1. fabulous…. could use one of these. am thinking about getting a new bike.

  2. love the simplicity.

  3. Anonymous says...

    This is very cute, but I think it’s more form over function. It doesn’t look like it would hold much weight. It is also “water-resistant” not water-proof, so if you park your bike outside in the rain, I wouldn’t keep this on the bike. (For that matter, everything shown in the basket is exposed to the elements… great for photos but not to great in the real world…. would have to wrap stuff in plastic or put it in another bag, and then the basket wouldn’t look so great. The nice minimalist lines would be gone. Even in perfect weather, without further protection of your goods, dirt and bugs and pollutants would get on your stuff.)

    I had to laugh at the picture which comes up when you click on the link to the website for this basket. Seriously… completely unwrapped broccoli and green leafy veggies strapped down in this basket?

    I’ve become really obsessed with all things bike-related since I got back from Amsterdam, so I’m casting quite a critical eye on a lot of American bike accessories, many of which are flimsy and/or quite impractical. I have become quite a fan of the black milk crate-like basket which so many people in Amsterdam have! I like authenticity with my biking … I like how totally un-self-conscious the Dutch are when it comes to biking. They just DO it the way Americans hop in their cars. They’re not trying to be “green” and virtuous or fashionable, it’s just transportation. (Not that it can’t also be cute, but practicality rules over there. And anything too nice will get stolen.)

  4. Anonymous says...

    I was just searching your old blog on the baby bike seats as we are considering getting one. Do you still like the bobike baby seat? And did you consider the Yepp mini? It seems really good….What kind of bike do you have- I hear they do not mount on mountain bikes? Sorry for all the questions but any feedback would be great…..cool basket btw.

  5. How can you not love something basic that has been redesigned so stylishly? And still is useful…

    I have the Swedish Carrie basket. Here’s a blurb about it:

    “Carrie is an unique bike basket designed for the urban cyclist. The designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson selected the ornate material as it reminded her of the Swedish crochet tablecloths on which her grandmother used to serve afternoon tea. Also doubles as a shopping basket.”

    Just google it and you’ll find a number of places online that carry it.

  6. I need this! I really need it!

    kisses from Spain!

  7. I just love crazy good design like that.
    Nice find, Jo!
    Ronnie xo

  8. I love it…I may just have to get one for the design appeal and figure out another way to carry my bread! She does make an excellent point though. I’m moving from CA back to New Canaan on an in town street where I hope to bike to the store quite often…maybe when my kids are in school…would not want to embarrass them! Maybe this cool bike basket will take take all the attention. haha

  9. Anonymous says...

    Super cool! But I would worry about the security of those straps on a bumpy bike ride, and like someone said on swissmiss (6/24/2010 post), how would you carry something soft like bread without it getting squished? I like the design-y coolness though!

  10. that is genius! come to think of it…why aren’t all bike baskets like this?!

  11. Zoe says...

    Reminds me of the bungee-cord secured baskets on the rental bikes at Governor’s Island every summer. Those bikes are adorable – but so heavy! I’m excited to use my own this summer. :)

  12. I love it! I have a a deep bike basket but a tray like that would be awsome!

  13. How awesome! I saw a bike on the news that I was made of wood and it was so cool! This reminds me of that bike =)

  14. looks cool but I think I would break it within a week since my bike falls over all the time.. my current basket is in sad shape

  15. What a great design, I’m still a huge fan of a classic wicker basket though.

    I wish I wasn’t so scared of cycling around London, the roads seem to be getting worse but I really do love a good bike ride around the park.


  16. I’d love that but my Apple-freak husband would KILL me if I put a laptop in it ;)

  17. This is really cool! Here in Germany I’ve seen a lot of bicicles but no one with something so great.

  18. My goodness; you’re on a roll finding neat stuff…

  19. I love when someone comes up with something so simple and effective…it’s like “why didn’t I think of that?!”. What the perfect big city accessory :)

  20. I love when someone comes up with something so simple and effective…it’s like “why didn’t I think of that?!”. What the perfect big city accessory :)

  21. i love that you said ‘holy smokes’. ha.

  22. want! one! now!

  23. But would Toto fit?!

  24. love it! now all i need is the bike itself… :)