Bathroom Beauty

I once read that if someone stops by unannounced and you only have a few minutes to tidy up, focus on the bathroom. It’s the only room where a guest will spend time alone, and consequently they’ll pay more attention to their surroundings. A guest may not notice the vintage vases on your bookshelf, but they’ll definitely see the hand soap by the bathroom sink. Here are seven favorite picks for that clean and pretty bathroom. — By Rachel from Elephantine

1. Bird House Bath Tissue Holder, $12.99.
2. Robin’s Egg Soaps, $24.
3. Wooden Toothbrush Set, $12.50. (See how the toothbrushes say “guest?”)
4. Fog Linen Towels, $27 to $70.
5. Recycled Glass Canister, $29.
6. Sailor’s Soap Dish, $20.
7. Ombre Bath Mat, $29.

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(Post by Rachel from Elephantine, a new Cup of Jo contributor, who will be posting every couple weeks. Thank you, Rachel!)

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  4. what a great bathroom accessories. i am a well organized person that is why i always search some wonderful tips so that i would know what should i use

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  6. If you do not have a lot of bathroom counter space, consider a wall-mounted bath soap dish. If you choose this style, be sure it includes mounting hardware made of durable metal.

  7. Great ! this is one of the best idea for which i was waiting for , please keep it regular ..


  8. The seven items all look really inviting for guests ,I think I would add a comfy towel here too :)

  9. these are lovely! i love the colours too! xx

  10. Any great shower curtains?!
    Also, I’ve been hearing that the plastic liners contain harmful chemicals…any suggestions for eco-friendly liners? Or maybe go liner-less…ideas?

  11. Interesting tip.

  12. This is so interesting, as I was picking up my home this morning for a mommy play date- and know with all of the potty training going on, everyone will visit my bathroom more than any other room in the house!! Going to clean that toilet bowl right now..

  13. I just love your ideas! very usefull and practical.

  14. Never would have thought those eggs were actually soaps!

  15. Love all that stuff. I’ve always loved decorating my bathroom. I think I like the paint color and back splash in my bathroom which helps.. but I always thought I was weird for that being my favorite room to tidy and keep nice. Now I have a reason!

  16. i absolutely love this article. so true…and your suggestions could not be cuter (i want them all..)


  17. Great idea! I always think to spend the most effort on the “public” rooms since I see them the most when I’m home. But I never thought that guests would probably most notice your decorating effort in the bathroom.

  18. Great to see Rachel contributing here — she has impeccable taste! Loving these suggestions and the suggestion to tidy up the bathroom, I usually tend to focus more of my efforts on tidying up the living room.

  19. Oh Rachel! So cool that you’re a contributor to Joanna! :) Guests BETTER see the soap! Adorable picks, as always.

  20. So pretty! I especially love the bath mat.

  21. This is soooo true! I was so embarrassed after I had my baby and didn’t get a chance to tidy the bathroom when guests came over! I am loving the prices on these beautiful finds as well!

  22. This is definitely my go-to strategy when a friend gives me a 10 minute heads-up that they’re dropping by.


    A tidy, pretty bathroom is such a relief.

  23. thanks, carla!! i don’t actually really accept contributors, since i like keeping my blog very personal, but i reached out to rachel because her blog is so beautiful, and i was hoping to add some home-decor round-ups. but i’ll do a post if i’m ever looking for more! xoxo joanna

  24. That rug is gorgeous!! And I’m really in love with that tissue box cover :) so cute!

  25. I completely agree, my hubs thinks I’m crazy, but I always run right to the bathroom to tidy up when he surprises me with friends after work. I’m loving these spring time accessories too!

  26. great idea! i never focus on the bathroom, but that makes so much sense. Unfortunatley right now we store the strollers in there…eek….well on the main floor anyways

  27. That looks so cute! :) Perfect collage! xx

  28. Ooh! I love the bathroom pretties, especially the bathmat! And you are SO right about bathrooms… definitely the most important place to keep things clean!

  29. great tip and great stuff!

  30. the other day my bf’s parents stopped by and i was mortified by the state of our bathroom! i will definitely be taking note from now on!
    in dramatic fashion

  31. Love the ombre bath mat and the soap eggs! Now I will always think about this fact…

  32. That is such a good idea! I have never thought about the logic of focusing on the bathroom rather than other parts of the house.

  33. Awe, I love the egg soaps! :D

    Happy Tuesday, Joanna!

  34. I love Rachel’s jewelry line, Elephantine. Great to see she’ll be a regular contributor! Also, thanks for the tips on a cute and tidy bathroom. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my secret weapon. ;)

  35. Omg, i have never seen soap in the form of eggs! they are just too cute!
    xo, Tina

  36. These are lovely. In addition, I think that spraying the bathroom with a fresh scent also helps. It makes a bathroom feel ten times cleaner. I’m just curious, how does one become a contributor for you? :)

  37. I’ve been trying to freshen up my bathroom for a few months now. These are some great suggestions!

    Penniless Socialite

  38. That must be the cutest tissue holder ever! Such a beautiful round up:) Wish you both a great day, xo

  39. What fresh-looking accessories! I love the robin egg soaps in particular.

  40. It’s easy to make our bathroom look fresh and new w/ these accessories. Loving them!!!


    Luciane at