Mother’s Day: 4 Gifts for New Moms

Last week, I featured a Mother’s Day gift guide with gift ideas for our own mothers. But I’ve gotten emails from husbands asking for gift ideas for their wives, since they want to honor the mothers of their own children. How sweet is that sentiment? So, here are four Mother’s Day ideas for new mothers…

Flower sandals, since they’ll last years longer than fresh flowers (and are just as pretty), $195. (These are great, too.)

Black diamond earrings, $125. So incredibly chic.

Marbleized salted dark chocolate bar, $6.

Pretty lingerie, $70, or underwear, $24, to show her how beautiful you think she is, now and always.

P.S. More gifts for women, and 8 gift ideas for new parents

(Top photo by Alain Bachellier)

  1. Anonymous says...

    Love this picture…I have nine children..15-42 homebirthed,homeschooled,loved terribly!!!They still kiss me on the mouth…love it!!!!

  2. In that case, Joanna, you’re right on the money! And you’ve given me hope that this frumpy funk will pass. Thank you! xo

  3. really love the black diamond earrings. that’s awesome gift.

  4. My hubby got me a gold initial neckace already but i love those back diamond earrings

  5. Oh wow, those black diamonds! If only this were a giveaway….

  6. I agree with a lot of the other commenters–I’m not a mom but these would all make great gifts for me. Too bad I don’t qualify for presents on MDay.

  7. another really good gift for mom’s day is a Citrus Lane subscription! we subscribe to them and they are AWESOME. they send us baby stuff that we love every month, and it saves me from having to figure out what baby stuff is great myself (since i have no time anyway). they have a 10% off code now, too: SPRINGFUN. (and no, i do not work for them…i just REALLY like the service!)

  8. I’m making my mother a wreath made out of paper roses. I’ve been making tiny rosebud size flowers out of an old French book I bought in NYC. They take forever to put together but it’ll be so pretty when I’m done!

  9. lindsey, i hear you! i guess these gifts are probably best more for “new moms” as a generational thing (meaning, moms versus grandmothers) versus the first year of new motherhood — i would have been the same as you my first year with toby!

  10. I have to disagree here. :( The sandals would not have fit my fat postpartum feet. The earrings would have made me a bit sad as my life had shifted to being so much more domestic. Particularly during that “new” period. The chocolate is okay, of course! ;) But the lingerie is definitely a NO! My daughter turned seven months yesterday and I still am not back to my shape. Even if my husband loves the way I look, lingerie would not be a gift I’d appreciate right now. Sad, but true! Now a massage gift certificate is another story…YES, please!

  11. a says...

    the fact that husbands/daddies were emailing you just melted my heart. :)

  12. My husband bought me those black rough diamond earrings as a SURPRISE gift, and I LOVE them! I like the black color, and the rough/chicness of them!

  13. As a new mom, I would totally have zero use for any of these. I’d much prefer a spa gift certificate, for example, to let me know that it’s okay to take time for myself.

  14. these are lovely! i just found the most perfect gift for my mama – $150 to oxfam to train a midwife in a rural community! can you imagine giving (or receiving) that gift? i looooove it.

  15. This lingerie is gorgeous, sexy and romantic at the same time)

  16. This lingerie is gorgeous, sexy and romantic at the same time)

  17. Love the Sandals and the earrings! They make me wanna go out tonight! Great picks!

  18. haha, i know, i love those earrings so much ;)

  19. Such great picks! Those sandals are to die for. And the chocolate is so beautiful!

  20. i would give birth just to have those earrings. maybe. MAYBE.

  21. oh my word, those diamond earrings. I wish i were a new mom.


  22. i am not a mum-but they are such great ideas-sure there will be some happy mums this (american-british is earilier in the year) mother’s day-well done jo!

  23. Yum — that chocolate looks delicious!