In the summer and on warmer nights, I love a mojito or a simple vodka soda with lots and lots of lime. In the winter, a small glass of bourbon with 3 ice cubes please!!

    Or you know, wine ANYTIME!