What Kind of Perfume Do You Wear?

Are you looking forward to this summer? Now that the weather’s getting warmer, I just ordered Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil. Apparently the moisturizing oil gives your arms and legs a sexy sheen when you’re wearing a dress or shorts (ooh la la), and doubles as a lightweight perfume that smells like the beach. Can’t wait to wear it on afternoon picnics and date nights this year (along with sunscreen, of course). What perfume are you wearing these days?

P.S. Seven other quirky perfumes.

(Photo of Grace Kelly, taken by her sister, 1955)

  1. In the summer I like Comme des Garcons’ Rhubarb Sherbet perfume, it’s totally fizzy and wonderful and not too expensive.

  2. i bought this and am loving it so far. i thought it would feel heavy and oily – not at all. i think i need a pump spray lid because it’s a little awkward dispensing right now.

  3. About 3 years ago I fell in love with L’Occitane Citrus Verbena eau de toilette. It’s light and fresh without being too flowery or fruity. Great for summer, but I love to wear it all year round!

  4. I wear Coco Mademoiselle… since 2008

  5. Bobbi Brown Beach is my go-to summer perfume. I get so many compliments — it smells like salt water and coconut oil, but in a really nice, light way. I will have to try the oil!

  6. I love to smell like the beach- especially in the middle of winter bizarrely! I bought some J’Adore summer in duty free on the way to Barcelona on holiday several years ago (which doesn’t have alcohol in it… alcohol can be bad if you’re in the sun)

    now whenever I smell J’Adore I think hot, sunny, sexy Spain

  7. LiiziD says...

    Ginger by Origins has been my summer ‘go to’ scent for years – Yummy! I may have to give this Beach Body Oil a try – I love the idea of the oil and shimmer! Thanks!!

  8. Jo Malone is my homeboy. Nectarine blossom and honey is my favorite and I always get complimented on it (from guys and gals!).

  9. Annie says...

    Loving Jo Malone’s White Lilac and Rhubarb – plus visit the shop in the Village. Lovely assistant.

  10. Anonymous says...

    I am in love with Elie Saab perfume recently…

  11. I actually can’t wear perfume because the strong scent gives me a headache. I’m stuck with just light smelling body washes. I wonder if this beach body oil is light enough that I can wear it…

  12. Ah! Perfume!
    I just arrived back from Marrakech, yes, MARRAKECH! I love oriental scents and this time found the lightest but hardly boring amber essential oil. My boyfriend cannot stop commenting on it when I walk by and I really can’t stop smelling my wrists! LOL. This is pure amber, no alcohol.

  13. I wear a few different Chanel fragrances, but I like to lighten it up in the summer with Marc Jacobs Cucumber. This Beach scent reminds me so much of where we vacationed when I was a child and now that I live so far from my family, I may have to get it just to remind me of them.

  14. Currently, Rhubarb from the comme des garcons Sherbet series (sooo fresh, not too sweet). Top of my wishlist: Olene by Diptyque (honeysuckley).

  15. Susan says...

    I love Chanel as it reminds me of my dear mother, however, what I’ve been wearing is Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck…it’s amazing!

  16. Shannon says...

    Lately, I’ve found myself called back to Sung, by Alfred Sung which I used to wear all the time. Then I was so over it for years…and Burberry’s London which is the perfect mix of feminine, strong and smart.

  17. Miss Dior Cherie has been my favourite for the past two years…it’s light and girly, in a grown up girly sort of way ;) xx -b.

  18. I am massively in love with Paul Smith- Floral. I am not a perfumey type but I love it!!

  19. oh, and also from crabtree & evelyn, anything citrus.

  20. I must try this, always on a quest for beach-like inspired perfume. Nantucket Briar (Crabtree & Evelyn has been my staple since I was 18).

  21. I love Bobbi Brown Beach, I have yet to try the oil but I have tried the perfume and the lotion. It smells exactly like old school Coppertone sunscreen, which to me is one of the greatest smells around!!! I may have to get the oil this summer!!!

  22. I wear “Beach” year round and get compliments all the time. Delish.

  23. Clinique Happy in the spring and summer, Chanel Mademoiselle in the fall and winter.

    I’ve been looking for a good summertime moisturizer. I will have to try this oil out!

  24. What a great idea. Gotta love a nice sheen on tan summer legs.

  25. oooh thanks for sharing this! i love anything with jasmine in it- so i definitely need to check this out.

  26. How I miss perfume (or at least the idea of it…); I’m newly pregnant and can’t stand the smell of much these days, with one exception: Nuxe Body Oil. Great, gentle fragrance and good for my stretching skin. :-)

  27. so nice! i may have to pick that up. My favorite perfume is le lune by dolce and gabbana but they apparently discontinued it after one year of selling. It as such a pretty and subtle smell, just perfect

  28. Never heard of this oil. I’m quite intrigued. My husband bought me some Coco Chanel Mademoiselle I had been lusting after for years. It is very light and pretty.

  29. Natalie says...

    I love that photo of Grace Kelly. What a dreamboat.

    I used to wear really feminine floral perfumes like Miss Dior Cherie but I recently switched to men’s cologne, L’Homme Libre by YSL. I like how simple it is, and I always love the smell of a guy walking by so I figured I’d try it myself and see how it balanced with my really girly style. I really don’t think I’ll be going back to perfumes marketed towards women!

  30. obsessed with Bobbi Brown Beach! I also wear Kiels Original Musk and my signature scent is Angel.

  31. obsessed with Bobbi Brown Beach! I also wear Kiels Original Musk and my signature scent is Angel.

  32. I’m in love with Kenzo Flower. It was my first perfume (my dad bought it for me after a business trip because he liked the shape of the bottle), and I’ve been wearing it ever since and still get daliy compliments.

  33. always D&G light blue,its crazy and perfect

  34. I only use cruelty-free perfume, so Lush’s Orange Blossom is my favorite! I also want to try the new Stella McCartney perfume, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  35. Not a huge perfume person, but I do like Burberry Brit and “G” or “Love”from Harajuku Lovers. Sometimes I layer them for fun :)

  36. For summer holidays I love a simple floral like the lily of the valley in Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Lilia Bella, but for everyday summer wear it remains Acqua di Parma’s Iris Nobile…
    And now I’m daydreaming of summer..

  37. this picture of Grace Kelly is amazing!!!!!! Well, my all time favorite is “Miss Dior Cherie”.


  38. I love perfume, I always have at least three on the go so I can pick depending on my mood. It is hard to get a good one for summer so this oil will be just about perfect. Thank you!

  39. Joanna, I really think you would love the Nuxe oil! I see that Lili mentioned it above as well. I haven’t sniffed the Bobbi Brown, but am intrigued. The Nuxe smell is so gorgeous and perfectly summery (I wish they’d come out with a fragrance-version to boost the scent’s lasting power), and the texture is wonderful–light but moisturizing. MMm! After spraying, it’s all I can do not to bury my own head in the crook of my elbow. So good.

  40. oooo i love this kinda stuff. i currently wear gwen stefani’s lamab perfume, but im almost out and might switch it up for summer. i love trying new scents!


  41. My all time favourite is Issey Miyake – the original, I’ve worn it since I was 20 and never tire of the smell :)

  42. My all time favourite is Issey Miyake – the original, I’ve worn it since I was 20 and never tire of the smell :)

  43. Joanna, CB’s perfume is fantastic because it all smell as it is described, not as a perfume imagining of the scent. It’s my favorite brand, although I have some other stand out that I love.

  44. that photo of grace kelly is just amazing. she looks so stunning even just relaxing at the beach with her sister…! i like how the shot is a little off-kilter, as well – it makes it more fun. :)

    as for perfume, my tried tested and true is alien, by thierry mugler, but i just picked up some samples of andrea maack’s smart, and i think that’s going to take over as my summer fragrance! i highly recommend andrea’s scents: they’re almost works of art, they’re so unique, with unusual ingredients and base notes, and yet so familiar and easy to wear. (plus, who doesn’t want to wear a ‘smart’ perfume, haha!)

  45. I’m still wearing the little custom mixed parfume from Merci for GAP that manhattan had in 2009… So bummed I didn’t stock up! Hat was I thinking? I’m definitely going to try this one though – I love bobi brown!


  46. Caz says...

    Another option you should try is coconut oil – you can just buy a jar of it from health food shops and it lasts ages.
    It’s pretty cheap, it’s natural and it makes a great lotion, massage oil and you can cook with it too!
    Put it on after your shower and you’ll have soft skin and smell devine! Almost makes me want a pina colada right now…

  47. So funny — I just heard about this a few days ago and was planning on ordering a bottle as well! It sounds great. And if you like “beachy” smells, you should check out CB I Hate Perfume’s “At The Beach 1966.” It smells like salt and sweet breezes and 1966-era Coppertone sunscreen, and it’s one of my most favorite perfumes.

  48. I loved this scent about 7 years ago! it smells exactly like sunscreen/sun tan oil, which I LOVE.

  49. thank you so much for your generosity of sharing your great finds!
    i wear eau de chloe, i loooove the smell, i just started to wear perfume again. so fresh and feminine.
    also i love the smell of malin+goetz products and dr haushka body oil, it smells like serenity.

  50. do you know if this would be the same as using baby oil? my mom keeps recommending I use that to prevent stretch marks while pregnant, any thoughts on that?

    p.s. i want that bathing suit!

  51. That photo is great, love the soft pastels, so dreamy & sweet.


  52. I love that photo, wish I had hear like that. Its so sad to be heading into winter with all this talk of weather getting warmer all over the web.

  53. If only I could wear fragrance things like this. It sounds fabulous.

  54. this is one of my faves! especially after spending a day in the sand, sun and salty water. so refreshing!

  55. This is timely as I’ve just resumed wearing perfume after a five-year hiatus. Been switching off between Prada and Coco Mademoiselle. Maybe I should try something more citrusy as it gets warmer, though.

  56. In the spring I switch to either Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia or Orange Blossom. They’re just so light and fresh smelling!

  57. Seriously loving Yellow Diamond by Versace! Got a sample of it at Sephora last week and I may just go back for the whole bottle!

  58. Ooo i think ‘ll go get taht too! I’m using ‘grace’ by philosophy these days… Light and fresh

  59. I have never tried anything Bobbi Brown but my friend swears by their blush. I use a Burt’s Bees body oil that smells like lemon but I might have to upgrade…

  60. Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic is my summer scent. It’s so fresh.

  61. I’ve always wanted to get this oil! Maybe for my birthday!

  62. I like to switch up my perfumes with the seasons, My summer scent is usually a mix of sunscreen and Jo Malone white jasmin and mint :)

    <3 Kate

  63. I own the Beach body scrub – it helps me transform my shower to a vacation spot, even in the dead of winter! It smells just like summer! Enjoy!!

  64. Jo, did you smell it in a shop first or just take the plunge with the purchase?

  65. Bobbi Brown beach line is sooooo delicious! It totally takes you to sun, sand and surf.

    I’m in love with Chloe… I’ve ordered it and counting down the days to wear it. :)

    Can’t help but feel romantic with summer scents.


  66. This looks great! Anything to remind me of the sea and sand is worth looking into. This summer I’m in love with Michael Kors’ Very Hollywood. It’s very light yet sweet and floral. Perfect for spring and summer.

  67. oooh, this looks lovely. i wear kai perfume and i love it! very simple, fresh scent.

  68. Tara says...

    I just got Tocca’s new perfume (inspired by Grace Kelly, oddly enough!) called Graciella…ah. it’s so beautiful! it’s very clean, very feminine, very calming, slightly floral…just PRETTY. (not fruity really, not really musky either) and it stays on forever! I couldnt believe how long the scent lasted. I’d say its perfect for Spring and into Summer but I am honestly just gonna wear it all the time. I even spray it on my pillow :)

  69. I believe Gucci II was made for me. I love, love, love the scent… as does everyone else. And with my son and husband’s sensitive lungs it truly is the only thing that doesn’t send either one into an asthma attack. I spray it on my decolletage and lower back right out of the shower. This way people smell it when the hug me but don’t get it on them because it’s under my clothes; and because my lower back gets warm the scent seems to ‘follow’ where I go but doesn’t get overwhelming, again because it is under my clothes. During the summer I’ll add a little extra at my ankles for a warm night out, but that’s only for special occasions. I might give the Bobbie Brown Beach scent a try, though. Thanks for the heads up!

  70. I’ve been wearing this years. The lotion, oil and perfume. It’s my only scent.

  71. Grace!! Ahh, she’s so lovely!

    As for scents, lately I’ve been alternating between two, but both are basically scented moisturizers. One is something I mix myself, Everyday Shea Unscented Moisturizer with peppermint and vanilla essential oils, and other times I rock John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla moisturizer. Love ’em both!

  72. Jo Malone all the way – love so many of their scents!

  73. I wish I was wearing perfume!! I love being able to have that signature scent – being able to pass someone and leave a beautiful lingering scent, so memorable! I love Poppy by Coach, but it’s so darn expensive that I usually just wait for someone to give it to me as a gift. ;)

  74. This is what I wear during the summer and I love it! And the oil absorbs quickly and leaves a pretty sheen. The smell reminds me of summers as a kid…it has that beachy, coppertone sunscreen scent. Oh, and fyi, it smells exactly like CB I Hate Perfume Beach scent, but with a much friendly price tag.

    And how can you resist the pretty bottle with the light pink hue! :)

  75. I’ve been using the beach-scented bobbi brown lotion for over a year now and I’m obsessed! It smells like sunscreen and sea spray – love it! It’s also really light and not too think! I’d highly recommend it to go with the body oil!

  76. I’ve just discovered Looking to rock Rita by Benefit! It’s great!

  77. I usually turn my nose up at celebrity scents, but I really enjoyed Jennifer Aniston’s perfume for summer last year. Looking forward to those days again.

  78. Love the bottle! Jasmine is such a gorgeous summer scent. I’ve been wearing my man’s Comme de Garcon Laurel all winter, might something a little lighter for the warmer weather though!

  79. i just ordered. i am excited to try! I needed a new summer scent :)

  80. This looks divine! I would love to switch between this and my summer scent … a touch of lavender oil on the neck and wrists.

  81. For some reason I find Dior perfumes to sit well on my skin. Addict and Hypnotic Poison are two of my faves.
    But since both are heavy, in the summer time I use a DKNY apple, or Bulgari’s BLV, or body sprays from Korres (so far Fig is my fav!) I also love their perfumes!

  82. PS. talking about body oil a french classic is “Huile prodigieuse”, prodigious oil from Nuxe, amazing beachy-summery smell, incredibly hydrating for body and hair and there is even a shimmering version…

  83. Love the beach look!! I have been using the few same perfume for years now, one for every season weirdly : Tubéreuse from l’Artisan Parfumeur in winter, Freesia from Santa Maria Novella in Spring and Eau de campagne de Sisley in Summer. Last time I was in NY I discovered the Fresh perfumes we don’t get in old Europe, and fell for pink jasmine which I now associate with the cute streets from the village!

  84. PS: speaking of summer, I got the Essie nail polish you recommended (ole calliente) and I love it. Thanks for the tip!

  85. Body Oil sounds divine…will have to try. I have a crazy aversion to fragrance after years as DM in cosmetics but light, organic scents are best so I think this BB will be perfect. I love the smell of the beach.

  86. just comparing myself to looking like grace kelly on the beach by wearing this bb oil, is reason enough to buy it and slather it on daily!! thanks for the product review!!

  87. I saw this Eau de Chloe billboard and it looked so tempting, that I went online to look for a review. Found one and it was raving, so I’ll have to go and sniff for myself. :) This body oil sounds interesting too. Can’t wait for summer!

  88. such a lovely picture of grace! and i love the idea of having a body oil that is also a perfume…combining heavy products doesn’t feel good when its hot out

  89. Anonymous says...

    That picture of Grace Kelly is incredibly beautiful. She’s at the beach and yet looks so put together and stylish. When I’m at the beach, I look like a mess.

  90. Nisha says...

    My year-round go to (Chicago winters are cold!) is Neutrogena sesame oil. Great light scent and easy pump bottle for the shower.

  91. Lauren says...

    I love Jo Malone and have just bought the White Lilac and Rhubarb – it’s delicious! My favourite is Pomegranate Noir though.

  92. Mackie says...

    Bobbi Brown Beach was created to smell like Coppertone, and it sure does! Just like the beach :)

  93. This sounds amazing and I love the photo of Grace.

  94. what i always enjoy is the brand’s packaging and color choices. these bottles are sooo lovely and minimal!

  95. Delondra says...

    I’ve been wearing an awesome little jasmine and honeysuckle number called “Frolic” by a company on etsy named Theme. White florals just seem so right in the summer–beachy and romantic.

  96. i used to wear bobbi brown beach perfume and loved it. i think i might try the body oil now! love the idea of it. xx

  97. I’m a die-hard DKNY Pure fan. So fresh and pretty:) Would love to try the beach body oil!



  98. i just checked and they carry it at nordstrom also. i have just enough nordstrom notes to treat myself. :)

  99. I wear Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs! It is the perfect floral because it’s light. I like to call it a bouncy floral. There is a hint of woodiness to hit but has a great bubbly vibe. It’s not too heavy so it’s great for the warmer weather! I feel so flirty and dainty with it on.

  100. the bottle itself is so pretty. pink seems to be singing to me lately.
    will have to find this and try it. thank you for another great share joanna!

  101. K says...

    I just started using a body oil after the shower, instead of lotion, and I love it. I’ve been using the Boots Botanicals jojoba oil, which barely has a scent. This Bobbi Brown version sounds lovely, though!

  102. .. DON’T YOU JUST LOVE THIS PIC OF OUR GRACE ??? … thanks for the BB beach update, will pick it up.

  103. ooo, good to know. will try! i’m a fan of Calypso’s “Mimosa” scent for the spring!

  104. i actually just bought bobbi brown’s beach and i love it! the perfect sprin/summer scent!

  105. So glad you posted this! I’m trying to find a summer scent as well…can’t wait to see everyone else’s suggestions too!

  106. My fav summer perfume is CB I Hate Perfume’s At The Beach 1966. I can smell like I’ve been at the beach all day whenever I want.

    That Bobbi Brown oil sound amazing.

  107. Prada Candy is such a sweet and happy scent, I’m thinking about it making it my everyday go-to. It’s the only perfume I’ve smelled in a magazine and actually liked!

  108. Huge fan of Lollia. Both Imagine and Wish are wonderful light scents.

  109. That sounds refreshing and delightful. I will have to check it out.

  110. I love Grace Kelly so much! Fabulous picture!

    The oil sounds fabulous!

  111. I’ve been wanting to try this!! Your recommendations haven’t failed me so far, I might have to take the plunge!

  112. bobbi brown products are some of my favorite.
    i haven’t tried this one but now i am definitely interested!
    xx jes

  113. Soo curious about this one! Need to try!


    Luciane at

    PS: Drop by to enter my GIVEAWAY! :-)