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Have a Great Weekend.

What are you doing this weekend? As I mentioned earlier, we’re taking a quick trip to Amsterdam! The weather reports predict rain every single day (that’s why it’s off season:), but Alex got us rain pants, and I’m bringing these rain boots, so hopefully we’ll be able to stay dry with the Dutch. Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few great posts from around the web…

Good news! If you want to watch the new show Girls, but don’t have HBO, you can see the full episode on Youtube.

Cheese paintings.

Paris in color.

Thoughtful response to the controversial Vogue article about the mom who put her seven-year-old daughter on a diet.

Avocado + egg = breakfast pizza.

This tote made me laugh.

What a beautiful room.

Would you wear a pink wedding dress? Or blue?

Have you seen the British documentary series Up? The next one is coming out

Orange ginger fizz would hit the spot.

Stalagmites, stalactites.

1950s pin-up girls: before and after.

Did you read this book when you were little?

Hope to see you at this bike show next weekend! xo

  1. Love the photos . I am eager to know what kind of the dressing I will wear on my wedding . And you truely have a good weekend . May you have every good day ~

  2. Those pin-up girl photos are so wild! A 1950s version of Photo shop. Which turns out to be way cooler looking.

  3. I love the Loney Doll, and as someone else suggested, the Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: A Search for Dare Wright is a wonderful book.

  4. Wendy-Frances says...

    My Mother rocked a bubble-gum pink satin, white rabbit fur trim wedding gown, completed by holding a muff. It was 1971 and she was a dead ringer for Pricilla Presley.

  5. The last thing I would wear at my wedding is white.

  6. mine weekend wasnt too excellent as yours, stayed at home in Slovakia, had great time on dance workshop, with friends, and enjoyed breakfast with my honey:) crossing streets and was on dernisage, last vernisage:) pretty nice.thank you

  7. The pink wedding dress is the most feminine wedding dress I have ever seen and I am swooning over it and YES! I would love to wear it had I known of it in 2007. Thanks for the link so that I can view again and again and dream.

  8. I love Amsterdam!!! Hope you made the van Goth Gallery on Friday night it would have been great!!

  9. Oh the Lonely Doll! Just seeing that photo for the first time in probably 18 years immediately brought back the familiar mixed feeling of delight/indescribable uneasiness that I remember when reading this book as a child at my grandmother’s. After checking it out through adult eyes, I better understand why the photos and plot made me react that way. I’m now having a heated internal debate over whether I will introduce my little girl to this book in a few years. Is the playful charm and child-like whimsy worth the yucky feelings of fear and discontent on the side?

  10. FP says...

    Love your blog! I just came back from a trip to Amsterdam (luckily I got sunshine & 75 degree weather the whole time). A few tips;
    There are AMAZING vintage clothing stores in the Jordaan neighborhood and next to the Anne Frank Huis.
    Also, try the Pancake Bakery (a couple of blocks from the Anne Frank Huis.)
    De Blauwe Hollander was one of my favorite restaurants for Dutch food and with the rainy forecast you might enjoy the classic Dutch peasoup and stamppot.
    I don’t know how flexible you are with your accommodation arrangements but we stayed on a houseboat on the Prinsengracht canal which was delightful and definitely the highlight of my stay.

    I could go on and on but I guess you will discover many beautiful places yourself. Enjoy your trip. Travel is always magical :)

  11. That last black dress with the cutout back is amazing!


  12. Anonymous says...

    I thought the article on MomFilter in response to the Vogue article was just as shallow and horrid as the original article. Thoughtul? Really? I think not. I’m so grateful to have my Mom and not the she-monster who wrote that article. I have been overweight most of my life. My mother supported me in my weight loss in a healthy, empathetic manner. She told me I was beautiful no matter what. I lost weight, and I have the physical and mental health to prove that you do not have to be have like that “vogue mother” to achieve results with her daughter. Shame on Vogue and shame on that mother.

  13. I remember the Lonely Doll!! I just found it again recently at my parents house…although, as an adult, looking through the photos…I find something a little….creepy? about them. Maybe it’s just me though!

  14. In response to your documentary suggestions, I highly recommend watching “Life in a Day”. It’s fabulous.

  15. Sally says...

    Joanna, I hope you and Alex are OK! I just heard on the news of the horrific Amsterdam train crash. I’m assuming you were nowhere near there, but I thought of you immediately. Stay safe. :)

  16. carol says...

    I love your blog!!
    I have one blog also and I just posted amazing accessories and looks from Los Angeles

  17. Do rain pants really work? Please share.

    I loved the blue wedding dress link.

    I don’t think the AUSsie networks are playing ‘Girls’ and I so what to see it after your previous post. So guess where I’m heading to now?

  18. I discovered the Up Series just this year. I can’t believe that another is coming out!! I can’t wait.

    Have a terrific time in Amsterdam!

  19. You certainly aren’t very lucky with the weather these days here in The Netherlands. But it’s so cool that you are visiting Amsterdam. I love that city! (I live two hours away Amsterdam). Seems like you have enough tips to stay there for 4 weeks and don’t get bored.. ;-) Just don’t eat or shop at the very touristy places. Turn a corner from the main streets and you’ll find the cuter and better spots. Enjoy!!

  20. Anonymous says...

    Woohaa! You don’t need those rainboots today in Holland :). Can’t wait to read about your trip to Amsterdam (I’m from Leiden, thats a half hour train ride from amsterdam)!
    XO Marissa

  21. I love the cut-out of the black dress in your second photo…any ideas of where one could buy one?
    I hope you have a great time in Amsterdam and your European itch will be well-scratched!

  22. yay, i live there!
    have a great time!

    ps. its not raining ALL the time. yesterday we’ve had some sun as well ;)

  23. I just want to say THANK YOU for mentioning in this post that Girls was on YouTube. I have HBO at home, but I’m not at home, I’m at work :)

  24. Anonymous says...

    you are so dorky rain pants are for losers

  25. I loved that Jenny Packham dress when Blair on Gossip Girl wore it and then when Kate Middleton wore it and now when the lovely bride wears it. Its such a beautifully classy and sophisticated dress with huge sex appeal with the revealing back.

    I’d definitely consider wearing it for my wedding.

    C x

  26. Wow! Have an amazing weekend in Ansterdam!

  27. Sonja says...

    Hope you have a wonderful time in Amsterdam. As someone living in Amsterdam (not expat, just Dutch), I can tell you there is still plenty to do in Amsterdam if it rains ;) and to reply to the comment on whether we don’t have Summer: April is still in the Spring season, so I guess it’s still allowed to rain? :P

    And yes: eat our pancakes (with apple on it for example, which is my fave)!

  28. Anonymous says...

    Would you wear rain pants in NYC when it is raining? Don’t think so, same things goes for Amsterdam. I live here and like any other city you still just dress normal or else spot the tourist big time. Just be yourselves.

  29. I completely forgot about the Lonely Doll books until I clicked on the link. It’s like a flood of memories were switched on in my brain! I used to read them with my Aunt.

  30. Have you read Dare Wright’s bio- The Secret Life of the Lonely Doll: The Search for Dare Wright??

    So fascinating and so sad!

  31. yayy! im so excited to attend the bike show! hope to see you and toby there!! xo

  32. aah i really want to visit amsterdam too

  33. Yet another generous and satisfying weekend round-up. Enjoy Amsterdam!

  34. Anonymous says...

    Are you required to pitch Girls? Or have you completely ignored all the problematic issues surrounding the series, and how poorly one of the main writers, Lesely Arfin has responded to her audience?

  35. MAKE SURE YOU EAT LOTS OF DUTCH PANCAKES!!! They are nothing short of :)

  36. Julia says...

    That pink wedding dress is GORGEOUS! Since I was already married in white maybe someday I could renew my vows in a beautiful pink dress like that one.

  37. I actually wore a dress made of Thai turquoise silk to my wedding. It was perfect.

    Have fun in Amsterdam, from what I hear it’s quite a place.


  38. Anonymous says...

    Oh, I remember those 7 UP documentaries. I would love to see the latest + I vote yes on the pink and blue wedding dresses. Have a great trip to Amsterdam.

  39. Anonymous says...

    I want that avocado egg pizza for breakfast tomorrow.

  40. I cannot thank you enough for posting the link to the Lonely Doll exhibition. It was one of my favorite books growing up and coming across it today, on my 22nd birthday, is truly serendipitous!

  41. Anonymous says...

    My daughter and I loved sharing the very sweet Lonely Doll books. It was easy to linger over the black & white photos as the story unfolded. Now 30, my daughter still remembers this cute book. Thanks for bringing up some happy memories.

  42. my gosh, that pink wedding dress….beautiful and amazing! I think that is one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever seen! I actually sought out a non-white wedding dress for months, I was hoping to go with something navy blue or black! But in the end, I found an off-white dress that just seemed right and went with it!

  43. Both of those brides were gorgeous! Their dresses were really sweet and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Have fun and be safe in Amsterdam!

  44. I live here for 8 years, it rains most of the time regardless the season, so buying a rain gear was a good move.
    Funny some ppl commented the rain adds to the charm!!!!
    I wish…rain in Amsterdam is miserable and there is also a wind, but I guess if u r here for a weekend it won’t matter, it starts to only if you decide to stay:)

    Enjoy and if u need any tips shout!

  45. Anonymous says...

    (Am Anonymous who just posted with tips re: Amsterdam.) Just to add… 1.) Even our 8 days did not seem long enough. We opted out of buying a Holland Pass (which gives free and “skip the line” admission to a lot of places) until the last minute, and then only got the one with one ticket for a museum, which we used at the Van Gogh museum. So, we would have had to stand in line for the Anne Frank Huis. It was a LOOOOONG line so we decided against it. We were also there right after Keukenhof (giant bulb garden) opened up, and planned to see it since it’s not open year-round, but ended up dropping it from our list… just too many things we wanted to see. I think both are probably “must sees” but we figured we’d be back… it’s not like a “once in a lifetime” trip, so it’s not a huge deal to miss out on a must-see site.

    Also – we stayed next to the Vondelpark. You MUST rent bikes and ride through the park. I know you ride bikes a lot, but until you’ve ridden in Amsterdam, you can’t imagine how bike-friendly (and totally matter-of-fact and non-self-conscious of this) a city can be. It’s like driving a car anywhere else. Like another commenter on your original Amsterdam post, I am trying to figure out how I could move there. Do you have EU citizenship? That would make things so much easier.

  46. I DID wear a blue wedding dress!

    It was a vintage strapless gown, with a full skirt, in a light turquoise color. I felt so happy in it, and I’m so glad I wore it. Blue is my color, and I just wouldn’t have been as comfortable if I had been wearing white.

    Enjoy your trip Joanna! Happy Amsterdam!

  47. But isn’t it the perfect season for tulips? :) have fun with my dutch ancestors. My last name is Brouwer- means beer brewer. Have one for me!

  48. Anonymous says...

    I missed your earlier post that you are spontaneously going to Amsterdam this weekend. AWESOME… so jealous. We just went for 8 days and got back about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been to a lot of places in Europe, but this was the only place I’ve been (other than Sydney, Australia) where every fiber of my being was screaming that I shouldn’t leave. I loved the vibe so much. They were actually predicting rain for almost every day we were there, but we got NO RAIN at all. We had great weather. A bit cool, but that’s no big deal – all the cafes still have their seats outdoors and everyone chooses to sit outside.

    Tips – obviously biking is the best way to see the city, and I advise renting some understated bikes – NOT Mac Bikes or Yellow Bikes, which scream “tourist!” You can get out and see all sorts of areas tourists don’t usually see, and it’s all so bike-friendly. If you don’t choose to rent a bike or don’t want to bike the whole time, but want to get out and about, I advise buying the OV-chipkaart payment card for the public transport system. We were advised against this twice by well-meaning clerks, because for our purposes it was not the absolute cheapest way to travel. You pay 7.50 Euros for the card itself, and then load it up with money and it is used as a debit card – you scan it in front of the reader when boarding and unboarding public transportation, and you’re charged based on actual distance travelled, not zones. It can be used on all forms of public transportation, and the card itself expires 5 years from the date of purchase. So, I figure 1.) it’s really not that expensive, and 2.) I’ll probably get back within 5 years. It gave me peace of mind to just have this one card to use… no buying individual tickets or figuring out how many days we might actually want to travel by tram, to pick the appropriate pass, etc.. And this is what locals use.

    Albert Heijn… major grocer, available all over. We ate out for most lunches/late lunches, but we saved money by buying breakfast foods to store in the hotel, and buying some of the delicious pre-made foods/picnic fare to have for dinner. I LOVE going to the grocery store in foreign cities because you get more of a taste of what it’s like to be a local, and they always seem to have such cool stuff – higher quality than in standard grocery stores in the US. And, it’s a great way to save money (particularly if you have a mini-fridge and/or microwave in your hotel room, but even if you don’t.) We weren’t extremely concerned with the money-saving aspect, but liked that you can feel a bit more at home if you can at times eat somewhere other than a restaurant. Sometimes we’re all tuckered out and just don’t want to go out to a restaurant in the evening. Well-stocked Albert Heijns are found at Museumplein and Koningsplein, among other areas. (Smaller ones seem to be on every block.) Also, if you have never been to HEMA – GO. It’s like Target, but a million times better.

    Finally, I recommend something I did not visit – the Openbare Biblioteek, which is near Centraal Station. I knew nothing of this public library, but we spied it from our canal boat tour, which went out into more open water. I looked it up when I got home – it’s the largest public library in Europe, is waterside, and is open to anyone, although only members can check things out. It has FIVE HUNDRED free public internet terminals, and THREE restaurants. It also has a wide selection of foreign newspapers, including English-language.

  49. I loved this post very much) Have a nice time in Amsterdam)

  50. thanks for the follow up link about the Vogue article. I wish Vogue would come out with an explanation too.

  51. Kelly R says...

    Oooo! So excited for the last installment of Up! Have a lovely time in Amsterdam!

  52. those wedding series made me very happy, thanks for linking! and yes, I would gladly wear either of those dresses! have a great weekend!

  53. CK says...

    It rains a lot in Amsterdam, but it is a good reason to hang out in their wonderful cozy bars!

    The weather is beautiful there often in October, if you want to go back!

  54. and you :)
    love colors from first photo and dress from second :)

  55. Love that pink wedding dress! So glamorous. The Up documentary is my fave! Are you serious it’s already the last one!? I swear I was watching it on tv the other day! Not 7 years ago! (I’m British by the way) xx

  56. Have a great weekend Joanna! I’ll be thinking of you and looking forward to your tales when you return.
    I’ve been in love with that pink wedding and the dress since I spotted it recently. On top of that, it’s used. Don’t you love that!?

  57. Lol, I had just tweeted to you about the New Bike show after you posted you were going to Amsterdam. I’m loving the breakfast pizza, an although I’ve never read that book as a child the teddy bear in the images reminds me of this preview of the movie Ted featuring Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg.. a good laugh

  58. Have a great time!! Sounds like a lot of fun!

  59. Have a great trip!

    I was looking at your documentary list–if you were to do an updated one, Bill Cunningham New York would have to make the list! But I definitely want to check out the Up series.

  60. Ah, yay! Now I can watch Girls. :) That avocado egg pizza looks pretty amazing, too. Have the best weekend!

  61. Always wanted to visit Amsterdam… so jealous! Have a wonderful time!

    For the weekend, I plan to spend time with my man-friend and just enjoy my time with him!


  62. Going to Amsterdam on 4/20? Interesting… ;-)

  63. Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam! The grey can be a bit of a bummer, but I always say that a cocktail makes everything a little sunnier. If you’ve got the time, you really should try Vesper, a super fun little cocktail bar (few and far between in A’dam) with a great cocktail menu and a relaxed vibe. You won’t regret it!

  64. Angie K D says...

    My husband and I spent a week in Amsterdam last summer and I am still trying to figure out a way to live there. If you do any countryside bike trips, look for the houses along the canals 5km outside S. of town and think of me! It is my dream neighborhood. The play structure in the Voldelpark is perfection.

  65. the rain pants made me laugh! They’ll be handy if you plan on renting a bike. BTW, look both ways every time you cross the street because of the bikes, you don’t hear them like cars

  66. My grandma wore a pink wedding dress- it’s one of my favorite pictures of her and my grandpa!

  67. It was rainy/overcast/damp the entire time I was in Amsterdam but I think it adds to it’s charm! I liked hiding out in pubs, having a beer, checking out the museums and shops, and walking along the canals, looking at houseboats! Plus, the shopping is pretty good!

  68. Enjoy! I just moved to Amsterdam for a few months (and yes it is very rainy here) but there’s so much to see, do and enjoy. Have a great, safe trip! x

  69. Have fun in Amsterdam!!

    It’s supposed to rain all weekend here in NJ, too (so since NYC is so close to where I am, it’s a safe bet you’d be stuck in the rain all weekend if you stayed home!), and my plan is to curl up with a book by the fireplace for most of the weekend. :-)

  70. That breakfast pizza looks delish!

  71. Amazing response to the Vogue article! I’d love to see the Up series! Documentaries are simply the best!

  72. Is that top picture the balloon bench? That’s my dream bench!

  73. Thank you so much for posting that link to Momfilter’s response about that controversial Vogue article. I already felt the mother’s actions and attitudes were being over exagerated by media that picked up the story and many of the commenters online. But I had not considered that Vogue itself had inaccurately portrayed the mother to begin with.

    Childhood obesity is tough. No one wants to tell their sweet, adorable 7 year old that they are fat and putting themselves at risk for serious health problems. This mother attempted to share her experience dealing with this issue, and I am sorry her story was used to forward the agenda of both Vogue and Vogue critics.

  74. I hope you have an AWESOME time in Amsterdam!!

  75. That pizza looks so good! I love avocado everything. Might have to try over the weekend!