A French Countryside Wedding

Would you have a destination wedding? This French countryside wedding will make your heart swell…

Here’s the amazing story, told by the bride Maria-Xuan (thanks to Once Wed Magazine for letting us share)…

One sunny afternoon in Provence, next to a swimming pool, Laurent (my soon to be “fiancé”) kneeled down in his bathing suit, grabbed a ring from behind a bush, and asked me to marry him…of course, that very same day we decided we would be married in that very same place. Everything in the Mas des Songes turned out to be perfect, from the elegant decoration, the incredible guitarist, the delicious French food, to the loving owners of the farmstead. We wanted our wedding to bring friends from all around the world together to celebrate for an entire weekend. It had to be simple yet special, which is why we concentrated on small personal touches, such as choosing a tiny old church, an unforgettable African priest, small gifts from Vietnam (where my father is from) for each guest, music throughout the entire evening, dancing before/during/after the dinner, a magician surprising us during the entire weekend with his simple yet extraordinary tricks, a very special photographer, favorite wines and spirits and a hot-dog and candy stand at 2am!

But behind the scenes, the hour before the ceremony was a roller coaster: A huge storm blew in, lighting struck a tree and the reception tent flooded. As we left for the church, we decided to announce to our guests that the dinner had to be canceled. But miraculously, upon saying our vows, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and we had the most incredible evening of our lives.

To celebrate our backgrounds, we served a French dinner with Asian touches (including fried dim sum, a veal filet, fish cooked with lime and lemongrass), followed by a traditional French Chou à la Crème instead of a wedding cake.

Congratulations to the happy couple, who, it turns out, are expecting a baby boy at the end of August! Wasn’t their wedding beautiful? I love how simple and heartfelt it was–and her wedding dress was stunning. xoxo

Credits: Photography: Tec Petaja, via Once Wed Magazine. Event production and catering: Les Mas des Songes, a special thank you to Margot and her family for their wonderful work. Church: Eglise Notre-Dame de Suzette. Venue: les Mas des Songes in Provence. Bride’s dress: Temperley London’s Jean Dress. Groom’s suit: Zegna. Dessert: La Maison Jouvaud. Music: Denis Diaz and DJ Vito. Bridesmaid dresses: Lanvin & Sessun. Bridesmaid accessories: Maria-Xuan. (I’m a jewelry designer, and I made them earrings and bags). Decor: Our best friends and relatives all helped with DIY decorations and details.

Thanks to Emily for letting me excerpt this beautiful wedding from the new Once Wed Magazine. The special-edition wedding magazine is the brainchild of Emily Newman and Joy Thigpen from the OnceWed wedding blog. (Copies available here.) Thank you so much, Emily, and huge congrats! xoxoxo

  1. oh how DREAMY! everything, the dress, the couple, the location, the photos. sigh. who wouldn’t want to marry in Provence? thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that Temperley dress, I considered it for my own wedding. Lovely!

  3. THAT DRESS! swoon. congrats to them, looks like it was a lovely affair.

  4. It’s a dream))

  5. Anonymous says...

    Only makes me dream more… Going to a destination wedding next week, in Italy!

  6. this is my dream wedding!
    so romantic atmosphere!


  7. She has an anamzing wedding dress! Simple, elegant and …sophispticated…

  8. I love love LOVE her dress! Beautiful and classy and different all at the same time!

  9. Since I’ll be doing it a second time… and hopefully to a man who is honest and loyal… I’m TOTALLY hoping to do a destination wedding! I think this all looks just fabulous!!!!! :)

  10. Anonymous says...

    I’m from Canada and we got married in the Tuscan countryside. It was (in the nicest way possible) intentionally exclusionary. We wanted small and intimate. Yes is meant that many people could not join us and that was sad but it meant more to me to have an intimate week with the people I am closet with. You have to ask yourself how many people you NEED to be at your wedding. For me that number was almost zero (not including my husband and me). In the end we had 35 guests spend a week together in Chianti Italy. It has been amazing to see new lasting friendships that were formed over that week between our guests. Not to mention the down payment we put on a house when we got back (that we would have used up in one day for a big local wedding. Our guests are constantly asking us when we are going back for a reunion. It was for us the perfect way to tie the knot.

  11. All of this wedding looks gorgeous. I love all the details and the mix of cultures. And I adore her dress.

  12. Beautiful! so romantic! I am in the middle of planning a wedding and we finally decided for a tradicional one because we want to invite all our friends and close family but ,before decided this, we had considered Amalfi coast as our dreamed wedding destination.


  13. Love the dress!! It’s so beautiful!!! Is it vintage?

    We did a destination wedding…we got married in Cancun. We’re thinking about renewing our vows in fall – it’s our 5th year anniversary. We are also going away for that but have not decided where yet! We just had a baby so we have to pick a baby friendly destination, not to mention weather friendly as well! Hopefully, all falls into place…if not, we will opt for next spring to renew our vows….opens up more destination options because of the spring weather.


  14. i’m getting married June 9th in maui! can’t wait!!

  15. Sally says...

    Oh swoon, how I LOVE her dress! I’m seeing more and more wedding dresses with some sort of sleeve – it’s SO refreshing after so many years of strapless gowns. They’re almost becoming the equivalent of the male tuxedo – predictable and safe.

  16. I am dying to have a destination wedding! Of course I need to get engaged first but I have always loved the idea. I love Starbies&Sangrias French wedding, too! It’s so romantic that they got married in the same place they got engaged. Again…dying! for a destination wedding!

  17. My husband and I wanted to elope to Tuscany for our wedding, but my mom kinda threw a fit about the idea. We ended having a small 50 person wedding on a vineyard in California. It was the perfect destination-meets-a-happy-momma-of-the-bride soiree! I LOVE the dress worn by this bride! Triple swoon and sigh.

  18. Susan says...

    This is lovely.

    No to most destination weddings…& these aren’t if people live there or have family there. It’s not the same as (rather) demanding ppl wanting to have everyone come to their wedding in the Caribbean (for example).

  19. Anonymous says...

    What an amazing place! And such trauma before! But luckily everything went off without a hitch. Beautiful.

  20. Oh, wow. I can’t imagine all of that happening before the reception! It’s so beautiful…so glad they were able to have a fantastic night!

  21. this is Amazing Jose as ushe :)

  22. We did! My husband and I got married on one of the Princes’ Islands just a short ferry ride away from Istanbul. It’s a magical place, no cars allowed, only donkeys and horse-drawn carriages, and all our friends and family filled up two little boutique hotels right next to each other on the water… It was amazing. Yes, there were a lot of people who couldn’t make it because of where it was, but our loved ones are spread over the globe, so no matter where we got married some would be missing. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  23. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  24. I would if it looked like this!!

  25. How lovely, that picture of her father laughing and all the guest behind him laughing just as much is wonderful.

  26. a destination wedding SEEMS so romantic and nice, but i would really feel bad for those who can’t afford to attend, or for those who simply can’t go that far (grandparents, etc.)

    on another note, that place looks like another place i saw on a that was in either Long Island City or someplace on the west end of Long Island. i can’t remember what it’s called for the life of me though!!

  27. Lovely! I think the most important thing is to get married to someone you love and respect, and the most important thing about the venue is to get married somewhere that has meaning for you.

    We lived on opposite coasts and got married where my father lived, in San Antonio. We figured that no matter where we got married, a significant number of guests would have to travel. And San Antonio is so delightful in the spring–it was like a destination wedding that lots of people could actually afford to go to!

  28. Man it seems that they have it all: nice wedding, each other, soon-to-be-baby… lucky couple!

  29. do you know, I’m actually still in two minds about whether I’ll ever get married, I like the idea of a big party though and pretty dresses :)

  30. Anonymous says...

    Destination weddings are fun and beautiful but sometimes can be unintentionally exclusionary. My husband and I were invited to a wedding in France a few years ago and because we didn’t have enough money to attend, ended up missing out on a good friend’s special day. It still feels disappointing years later.

  31. This couple looks so sweet and in love. Sigh.

  32. Elisabeth A says...

    Oh you are right this story makes my heart swell and brings tears to my eyes! What a truly perfect story!

    I think a destination wedding is the perfect way to keep your wedding small and a great excuse for your close family and relatives to take a vacation. Totally on board with the destination wedding!

  33. most weddings i’ve been to have been local, but my best friend got married in a vineyard in california. it was so beautiful. feels like a thousand years ago!

  34. The 4th to last photo is so incredibly sweet. I love it

  35. So gorgeous! I’m quite sure I dream of destination weddings, but I want as many people as I know to come! I’m not saying I want a huge wedding. But I want my loved ones to have the option of seeing it! However, these photos really make me think twice!

  36. destination wedding for SURE. Our family and friends are from all over the world anyway, so there isn’t any one place that would make sense more than another!

    Thanks for posting – I’m in such a wedding-fever state right now :)

  37. Beautiful heart filled photos. Simple and elegant wedding… Her dress is beyond gorgeous! Love <3

  38. MB says...

    i have always dreamt of a destination wedding…i am half guatemalan and half sicilian… it would be so special and personal to get married in one of those places… (i imagine it would help to weed out some “have to invite” guests too)
    also.. can we talk about how GORGEOUS her dress is!?

  39. avy, two of our friends eloped a couple years ago, and it sounded so romantic.

  40. Whenever I see a beautiful wedding dress, I want to get married again! =) This is absolutely gorgeous!